Elixir Advantage Trick

Hello my friends, in this guide, we are going to discuss about the Elixir Advantage, the most important factor in Clash Royale. I will also mention couples of things you are probably doing, both good and bad ways, help you be more conscious of your play style and make you a much better player.

Elixir Clash Royale

As we all know, both players will receive the same amount of Elixir throughout the battle time and the Cards will go back and forth. It’s very hard to destroy a Tower in game since it’s the goal every player targets. The best time to destroy a Tower is obviously when it is not protected. One way is to simply bait a tower into being undefended then steal it (Goblin Barrel, Prince,…). However, If you can kill high Elixir cards, you will have lots of Elixir to use and your opponent just can’t afford to defend against them.

For example: Drop the Arrows card onto the Goblin Barrel, If you can do it right, your tower will just take the 30 damage from the Barrel and 0 damage from the Goblins. 3 Elixir for 4 Elixir, that’s a gain of 1 Elixir for you. Do it couples of times in the battle and you can earn a few free cards to knock down the enemy Towers (obviously). There are plenty of ways to spend your Elixir but as far as I can see, 5 Elixirs is enough to take down a tower (Balloon, Prince,…).

Yes! You got it! Make enough Elixir trades and you will have enough Elixir to destroy the Tower and win the battle. This is the most reliable way to win Battles in Clash Royale.

Proactive cards and Reactive Cards

Our Rules:

  1. Do not talk about Elixir Advantage Trick.
  2.  Do not talk about Elixir Advantage Trick.
  3. Never waste your Elixir, place a card when it reaches 10 Elixirs.
  4. Most of the time, you just need 5 Elixir difference to win the game.
  5. Play a mix of Reactive and Proactive cards.

What are Proactive cards?

Proactive Cards should be cards which can threaten the enemy Crown Towers and hard to made Elixir-positive trades. They are the cards you can play blind when it hits 10 Elixir. Don’t use any card which can’t deal a single damage to the Tower before it dies, that’s the rule #3 above.

  • Minions: Most of the time, they can’t deal much damage before getting killed. Don’t use them proactively.
  • Skeleton Army: Bad, easy to counter. Don’t waste 4 Elixir for this.
  • Baby Dragon: Not bad, it’s not easy to counter tho and can deal hundreds damage to the enemy Towers.
  • Other Good Proactive Cards: Knight, Giant, Valkyrie, Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A,…

Use your Proactive cards when they don’t have any good Reactive Cards:

  • Prince, Balloon, Minion Horde, and Hog Rider would be nice.
  • If you know the opponent is holding a counter, don’t drop your Proactive card until that counter card is placed.
  • Don’t use your Prince If the opponent hasn’t used the Tombstone yet. 3 Tombstones – 3 Princes = -6 Elixir = losing!

What are Reactive cards?

They are cards which help you do positive Elixir trades in the battle. Don’t bother to drop the Arrows on 1 Elixir Skeleton but  a Minion Horde or the Skeleton Army.

  • The upside: Most of the time, they will swing the battle in your favor.
  • The downside: Sometimes the opponent cards are not easy to counter.

Reactive Cards and Matchups

Think clearly before using your reactive cards for the positive Elixir trades. Using 3 Elixir to deal with 2 Elixir is going to destroy your own Towers.

  • Arrows > Minion Horde/Skeleton Army/Goblin Barrel.
  • Arrows = Minions.
  • Arrows < Spear Goblins.

Matchups matter at close level:

  • Arrows can kill Spear Goblins, Minions but can’t kill Archers.
  • Rocket can destroy equal level Goblin Huts and Elixir Collectors.
  • A single Tombstone can kill equal level Hog Rider, Prince and Giant.
  • Freeze Spell can’t hit troops from the frozen Tombstone or freshly summoned troops.
  • Don’t use Skeleton Amy to counter Witch or Wizard because they can deal AoE damage.
  • A single Lightning Spell can kill equal level Witch, Musketeer and Wizards.

Trading HP Vs. Elixir

Never lose the sight of the end goal: Having more Crowns before the clock goes to 0:00. There is no difference between 1-0 and 3-0. One of the most common mistakes that I have seen is players focus on a defense instead of dealing damage to the enemy Towers, especially at the end of the battle. Your Crown Towers have decent HP and they can take care of themselves in an attack. Don’t Arrow a pack of 3 Goblins or Minions.

A Tower with 1 HP wins the game as much as a Tower with 1000 HP. Sometimes, just let your Tower take hundreds damage and spend those Elixirs on a Proactive cards, which can finish off the enemy Tower. Using the Prince in the opposite lane you are getting attacked is a good common trick. If both players have all Towers: Just keep defending because you still have lots of time to finish off the enemy Towers.

A big thanks to The_RumHam for sharing these tips.

I hope you could learn something new after reading this guide. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends If you like it, I will really appreciate it, that will help this blog a lot!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    I get it, and I often use this strategy (or at least, tries. not the best at it yet). Also, I heard this is exactly a control deck. They make elixer positive trades, then they launch a hard counter attack(apparently this is what GOOD players do, not use rockets and play defense). I have pretty good counters to most troops at the barb bowl

    valk: musketeer(place it next to crown tower, so it deals damage without taking damage)
    prince/mini pekka: tombstone
    mini pekka + backup troops : lightning (using it on the pekka itself is a waste, I like to wait until they use a backup troops, especially witches and musketeers, that way you net a profit)
    baby drag : knight (once it gets close to your tower, place this next to your tower. it will get discracted and end up hitting it for quite some time, giving your tower a chance to kill it)
    giant skeleton : barbarians (whenever trying to surround a slow targeting troop, try to place your barbarians dead on them, so they all start attacking at once, avoiding a few lost seconds of a barb trying to find a place to attack)
    defense targeting : tombstone in the middle of base
    witch : knight (after it’s skeletons go for you tower, place the knight directly behind the witch. The knight and crown tower, after finishing the skeletons, should defeat the witch)

    Also, just saying, I never place my troops in the back and let my elixer fill up, then support them as they cross the bridge. You have extra elixer, they have extra elixer! I don’t like to risk it. just wait until you’re at a 6-7 elixer advantage. Wait until your elixer fills up, then dump it directly on the bridge!

    I think I covered all the troops that stand an obstacle, oop, proactive troops, at my lv. hope this helps! (also, where did you get that image from? it looks like someone left the battle so the opponent just started using mirror crazy)

    • Angel Ortiz

      Usually I will just wait until my elixir is full. After that, I immediately place a giant all the way back (since it is slow) and once its halfway to the bridge, I place a baby dragon. I will then usually spawn a mini pekka or minions (3 minions card). After that, I place musketeer to do damage while the 3 troops get damage.

      This is useful especially for the middle tower. The opponent gets so worried about the troops that they will send knights or mini pekkas (which would get killed by the baby dragons and minions). This usually gets me 3 crowns unless the opponent is very skilled.

      For defense I usually send a mini pekka or dragon for a giant. I also might use a goblin hut to distract the enemy offensive troops while I gain a bit of my elixir back (or to make the troops target the hut to gain a little time). All of my strategies here aren’t really related to this topic up there, but it’s a really great strategy to push trophies. Tell me any comments you have about this.

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for the tip Ortiz. I hope other players will find this helpful!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing as always my friend. Sounds pretty solid. Good luck to you further!
      I took this screenshot couples of days ago when I faced this guy in the matchmaking. That’s pretty fun. LOL!

  • Adam

    I recommend using the Bomber. Although it can’t attack air units ot costs 3 and can be replace the wizard.

    • Ultimit☆Cuest

      Yeah, sometimes I see that. I place a musketeer behind my barb and the bomber usually only gets one or maybe two shots before the barb but more importantly ultra-strong musketeer wreak havoc on the crown tower

      • Adam

        Imagine three ultra strong musketeers.

        • Will Potter

          1 hit Tower! LOL

          • Adam

            With rage.

          • Will Potter

            That’s a bit aggrandizement lol.

        • Ultimit☆Cuest

          Three musketeers. I lightning that

  • Ronny Rolim
  • Ultimit☆Cuest


    I didn’t finish reading it (it is SUPER long), but it looks pretty good so far. Although I have some thoughts on it (boo goblin barrel, few others) it looks promising. Plus, it DID say it got the creater from 1000 to 1500(when he got the wizard and mirror, it brought him up to legend at 1800). Don’t come and yell at me if it’s a bust, but try it! I’m probably going to do the same, except I don’t have two cards in it. Hope this helps! Give me updates on your success!

  • Will Potter

    Hey Arrow!
    Did you try this one? http://clashroyalearena.com/guides/how-to-push-to-arena-6-at-level-6
    You can simply replace the Baby Dragon with Wizard at this time.

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  • Adam

    After reading this guide I was thinking of making another deck consisting of: Tombstone, Giant Skeleton, Arrows, Lightning, Freeze, Baby Dragon, Archers, and the Valkyrie. Giant Skeleton, Valk, and Baby Dragon can deal tons of damage and are good proactive cards. Tombstone, Arrows, Freeze, and Archers can take care of most attacks any day of the week. Lightning is good against hut decks and can take care of musketeers or witches dropped near the tower.

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  • gamer

    Saitama unit, one shot= 999999999 damage, health= 100000000

    • Will Potter

      Eww I think we can buy it with 5 million Gold!

    • 王楚睿

      ONE PUUUUUNCH~~~~~

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  • LostWinterX

    Hey, Can you try to make a elixir advantage deck for Arena 3? I mean a deck that does elixir advantage best at Arena 3. Appreciate the help!

    • Will Potter

      I have posted lots of decks for Arena 3. Did you try them all?

      • LostWinter

        Can you post some links?

      • LostWinter

        Tried them. There’ll all good.

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    … goblin barrel… you should change it to skeleton army to get a 1 elixir advantage becuz goblin barrel is 3 elixir now

    • Will Potter

      I will fix it today. Thank you a lot mate!

  • MarkGab Quijano

    Arena 7 deck, please?

    • Will Potter


    • Xx bismuth xX

      Here is a deck replace lumberjack with rage and ice spirit with fire spirits/freeze (use freeze only if u don’t have princess
      And replace princess with fire spirit

  • Oscar Trejo

    There is an app for iPhone called elixir counter for clash royale which looks nice and could be an advance.
    Check the video demo……