Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

Hey guys, I am Ash this is the first ever Clash Royale deck building guide on ClashRoyaleArena.
Building a well balanced Clash Royale deck is always the key for success in Clash Royale. I am going  to break it down in simple term, giving you the easiest way to build a excellent deck!

Clash Royale Deck Building Guide


Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

Synergy above all

Every time we talk about deck building in this game, synergy is the most remarkable ingredient. We all want every card to work alongside each othere, right?
Unfortunately If you are using Epic cards solely, they can’t be an excellent Deck in Clash Royale. Building a deck is not about rarity. It is about Synergy!

Defense is as important as offense

Of course you need offense to destroy the Crown Tower and win the battle but If you don’t know how to defend your Tower, you can’t win any battle. Your Deck needs a balance of offense and defense to be useful in any situation.

The Balance of Point and Splash Damage Cards

As we can see, there are 2 types of damage-inflicting cards in Clash Royale.

  • Point damage: Cards that deal damage to only one enemy (Musketeer, Barbarian,…). Because they can only target 1 unit at a time, they are the highest damage-inflicting units in game. They are indispensable in order to take down high HP troops (Tankers).
  • Splash damage: Cards that deal damage to multiple units (Witch, Baby Dragon,…). Because they have the advantage of dealing damage to multiple opposing units, they are the lowest damage-inflicting units in game. These cards are necessary for dealing with hordes of low HP units.

Melee and Range Units

We need a balance of ranged and melee troops on your Deck in Clash Royale. Ranged troops usually have high damage per second but low HP. It is very important to combine them with melee troops. We need to use the melee troops as the meat-shield for high damage ranged troops. Having too many melee troops is such a bad idea because that will make them very susceptible to splash damage. You can see how easy it is for a Valkyrie to take down all melee troops nearby, right?

Average Elixir Cost

The Average Elixir Cost is very important. You don’t want to wait 10 seconds in order to drop Card, right?
The better a Card is, the more Elixir it costs. Your Decks should have these ingredients to be a well balanced Decks in Clash Royale:

‘Average Elixir Cost’ should be between 3.5 and 4.5

After weeks, I have found it’s a good idea to have the Average that is between 3.5 and 4.5. If your AEC is higher than this, you are always struggling to constantly deploy your cards (for defending of course). If your AEC is below 3.5, although you can deploy many cards quickly but they are all low HP troops and can be wiped out by splash-damaging threats quickly.

A small note here for you: If your Average Elixir Cost is above 4, you will probably want to place the Elixir Collector into your deck (If you have it, of course).

Having at least 2 point damage-inflicting Cards

Although groups of low HP units can quickly destroy high HP cards and buildings, they can be eradicated by splash damaging Cards. Because of that, you always need to have at least 2 point damage-inflicting Cards as the backup.

Here are some examples:

  • Musketeer (range)
  • Prince (melee)
  • Spear Goblins (range)
  • Knight (melee)
  • Archers (range)
  • P.E.K.K.A or Mini P.E.K.K.A (melee)
  • Minions/Minion Horde (flying range)
  • Barbarians (melee)
  • Cannon
  • Tesla
  • X-bow
  • Inferno Tower

Having at least 3 splash damage-inflicting Cards

Splash damage-inflicting Cards are important for dealing with large hordes of troops (most players like this strategy):

  • Giant Skeleton
  • Bomb Tower
  • Bomber
  • Rocket
  • Baby Dragon
  • Princess
  • Ice Wizard
  • Arrows
  • Witch
  • Fireball
  • Valkyrie
  • Zap
  • Wizard
  • Mortar
  • Lightning

Having at least 2 high HP cards

High HP cards can be either a troop or defense with at least 1000 HP. They are necessary to take damage and protect backup troops:

  1. X-Bow
  2. Golem
  3. Lava Hound
  4. Prince
  5. P.E.K.K.A
  6. Barbarian Hut
  7. Goblin Hut
  8. Giant Skeleton
  9. Cannon
  10. Bomb Tower
  11. Inferno Tower
  12. Giant

Having at least 2 air-targeting Cards

If you are at a high level Arena, you usually can face aerial attackers. Most new players don’t have a solution for dealing with aerial troops. Make sure that there are at least 2 air-targeting Cards on your Desk:

  • Tesla
  • Inferno Tower
  • Baby Dragon
  • Wizard
  • Musketeer
  • Archers
  • Minions / Minion Horde
  • Spear Goblins
  • Witch
  • X-Bow

Having at least 1 Spell Card that deals splash damage

Yes, splash damaging troops can deal with a large group of troops but their coverage, range and movement speed are limited. It is extremely important to have a splash-damaging Spell Card such as Lightning, Arrows, Rocket, Fireball or Zap.

For example, your Bomber can deal splash damage from behind your Giant but If the opponent deploys a Goblin Barrels onto your Weakened Tower, a card like Arrows is very important in this situation to quickly remove those Goblins.

Damage-inflicting spell cards are also very useful for taking down weakened Towers.

Having at least 1 defensive structure Card

Tombstone, Goblin Hut, Hidden Tesla, Bomb Tower, Cannon, X-Bow and Mortar are excellent for slowing down the speed of the game, give you more time to load up Elixir.

Having at least 1 defensive building to protect your Towers is important because you only need to destroy 1 enemy Crown Tower to win the Battle.

My Current Clash Royale Deck

This is the current Deck of my test account (I use it to test amazing decks you guy posted on Clash Royale Arena!)


clash royale deck

  • The Average Elixir Cost of my current Deck is 3.6, which is pretty good.
  • There are 2 high point damaging troops: Hog Rider and Muskeeter.
  • Baby Dragon and Zap can deal splash damage. I always can control a group of enemy troops.
  • Hog Rider and Barbarians have nice HP. I can couple them with the Muskeeter and Baby Dragon anytime.
  • Minion Horde, Baby Dragon, Musketeer and Spear Goblins can target both ground and air troops.
  • Zap is always ready to eradicate group of troops anywhere on the field, it is also very useful to finish off a weakened Tower.
  • Tombstone can lure and deal with lots of tankers.
  • Tombstone and Spear Goblins are always ready to slow down and distract enemy troops as well as eat away.

Clash Royale Deck Building Tips shared by other Players

Heisenberg’s Clash Royale Deck Building Thoughts

Clash Royale has become a love-hate relationship for me. I am completely obsessed with the game and support the strategy involved. However, we all know the feeling of losing 5 or 6 matches in a row and wanting to throw our devices against the wall. Just yesterday, I was THAT guy. The enemy rushed my crown towers and I couldn’t handle the P.E.K.K.A./3 Musketeer combo and I left the match. So yea, love-hate. Anyways, a large part of my learning process is trying tons of new Clash Royale decks, all the time. If I lose a few times with a deck I’ll switch it and try another. For me, I am in a period of experimentation in Clash Royale deck building. Don’t get me wrong, I hate when I fall down to 2400 trophies when I’ve been at 2900, all because I kept trying new Clash Royale decks. It’s worth it, though. Let me share some of the thoughts I have when building decks:

Figuring Out the Meta: For Those Who Want to Trophy Grind

As much as I hate to say it, with Clash Royale as it is, if you want to trophy climb you’ll have to follow the Meta. That means gritting your teeth and building a deck that may seem even too OP for you. With the current meta, I’ve seen the Hog Rider as the prominent card to take down Crown Towers. It seems the play style has become, for many, throw down the hog rider and pair him with goblins/minions/fire spirit  (all low cost elixir), followed by the Zap/Freeze spell which forces you to spend just as much elixir while still suffering Crown Tower damage.

If caught unawares, the result is even more tragic. Just beware of this current tactic. Really good Royale players will do the Goblin/Hog Rider placement trick, which allows the Hog Rider to avoid towers by jumping the bridge.

Some other prominent cards that have been in the current-meta are: P.E.K.K.A, Royal Giant, and Three Musketeers.

I have used these combinations to devastating effect. It’s sort of depressing, but I’ll use these combos when I’m struggling for trophies. This usually occurs after I’ve experimented with too many decks.

My More Fun/Little Less Competitive Thoughts:

1st Thought, Building Cards – Not everyone uses these cards but, in my opinion, a building card is essential to any well-rounded deck. My initial thoughts when creating a deck always center on what I want out of my building card. The way you utilize your building card is a large contributing factor on the outcome of the game. Ask yourself these core questions to help:

  • Do I want my building card to deal AOE to horde cards? – Thoughts include – Bomb Tower, Tesla, Furnace
  • Do I need the Elixir Collector? – I consistently take this card for Arena 7. Almost all players use it.
  • Do I want my building card to focus down Tanks? – If you don’t have a P.E.K.K.A. or other tank card of your own – you may want to invest in an Inferno Tower.
  • Do I want to make this a Mortar Deck? – Maybe you’ve decided to make your building card the CORE of your deck. This is fine; I usually take the Cannon along with the Mortar.

2nd Thought, Tower Taking Cards – This is where you want to spend most of your time contemplating card judgment. Like I mentioned above, the Hog Rider is the card to take right now for most matchups. However, if you hate being a follower there are some great alternatives. When choosing, think about how the card will react to its surroundings.

Does our card get distracted by ground troops? By air troops? Both? What about buildings? Does the offensive card ignore everything else but those? If my offensive card has low elixir cost, can I add a second?

The answers to these questions will determine your pick choice. Usually they fall into two categories: Those that are distracted by units AND buildings; and those that are only distracted by buildings, but can be stopped by swarm cards. You can clearly see that, the cards distracted by building cards only, have an advantage. Hence, why the Hog Rider is so prominent right now.

3rd Thought, Spell Cards – I usually think about spell cards third because I like to create synergy between the offensive card and the spell.

The reason why Zap is so deadly when paired with Hog Rider is because of its short paralysis and its ability to take out stall Minion Hordes. To get an extra hit on a tower, an expert Royale player will time the Zap spell with either the Tower’s attack pattern or the placement of enemy troops. Sometimes both.
The Freeze Spell is always a solid choice when running any hard-hitting cards. I’ve seen it used with Hog Rider, P.E.K.K.A., Dual Prince decks, Royal Giant, etc. It’s taken a strong position as one of Clash Royale’s most used cards. Anyone with any feel for strategy should automatically know the myriad possibilities of this card.

I’ve spoken in length about the advantages and disadvantages of Fireball and Arrows so, as to not be repetitive, just go check those articles out for yourself.

Final Thought, Support Cards – the rest of your deck’s slots should consist of support cards that will be used to counter your opponent and assist your offensive card(s).

Cards that always find their way into most of my decks include: Spear Goblins, Goblins (paired with Hog), Barbarians, Minions (paired with Hog), and Minion Horde (paired with Knight). I don’t find myself using Bomber, Skeletons, or Archers anymore. I’m still waiting for that Princess find. xD I’m not going to go into significant detail on HOW to use these support cards in this article. I just wanted to share my thought process with you. However, you should all know the general rule of thumb is to utilize these cards to back up your hard-hitters. Or, when played smart, use them to counter enemy cards and come out positive from the elixir trade.

If you build your cards right you should come out with an Elixir cost anywhere between 3.5 – 4.5 depending on which Tank cards you use, or if you use mostly low elixir cards, the elixir cost will be different. That’s it for my thoughts on deck building. Leave comments below and tell me how you think! Good luck in the Arena!

D-Mate’s Clash Royale Deck Building Thoughts

Hey guys! D-Mate here, today I am going to show you how to build a great deck step by step in two different ways: Start from scratch and start from a pre-built deck. Starting from scratch is usually how to build a good deck and starting from a pre-built deck is how to perfect that deck. Many other deck building guides I find just tell you to have certain types of cards in certain amounts. This guide will actually show you how to build those decks. I will use my Hog Rider deck: Push from 1700 to 2700 as an example.

Start from Scratch

  1. Choose the deck combo – win condition: This is the attacking combo found in the deck. Some good examples can be found by finding out what others are using. These include Giant decks, P.E.K.K.A decks, Prince decks and Hog-Freeze decks. So in this deck we add our first two cards: Hog Rider and Freeze.
  2. Add expensive troops: These are the cards that compliment the combo. These usually depend based on the deck type. An offensive deck will add strong troops to assist in power full pushes. For example, P.E.K.K.A decks include Dual Princes or a Wizard and Giant decks may include a musketeer. A control deck will include more cards that will help on defence. So here we will add our next card: Minion horde.
  3. Add cheap troops: These are the cards the lower the average cost. These are generally the same no matter what deck, and can be used for different purposes. Goblins have high damage to cost ratio. Spear Goblins are cheap ranged troops. Archers are more expensive but more powerful versions of Spear Goblins. Skeletons make good Elixir trades. And Knight is anti splash. You in this deck we will add Goblins and Spear Goblins
  4. Add Spells: These are used in almost every deck and are hard to leave out. These are to make good Elixir trades. Zap spell deals with Goblins, Spear Goblins. Skeletons, and gives a one second stun. Arrow rain has a large radius, costs one more Elixir, and can kill everything a Zap can and the Minion Horde + Princess. The Fireball has a small radius, costs 4 Elixir. And deals with all the troops mentioned above and Barbarians, Wizard, Witch, Musketeer,… None of these are technically better than another and they all have there own uses. I this deck we will use a Zap because of its stun
  5. Fill in your weakness: Finally, these last spots will be to help fill in your weaknesses. I like to use a SHADS as a good acronym.  It stands for Splash, Hit Points, Average Cost, and DpS. In this deck we currently have 6 cards, so we can have two more cards. We have only one splash unit, so we will add a Wizard. We have a low amount of hit points, so we add the Prince. We have a below average cost but not too low and a below average but decent DPS. And there you have it! We now have a made a hog-freeze deck.

Start from a pre-built Deck

  1. Find the biggest weakness: We have now built a good hog rider deck. But we want a PERFECT Hog Rider deck. So let’s go back to SHADS and see what we can do. For this part, you need to try the deck out. You may lose a bit trying out variations, but it will be worth it in the end.
  2. Shads: There are many cards we can use for splash damage. After some testing, I found that the Wizard just want working. The combo was Goblin Hog and the wizard seemed out of place. What we need here is. Non-troop to help with splash. I found the Fireball to be the perfect solution
  3. SHads: The HP in this Clash Royale deck seems to be lacking a bit. There are simply not enough power cards. There are two ways to deal with that. We can a) use a building to use for a huge help in defense by doing what small troops can’t or b) use a troop like a giant to help in a smaller way on defense but also help on offense. Here I found the deck has enough attacking combos, like Goblin Hog, Minion Horde Hog, Hog Rider Prince, and Hog Freeze, so I chose a defensive building that seems to be the most powerful right now: The Bomb tower. We will substitute the Boblins for the Bomb tower.
  4. shAds: Our average cost WAS quite low, sitting at 3.6, but adding the bomb tower brought it up to 3.9, which is much better. The best average cost is from 3.5-4.5, and while there are good decks made outside those ranges, they are usually ideal. I prefer to keep my average cost around 4, but that is just my playing style. Change your deck to fit this accordingly
  5. shaDS: We have a lot of damage in this Clash Royale deck, and that is great. But i found that my defense was lacking, when a P.E.K.K.A or a Golem came, the Prince simply couldn’t counter it. So I swapped my Prince out for Barbarians. These are slightly less powerful on offense but worth it for the added defense.
  6. Small Tweaks: This is the end of my article. Of course, sometimes you just have to play the deck out and find what’s right for you. Some people are fine lacking HP for a better average cost. Others like have having tons of hit points and live with a higher average cost. Basically, change the deck when needed to suit YOU.

Hopefully you find this guide helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help while building your own decks in Clash Royale! Good luck further guys!