Graveyard – The New Clash Royale Legendary Spell

Hello guys, the new Clash Royale Legendary card, Graveyard, is going to be released in just next a few hours. I strongly recommend you take a look at this guide to see every all of the important information about this incredible Legendary card. A big thanks to Orange Juice for sharing the incredible information and the video as always!

Clash Royale Graveyard Spell

Clash Royale Graveyard


  • The Graveyard is unlocked from the Arena 5 (Spell Valley).
  • It has a 5 tile radius and spawns up to 20 Skeletons during its 10s lifetime.
  • Similar to Goblin Barrel, Miner, Fireball… It can be placed anywhere on the map.
  • Skeletons spawns randomly within the spell area.
  • The Graveyard is easy to counter itself but it’s incredible when coupled with the right cards. A lone Graveyard can almost kill an unprotected Tower so consider casting it when you have a huge Elixir advantage.
CostRadiusTargetDurationCountSpawn SpeedType
55Ground10 secx200.5 secSpell


The Graveyard is the new Legendary Spell which can be cast anywhere on the map. It has a pretty slow load time so the first Skeleton spawns 1.5s after the spell is placed. Then a Skeleton spawns every 0.5s up to 20 Skeletons over a period of 10s.

The Skeletons spawn randomly within the affected area so the output damage will usually be different.

Similar to the Rage Spell, Graveyard has a 5-tile radius so be careful because it can trigger the King’s Tower anytime If the King’s Tower is inside the spell’s ring. Even If you place the spell 1 tile away from the King’s Tower, there is still a small chance your Skeleton can activate the King’s Tower.

The Graveyard “CAN” counter the Princess but it’s not reliable. Take a look at the gif below for more details!

If you use a tanker (or even Mini Tank) to soak damage and protect the Skeletons, the damage ramps up very quickly. Without the right card in hands, your opponent will find it extremely hard to deal with this spell. Miner + Graveyard can deal an incredible amount of damage. Even with a good defensive combination, you can easily deal at least 1000 damage to the Tower.

Freeze + Graveyard would work very well too, as long as you use the Freeze after your opponent uses his/her counter.

If the Elixir Collector is placed behind the Tower, drop the Graveyard spell to deal damage on both Pump and the Tower nearby.

This spell also works very well as the support card for the Giant. Skeletons will distract the Inferno Tower and the opposing tanker killer (Mini P.E.K.K.A…).

It works very well on defense too. Inferno + Graveyard is enough to deal with the huge P.E.K.K.A Double Prince push. It’s harder to counter than the Skeleton Army and Guards.

Troops with fast attack speed are very useful at dealing with the Graveyard (Musketeer, Archers, Lumberjack, Minions, Goblins, Guards…). If you don’t have any defensive card in your hand, use a tank to distract the Skeletons. Guards are probably the best melee counter due to their “very short attack range” and shields.


Swarms (Barbarians, Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Skeleton Army…) are also very good at dealing with the Graveyard.

Spell LevelSkeleton Level

Chucky’s Opinion about the Graveyard Spell

Hey guys – Chucky here. So today they have released the Graveyard and with it will come a rush of opinions on how to best use it and which combinations it will slot into nicely. After careful analysis, my own review would suggest that the Graveyard is the worst Legendary card we’ve seen to date. This video shows some gameplay using the Graveyard and whilst the outcome is positive, it highlights some of the issues with the card:


I can think of two positives – the first is that the Graveyard is fun to play with and it looks cool. I like how the units spawn out of the ground for a few seconds and crawl all around the place – it’s one of Clash Royale’s better cards in terms of aesthetics. It’s also fun to play with as you can use it with just about any unit that is on the enemy tower.

The second positive is that in terms of actual gameplay it does have a use and that is when you are on the offensive and you find your opponent on the back foot – if you pop the graveyard up at that moment then it is pretty much game over. However, that’s hardly a positive as in the situation you’re probably already in a position where you’re going to win the game so any new card would be a bonus.


There are several negatives with this card so I’ll list them in bullet point form.

  • The biggest problem is that it costs 5 Elixir. For what it does this is just too much and it is very hard indeed to justify spending that amount of elixir on a card which at best acts as an easy to defend support unit. By having it at this cost you are putting it on equal footing with the likes of a Giant & Wizard and it just doesn’t measure up to those cards in its capabilities.
  • It’s extremely easy to defend against. Most cards in the game defend against it because the skeletons come up a couple at a time. The Valkyrie, wizard, witch, musketeer, goblins, etc. all very easily dispatch the skeletons as they rise meaning that the majority of the time using this card you’ll find you’ve wasted 5 elixir with little to no gain. Likewise most spells severely hamper its abilities.
  • You need to get one tower down before you can utilise it properly over a tower. If you place the spell centrally over a tower, some of the skeletons will go onto the King Tower, activating it early. This is obviously not something you want so you have to place the skeletons to the side of the tower (see the video above) and this hampers the amount of damage they are able to do to the tower plus makes them easier to defend against.
  • It’s too similar to Skeleton Army. This card, whilst aesthetically different, is essentially a skeleton army you can place anywhere on the field. The difference is: one costs 3 elixir and the other costs 5 but the difference between them is very slim. On the one hand the Graveyard has some utilisation in attack by popping up where you need it, but in defence it is too slow and fails to save your own tower. The skeleton army doesn’t quite have the same utility but it defends much better and can be devastating in attack too. For two elixir less, it’s a no brainer which one would be better to use.

Gameplay Decks:

If you do really want to incorporate this card into your deck, I’d suggest the two follow decks to try out:

Split push: Graveyard, Knight, Miner, Zap, Goblins, Minions, Fire Spirits, Musketeer/Tombstone

With the split push deck, the idea is to get the knight going down one side first and then the miner and Graveyard to go on the other tower, often they’ll pick the knight to defend against and their other tower will take some serious damage.

Offensive push: Giant/Golem, Graveyard, Ice Wizard, Zap, Arrows, Minions/Mega Minion, Tesla, Hog Rider

The idea here is to build up units and pressure your opponent on one tower. You can then use the Graveyard when the opponent is lower on elixir or on the back foot to really press your advantage.

Let me know how you guys feel about the Graveyard in the comments. If you enjoyed the video and would like to see more, please do subscribe to my channel for all things Clash Royale!

What do you think about this new card my friends? Please share your opinions. Also, If you are lucky enough to pull out this card from chests, feel free to share your screenshots here xD.

  • Dracace Ryuken

    Another card for a spell bait deck

    • Will Potter

      Yea but I think most spells are not reliable counter the Graveyard properly.

      • Dracace Ryuken

        Not a reliable spell bait card I guess.


        only poison

    • Will Potter


  • Thompson Cawley

    That will be beastly with a lavaloon deck! Double elixir time wow. Watch out for a new meta

    • logan

      actually archers withch and tombstone should cause enough distraction to handle a lava loon

  • Ethan

    Just won my first super magical chest and Ill probably wait for this card to open it and see if i can get it

    • bud is wizer
      • Ethan

        lol not to brag but I have 3 of those and don’t use him 😛 I don’t have any level 4 epics though 🙁

        • MLGMLGMLG

          I have 3 level 4 epics:
          baby dragon
          and dark prince (from SMC)

          • Blaze Stone

            I have lvl4+10 poison(bought many from shop but got wasted), lvl4+2 prince(5 from smc), lvl4+7 guard(epic chest). Lightning, freeze and golem can also be upgraded to lvl4 but i dont want to waste gold as i dont use them.

          • Dreemurr

            I have 2 miners, 3 ice wizards, 3 inferno dragon, and 20 poison that i just got out of smc. *cries*

          • Zigge

            And I have 0

        • KoreanSniper

          Ethan, i got a smc in arena eight about two weeks ago and opened it this friday and i got…. THE LOG I am so pissed rn
          I already have the miner and inferno dragon though but no level four epics, need three more witch or bowler(got 12 of them from the smc plus the one i already bought) to get it to level three

      • nice lumberjack

        • bud is wizer


    • I got a sparky from my first smc.. got the graveyard from a giant chest >.<

  • Anthony Peterson

    I want it…


    • Francuac


  • Mooj_The_Drak

    I have a magical chest in waiting and I hope I get this amazing spell, although it’s pricey(I use cycle decks) I think I can manage to use this!

    • Will Potter

      Hope you can get it soon!

  • Paul Justin Detkowski

    This card might make poison come back

    • It doesn’t slow and takes 2 ticks to kill 1 skelly. that’s why it was nerfed

    • Will Potter

      Not really. IMO It’s better to use troop to deal with those Skeletons!

  • Darth Cha-Cha

    This card is gonna be fantastic against inferno towers!

    • VyᎡen

      No its not. Inferno towers are typically placed at the middle. In range with both arena towers. Its a negative or even elixer trade and its extremely risky as the graveyard spawn locations are different

    • Will Potter

      Yea haha but sometimes it’s such a waste!

  • Abed Daouk
    • Andrew Barnes

      Not a glitch. Randomly happens. I’m in legendary arena and notice it at least once a battle

      • Francuac

        It happens in all arenas, its just decoration

        • KoreanSniper

          wait i dont see anything

    • Will Potter

      Wow this is so nice hehe xD

  • TRV0R

    Well folks, it is time to say our farewells to the inferno tower. You have done us well Mr. Inferno Tower, but your time is now. Farewell 🙂

    • Will Potter


  • Abed Daouk

    almost every thing fits in lava decks now

    • Will Potter

      haha yea I agree with you!

  • goblin barrel cycle deck (fuck miner btw, most over rated card ever) just got so much cooler.

    • Meta Lica

      and zap is their best friend

      • KoreanSniper

        miner is not overrated, i got it in arena six and i pushed to arena seven in a day

  • Gabriel Yin-Dolvig

    Do you guys think the Halloween chest is real?? I have 500 gems right now. Crossing my fingers!


      I don’t think so

      • KoreanSniper

        well u can use it to buy the legendary chest offer, i have 504 gems rn which i have saved up since arena three(I am in arena eight rn and have miner, inferno dragon(got it four days after it was released) and pulled the log yesterday from my smc(I am so pissed right now)

    • Will Potter

      It’s fake 😀

  • AlBert Aynstayn

    hope i can get it 12 hours from now from my magical chest 🙂

  • yw zhen

    RIP Sparky… :'(

    • Fafa Papa

      Skeleton Army counters it as well as the Graveyard, for a cheaper cost. Well I think so, I don’t have the number 😉

  • Rio Farawi

    I got it from legendary chest. Now im thinking the best way to use it

    Any idea?

    • Ethan

      Mirror them at the king tower and spam the laugh emote

      • Darth Cha-Cha

        This man speaks wisdom.

      • Rio Farawi

        Probably good 🙂

      • Will Potter


    • Giant, graveyard, musk, valk, fireball, zap, skarmy, inferno tower

      1st push: giant + graveyard + fireball or/and zap. Almost always takes tower as opponent is off guard. then defend.
      for second push, get a giant + graveyard + valk + musk + fireball + zap. tower
      You’re opponent might give up, at which point graveyard and skarmy spam. I’ll experiment with a mirror and let u know.

  • King$7


  • Prencik90

    Hi can you tell me what is the best deck with inferno Dragon? I m at 3300 trophies. I have 4 legendaries (lava hound, inferno dragon, lumberjack, sparky)

  • Brijesh Patel

    I too want graveyard…I hope I would get one from magical chest..pray for me guys and u all gets any legendary of your choice

    • Dreemurr

      Good luck!

    • Gamewarrior

      Good luck to you!

  • Anthony Peterson

    Poison is the best hard counter to Graveyard, easy. It costs 1 less elixir and lasts for pretty much the same as Graveyard does

    • Blaxeturner

      Watch Orange Juice’s vid, it actually isn’t a good counter at al

    • Kabish

      I keep graveyard in an arena tower and support it with a goblin barrel. That makes a cool combo and can take down an arena tower plus half the health ot the king’s tower. Once a person use a wizard against my combo but still his tower was down.

    • Will Potter

      Not really. Skeletons still can deal 500+ damage. It’s better to use Goblins/Guards/Knight…

  • I got my 2nd sparky from a SMC, and a graveyard from a giant chest… while recording! I feel that it should be made 4 elixir instead of 5.
    JIC you don’t believe me:

    I’ll post a link to my video after I edit an upload it. 😉

  • Xx bismuth xX

    Does anyone else think graveyard is for Halloween?

    • Gamewarrior


  • Kabish

    My first legendary card was graveyard. I got it on the same day it was released. I opened a magical chest and I got it.

  • Kabish

    If someone happens to get graveyard, use this deck. It helped me reach royale arena from spell valley.

    • Gamewarrior

      look a little expensive for mt taste, but ill try it

    • Wiked

      I’m in legendary arena and I have been beating a good amount of people with this deck:
      log/zap or arrows
      fire spirits

      • Kabish

        I will try it

      • Kabish

        What’s the strategy for this deck???

        • Wiked

          You will want to defend a good amount until double elixir. This is because since the graveyard costs so much elixir and to utilize it properly you need to push with other troops but that leaves u with very little elixir. You will always defend with a canon in the middle and the musketeer at the edge of the arena. For pushes you will want a hog graveyard counter push so you can bring your musketeer too. Minions and valk are for killing the troops behind the main tank. Fire spirits are for defense against minion hordes and other swarm cards.
          hope this helped 🙂

          • Kabish

            Thanks for ur strategy. It helped me win many battles. This deck is cool 😀

          • Wiked

            No problem man. Glad it helped 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Thank you Kabish!

  • Gamewarrior

    Anyone got a hog deck for it

  • CRwithzws

    chucky this is bullshit! Graveyard is the WORST legendary seriously?! what are you talking about? do you even have and know how do you play this card?! A miner graveyard combo can easily kill a tower and still deals tons of damage even under some opponent troops. You need to git gud on how to use it okay?!

    – It does cost 5 elixir, and it’s similar to skeleton army. But does that proves it’s bad? Skeleton army contains 16 skeletons, while this one spawn 20 skeletons in total! Let’s see how many skeletons you get with every elixir from skelly army, 16/3=5.333333. So for graveyard you spend 1 more elixir. But that one elixir lets you drop it anywhere and make it spawn every 0.5 seconds which is not weak to arrows/zaps. You send a miner+skelly army. It can be easily shut down by a single valk, while miner grave can give valk a really hard time. Explore this card more. I use it in my miner bait deck and it slightly work better than skelly army. And it spawns a skelly every 0.5 second so your opponent can’t zap them all. Because if they want to zap them all they have to wait for 10 seconds where their mini pekka/giant is dead on the track. And constantly spawn skeletons makes prince/dark prince can’t even charge up for double damage.

    -It’s never that easy to counter a graveyard. Seems like it is but it’s not! Goblins/any other small troops can counter it. But zap ruin your day. Mega minion get overwhelmed result in tower damage. And minions dies to princess. Musketeer get overwhelmed most of the time. Wizard can’t even pull out it’s splash ability. The only good counter I believe is poison or bomber. But who uses it?! Any card that counters graveyard also counters skelly army. But graveyard have less counters than skelly army.

    -Too big range might activate king tower. Git gud. Use it correctly. Arrows also have a great range and can accidently hit king tower why don’t you call it bad?! Because you know how to use it right! Same with graveyard. Drop it near the arena wall so half of the spell arena are coverd outside arena which force skeletons to spawn in a very small limited area without activaing king tower.

    Overall learn how to use this card, git gud, and you will found this card is amazing and probably one of the best leggie.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share buddy!

  • yw zhen

    I have Sparky. I got her out of a Crown Chest and received her again from a Legendary Chest I bought. She actually takes quite a bit of skill to use because she can easily be killed. On my Level 4 Royal Arena account, I got a Ice Wizard yesterday and a Princess today, both from Free Chests! Plus, I also got a Sparky a month prior! I enjoyed just ticking people off with my triple Legendaries. Meanwhile, on my secondary account, I have the Miner from a Legendary Chest I bought. Crazy isn’t it? Well, I’m smelling the demise of Sparky…. Meanwhile, Inferno Dragon is not used as much and Lumberjack is deadly AF is you screw up while countering him (Well, I was lagging and the opponent freezed my tower with a LJ on it.). Inferno Dragon is super strong. I got it for my friend out of a Crown Chest, as well as the Ice Wizard. I tore people up by clearing out the distractions and getting it to lock onto a tower. It would work super well in my deck.

  • Wolkan

    I just got Graveyard from goldchest, is there any Golem, Giant or SkeletonGiant deck?

  • Wolf

    I’m surprised Im not seeing graveyard/miner/goblin barrel/mirror decks in the decks I’ve played which have graveyard. That combo would be annoying and probably I would lose against it.

    • rappy scores

      I have tried that combo it can be shut down easily by zap+archers/valk/minions etc.

  • OmegaVenomous

    Graveyard + Mirror = OP

    • Max Zhang

      graveyard + mirror + rage/LJ = GG + HAHA + bragging rights

  • Tom Higgins

    Chucky doesn’t know what he’s talking about graveyard is beautiful

    • Will Potter


  • Coffee _

    im a graveyard user and i must say that minion horde with it is an insta kill if the enemy hasnt got any elixir.
    in fact,most times i use this combo i get three crown!
    you just need some tanks and mini tanks to back them up from splash troops and bam!you win!

    • Zigge

      Thanks for sharing this!