Inferno Dragon – The New Legendary Card

Hello guys, today let’s take a look at the Inferno Dragon, our new Legendary Card, which is going to be released today in Clash Royale!

Inferno Dragon Clash Royale

Inferno Dragon – The New Legendary


Inferno Dragon is the new Legendary Card in Clash Royale. It is unlocked at P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse (Arena 4)

Basically, the way Inferno Dragon works is just like the Inferno Dragon. They have the same the same attack mechanic.

Don’t ignore the Inferno Dragon. It can shred your Tower in seconds If you don’t have either Zap, Lightning or Ice Spirit to reset his target.

  • His attack range is 2 tiles shorter than the Inferno Tower. His movement speed is also very slow.
  • Once it has locked on the target, it won’t chase the target. Once the target runs out of range, his Inferno Charge is disrupted and it has to re-engage.
Hit SpeedLoad Time*SpeedDeploy TimeAttack RangeTargetCostTypeRarity
0.4 sec1.6Medium1 sec4Air & Ground4TroopLegendary

Load Time is the time Inferno Dragon needs to lock onto a new target. For example, Musketeer’s Load Time is 0.6s.


The Inferno Dragon has 3 tiers of damage ramping up every 2 seconds.

TierDPS% from max DPSDuration (seconds)
1759%0 – 2
225030%2 – 4
  • Zap, Ice Spirit, Lightning and Freeze can all interrupt the Inferno Dragon’s damage. The Ice Spirit is probably the best counter to the Inferno Dragon. Ideally, use these interruptions to reset the Inferno Dragon’s damage right before it reaches the highest damage at the 4th second.
  • The Poison has a 20% slow so it can delay the ID from reaching the highest DPS by 0.8s. Poison + Zap combo can prevent the ID from reaching the highest DPS for 9.6s.
  • The Ice Wizard makes the Inferno Dragon reach the maximum damage slower, about 1 second longer.
  • Small units like Skeletons, Goblins or Spear Goblins can distract the Inferno Dragon for at least 6 seconds.
  • Works well as the defensive unit against tank.

Inferno Dragon Vs. Inferno Tower

Since the Inferno Dragon has shorter attack range, 50% less DPS and 63% less HP than the Inferno Tower. In addition, the Inferno Dragon doesn’t pull ground units.

It’s not a great idea to use the Inferno Dragon instead of Inferno Tower in lots of decks. It’s definitely possible to use them both in one deck.

How should we use the Inferno Dragon?

He is pretty effective on defense and turning it into the counter attack. Due to his HP and attack range, it’s recommended to use a tank in front of him.

As an Inferno Dragon player, you should look out for

  • Counters: Minions, Minion Horde, Musketeer, Three Musketeers, Spear Goblins, Tesla, Inferno Tower, Rocket.
  • Slows: Poison, Ice Wizard.
  • Interruption Cards: Zap, Freeze, Lightning, Ice Spirit.
  • Distractions: Goblins, Skeletons, Guards, Skeleton Army, Tombstone, Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, Furnace, Witch.

Cards that synergize with the Inferno Dragon

  • Strong: Giant, Barbarians, Golem, Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Ice Wizard, Lavahound, Lumberjack, Miner, P.E.K.K.A, Royal Giant, Freeze, Poison
  • Moderate: Bowler, Dark Prince, Fire Spirits, Giant Skeleton, Guards, Mega Minion, Musketeer, Prince, Sparky, Witch, Goblin Barrel, Lightning, Rage, Zap, Barb Hut, Gob Hut, Inferno Tower, Baby Dragon, Wizard, Minions, Minion Horde, Three Musketeers
  • Weak: Archers, Bomber, Balloon, Fire Spirits, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Knight, Mini Pekka, Princess, Skeletons, Valkyrie, Arrows, Fireball, Mirror, Rocket, The Log, X-bow, Mortar, Furnace.


LevelHitpointsDamageDamage per second

Shared by Yarn (from Orange Juice) and MasterofControl

  • Ishmam

    “The way the inferno dragon works is just like the inferno dragon” u mean like inferno TOWER?!

    • Arsalan Ali

      “its attack range is 2” but its actually 4..

    • Will Potter

      My bad. Thanks man!

  • Mirko Merotto

    It’s not the only error

    • Mirko Merotto

      For example: “Don’t ignore the Inferno Tower. It can shred your Tower in seconds”

    • Mirko Merotto

      I also don’t understand “Otherwise, a simple Giant + Musketeer combo can take him down.”
      Wouldn’t the use of distracting troops do the job much better vs the inferno dragon alone?

    • Will Potter

      Fixed them all. Thanks man!

    • Mirko Merotto

      Thank you for making this!

      • Will Potter

        It’s my pleasure!

  • Justin Heller

    Is this card gonna have a release deal in the shop?

    • Justin Heller

      Never mind

      • Aaron Kaz

        Wait so will it, or because it is a legendary it won’t??

    • Andrew Barnes

      I’m almost positive it will. However, it may be like $0.99.

      • Justin Heller

        Wait isn’t that 500 gems?

        • Andrew Barnes

          I thought I saw a leak where it would be actual money

          • Justin Heller

            Crap cause I have 500 gems and if it is I can get it

          • Andrew Barnes

            In my opinion, if it is gems, I’d save them for the graveyard. I believe it’ll be much better

          • Justin Heller

            I got lava hound In a free chest and I think the inferno Dragon will make a great pair

          • Andrew Barnes

            That’s awesome! And it absolutely will. You just need to pair it with a baby dragon. You seen the inferno dragon in play? It’s very much like sparky.


        80 gems?

      • Will Potter


    • Will Potter

      Yes I think we will see the deal very soon!

  • Theys

    I personally think it is only gonna be support troop. It can compliment hound ?

    • Andrew Barnes

      If you look at the stats and everything, and do the math, it’s gonna be like a flying, single target, air targeting, cheaper sparky

    • Will Potter

      Why not? Lava Hound + Inferno Dragon is a deadly combo!

  • Mikesaber

    I think it will be great if they make a new card which can defend all spell.

    • Andrew Barnes

      That would be ridiculously overpowered. Before giving an idea for a new card, you need to think on if you want this card used against you.

    • Will Potter


  • -sirius-

    I cinda dont like ID because I run a PEKKA deck:(

    • Will Potter


  • Dracace Ryuken

    I have a theory that the Inferno Dragon is a Cyborg.

    Think for a sec. That tube thing that is connected to the barrel jetpack on his back is connected to his helmet.

    This lets me ponder… why? I mean seriously why? You might say he needs fuel. I say No, the Baby Dragon can barf some fire out so why would the inferno dragon need fuel?

    The Inferno Dragon is slow. The Baby Dragon is fast. You might say the helmet is heavy. I say no, that barrel thing on his back seems to spew out fire as if it were a jetpack then wouldn’t it mean that the inferno dragon should be faster now or the helmet is just really that heavy? Well I theorize that the Inferno Dragon is half robot which makes it require the barrel jetpack to help it fly.

    • lamepotato

      hey thats exactly what i thought!

    • Andrew Barnes

      Terminator: Clash Royale edition confirmed. In theaters September 30.

    • Will Potter

      Haha well written man! Really enjoy reading it xD

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Brace Yourself

    Insert someone (I don’t know his name) pic

    Double dragon deck is coming

  • Bruno

    Basically, the way Inferno Dragon works is just like the Inferno Dragon.


  • Andrew Barnes

    So I know the community here is great. So I figured this would be a good place to search for a clan. I am a Legendary Arena f2p player. I have a lot of knowledge and skill in the game, and enjoy helping lower levels. Please reply with some sort of information that will allow me to find your clan and maybe join. I don’t care how big or how good the clan is. Please reply if interested. Thanks!!

  • XXX

    Hope when released we will have a new deck called Double Dragon Double Prince

    • Will Potter

      Gonna release it soon buddy!


    “Basically, the way Inferno Dragon works is just like the Inferno Dragon” what?

  • JaredSlayer 103

    Just got a magical as well as try the legendary trick ill wait until the new legendary comes

  • Vyren

    You know what I want to see now?..

    The double Dragon combo..
    The baby dragon takes care of the small distraction troops (Goblins spear goblins etc) while the Inferno dragon locks on to tanks.. Its like the double prince technique but not vulnerable to air troops.. Upvote if you think its an ok idea

    • Andrew Barnes

      That’s the point of the inferno dragon

    • Zigge

      The first thing I thought of when I saw its stats

    • Wray Blake Rogers

      Actually I’ve seen triple, even quad dragon combo with hound, baby and inferno (with mirrored baby dragon)
      Not fun to go against as the baby dragons one-shot minion hordes ;-;

      • VyᎡen

        Yeah. Airfecta and skyfecta or really big now

  • troll guy

    so op

  • troll guy


  • Dexter Chen

    Yay I like inferno dragon!

    *2 weeks later*
    I DROPPED 1000 trophies because of baby dragon inferno dragon lava hound supercell please fix ;-;

    • Felix Ma


    • Will Potter


  • Saadat Kazi

    Well not really…
    See the only card that ruins the Double Dragon combo is the Minion Horde. If it’s high-leveled enough, then it can’t be stopped by Arrows or Zap, let alone the Baby Dragon.Because the Minion Horde will take out the Baby Dragon, then go for the Inferno Dragon. If the Inferno Dragon locks on to the Minion Horde, then the Inferno Dragon will take time locking on to each Minion, and it’ll be dead by then.


      inferno tower takes it out too

    • Will Potter

      Even Minions are enough to kill the Inferno Dragon.
      But, If your Arrows can’t kill the opponent’s Minion Horde. You always lose regardless!

  • Aditya m

      0 gems lol

    • Will Potter

      What did you get from it dude?

  • Justin Heller

    Just came out!

    • Justin Heller

      But no promotional deal 🙁
      I passed up a legend chest hoping for promotional
      Supercell you have angered me


    how to get inferno dragon?should be i go to arena 4?? owhh no!!!

  • Cheesmo

    I got the inferno dragon off a mc I was saving for today! 😀 my 10th Legendary Card, 7th F2P one.

    • Will Potter

      Nice one. Congrats dude!

  • itachiSan
    • Will Potter

      Haha nice one!

  • GamerDaily

    “Basically, the way Inferno Dragon works is just like the Inferno Dragon”
    Uhmmm… dude! I think you need to fix that 😛

  • The 8-bit Pig

    I got the lava hound a few hours after inferno dragon was released in a
    legendary chest. I woke up this morning looked at my shop and inferno dragon was there! I’ve been using this deck and it got me from 3000-3250 as a f2p!
    (I’m guessing princess can be replaced with archers)

    • The 8-bit Pig
      • Will Potter

        Nice deck! Do you consider replacing the Balloon with something else?

        • The 8-bit Pig

          Thanks! Pretty much any suitable troop can be replaced with balloon, it was just something I found effective at making opponents panic. If your struggling against mini pekkas/lumberjacks then you probably want to use knight/valkyrie, if your stuggling against tanks then use mini pekka/goblins whatever you think will help.

          • weirdo

            Is the Inferno Dragon strong/good?

          • The 8-bit Pig

            The inferno dragon is a very versatile card and it can fit into pretty much any deck even if it’s not an air based so I would say it’s pretty good. Up in legendary arena though it’s most powerful because it can completely destroy giant poison which is one of the most annoying strategies up here.

          • weirdo

            awesome I really wanna get it well I can get it since I’m in arena 5 anyway so yeah I wanna get them all!!!!!!!

          • Will Potter

            It’s insane If you know how to use it properly, as always!!

      • Austin Kimball

        I like that deck but I have been using another deck that works for me way to easy it uses the same 3 legendaries. Feel Free to try out my deck it’s a pretty op deck

        • The 8-bit Pig

          Looks like I good deck, I will try it.

    • Will Potter

      Wow that’s insane man! Nice!

      • KoreanSniper

        I have the miner and inferno dragon and in arena seven, can u make a deck out of that?

        • Will Potter

          I will do my best buddy 😀

          • KoreanSniper

            I am using a miner, inferno dragon, giant, musketeer, poison, zap, fire spirits
            Does that sound good? Please edit

    • Will Potter

      haha nice

  • Felix Ma

    Double Dragon Double Prince zap pump minions goblins
    might work XD

    • Felix Ma

      or maybe lava double dragon plus valk???

      • General Draza



      do u have lava hound? if so use lava hound, baby dragon, and inferno dragon.

    • Will Potter

      Gonna release some Inferno Dragon decks very soon man!

      • weirdo

        WAIT r u like a utuber or something

  • Darsh

    So I just got this card from a free chest…. Can someone help me make a deck with it…. P.S I have every card in the game other than legionaries (obviously excluding the inferno dragon)

  • AkimBoSlyr

    I just got inferno Dragon this morning in a free chest, wrecks everything except small horde units

    • Will Potter

      Nice! You are so lucky man!

  • Darsh

    Hey guys I just hot this card…. Could someone help e make a good deck with it…. P.S The cards I have are… Every Common, Rare, Epic and Inferno Dragon

  • Basit Aliyan

    Can this INFERNO DRAGON be in the shop. I am level 5 in arena 6 but nothing in the shop while this dragon is in arena 4.

    • Will Potter

      You can only buy Legendary card in shop If you are in Arena 9 man!

  • Joseph Dusbabek

    I read this article yesterday then I go downstairs to open my Giant chest. Then out of my chest comes…: The Inferno Dragon. I love it. iv’e been using it for two total hours and ive gone up 200 trophies already

    • Will Potter

      Haha nice! Good luck further with him dude!

  • Andrew Li

    As a Sparky Princess Player, I think the Inferno Dragon has a similar attack mechanic to the Sparky: Takes time to creat lots of damage, attack reset when countered by zap/freeze/ice spirit, and also both weak to spells. But The inferno dragon only attacks a single unit while the Sparky does MASSIVE area damage. It depends on how you think of it, but its true that the Inferno Dragon can Attack air, AND ground troops and is cheaper in elixer, while the Sparky cannot and is not. I think the Sparky should have a 4 second attack charge rather than a 5 because people counter the Sparky too easily nowadays and makes the Sparky hard to use or even useless in high arenas against hog cycle decks. I’m currently jumping around in the 2500~2700 trophie range. Decent, but I really want to reach 3000.

  • Matthew Na

    Hi I have a question I’m currently level 9 700-800 wins in frozen peak and I still have 0 legendaries I have all other cards I’ve gotten 1 SMC but I only got a bunch of mirror and giant skeletons out of it am I unlucky or just impatient?

    • Roberto Tomás

      About once a month now one of the ptw specials they offer will be a legendary chest for 500 gems.vso save and keep at least 500 gems free at all times so you can get it. I am pretty sure that it is the _only_ in-game curr3cy special that they offer.

      The also added that chest to the regular chest cycle, so your have a chance of a guaranteed legendary in normal drops now.. same freq. as super magical chest, maybe once every 6 months of play.

  • Matthew Na

    Also freeze can reset its blast I think but it might not be as effective if not backed up with other air attacking troops

  • Scrublord

    I wanted an inferno dragon so I buy a legendary chest but I end up getting a sparky

  • weirdo

    I have the baby dragon I so guess it will be much easier but I’m pretty sure mine is lv 1 though

  • weirdo

    My friend called David could’ve got the inferno dragon if he didn’t get banned because he hacked the game and had infinite money and GEMS so he might’ve got it but like I said #It got BANNED!!! LOL

    • Will Potter

      Seriously? This is the first time I have heard about this!

      • weirdo

        well he actually has 2 accounts and the hacked 1 he was in legendary arena and had all the legendaries except the new 1’s and he got kicked/banned for hacking and literally having every single card in the game and being like literally killing everyone and having probably over 3300 trophies possibly!

        • Will Potter

          Sorry but I don’t believe this 🙂

  • weirdo

    Now people could do a complete only legendaries attack deck that will be SOOOO AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    two days ago i unlocked inferno dragon,hopefully i have lava and princess and its really good for attacking with lava but i undrestood something about it:lava+pirncess+inferno drag its really slow! and inferno dragon its really easy to counter(like mini pekka) i think it should be used in defence for example for giant and sparky its not bad,but still with 3 minions it easilly will be die…. i think its not really good

    • Will Potter

      Yea, we are still working on utilizing this new card. He is a great card but pretty hard to utilize 🙁

  • Kaiwan Siamand

    Unlucky lnferno brago

  • BanditGames4G

    got this guy in the shop today

  • Chained Chaos

    Bad card. (Translation: I don’t know how to use it for shit)

    • Will Potter



    I need a ID+ice wizard+miner deck
    My ice wizard is lv 2

  • JaredSlayer 103