Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

Hey guys, I am Ash this is the first ever Clash Royale deck building guide on ClashRoyaleArena.
Building a well balanced Clash Royale deck is always the key for success in Clash Royale. I am going  to break it down in simple term, giving you the easiest way to build a excellent deck!

Clash Royale Deck Building Guide


Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

Synergy above all

Every time we talk about deck building in this game, synergy is the most remarkable ingredient. We all want every card to work alongside each othere, right?
Unfortunately If you are using Epic cards solely, they can’t be an excellent Deck in Clash Royale. Building a deck is not about rarity. It is about Synergy!

Defense is as important as offense

Of course you need offense to destroy the Crown Tower and win the battle but If you don’t know how to defend your Tower, you can’t win any battle. Your Deck needs a balance of offense and defense to be useful in any situation.

The Balance of Point and Splash Damage Cards

As we can see, there are 2 types of damage-inflicting cards in Clash Royale.

  • Point damage: Cards that deal damage to only one enemy (Musketeer, Barbarian,…). Because they can only target 1 unit at a time, they are the highest damage-inflicting units in game. They are indispensable in order to take down high HP troops (Tankers).
  • Splash damage: Cards that deal damage to multiple units (Witch, Baby Dragon,…). Because they have the advantage of dealing damage to multiple opposing units, they are the lowest damage-inflicting units in game. These cards are necessary for dealing with hordes of low HP units.

Melee and Range Units

We need a balance of ranged and melee troops on your Deck in Clash Royale. Ranged troops usually have high damage per second but low HP. It is very important to combine them with melee troops. We need to use the melee troops as the meat-shield for high damage ranged troops. Having too many melee troops is such a bad idea because that will make them very susceptible to splash damage. You can see how easy it is for a Valkyrie to take down all melee troops nearby, right?

Average Elixir Cost

The Average Elixir Cost is very important. You don’t want to wait 10 seconds in order to drop Card, right?
The better a Card is, the more Elixir it costs. Your Decks should have these ingredients to be a well balanced Decks in Clash Royale:

‘Average Elixir Cost’ should be between 3.5 and 4.5

After weeks, I have found it’s a good idea to have the Average that is between 3.5 and 4.5. If your AEC is higher than this, you are always struggling to constantly deploy your cards (for defending of course). If your AEC is below 3.5, although you can deploy many cards quickly but they are all low HP troops and can be wiped out by splash-damaging threats quickly.

A small note here for you: If your Average Elixir Cost is above 4, you will probably want to place the Elixir Collector into your deck (If you have it, of course).

Having at least 2 point damage-inflicting Cards

Although groups of low HP units can quickly destroy high HP cards and buildings, they can be eradicated by splash damaging Cards. Because of that, you always need to have at least 2 point damage-inflicting Cards as the backup.

Here are some examples:

  • Musketeer (range)
  • Prince (melee)
  • Spear Goblins (range)
  • Knight (melee)
  • Archers (range)
  • P.E.K.K.A or Mini P.E.K.K.A (melee)
  • Minions/Minion Horde (flying range)
  • Barbarians (melee)
  • Cannon
  • Tesla
  • X-bow
  • Inferno Tower

Having at least 3 splash damage-inflicting Cards

Splash damage-inflicting Cards are important for dealing with large hordes of troops (most players like this strategy):

  • Giant Skeleton
  • Bomb Tower
  • Bomber
  • Rocket
  • Baby Dragon
  • Princess
  • Ice Wizard
  • Arrows
  • Witch
  • Fireball
  • Valkyrie
  • Zap
  • Wizard
  • Mortar
  • Lightning

Having at least 2 high HP cards

High HP cards can be either a troop or defense with at least 1000 HP. They are necessary to take damage and protect backup troops:

  1. X-Bow
  2. Golem
  3. Lava Hound
  4. Prince
  5. P.E.K.K.A
  6. Barbarian Hut
  7. Goblin Hut
  8. Giant Skeleton
  9. Cannon
  10. Bomb Tower
  11. Inferno Tower
  12. Giant

Having at least 2 air-targeting Cards

If you are at a high level Arena, you usually can face aerial attackers. Most new players don’t have a solution for dealing with aerial troops. Make sure that there are at least 2 air-targeting Cards on your Desk:

  • Tesla
  • Inferno Tower
  • Baby Dragon
  • Wizard
  • Musketeer
  • Archers
  • Minions / Minion Horde
  • Spear Goblins
  • Witch
  • X-Bow

Having at least 1 Spell Card that deals splash damage

Yes, splash damaging troops can deal with a large group of troops but their coverage, range and movement speed are limited. It is extremely important to have a splash-damaging Spell Card such as Lightning, Arrows, Rocket, Fireball or Zap.

For example, your Bomber can deal splash damage from behind your Giant but If the opponent deploys a Goblin Barrels onto your Weakened Tower, a card like Arrows is very important in this situation to quickly remove those Goblins.

Damage-inflicting spell cards are also very useful for taking down weakened Towers.

Having at least 1 defensive structure Card

Tombstone, Goblin Hut, Hidden Tesla, Bomb Tower, Cannon, X-Bow and Mortar are excellent for slowing down the speed of the game, give you more time to load up Elixir.

Having at least 1 defensive building to protect your Towers is important because you only need to destroy 1 enemy Crown Tower to win the Battle.

My Current Clash Royale Deck

This is the current Deck of my test account (I use it to test amazing decks you guy posted on Clash Royale Arena!)


clash royale deck

  • The Average Elixir Cost of my current Deck is 3.6, which is pretty good.
  • There are 2 high point damaging troops: Hog Rider and Muskeeter.
  • Baby Dragon and Zap can deal splash damage. I always can control a group of enemy troops.
  • Hog Rider and Barbarians have nice HP. I can couple them with the Muskeeter and Baby Dragon anytime.
  • Minion Horde, Baby Dragon, Musketeer and Spear Goblins can target both ground and air troops.
  • Zap is always ready to eradicate group of troops anywhere on the field, it is also very useful to finish off a weakened Tower.
  • Tombstone can lure and deal with lots of tankers.
  • Tombstone and Spear Goblins are always ready to slow down and distract enemy troops as well as eat away.

Clash Royale Deck Building Tips shared by other Players

Heisenberg’s Clash Royale Deck Building Thoughts

Clash Royale has become a love-hate relationship for me. I am completely obsessed with the game and support the strategy involved. However, we all know the feeling of losing 5 or 6 matches in a row and wanting to throw our devices against the wall. Just yesterday, I was THAT guy. The enemy rushed my crown towers and I couldn’t handle the P.E.K.K.A./3 Musketeer combo and I left the match. So yea, love-hate. Anyways, a large part of my learning process is trying tons of new Clash Royale decks, all the time. If I lose a few times with a deck I’ll switch it and try another. For me, I am in a period of experimentation in Clash Royale deck building. Don’t get me wrong, I hate when I fall down to 2400 trophies when I’ve been at 2900, all because I kept trying new Clash Royale decks. It’s worth it, though. Let me share some of the thoughts I have when building decks:

Figuring Out the Meta: For Those Who Want to Trophy Grind

As much as I hate to say it, with Clash Royale as it is, if you want to trophy climb you’ll have to follow the Meta. That means gritting your teeth and building a deck that may seem even too OP for you. With the current meta, I’ve seen the Hog Rider as the prominent card to take down Crown Towers. It seems the play style has become, for many, throw down the hog rider and pair him with goblins/minions/fire spirit  (all low cost elixir), followed by the Zap/Freeze spell which forces you to spend just as much elixir while still suffering Crown Tower damage.

If caught unawares, the result is even more tragic. Just beware of this current tactic. Really good Royale players will do the Goblin/Hog Rider placement trick, which allows the Hog Rider to avoid towers by jumping the bridge.

Some other prominent cards that have been in the current-meta are: P.E.K.K.A, Royal Giant, and Three Musketeers.

I have used these combinations to devastating effect. It’s sort of depressing, but I’ll use these combos when I’m struggling for trophies. This usually occurs after I’ve experimented with too many decks.

My More Fun/Little Less Competitive Thoughts:

1st Thought, Building Cards – Not everyone uses these cards but, in my opinion, a building card is essential to any well-rounded deck. My initial thoughts when creating a deck always center on what I want out of my building card. The way you utilize your building card is a large contributing factor on the outcome of the game. Ask yourself these core questions to help:

  • Do I want my building card to deal AOE to horde cards? – Thoughts include – Bomb Tower, Tesla, Furnace
  • Do I need the Elixir Collector? – I consistently take this card for Arena 7. Almost all players use it.
  • Do I want my building card to focus down Tanks? – If you don’t have a P.E.K.K.A. or other tank card of your own – you may want to invest in an Inferno Tower.
  • Do I want to make this a Mortar Deck? – Maybe you’ve decided to make your building card the CORE of your deck. This is fine; I usually take the Cannon along with the Mortar.

2nd Thought, Tower Taking Cards – This is where you want to spend most of your time contemplating card judgment. Like I mentioned above, the Hog Rider is the card to take right now for most matchups. However, if you hate being a follower there are some great alternatives. When choosing, think about how the card will react to its surroundings.

Does our card get distracted by ground troops? By air troops? Both? What about buildings? Does the offensive card ignore everything else but those? If my offensive card has low elixir cost, can I add a second?

The answers to these questions will determine your pick choice. Usually they fall into two categories: Those that are distracted by units AND buildings; and those that are only distracted by buildings, but can be stopped by swarm cards. You can clearly see that, the cards distracted by building cards only, have an advantage. Hence, why the Hog Rider is so prominent right now.

3rd Thought, Spell Cards – I usually think about spell cards third because I like to create synergy between the offensive card and the spell.

The reason why Zap is so deadly when paired with Hog Rider is because of its short paralysis and its ability to take out stall Minion Hordes. To get an extra hit on a tower, an expert Royale player will time the Zap spell with either the Tower’s attack pattern or the placement of enemy troops. Sometimes both.
The Freeze Spell is always a solid choice when running any hard-hitting cards. I’ve seen it used with Hog Rider, P.E.K.K.A., Dual Prince decks, Royal Giant, etc. It’s taken a strong position as one of Clash Royale’s most used cards. Anyone with any feel for strategy should automatically know the myriad possibilities of this card.

I’ve spoken in length about the advantages and disadvantages of Fireball and Arrows so, as to not be repetitive, just go check those articles out for yourself.

Final Thought, Support Cards – the rest of your deck’s slots should consist of support cards that will be used to counter your opponent and assist your offensive card(s).

Cards that always find their way into most of my decks include: Spear Goblins, Goblins (paired with Hog), Barbarians, Minions (paired with Hog), and Minion Horde (paired with Knight). I don’t find myself using Bomber, Skeletons, or Archers anymore. I’m still waiting for that Princess find. xD I’m not going to go into significant detail on HOW to use these support cards in this article. I just wanted to share my thought process with you. However, you should all know the general rule of thumb is to utilize these cards to back up your hard-hitters. Or, when played smart, use them to counter enemy cards and come out positive from the elixir trade.

If you build your cards right you should come out with an Elixir cost anywhere between 3.5 – 4.5 depending on which Tank cards you use, or if you use mostly low elixir cards, the elixir cost will be different. That’s it for my thoughts on deck building. Leave comments below and tell me how you think! Good luck in the Arena!

D-Mate’s Clash Royale Deck Building Thoughts

Hey guys! D-Mate here, today I am going to show you how to build a great deck step by step in two different ways: Start from scratch and start from a pre-built deck. Starting from scratch is usually how to build a good deck and starting from a pre-built deck is how to perfect that deck. Many other deck building guides I find just tell you to have certain types of cards in certain amounts. This guide will actually show you how to build those decks. I will use my Hog Rider deck: Push from 1700 to 2700 as an example.

Start from Scratch

  1. Choose the deck combo – win condition: This is the attacking combo found in the deck. Some good examples can be found by finding out what others are using. These include Giant decks, P.E.K.K.A decks, Prince decks and Hog-Freeze decks. So in this deck we add our first two cards: Hog Rider and Freeze.
  2. Add expensive troops: These are the cards that compliment the combo. These usually depend based on the deck type. An offensive deck will add strong troops to assist in power full pushes. For example, P.E.K.K.A decks include Dual Princes or a Wizard and Giant decks may include a musketeer. A control deck will include more cards that will help on defence. So here we will add our next card: Minion horde.
  3. Add cheap troops: These are the cards the lower the average cost. These are generally the same no matter what deck, and can be used for different purposes. Goblins have high damage to cost ratio. Spear Goblins are cheap ranged troops. Archers are more expensive but more powerful versions of Spear Goblins. Skeletons make good Elixir trades. And Knight is anti splash. You in this deck we will add Goblins and Spear Goblins
  4. Add Spells: These are used in almost every deck and are hard to leave out. These are to make good Elixir trades. Zap spell deals with Goblins, Spear Goblins. Skeletons, and gives a one second stun. Arrow rain has a large radius, costs one more Elixir, and can kill everything a Zap can and the Minion Horde + Princess. The Fireball has a small radius, costs 4 Elixir. And deals with all the troops mentioned above and Barbarians, Wizard, Witch, Musketeer,… None of these are technically better than another and they all have there own uses. I this deck we will use a Zap because of its stun
  5. Fill in your weakness: Finally, these last spots will be to help fill in your weaknesses. I like to use a SHADS as a good acronym.  It stands for Splash, Hit Points, Average Cost, and DpS. In this deck we currently have 6 cards, so we can have two more cards. We have only one splash unit, so we will add a Wizard. We have a low amount of hit points, so we add the Prince. We have a below average cost but not too low and a below average but decent DPS. And there you have it! We now have a made a hog-freeze deck.

Start from a pre-built Deck

  1. Find the biggest weakness: We have now built a good hog rider deck. But we want a PERFECT Hog Rider deck. So let’s go back to SHADS and see what we can do. For this part, you need to try the deck out. You may lose a bit trying out variations, but it will be worth it in the end.
  2. Shads: There are many cards we can use for splash damage. After some testing, I found that the Wizard just want working. The combo was Goblin Hog and the wizard seemed out of place. What we need here is. Non-troop to help with splash. I found the Fireball to be the perfect solution
  3. SHads: The HP in this Clash Royale deck seems to be lacking a bit. There are simply not enough power cards. There are two ways to deal with that. We can a) use a building to use for a huge help in defense by doing what small troops can’t or b) use a troop like a giant to help in a smaller way on defense but also help on offense. Here I found the deck has enough attacking combos, like Goblin Hog, Minion Horde Hog, Hog Rider Prince, and Hog Freeze, so I chose a defensive building that seems to be the most powerful right now: The Bomb tower. We will substitute the Boblins for the Bomb tower.
  4. shAds: Our average cost WAS quite low, sitting at 3.6, but adding the bomb tower brought it up to 3.9, which is much better. The best average cost is from 3.5-4.5, and while there are good decks made outside those ranges, they are usually ideal. I prefer to keep my average cost around 4, but that is just my playing style. Change your deck to fit this accordingly
  5. shaDS: We have a lot of damage in this Clash Royale deck, and that is great. But i found that my defense was lacking, when a P.E.K.K.A or a Golem came, the Prince simply couldn’t counter it. So I swapped my Prince out for Barbarians. These are slightly less powerful on offense but worth it for the added defense.
  6. Small Tweaks: This is the end of my article. Of course, sometimes you just have to play the deck out and find what’s right for you. Some people are fine lacking HP for a better average cost. Others like have having tons of hit points and live with a higher average cost. Basically, change the deck when needed to suit YOU.

Hopefully you find this guide helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help while building your own decks in Clash Royale! Good luck further guys!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    I’m not sure how much these things cost, and how this would work, but how about this:

    Giant, balloon,witch, xbow, barb/goblins, archers/minions, zap, fireball/wizard

    Now, the only stuff I know about this game is coming from this website, so I’m not sure how effective this will be (although I think it might costs to much?) .

    Also when does this thing come out for android/America? I’m dying to play this thing

    • Will Potter

      That’s a great Deck! xD
      I think the version for Android will be out after couples of months!

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        Lol really? Thanks, I’ve been thinking about witch and baloon in this game, because that probably won’t work in clash of clans. (But if you find a way to make it work plz tell me!)

        Also I think I can switch the fireball/wizard with maybe Valkyries. Or does that cost too much? Not sure…(same thing, tell me plz if there is any way to pull this off in clash!)

        • Adam

          Which clash? XD

          • Ultimit☆Cuest

            Lol if u really don’t know I mean clash of clans(but honestly u should)

          • Adam

            I’m just joking around. 😛

          • Will Potter


    • Adam

      Even in iOS I can’t get it in the United States! I really want to play this soon too!

    • Adam

      Comes out in March according to Supercell 😛

      • Will Potter


    • Zachary Albrecht

      Just download the APK online, that’s what I did and it works for me.

  • Michael Lee

    This advice really doesn’t hold up into late game. (Then again, 1700+ is dominated by the cheesy X-Bow + Inferno Tower strategy; Barbarians, X-Bow, Inferno Tower, Rocket, Lightning, Fireball or Wizard, Arrows, and defensive tower of choice, usually Tesla, Spear Hut, or Tombstones.)

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share Michael! I will do my best to improve this guide!

  • Adam

    Inferno Tower, Barbs, Prince, Hog Rider, Arrows, Fireball, Bomber, Spear Goblins. With an average elixir cost of 3.9 I think it might be decent. Barbs and Hog or Spear Gobs and Hog and take out the X-Bow, for Freeze Balloon you could lure the freeze with spears gobs then use inferno and melt the Balloon. Same with Hogs.You could get a decent push going in double elixir with the Prince, Barbs, Bomber and Spear Goblins, with maybe a sneaky Hog on the other side.

    P.S. I don’t actually play this but I think 5 trillion videos is enough. Also, I was just wondering could you place an Inferno close enough to their King Tower once you’ve taken down on of the towers that it would lock onto it and melt it?

    • Ultimit☆Cuest

      Great job for someone who doesn’t play the game (in my opinion, because I’m the exact same case :D)

      The inferno tower cant be placed close enough to take down the king tower. The only buildings that can do that are the mortar and xbow. I wrote another post on a giant skeleton/mini pekka strategy.

      • Adam

        Okay, thanks.

    • Clash Royale with Josh

      the inferno cannot lock onto a crown or king tower and i think the tesla is better as it is cheaper and as faster hit rate

      • Adam

        I like the Inferno just because it’s good at the really high arenas when everyone is using Golems. An Inferno can go 1v1 with a Golem and win. Barbs on top of the wizard protecting the Golem and your set.

      • Will Potter

        Yea, most players use the Tesla right now :D.

  • Jonathan (AFTP)

    Has anyone gotten to arena 4 as a level 4, I’ve been like 20 trophies away but can’t get there

    • Will Potter

      Don’t give up dude! You can do this. 1 more win and you can get there!

      • Gaara

        Yes, I did once. and lose immediately after. Didn’t realize (no good card, no minion, etc…) total card found 14 only. and level3.

        • Gaara

          Mainly because I face easy enemeis who don’t know how to handle, and some lucky win

    • Gaara

      And as soon as I reach level 4, I am in the arena 4.

  • Will Potter

    :D. Good luck further mate!

  • Gerardo Lemus

    Do you know how to get to arena 5?

    • Will Potter
      • Gerardo Lemus

        I dont have wizard

        • Adam

          You can use a Bomber instead.

        • Will Potter

          You can replace Wizard with the Baby Dragon mate!

    • Clash Royale with Josh

      use a hybrid deck and always know what ur opponents have on them

      • Gerardo Lemus

        What is hybrid deck? How do i know what my oppenent have on them?

  • Exostin

    Can anyone help me? I am new and I have only these cards:
    Minions lvl1
    Giant lvl2
    Bomber lvl3
    Arrows lvl3
    Mini P.E.K.K.A lvl 1
    Prince lvl1
    Musketeer lvl2
    Fireball lvl2
    Knight lvl4
    Archers lvl3
    Goblins lvl3
    Spear Goblins lvl2
    Can someone make me a deck, please?

    • Clash Royale with Josh

      spear goblins,musketeer,fireball,prince,mini pekka,giant,bomber, minions

    • Adam

      I would say Archers, Giant, Bomber, Arrows, Fireball, Knight, umm maybe Musketeers, and Spear Goblins. Not many choices and no building cards, but this is the best I can think of.

      • Will Potter

        Yea that’s also the best I can say so far.

        • G5TheLord

          How about my deck, Giant Skeleton, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Goblin Hut, Arrows, Archers, Mini Pekka, and Skeleton Army

    • Exostin
      • Adam

        Nice, I would say with these new cards Giant Skeleton, Fireball, Arrows, Valk, Tombstone, Giant, Musketeer, and Archers. This would definitely be a lot better I think, you have good splash damage with the spells, Giant Skeleton, and Valk, good point damage with the Musketeer, a good defense with the Tombstone and Archers, and a tank with the Giant. (Also archers alone can deal around 500 damage to a tower without any tanks or anything)

    • David DC5369

      your average elixir is wayy too high

  • Starling


    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome man!

  • Kaito Fureru

    Any thoughts on this deck? Any tips would be helpful for card synergy

  • jonathan shaner


    • Crosby

      In your trophy range just build a spam unit deck with a giant. Like have a giant, witch, goblins, skeletons, archers, other stuff that doesn’t cost much and out spam your opponent.

    • Will Potter

      You should be patient dude, watch your replays and see how people counter you. You should follow my guide above to design a balanced deck. Also, I have posted couples of useful guides on this site. I hope you will like them!

  • Jhin_Cena

    Guys can you please help me? I can’t connect my save to google play account and now I can’t open Clash Royals anymore. I enter the loads, then it opens another window (apparently loading something) and then re-loads the app all over again. If I uninstall the game (and then reinstall it) I think I’ll lose all the data.What can I do?

    • Will Potter

      You didn’t connect your account with your Google ID before?
      Are you using the latest game version, which is downloaded from Google Play?

  • David DC5369

    my deck currently is:
    Level 6 Spear Goblins
    Level 6 Knight
    Level 3 Hog Rider
    Level 1 Freeze
    Level 6 Minion Horde
    Level 1 PEKKA
    Level 6 Arrows
    Level 3 Musketeer

    Any suggestions on how to improve this deck?

    i have 29 cards including most buildings and level 2 witch level 2 gob barrel (if i upgrade) and level 2 lightning (also if i upgrade) as my other epics. Sadly no prince no baby dragons

    PS – I’m at 1263 trophies, but on a small win streak (3 in a row) since getting freeze

    • Crosby

      I’d drop the Pekka. Too many people know to just spam units and that kills it. You have 3 really beefy units, Hogs, Knight, Pekka. Drop 1 and get the Witch. She’s so good against tanky units and even multiple units because of splash.

  • JasonC

    Anyone kind to help me out?

    Knight – Lv5
    Archers – Lv4
    Arrows – Lv4
    Fireball – Lv4
    Giant – Lv3
    Baby Dragon – Lv2
    Bomber – Lv4
    Goblins – Lv4
    Witch – Lv1
    Valkyrie – Lv3
    Musketeer – Lv3
    Mini-Pekka – Lv3
    Skeleton Army – Lv2
    Prince – Lv2
    Goblin Hut – Lv2
    Goblin Barrel – Lv1
    Minions – Lv7
    Skeletons – Lv3
    Balloons – Lv2
    Giant Skeleton – Lv1



    • Crosby

      Giant – great for soaking up damage
      Witch – great for backing up the giant because she does splash damage, and vs tanky units
      Minions – any melee attack units, I put them behind. Or for taking out their melee units
      Skeleton Army – great against all tanky units
      Baby Dragon – another splash unit, great to have 2 splash units
      Arrows or Fireball – your choice, deal splash or more heavy damage
      Prince – Can destroy the towers so fast.
      Musketeer or Archers – Both can go vs Air units. Musk is great for defending. Put behind tower.

      • JasonC

        Hi Sir, in your opinion which 8 cards would you use?

        Currently I’m using,

        Knight, Baby dragon, Giant, Prince, Skeleton Army, Fireball, Arrows, MusketeersMusketeers..

  • ClashRoyaleAddict

    Someone help me make a deck? I have
    Lvl 3 Mini PEKKA
    Lvl 3 Knight
    Lvl 3 Bomber
    Lvl 3 Arrows
    Lvl 2 Fireball
    Lvl 2 Giant
    Lvl 2 Musketeer
    Lvl 1 Skeleton Army
    Lvl 3 Archers
    Lvl 3 Goblins
    Lvl 3 Spear Goblins
    Lvl 1 Goblin Hut (Can be upgraded)
    Lvl 1 Minion
    Lvl 2 Skeleton (Can be upgraded)

    • Valin Apanui

      try using gob hut, skull army, giant, arrows, spear gobs, archers, minion and mini pekka
      if only you had baby drag

  • Kenneth Park

    Hey, I need some help with my deck because I’ve gotten into a losing streak. My deck right now is made up of:
    Baby Dragon Lv. 1
    Prince Lv. 1
    Giant Lv. 2
    Tombstone Lv. 2
    Musketeer Lv. 2
    Fireball Lv. 2
    Spear Goblins Lv. 4
    Arrows Lv. 5

    I also have these cards that are not in my deck:

    Knight Lv. 4
    Archers Lv. 4
    Goblins Lv. 4
    Valkyrie Lv. 2
    Bomber Lv. 4
    Mini P.E.K.K.A Lv. 2
    Goblin hut Lv. 1
    Minions Lv. 3
    Skeletons Lv. 4

  • Bri Nguyen

    Help me with a easy win deck Level 4 around 900 trophies MY Cards High to Low Level
    LEVEL 5
    LEVEL 4
    Spear Goblins
    LEVEL 3
    LEVEL 2
    Mini Pekka
    Goblin Hut
    LEVEL 1
    Rage Spell
    Barbarian Hut
    Bomb Tower
    Skeleton Army

  • JasonC

    Hi there, need help in making me a new deck..

    Currently using: Witch/ Skeleton Army/ Giant/ Spear Goblins, Rocket, Minions, Musketeer, Tombstone..

    List of Cards I have:


    Lv1 Witch
    Lv5 Spear Goblins
    Lv5 Bomber
    Lv7 Minions
    Lv3 Giant
    Lv3 Musketeer
    Lv5 Knight
    Lv5 Archer
    Lv5 Goblins (Can be upgraded)
    Lv5 Valkyrie
    Lv3 Mini PEKKA
    Lv2 Skeleton Army
    Lv2 Baby Dragon
    Lv2 Prince
    Lv2 Barrel Goblins
    Lv4 Skeleton (Can be upgraded)
    Lv2 Balloon
    Lv1 Giant Skeleton (Can be upgraded)
    Lv5 Barbarians


    Lv1 X-Bow
    Lv3 Cannon (Can be upgraded)
    Lv1 Barbarian Hut (Can be upgraded)
    Lv2 Bomb Tower (Can be upgraded)
    Lv3 Goblin Hut
    Lv3 Tombstone


    Lv5 Arrows
    Lv3 Fireball
    Lv1 Lighting
    Lv4 Rocket

  • Lee Jia Wei

    My current deck is dark prince, drag,Tesla,hog rider,princesses,elixer pump,arrows and ice wizard.
    Pls help me see if it is good…..

    • Will Potter

      You got the Dark Prince? Awesome.

      It’s pretty good from my end. I will tell you If I have any idea later but seems like your Deck is a bit “soft”. You need a troop with high HP tho.

  • Clash of R.A.V.E.N.

    What is better Tombstone or Goblin Hut?

    • Will Potter

      It depends on your Deck. Tombstone is much better for normal Deck. If you use Hut Deck, you should go with Goblin Hut or both.

  • TheLoneLy

    Someone help me make a deck!
    I’m on arena 2 with these cards:
    LvL 4 Spear Goblin
    LvL 3 Musketeer
    LvL 3 Minions
    LvL 1 Lightning Spell
    LvL 2 Fireball Spell
    LvL 2 Giant
    LvL 1 Prince
    LvL 1 Tombstone
    LvL 3 Knight
    LvL 4 Archers
    LvL 4 Goblins
    LvL 1 Valkyrie
    LvL 4 Bomber
    LvL 3 Mini PEKKA
    LvL 2 Goblin Hut
    LvL 4 Arrow Spell
    LvL 3 Skeletons
    LvL 2 Bomb Tower

  • ClashRoyale:Blank

    someone help me build a deck im on arena 3 i have the cards:
    lvl 3 mini pekka
    lvl 1 prince
    lvl 5 spear and normal goblins
    lvl 4 fireball
    lvl 5 arrows
    lvl 5 archers
    lvl 1 xbow
    lvl 1 goblin barrel
    lvl 3 giant
    lvl 5 bomber
    lvl 5 minions
    lvl 5 knight
    lvl 3 valk
    lvl 3 musketeer
    lvl 1 baby drag
    lvl 3 goblin hut
    lvl 1 lightning spell
    vl 1 skeletons /not army
    lvl 5 barb
    lvl 3 cannon and 60 cardz
    lvl 3 rocket
    lvl 2 barb hut

  • Marty Abuzo

    Is this ok to use deck in arena 4? Lv5 knight lvl3 musketeer lvl6 bomber lvl 6 spear goblins lvl3 fireball lvl 3 giants lvl 6 minion and lvl 6 goblins elixir cost 3.3 is this ok to make a win? In arena 4? This is my deck and cards can you help me build a better deck?

  • Marty Abuzo

    Here is my deck and cards pls help for a better card

  • Marty Abuzo


    • Shenith Fernando

      My deck consists of giant skeleton, bomber, minion horde, spear goblins, hog rider, inferno, freeze spell and arrows. But the weaknesses are barbarians and barbarian hut….. Currently i’m creating an ultimate deck

      • Arsh Benipal

        VE A NIC DAY

  • Daniel H.

    Author of this article, I’m surprised you run Fireball. Do you really think it deserves a slot? I’ve only ever found it useful for finish off a tower that’s really low on health in the last seconds of a match to secure a victory, and for that purpose isn’t the Rocket strictly better? I mean, you can use the Fireball defensively too, but it’s usually not enough to save you from a strong unit that you aren’t able to deal with in the moment, and if it’s a horde of units then the Arrows are strictly better.

    • Will Potter

      Of course you can use the Rocket or Lightning in stead of Fireball. It’s all up to you buddy :D.

    • Leeland Miller

      i use fireball in my setup right now. currently at 1,969 trophies with this setup:
      Golem | Archers | Goblins | Spear Goblins | Wizard | Elixir Collector | Fireball | Rage Spell
      my average cost is 4.0
      with an elixir collector going and x2 bonus, +1 elixir for fireball over arrows is well worth it.

      a level 5 fireball does 474 dmg / 190 crown dmg
      a level 6 arrows does 184 dmg / 74 crown dmg

      that’s damage i definitely need in case of defensive buildings, especially inferno towers.

      i’ve lost 2 matches in my last 15 games.

      • Adam Raszewski

        What did you use in place of Golem before getting him? Or how was your deck compilation before that? What was your deck build from arena 6-7? I made it to almost 1800 trophies the other day and stayed there a few days. Then went on a horrible losing streak today. Ugh. Thanks for any help!

  • Mihail Daniel


  • Rengar

    Hello i need some help with decks. i have :
    lvl 3 Knight
    lvl 3 archers
    lvl 2 minions
    lvl 1 musketeer
    lvl 1 Valkyrie
    lvl 2 Giant
    lvl 1 Baby dragon
    lvl 3 goblins
    lvl 3 bomber
    lvl 1 mini PEKKA ( can be upgrade on lvl 2)
    lvl 3 spear goblins ( can be upgraded on lvl 4)
    lvl 2 skeletons
    lvl 3 Arrows
    lvl 2 Fireball
    lvl 1 tombstone
    so what can i do ?


    WOw… This 1 works great…. Tqs…

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome my friend!

  • Rajnish Singh

    Can you suggest about deck for arena 2 battles i.e. trophies in 350-420 range ?

    • Will Potter

      Just follow my guide about and you can build your own Deck since you don’t have many cards at Arena 2.

  • Can Gun

    Can someone help me to build a deck?
    Cards that I own:
    Musketeer lvl.3
    Prince lvl.1
    tombstone lvl.1
    goblin lvl.4
    fireball lvl.2
    mini pekka lvl.3
    bomber lvl.4
    minions lvl.4
    knight lvl.4
    archers lvl.4
    giant lvl.3
    witch lvl.1
    valkyrie lvl.2
    skeleton army lvl.1
    spear goblins lvl.4
    goblin hut lvl.3
    arrows lvl.4
    skeletons lvl.5
    bomb tower lvl.2

    Thanks if someone builds a deck for me.

    • Jno

      Prince,goblins spears, valkyrie, skeleton army,Giant ( better the Barbarians), Minions, Arrows, and fireball

  • Gene Tucker

    Why does my battle deck have 1, 2, 3 sections? It seems only to use cards on 1?

    • Jno

      (Bad english alert)
      Because you can have 3 decks ready for use, the number of deck you select is the “equiped” for battle

    • Will Potter

      Hello Gene,
      In the battle, you use the Deck which is chosen in the Battle Deck menu.

  • JiminiePabo

    Deck please? I have 719 trophies (arena 2)
    I have:
    Lvl 1 Baby Dragon
    Lvl 1 Balloon
    Lvl 1 Witch
    Lvl 2 Bomb Tower
    Lvl 2 Prince
    Lvl 2 Tombstone
    Lvl 3 Barbarians
    Lvl 3 Fireball
    Lvl 3 Giant
    Lvl 3 Goblin Hut
    Lvl 3 Mini P.e.k.k.a
    Lvl 3 Musketeer
    Lvl 3 Valkarie
    Lvl 4 Cannon
    Lvl 5 Archers
    Lvl 5 Arrows
    Lvl 5 Bomber
    Lvl 5 Goblin
    Lvl 5 Knight
    Lvl 5 Minions
    Lvl 5 Skeletons
    Lvl 5 Spear Goblins

  • Noah122

    Can someone make a deck for me?
    (I have 812 trophies)

    My troops are…

    Arrows level 5
    Minions level 5
    Cannon level 4
    Lightning strike level 1
    Barb hut level 2
    Balloons level 1
    Giant skeleton level 1
    Prince level 2
    Knight level 5
    Archers level 5
    Goblins level 5
    Giant level 3
    Witch level 1
    Valkerie level 2
    Bomber level 5
    Musketeer level 3
    Mini pekka level 3
    Spear goblins level 5
    Goblin hut level 3
    Fireball level 3
    Skeletons level 5
    Bomb tower level 3
    Tombstone level 2
    Barbs level 3

    • Joel Tan

      you can try my deck i got 1300 trophies your barbs is a little so it might be a problem. my common troops are level 5 rare are level 4 and epic is just level 1 but the deck works

    • Samuel Lim

      Barb, Prince, Giant, arrows, balloon, skeletons, minions, musketeer. Push using Prince and giant or giant and balloon. The second the first tower goes Down, spawn in skeletons to cannon fodder high damage enemies then spawn a prince barb to push to final castle. To defend, use barbarians to deal with Princes, since they are the biggest problem. Use minions to kill an enemy push while using arrows to kill all enemy minions/fodder. In the event of an enemy tombstone in the lane you are pushing, an arrow should kill the stone.

    • portsport

      Can someone help me make a good deck?, I’m in Arena 2. here are troops I have.

      Baby dragon lvl 1
      Giant lvl 3
      Skeleton Army lvl 3
      Arrows lvl 5
      Goblin Hut lvl 3
      Witch lvl 1
      Musketeer lvl 3
      Fireball lvl 3
      Knight lvl 5
      Archers lvl 5
      Goblins lvl 5
      Valkyrie lvl 2
      Bomber lvl 5
      Mini Pekka lvl 3
      Spear Goblins lvl 5
      Minions lvl 5
      Skeletons lvl 5
      Bomb Tower lvl 2
      Tombstone lvl 2
      Balloon lvl 1

    • Hamza Manzoor

      Someone can help?

  • Anthony Iskander

    Hey guys
    Can someone help me make a deck
    I have:

    Lvl 5 Knight
    Lv 4 archers
    Lv 5 goblins
    Lv 4 Valkyrie
    Lv 5 bomber
    Lv 5 spear goblins
    Lv 2 goblin hut
    Lv 2 fireball
    Lv 5 skeletons
    Lv 3 tombstone
    Lv 3 barbarians
    Lv 4 cannon
    Lv 3 mini pekka
    Lv 3 barbarian hut
    Lv 3 bomb tower
    Lv 4 arrows
    Lv 5 minions
    Lv 3 giant
    Lv 3 musketeer
    Lv.2 Prince

    Thanks for the help

    • Anthony Iskander

      Can someone pls help me
      I also have a lvl 1 baby dragon

  • Nilay Sheth

    I’m currently playing in arena 1 , can anyone tell me the best deck for the same ?

  • Exostin

    Hello, can you help me with building of deck? I can’t get more than ~970 trophies with this :/



    [url=]image upload no compression[/url]

  • Exostin

    Hello, can you help me with building of deck? I can’t get more than ~970 trophies with this :/

    • Arrows or Rocket instead of Fireball. The radius of Rocket is only slightly smaller but damage is much higher, making it much more effective at breaking buildings. Arrows hit swarms. Your choice on which of the two you want to focus on.

      Skeletons instead of Goblins; they do about the same thing defensively by swarming a slow-attacking troop like Prince or PEKKA; Skeletons are weaker on offense, but they cost less Elixir to cast. Mostly preference, but that extra drop of elixir can kill you when you’re trying to block a big troop.

      Minions (or Minion Horde once you hit 1100) instead of Mini PEKKA; they can follow your Prince and clear enemy Skeletons/Goblins when pushing. Your main damage output is your Prince; worry about protecting him over using a second offense troop.

      Giant vs. Skeleton Giant is purely preference; Skeleton Giant is a better defensive card, while Giant can help push pressure away from your more fragile troops when attacking. Since they cost quite a bit, the 1 elixir difference doesn’t matter much.

      • Exostin

        Thank you, it works! I just got x-bow (lvl2), and I would like to ask if I have something to replace with it 😀

        • hmmm… maybe skele-giant? they both work defensively, and the x-bow hits ground targets and the enemy towers from afar, but the skele-giant has a lot more HP.

          • Exostin

            Thanks to your tips I am at arena 4 😀 and with it I’ve got new cards, can you help me again? ;D

          • Satriobimo 2003

            You have a P.E.K.K.A? If you have, use it to get a big win and you must bring witch to safe them

          • PRO NUB

            pekkas are bad i can use fireball to kill witch then put 1 elixir skeleton and 2 elixir goblins to kill pekka

          • Keith

            Hey, i’m killing arena 4 with this deck, its so fast and quick and many people have trouble dealing with it as its very unconventional. The secret is having 2 or 3 goblin huts in at a time. Plz try it and respond with your results.

          • Nu

            I used to use a deck similar to urs-giant skeleton push deck spawner thing it worked till top of pekkas/bottom of spell. Thats when i switched

        • Steel Striker

          i got an x-bow lvl 3 btw

      • Nu

        I use a hog giant spam deck and am finding minions to be mch better all around than the horde

    • Arsh Benipal

      eliminate mini pekka, orice n minni do same thing , price is better
      use hog instead of gaint skeleton
      add arrors instead of fireball
      watch alot of t.v royle

      • E5ten

        I think the most important part is proofreading your comment.

        • AlexDaManGames

          NICE MAT XD

    • Nu

      Minions op. High damage and good health, also giant skele has insanely hard time getting to a tower. Try giant instead. I dont like the prince much, not enough dmg, same with the baby drag

  • jayrad

    i need a deck

    i have
    level2 witch
    level 2 giant
    level 4 bomb tower
    level 4 mini pekka
    level 5 spear goblins
    level 7 minions
    level 2 lighning spell
    level 1 skeleton horde
    level 5 knight
    level 5 arcers
    level 5 goblins
    level 2 valkyrie
    level 5 bomber
    level 3 muskertear
    level 3 goblin hut
    level 5 arrows
    level 3 fireball
    level 1 goblin barrel
    level 5 skeletons
    level 3 tombstone
    level 1 giant skeleton
    level 1 cannon

    current deck: level 2 witch, level 2 giant, level 4 bomb tower, level 4 minipekka, level 5 spear goblins, level 7 minions, level 2 lightning spell, level 1 cannon

  • Nom Nom

    This is a pretty good deck. Try it out. 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing mate!

    • sooo many purples tho my wallet can’t take it ;~;

      • Jabby Pappy

        get bomber in place of dragon, giant in place of giant skeleton, spear goblins in goblin barrels’ spot, the 4 skeletons in tesla, hog rider in prince’s spot, and purple potion in arrows spot. Ez win @ 1min or 2x elixir speed.

        • Jabby Pappy

          I’m in Top of Arena 4.

          • NinjaMc

            I’m in Areana 7 and this deck you suggest would lose in most fights, i use Skele Army and minion horde great for dealing with tanks, with archers and spear goblins to help the tanks on the way to towers, balloon and wizard for damage, with giant and royal giant/hog rider for tanks.

          • Nu

            Gobs and normal minions and witch are great for taking down tanks solo

    • Chester Angelico Mercado

      My old deck looks a lot like like this, but instea of a tesla, I used spear goblins. The problem with it is that the g skel is easily countered.

      • Will Potter


        • Emeralds

          hey will what does it mean when a deck is “hot” or “new”. I see it a little in the older decks on the site

          • Will Potter

            Yea I see that buddy! I marked them with “Hot” “New” and other stuffs!

        • Thor

          I want a deck to push me to arena 8 im in 7 Who can give me a post:)

  • ᗩᔕᗩᗰᎥᎥ ☆


  • Tiago Costa

    Is this a good deck for arena3?
    lvl 5 archers
    lvl3 barbarians
    lvl5 minions
    lvl3 bomb tower
    lvl3 fireball
    lvl2 giant
    lvl3 mini-pekka
    lvl1 baby-dragon

    • Samuel Lim

      It’s ok, but a prince or some form of fast travel DPS is good.

    • Will Potter

      Pretty good. How are you doing man?

  • Christopher Wiley Wiley

    Can someone help my deck? Also should every deck be the same?

    Level 3 Bomb Tower
    Level 5 Minions
    Level 2 witch
    Level 2 giant
    Level 3 Valkyrie
    Level 5 arrows
    Level 3 musketeer
    Level 1 prince
    Level 5 knight
    Level 4 archer
    Level 1 baby dragon
    Level 5 goblins
    Level 2 mini pekka
    Level 5 bomber
    Level 5 spear goblin
    Level 2 goblin hut
    Level 2 graveyard
    Level 1 barrel goblin
    Level 2 fire
    Level 5 skeleton

  • Alex Ward

    Will someone build me a deck?

    Spear Gobs-5
    Baby drag-1
    Selection Army-1
    Mini Pekka-3
    Gob Hut-2
    Bomb Tower-1
    Tomb Stone-2
    Barb Hut-2

  • david :)

    Can someone please help me with my deck? I’ll love ya forever :p
    my troops are;
    level 4 barbarian
    level 4 spear goblins
    level 4 bomber
    level 4 minions
    level 2 fireball
    level 3 giant
    level 2 musketeer
    level 1 prince
    level 4 prince
    level 4 archers
    level 4 goblins
    level 1 valkryie
    level 3 mini pekka
    level 2 goblin hut
    level 4 arrows
    level 3 skeletons
    level 2 bomb tower
    level 1 tombstone
    level 1 balloon
    level 4 cannon
    level 1 barb hut


  • Jeff_Unego

    Can somebody make a deck for me?

    • Kissxsis

      Knight, witch, prince, arrow, musketeer, minions, mini pekka. Swap minions to minion horde later. Even this build can take arena 5 easily

      • Daniel Garwood

        That’s 7 cards

        • AC

          add Teslas or goblin hut for the 8th

          • Jabby Pappy

            I use it a different way of fighting. When they send a big card you just kill it with minions or skeleton horde. I suggest:

            Spear goblins-Use against air after diverting it with something like the prince or knight
            minions-take out ground units or a skeleton horde
            musketeer-use giant or knight to tank tower damage and this’ll get it low
            giant-use as a meat shield in all situationsl; he just needs a bomber + musketeer behind him
            bomber-important to keep your tanky troop alive
            the 4 skeletons-divert an enemy tanky troop from your tower like PEKKA/Mini PEKKA/Prince
            archers-take care of air, good behind a tanky troop for tower damage
            knight-tanky troop, high attack speed + decent damage. Put bomber behind him if he goes first

          • Jabby Pappy

            Btw, this is for his Jeff_Unego ‘s deck. (If you have giant skeleton dont use it, just get a giant, hog rider, bomber, musketeer, low-cost ranged troops, diversion troops, and then the purple potion [I forget k] and they’re used best when at 2x speed elixir, easy 3 star)

          • Joshua Tellez

            You mean the rage spell.

          • Nu

            Giant is great for tanking for squishy troops while defending, then have gobs kill tank then move on the support. Great counterpush and almost garuntees no area tower dmg

    • Geoom Sterlight

      Hog,freeze, fireball, arrows, musketeer, spear gobs and valk, and barbs. It will do the trick because it can take down entire towers quickly if you freeze it and the valk is good for swarms.

      • SpeedySnail

        He doesn’t have those cards retard look at the picture.

  • Christopher Wiley Wiley

    Can someone help my deck? Also should every deck be the same?
    Level 3 Bomb Tower
    Level 5 Minions
    Level 2 witch
    Level 2 giant
    Level 3 Valkyrie
    Level 5 arrows
    Level 3 musketeer
    Level 1 prince
    Level 5 knight
    Level 4 archer
    Level 1 baby dragon
    Level 5 goblins
    Level 2 mini pekka
    Level 5 bomber
    Level 5 spear goblin
    Level 2 goblin hut
    Level 2 graveyard
    Level 1 barrel goblin
    Level 2 fire
    Level 5 skeleton

    • Christopher Wiley Wiley

      Hey someone look at mine.

  • This is my card inventory, What I’m using right now is the cannon, barbarians, spear goblins, goblins, musketeer, baby dragon, giant skeleton and prince. What would you say you would add/remove? Thanks for any information 🙂

    • Valin Apanui

      my personal opinion is to swap your spear gobs with the gob hut its just a more efficient spend of elixir trust me plus if you send a dmg soaker or two in front of them eg. giant with a baby dragon (better that way cos he might only send ground attackers for your giant plus drg has splash dmg) then your enemy will get overwhelmed quickly and just for safety might want to swap your musketeer for skeleton army just to distract the enemy attacker with a lot of numbers while your tower and other troops defend your base, and swap your reg gobs with the goblin barrel and only use you gob barrel as a surprise atk to the tower you aren’t mainly attacking it wont kill on the first it’s hp gets lower with every barrel and he plus its efficient and usually makes the enemy waste elixir trying to kill those

      just my opinion though

  • Marcel Aritonang

    I hope my magical chest will give me skeleton army or baby dragon, and also mini pekka, cuz this guys/gals killing me

    • Will Potter

      I hope you can get everything you want Marcel. Good luck!

  • JamesTheTiger8

    Can pls someone help me make a deck?
    I have:
    Lvl 5 archers
    Lvl 4 bomber
    Lvl 4 knight
    Lvl 4 spear goblin
    Lvl 2 fireball
    Lvl 2 giant
    Lvl 3 musketeer
    Lvl 4 arrows
    Lvl 4 goblins
    Lvl 2 valkyrie
    Lvl 3 mini pekka
    Lvl 1 skeleton army
    Lvl 2 goblin hut
    Lvl 1 goblin barrel
    Lvl 4 minions
    Lvl 4 skeletons
    Lvl 3 bomb tower
    Lvl 2 tombstone
    Lvl 1 balloon

    • Humayl Aslam

      Hey James, I am a well experienced player in Clash Royale and i have made my own deck with which I win 7 games out of 10 games. I play Clash royale with two ids and both of them are well balanced. Here are the decks:

      Deck 1

      Mini P.E.K.K.A
      Spear Goblins
      Goblin Hut
      Goblin Barrel
      Skeleton Army

      Deck 2:

      Goblin Hut
      Skeleton army
      Spear Goblins

  • Aaron Voon

    Someone help me with my cards. Thanks!
    lvl 5 knight
    lvl 5 archers
    lvl 5 goblins
    lvl 3 Valkyrie
    lvl 5 bomber
    lvl 2 musketeer
    lvl 2 goblin hut
    lvl 5 arrows
    lvl 1 goblin barrel
    lvl 5 skeletons
    lvl 2 bomb tower
    lvl 3 tombstone
    lvl 3 cannon
    lvl 2 barbarian hut
    lvl 1 baby dragon
    lvl 5 minions
    lvl 5 spear goblins
    lvl 3 giant
    lvl 3 fireball
    lvl 4 barbarians
    lvl 1 witch
    lvl 3 mini p.e.k.k.a.
    That’s all. (No Prince? So sad!)

  • Bob Smith

    Can someone please make a deck for me? I am in Arena 2 with 680 trophies. Thanks!

  • daniel ong

    Suggest one for me please: lvl 1 prince, lvl1 witch, lvl 1 giant skeleton, lvl 3 valkyrie, lvl 3 giant, lvl 3 mini pekka, lvl 2 tombstone, lvl 2 goblin hut, lvl 3 bomb tower, lvl 5 bomber, lvl 5 knight, lvl 4 archer, lvl 5 goblins, lvl 4 minions, lvl 4 spear goblins.

  • Hayden Lauritzen

    Anyone wanna help me build a deck?

    -Level 4-
    Bomber Knight Archer Goblins Arrows Minions

    -Level 3-
    Fireball Giant Spear Goblins Skeletons

    -Level 2-
    Musketeer Mini-Pekka Goblin Hut Valkyrie Tombstone

    -Level 1-
    Goblin Barrel

    Thanks 😀

  • itxme

    im currently lvl 6 and im at 1480 trophies.. can you please recommend a deck that i can use to push to arena 6..

  • Hamza Manzoor

    Can someone make the deck??

  • portsport

    Hey guys I’m in arena 2. Can you help me make a deck?, Here are the cards I have

    Baby dragon lvl 1
    Giant lvl 3
    Skeleton army lvl 2
    Arrows lvl 5
    Goblin Hut lvl 3
    Witch lvl 1
    Musketeer lvl 3
    Fireball lvl 3
    Knight lvl 5
    Archers lvl 5
    Goblins lvl 5
    Valkyrie lvl 2
    Bomber lvl 5
    Mini P.E.K.K.A. lvl 3
    Spear Goblins lvl 5
    Minions lvl 5
    Skeletons lvl 5
    Bomb tower lvl 2
    Tombstone lvl 2
    Balloon lvl 1

    • portsport

      Well now I’m arena 3

    • Will Potter

      I have shared a lot of good Arena 3 Decks. Have you checked them all mate?

  • Dániel Gonda

    Somebody pls help me with my deck what should I change/upgrade?

  • C King

    I am a level 3 and this deck had helped me beat several level 5 people. Hope it works for you 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Thank you very much for sharing this deck dude!

  • Evan Pantelopoulos

    I am a level 5 in arena 3 and I think this is the best deck I can construct: 3 Mini PEKKA, 5 minions, 1 skeleton army, 5 spear goblins, 3 fireball, 3 goblin hut, 3 Musketeer, 2 baby dragon. 3.8 average elixir. Thoughts on my deck?

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much for sharing your deck. I will give it a try and gonna let you know as soon as possible!
      By the way, a good deck can help you push to at least Arena 5 at level 5 IMO!

      • Evan Pantelopoulos

        I am now at arena 4 with 1200 trophies and still using the same deck at level 5 :). It works for me so hopefully it works for others too 🙂

        • Cassador

          I would love to try your deck out but for the love of god I CANT FIND THE SKELLY ARMY!!! 🙂

          • Evan

            use a minion horde instead

        • Will Potter

          I hope you can get a lot of more trophies with it buddy!

    • Thomas

      What do you use in place of the giant?

      • Geoom Sterlight

        Golem, Royale giant or giant skeleton.

  • Shintaro Gamer

    These are my cards can someone help me pick out what to use? I’m Level 4 in arena 2

    • Shintaro Gamer

      These are my cards

  • Cheesy_33

    Hi, what do you think about my deck?
    Goblins, Spear too, archers, minions, dragon, arrows, barrel and prince.
    I dont have skloken army so yeah, pretty screwed D:

  • BoomBang

    Can someone please help me? I’m on a big losing streak!!

    • Will Potter

      I think you should stop playing for hours, watch your replays and learn from your mistakes.

      • Nu

        Try different troops to counter the same push. Helps u learn the most efficient way to stop a push

    • Satriobimo 2003

      You can learn what’s wrong in your deck.If you want, I have a good deck
      It’s P.E.K.K.A, Witch, Archer, Goblin Hut, Arrow, Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and Spear Goblin

  • sudhakar

    Hay, the X-Bow can’t hit air units.

    • Will Potter

      I forget this. Thank you very much buddy!

  • disqus_nl1d8qonnd

    Is a defensive card necessary? I run a deck without defenses and would win pretty often (I used baby drag, goblin, spear goblins, barbs, etc. for defense). I tried adding a defense (tried both tesla and cannon), but all it seems to do is slow down the game and I ended up with a lot of ties.

    • Will Potter

      You don’t have to use defensive building card for sure :D.

  • Lync

    Check out my deck, its got some high damage output, good rushing capability, good defense and good splash. I saw it on some forum not sure if it was here or somewhere else. But shoutouts to them!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you for sharing this buddy!

  • cody allen

    can someone help me with a deck for me?

    • cody allen


    • cody allen

      help me please

  • My current deck is relatively easy to obtain and level up, since it’s all Commons and Rares.

    While many Epic-tier cards are rather powerful for their Elixir cost, I seem to have really bad luck with getting them; the only one’s I’ve gotten are Lightning and Skeleton Army. So, I’ve decided to just forgo Epics for the time being, since I’m not wanting to spend a lot of money on Magical Chests.

    I have a few cards meant to respond to opponent action; Arrows, Bomber (or Valkyrie), and Skeletons (or Goblins) are low-Elixir and have a couple specific utilities that they excel at for their cost.
    Barbarians and Spear Goblins are nice multi-faceted cards, though Barbarians can be changed out for Valkyrie (with Rocket/Lightning instead of Arrows), Mini PEKKA, Knight, or Prince by preference, and Spear Goblins can be changed out for Minions or Archers.
    The Musketeer is mostly used to clear enemy Balloons or Baby Dragons, but also maintains a good offensive presence with her powerful attacks and relatively high HP. She can be swapped for Archers, Baby Dragon, or Minion Horde.
    Goblin Hut gives a constant pressure on the enemy and can build up power behind a Giant, but can easily be swapped for Minion Horde, a defensive building, or a Witch to build up pressure.
    The Giant is the main star of the deck; a defensive bulwark whose weaknesses are cleared instantly by a swarm of arrows (or a Bomber sitting conveniently behind it), and who moves slowly enough to build up pressure of offensive troops. He can be swapped for a Giant Skeleton if you prefer, or even Hog Rider (if you’re using more defensive swaps).

    What we get with this is a relatively versatile deck skeleton that can easily be obtained by free players, has enough interchangeable parts to be viable at most levels of play, and can be easily adapted to what you see is relatively common in your current arena. The build I currently have has a relatively low elixir cost, but doesn’t sacrifice durability nearly as much as that would lead one to think.

    I’m at about 1160 trophies right now.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome Jenni! I have to say “Thank you very much”!

    • Update: The only change I’ve made to this deck since Arena 2 was adding Barbs instead of Knight, but I made it to Arena 5 today, sitting at about 1450 trophies =w=

      all of them are lv6/4 except for giant which is lv3, my tower level is still 6

      • Will Potter

        Pretty nice. I hope you can reach Arena 7 soon with it!

        • I’ll probably swap Bomber for Wizard when i get it

          • Will Potter

            Okay nice. Good luck further jenni!

  • Rómulo Escobar

    Giant + Witch + Musketeer will be a better combo after update, even with Rage Spell and the new Valky, will try it for sure

    • Will Potter

      Yup I see :D. Gonna try to build a deck with them!

  • Anthony Hansford

    I got 100 000 free Clash Royale gems and you can get them too!

  • Anthony Hansford

    I got 100 000 free Clash Royale gems and you can get them too!

  • 9irls 9eneration

    Can someone make a good deck for me?

  • Farrell Khalfani

    Can somebody please help me make a deck using balloon?

  • Grant Muller

    Any tips

  • Grant Muller


  • Luka (MarmotBot)

    I see the prince and baby dragon in almost any deck here, im around 1100 throphies and I still don’t have it. what would be the best replacements? Im now running:
    Minion horde (1)
    witch (1)
    Giant skelleton (1)
    spear goblins (5, need 4 more for lvl 6)
    arrows (6)
    knight (5)
    goblins (5)
    barbarians (5)

    • Will Potter

      Hello Luka,
      You can replace Baby Dragon with Bomber and somehow you can replace the Prince with Hog. Prince is one of a kind so I don’t think we have any good replacement for him :(.

      • Luka (MarmotBot)

        K thanks 🙂 Im trying hard to get back into arena 4, every time I get in I almost immediately get kicked out again

        • Will Potter

          I’m always here to help you whenever you need help. No worries man!

  • Mr.Frank

    Too bad, I have neither the Dragon nor the Prince.

    • Will Potter

      I hope you can get them soon 🙁

  • xJason333

    I’m at Arena 4, and am a Level 7, which is really bad. Can someone please make me a deck?

    • Will Potter

      I think you should do it slowly, watch your replay and learn from your mistakes. No rush, no angry while playing. I have shared a lot of good decks on Clash Royale Arena, you can even easily push to Arena 7 with them. Please take a look!

  • Steven nath

    Can someone help me make a deck? I have peaked at 1100+ trophies but am currently stuck at around 950. My final three not shown are Tesla, Hog Rider, and Rage.

  • Addy Tan

    Check out this deck, it works for me

    • Will Potter

      Hmm the Elixir Costs are a bit high. What is your trophy now buddy?

      • Addy Tan

        bout 1100 to 1200

      • Addy Tan

        Edit: I want to change my deck now, I am stuck between 1000-1200 trophies, any sugestions?

        • Will Potter

          Hello mate,
          I have posted a lot of decks which helps you easily push to Arena 6 and 7. You probably should give them a try!

  • Rohan

    So can you please check my deck it allowed me to push to 1400 trophies at level 5 and I am now level 6 and this deck is still helping me i am currently at 1600 trophies and pishing more and it only consist of one epic card . My deck-

    Bomb tower
    Spear Goblin
    Fireball(can be replaced by lightning or rocket)
    Witch(can be replaced by baby dragon or bomber)
    Hope this deck helps

  • Shadilvic

    Can someone make a deck for me? My cards are:
    Bomb Tower, Bomber, Skeleton Army, Minions, Balloon, Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Witch, Knight, Archers, Goblins, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Spear Goblins, Goblin Hut, Arrows, Fireball, Skeletons, Tombstone

  • Epicular

    I am on arena 4 and I don’t have the Skeleton Army, the Prince, the Giant Skeleton, the Balloon, the Lightning Spell, the Rage Spell or the X-Bow..

    And all the epic cards I do have are level 1…


    • Will Potter

      It take a decent time mate. No worries! Keep playing and you can get them soon!

  • Cody_D

    Can someone help me make a deck or two?

  • A human being

    Can Someone make a deck for me please?

  • A human being

    Can someone make a deck for me ples

  • What cards do you have, and what type of attack and defense strategies do you like the most? Knowing that much, it’d be a bit easier to build something for you that will be fun and engaging and still win battles.

    • Brandon

      Alright thanks for the advice:) Just started not Long so just whacking it HAHAHAHA

  • Sean Creates

    Epic cards need to be upgraded. If you can’t upgrade their level don’t use them until you can.

    Boost your coins & gems here –

    • Please don’t encourage people to cheat. You’re not only phishing for information, you’re also robbing people of their fun with the game. If you can’t learn to play the game, you can’t advance past a certain point, even with a maxed out deck and towers

      That being said, yes, epic cards need upgrades just like all cards. I actually don’t use any epics because I:
      1) don’t cheat to gain power in a competitive multiplayer game
      2) don’t purchase chests because I don’t want to spend all my money just to have fun
      3) don’t need luck on my side to win.

      If I had 10000000000000 gems, I’d easily be able to get an Ice Wizard (the only Legendary available at Arena 5, where I’m at rn), enough gold to upgrade everything repeatedly, and get a high level set of towers as well. But It wouldn’t teach me anything about the game, and it would probably get my account banned if I got the gems through a phishing site like yours.

  • Ryan McConnell

    My deck has carried me to Arena 5 and still going.
    Baby dragon
    Hog rider
    Spear throwers

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! I hope you can reach Arena 6 as soon as possible with it mate!

  • Agent001

    Hello, I have only recently joined Clash Royale, here is what I have so far (I am in Arena 3):
    Level 4- Knight
    Level 1- Witch
    Level 1- Prince
    Level 4- Arrows
    Level 2- Musketeer
    Level 4- Minions
    Level 2- Mini P.E.K.K.A
    Level 2- Goblin Hut
    Level 4- Archers
    Level 4- Goblins
    Level 3- Giants
    Level 3- Valk
    Level 4- Bomber
    Level 1- Mini Drag
    Level 5- Spear Gobs
    Level 2- Fireball
    Level 3- Skeletons
    Level 2- Bomb Tower
    Level 2- Tombstone
    Level 3- Barbs
    Level 2- Cannon

    Could someone suggest me a nice combination, I am currently running:
    1) Prince
    2) Witch
    3) Arrows
    4) Minions
    5) Mini P.E.K.K.A
    6) Goblin Hut
    7) Skeletons
    8) Musketeer

    Sometimes, I do face trouble playing against mini drag and minions, the reason why I put musketeer up there. Also, I need someone to take out the gobs/ barbs put in front of the prince, so I use arrows. But barbs cant be killed by level 4 Arrows.

    I am currently not too worried about the level, as I know I will definitely get better ones soon coz I have been playing for 3 days only.

    Thank you in advance and Clash on!

    • Valin Apanui

      could swap pekka for giant just to soak up more dmg and best strat for prince is to make him atk the other tower while he summons troops to attack your already approaching giant at the opposite side (usually works) must wait for a full bar of elixir though and time it when he/she summons twice or something you know is exspensive just to kill your giant

  • Spartan09

    can u guys give me opinion on this?

  • Michael Wegleitner

    I am a level 7 in arena 6, and I am wanting to try and push to arena 7. However, I usually end up winning a couple, then followed by me losing a lot. I usually stick around 1800-1900 trophies. Could anyone help recommend a good deck for me?

    Here are my cards:

  • Rush Gaming

    Can someone make me a deck please? I’m currently in arena 3 btw. Thanks 😉

    • Collin

      I am level 7 with 1700+ trophies with the following deck.

    • Valin Apanui

      no giants?

  • Edward Mayberry

    I was losing a lot of trophies and regained 300+ in a very short period of time putting me back into the high 1400 low 1500 range, I will keep seeing how far it gets me for the time being.

    • Will Potter

      Good luck further Edward! I hope you can reach Arena 6 soon!

  • Will Potter

    1350 and 1370 have no difference for sure. You should watch your replays and learn from your mistake mate. That’s all I can recommend you at this time.

  • Midorima Shintaro

    Can somebody make a deck for me?
    I have:
    Level 4 Goblin Hut
    Level 4 Mini PEKKA
    Level 4 Fireball
    Level 2 Baby Dragon
    Level 1 Skeleton Army
    Level 4 Giant
    Level 1 Prince
    Level 1 Skeleton Giant
    Level 5 Knight
    Level 5 Archers
    Level 5 Goblins
    Level 3 Valkyrie
    Level 5 Bomber
    Level 3 Musketeer
    Level 5 Spear Goblins
    Level 5 Arrows
    Level 6 Minions
    Level 5 Skeletons
    Level 4 Bomb Tower
    Level 3 Tombstone
    Level 5 Barbarians
    Level 5 Cannon
    Level 3 Barbarian Hut
    Level 3 Rocket

    • Midorima Shintaro

      Please, make a deck for me, I really need one, I’m so lucky that I have so many good cards but I don’t know how to use them…

      • Jabby Pappy

        Skeletons + Spear Goblins + Musketeer + Bomber + Archers + Giant + Skeleton Army + Prince

        When u get hog rider get rid of prince
        When u get the purple potion get rid of skeletons because potion is OP for a giant-bomber push and everything else you can throw on. The low cost troops are for diversion, skele army is for taking out the tanks they send you. If they push with low troops, put Spear goblins, bomber, archers behind tower and let it tank dmg, then try putting a tankier troop ahead of them after they clear that wave because the enemy is out of elixir by then.

        I’m Arena 4/5 Stuck in the area right now…

        • Midorima Shintaro

          At first I thought it was an april’s fools joke because of all the low elixir cards but then I tried it and it is surprisingly good, thank you very much!

        • Midorima Shintaro

          Joking, that thing is total crap.

    • Myphic

      Goblin Hut, Tombstone, Arrows, Spear Gobs, Musket, Knight, Bomber and Baby drag or minions.
      Always keep gob huts down. Use tomb to kill princes or divert hogs/loons/giants. Arrows for groups of small things, bomber also for splash follow knight to atk tower, knight for meat shield mostly, Spear gobs + hut Mini gun of spears + Musket for bigger hits/tower dmg and baby drag n mins for support either def or offence. i held 1.2-1.5k trophies with that deck 🙂

      • Midorima Shintaro

        Thank you so much, that is surprisingly good, it was worth the wait.

        • Myphic

          No worries, ive got 2 new decks that have a clan mate now 2.3k+ and myself zooming to 2k
          1. – Goblin Hut, Barb Barracks, Arrows, Archers, Barbarians, Bomb Tower, Baby Dragon and Hog (my fav)
          2, – Knight, Baby Dragon, Spear Goblins, Archers, Arrows, Fireball, Mini Pekka (skele horde is great till higher lv where ppl have poison) and barbarians (Clan member

          • Will Potter

            Thanks for this great share mate!

          • Myphic

            Welcome 🙂 you racking it up with the one of em? If your steady on elixir sub knight for prince 🙂

  • candygeorgie49

    An excellent deck, not a excellent deck. Useless people these days…

  • Felix Ma

    I have a AEC 2.5 deck that let me push from Bone Pit trophies to Barbarian Bowl. The opponents had Valkyrie, Arrow, Fireball, Bomber Tower, Witch etc. And I still won. Low AEC isn’t all bad!

  • Tim Pool

    Worst deck EVER!

  • Bob

    Just received 100 000 Clash Royale gems for free here!

  • Royale

    I really need help. I am just like trapped damn hard on arena 4 lolz. Im Level6 and got all cards till arena 4 just didn’t get the giant skeleton. I just am not being able to cross 1200 trophy. Idk what and how should i do it. I have got freeze spell and all .

  • Christian Aleman


  • Christian Aleman


  • Christian Aleman

    I like Clash Royale

  • Tom Sawyer

    Oh, now I get it why Ash doesn’t have many subscribers, that’s because his strategies suck!!! That’s the worst ever deck I have ever used in Clash Royale! You should quit Ash instead of misleading people! Had an awful experience! Fuck you Ash! Complete waste of time!

  • King Jez

    Help me out please! I am having a bit of trouble finding a good deck for arena 6

    • Will Potter

      Hello buddy,
      I have posted a lot of good decks on Clash Royale Arena. You should give them a try!

  • Tian Wee Leng

    Someone help me make a deck? I have

    Lvl 4 Giant

    Lvl 5 Archers

    Lvl 5 Bomber

    Lvl 5 Spear Goblins

    Lvl 4 Mini PEKKA

    Lvl 3 Fireball

    Lvl 5 Arrows

    Lvl 1 Prince

    Lvl 5 Knight

    Lvl 5 Goblins

    Lvl 2 Valkyrie

    Lvl 2 Musketeer

    Lvl 2 Skeleton Amry

    Lvl 2 Goblin Hut

    Lvl 5 Minions

    Lvl 4 Skeletons (Can be upgraded)

    Lvl 2 Bomb Tower (Can be upgraded)

    Lvl 3 Tombstone

    Lvl 5 Barbarians

    Lvl 4 Cannon (Can be upgraded)

    Lvl 2 Brbarian hut

    Lvl 2 Rocket (Can be upgraded)

    I can’t seem to pass 1100 trophies =(

    Please help me! Thank you!

  • Curly-fries

    Can someone make a deck for me I have
    Lvl 6 minions
    Lvl 5 spear goblins
    Lvl 1 prince
    Lvl 1 skeleton army
    Lvl 3 mini P.e.k.k.a
    Lvl 3 rocket
    Lvl 3 barbarian hut
    Lvl 3 musketeer
    Lvl 2 baby dragon
    Lvl 5 knight
    Lvl 5 archers
    Lvl 5 goblins
    Lvl 3 giant
    Lvl 2 witch
    Lvl 3 Valkyrie
    Lvl 6 bomber
    Lvl 6 arrows
    Lvl 3 fireball
    Lvl 1 goblin barrel
    Lvl 5 skeletons
    Lvl 3 bomb tower
    Lvl 3 tombstone
    Lvl 1 giant skeleton
    Lvl 5 barbarians
    Lvl 5 canon
    Lvl 2 barbarian hut
    Lvl 1 x-bow

  • Naveen Kumar

    My deck is

    Level 6 goblins
    Level 6 spear goblins
    Level 2 goblin barrel
    Level 6 bomber
    Level 6 arrows
    Level 6 minion horde
    Level 7 barbarians and
    Level 1 freeze spell.

    My AEC is 3.5 and the trophies i reached is 1628. Try this guys 🙂 attack star

    Disadvantage: If the enemy has bomb tower, it is hard to win.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much for sharing this Deck buddy!

  • Kyle Evans

    can someone build me a good deck, on a loosing streak.. thanks!

    • Will Potter

      I have posted a lot of good decks! You should give them a try buddy!

      • Kyle Evans

        I can’t look on your profile?

        • Will Potter

          For what mate? I posted them all on Clash Royale Arena :D.

  • Cubed

    Anyone mind helping me out let me know how my deck is and what changes you would suggest? <3

  • Marv25

    Can someone create a deck for me? Also, what should I upgrade now? I´m Arena 3 currently.

    • Marv25

      these are my cards 🙂

  • shantanu

    This is my deck just touched Arena 5 at level 6 now:-
    1. dragon lvl2
    2. skeleton army lvl2
    3. witch lvl2
    4. barbarians lvl7
    5. hog rider lvl4
    6. fireball lvl4
    7. tombstone lvl4
    8. musketeer lvl5

    My AEC is 4.1 You guys can try this.
    *Tombstone is used as distraction and defense purpose.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share buddy!

      • shantanu

        what’s your take on this deck buddy ?
        like to know your thoughts.

  • Donald Nguyen

    Can someone help me

  • Donald Nguyen

    Can someone help me (v2)

  • pixel sword

    Whats a good arena 3 deck

  • Saiyajin Krown

    Can somebody make a deck for me?

    I have:

    Level 3 Goblin Hut

    Level 3 Mini PEKKA

    Level 3 Fireball

    Level 1 Skeleton Army

    Level 3 Giant

    Level 1 Prince

    Level 1 Skeleton Giant

    Level 5 Knight

    Level 5 Archers

    Level 5 Goblins

    Level 3 Valkyrie

    Level 5 Bomber

    Level 3 Musketeer

    Level 6 Spear Goblins

    Level 5 Arrows

    Level 5 Minions

    Level 4 Skeletons

    Level 3 Bomb Tower

    Level 3 Tombstone

    Level 4 Barbarians

    Level 4 Cannon

    Level 2 Barbarian Hut

    Level 3 Rocket

    • AC

      post a picture instead for easier viewing

  • AC

    Hey I’ve been stuck In arena 3/4 and my deck is good but not consistent. I won about 7 games in a row then went on to lose 8 in a row. can anyone tell me my best bet(s) on a deck? See pictures attached:
    btw I’m in a decent clam so troop requests aren’t a big issue

    • Robmob3000

      Use giant valkyrie barbarians musketeer goblins archers fireball arrows.

  • ZedX16

    Stuck in arena 5 with this card. Any suggestion for me?

    • AC

      probably switch out the wall breakers. maybe for archers or something else? iffy on the barbs too… good luck!

  • AC

    Can someone make a deck for me please? stuck in Arena 3/4…

    • KiritoKira

      hey, its not all on the deck, it is how you use it, I advise to stick to one deck so u master all the combos, unless u reach like a new arena and have better cards

  • Saiyajin Krown

    This is what i got help please?

    • AC

      switch out bombers and mini pekka a for something else

      • Saiyajin Krown


  • cadenwaln

    I am lvl5 and in arena 7

    • Will Potter

      You rock dude! Congrats!

  • Chester Angelico Mercado

    My deck on arena 6-7:
    zap, b. dragon, prince, skel army, musketeer, valkyrie, spear goblins and goblin hut.

    • Will Potter

      Nice share! Thank you man!

  • Fizz

    My Deck for arena 6-7 is Archer,Barbarian,Arrow/Fireball(ur Choice),Elixir Collector,Wizard,Hog Rider,Bomb Tower,Freeze Spell

    If u dont have : Wizard change it for Musketeer/Spear Goblin
    Elixir Collector change it for Fireball

    Im on Arena 7 with only 250 win which mean this deck work so good

    • Will Potter

      Hey Fizz! Thank you very much for sharing this!

  • Gorship

    Trying to follow this and build decks and they fail… sigh lol… keep at it I guess.

  • Will Potter

    Did you try all decks on clashroyalearena man?

  • NLamki

    My friend uses this and he came from arena 2 to arena 4 within one day. I cant use it because i dont have the spell or the gaint skeleton but if you have you are lucky and you have to use this deck

  • Batedox

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  • shantanu

    Guys once again I had changed my deck a bit
    this also works well with me,
    the reason behind the change was baby dragon as you can’t level up much a epic card higher than level 3 if you are a playing for free

    my deck as follows:-
    barbarians level 8 (unchanged)
    hog rider level 5 (unchanged)
    musketeer level 5 (unchanged)
    arrows level 7 (replaced with fireball level 5)
    tombstone level 5 (unchanged)
    minions horde level 7 (replaced with baby dragon level 2)
    witch level 3 (unchanged)
    skeleton Army level 2 (unchanged)

    my AEC remained unchanged with 4.1
    currently on 1526 trophies just touched king level 7,
    Already opened 150 chests.

    • Will Potter

      You can change your Skeleton Army with Freeze or Giant :D.

      • shantanu

        still no freeze spell dude, then how will i counter big hp troops and plz tell me how to counter ice wizard ?

  • Sterplixtv
  • Matthew Ng

    Thanks for the help.
    This gave me a upper hand in battles.

    • Will Potter


  • Dylan Nemes

    The high HP cards are not necessary. I run a 3.5 avg elixir deck and have 2200 trophies using a single deck.

  • Mhmd

    What’s this deck is anything

  • AC

    Can someone make me a deck? I’m stuck in arena 3/4.

    • Will Potter

      Hello AC,
      If you can’t reach Arena 5 at level 6, it’s because of your strategy, your playstyle, your mistakes. It’s not because of your decks, for sure!
      Please keep watching your videos and learn from your mistakes. Don’t rush! Don’t b e mad!

  • parkour royale

    what about the hog rider????????????????????

  • AwesomeAdam

    Level 1 Skeleton Army, Level 4 Spear Goblins, Level 4 Archers, Level 4 Arrows, Level 2 Giant, Level 2 Mini Pekka, Level 2 Goblin Hut, Level 2 Witch. Is this a good build? I’m currently in Bone Pit. Is It good until around 1100?

    • Will Potter

      Are you doing well with it mate?

  • Noel Eenpere

    Hi, I’m an avid Clash Royale player. I’m currently rising with 2544 trophies. However, there are several decks I’ve needed to switch between.

    1- The first deck is what helped me from P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse –> Builder’s Workshop. (This is 3 full arena’s. 700 trophies push in total.)

    This composes of:

    1. Hogrider. This is your main damage dealer. Paired with other cards this can change the game.
    2. Giant Skeleton. Most decks require a tank and this is extremely good for defensive aswell as offensive.
    3. Arrows. Good to take down large swarms cheaply.
    4. Inferno Tower. Good for taking big heavy troops and burning them to a crisp.
    5. Minion Hoard. Worthy minions, very effective. Be careful of arrows though.
    6. Spear Goblins. Cheap and effective. Always having a goblins card or skeletons is always great.
    7. Freeze Spell. Frightening when used with hog rider on tower. Usually deploy when they put down a card to destroy your hog. Make sure to reach both the opponents cards aswell as the tower.
    8. Wizard/ Baby Dragon. Any splash damage hero that targets both ground and air is incredibly necesscary.

    2- This second deck rose me from Builder’s Workshop half way to Legendary. (Middle of Royal Arena. This is a 800 trophy push.)

    If anyone would like to know this deck please, comment back.
    Any help, please do reply.

    • Will Potter

      This is so cool man! Thank you very much for sharing this. I hope other players will like it. Nice deck!

  • Arsh Benipal


  • portsport

    Hey guys I can’t stay in arena 4 for long and I keep going back, here are the cards I have maybe you could help me make a deck? I am a level 6

    Knight level 5 (can be upgraded)
    Archers level 6
    Bomber level 6
    Arrows level 6
    Fireball level 4
    Musketeer level 4
    Mini P.E.K.K.A. level 3 (can be upgraded)
    Giant level 4
    Prince level 1
    Baby Dragon level 2
    Skeleton Army level 2
    Witch level 1
    Goblins level 6
    Spear Goblins level 6
    Valkyrie level 3
    Goblin Hut level 4
    Skeletons level 5 (can be upgraded)
    Minions level 6
    Tombstone level 3
    Bomb Tower level 4
    Giant Skeleton level 2
    Balloon level 1
    Cannon level 6 (can be upgraded)
    Barbarians level 6
    Rocket level 3
    Barbarian Hut level 4
    X-Bow level 1
    Tesla level 4
    Minion Horde level 4
    Inferno Tower level 1
    Hog Rider level 1
    P.E.K.K.A level 1

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  • Noah

    100 000 Clash Royale gems completely for free! Grab it now!

  • Liam

    nice suggestions to build a deck . i will defenetly use some of these tips .in the future . there is one thing that i hate about this game . you have to play a lot to get these gems . time consuming . i found a way to generate some . look at my screeen shoot . i have added the link if you want to test it by yourself. gonna spend some on buying super magical chestsss

  • Evan Pantelopoulos

    I just made the dumbest deck and I just had a 6 game winning streak that brought me to arena 5… hog riders 4, minion hordes 6, arrows 7, giant skeleton 2, mini pekka 5, bomber 7, spear goblins 7, tombstones 4. average is 3.8 and the number next to each is its level.

    • Will Potter

      LOL thanks for sharing this Evan. Good luck with it further man! I will give it a try xD.

    • Evan Pantelopoulos

      In arena 6 now with the same deck. level 5 hog rider, 8 minion hordes, 8 arrows, 3 giant skeleton, 6 mini pekka, 8 bomber, 8 spear goblin, 5 tombstone. Seems really dumb but I am wrecking with it

  • Lucas

    this game is awsome . i will defenelty use some of these tips . hope to reach arena 6 one day . i love that place . i found a way to generate lots of gems . i will boost my deck with a lot of epics . if you want to some gems look on my screen shoot . you will also find the link

  • mike
  • Kean Rosales

    Pekka and sparky great combination with dragon

  • SirNinja

    I made an insane deck 😀

    My alt has only 90 wins but now he has 1847 trophies. I look at everyone else in my clan at the same trophies and they all easily have ~300+ wins compared to my measly 90. If we do calculations, we can find an approximate win-loss ratio.

    Since I have 90 wins and you generally get 30 trophies on average per win, I’ve earned a total of 90 * 30 = 2700 trophies. Since I have 1847, that means I’ve lost 2700 – 1847 = 853 trophies. That means I’ve lost, on average, 853/30 = ~28 battles! Only 28! 90 wins / 28 losses = 3.16 win-loss ratio.

    If you look at someone who has won around 300 at the same trophies, they’ve earned a total of 300 * 30 = 9000 trophies. They have 1847 (ish), so they’ve lost 9000 – 1847 = 7053 trophies. Ouch. 7053/30 = ~235, their win-loss ratio is now 300/235 = ~1.27.

    So why am I doing so well? Is it because I am good at strategy? That may be partially the reason, but the main reason is this deck is too op for elixir trades.

    Here is my deck:
    Giant (l5) For tanking and smashing towers
    Valkyrie (l5) For killing barbs or goblins, etc. Also serves as great tank
    Spear Goblins (l6) Spams at range, distracts. Amazing fodder
    Archers (l6) Two archers in the back of the tower can take out 4 barbarians with minimal damage. Also helps with killing balloons and other flying pests
    Fireball (l5) Kills minion hordes, barbs, use to troll wizards/musketeers/witches..
    Wizard (l5) Kills everything. Great support
    Minion Horde (l6) Kills hog riders, kill enemy giants if they dont have a wizard. Great tower killer if the opponent is dumb enough to waste their arrows on your archers + spear goblins
    Barbarians (l6) Best defense against anything for obvious reasons

    REPLACEMENTS: Since the lowest arena you need to be in is 5 for this deck, here are some replacements for higher-tier troops.

    Wizard: Bomber or musketeer. I suggest musketeer since you already have aoe with valk, archers + spear goblins are a bit weak against air. Bomber if you want to wreck barbs faster
    Minion Horde: Minions or skeleton army. Since minion hordes are primarily used on hog riders (a4) which unlock as the same time as horders, minions should suffice until you make it to arena 4.
    Barbarians…? If you aren’t a3 yet… just use something like goblins or some other spammy thing for princes

    The funny thing is, all of my commons are still level 6, and my rares are all level 5. I generally lose matches because my troops’ levels are too low, as people generally have level 7-8 commons at 1800+ trophies. Another advantage of this deck is that it has 0 epics, so you can spam request in clan without worrying about never being able to upgrade.

    Basically, you open up with either valk or giant if you have them in the very back. If you don’t have those cards in hand, wait for opponent’s first move or pop barbs in the back as well. Gradually stack wizard and archers/speargob behind your tank, and push. That’s literally all you have to do. Push a couple of times, and they end up losing a tower. If you’re afraid of them popping barbs right behind the giant to assassinate your wizard, move the valk slightly to the back.

    Don’t forget to defend as well, if they do a mass rush put giant right in front of tower, put archers behind tower, use fireball, etc. If they golem/pekka, just put spear goblins + barbs in the center. Use valk/barbs behind the tank to kill support.

    I checked my recent 25 battles, I have 19 wins and 6 losses, with two of the wins and losses from friendly battles.

    I hope this guide helped

    • Will Potter

      Nice! Thank you very much for sharing this buddy! xD
      You rock!

    • matrixcode

      could you also do baby dragon as a replacement for wizard?

      • SirNinja

        That would work, but be careful because baby dragon’s dps is lower than wizards, and they can’t oneshot minion hordes. Back the dragon up with spear goblins at least.

        I was friendly battling with this deck, and I lost 3 times in a row to one of my friends. Inferno tower, hog+giant, and a bunch of spammy troops totally rekt me.

        If you want to bait the opponent’s arrows, switch barbs for skeleton army. Use skeleton army with your giant, and they will arrows it. Then pop minion horde on other side. Only do this when they’ve just used their aoe air unit (wizard/dragon/princess)

  • Joshua Tellez

    Just to clear things up with this guide to what cards I should put into my deck, is it necessary for my deck to contain all types of these cards; Two high HP cards, one spell card, one defensive building card, two air targeting cards, two point dealing cards, and three splash dealing cards? Also, should I check the Clash TV first before battling? Thanks. – Rebellious Robot

    “Snap out of your distraction, and snap into what you should be doing.”

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you should follow my tips before making your own deck. Also, that’s great If you can watch Royale TV everyday and learn from it!

    • Adam

      Maybe not exactly, maybe you could make one of your High HP cards a Knight or Valk, or only have 2 splash damage cards, but something like that.

  • matrixcode

    right so im running giant, balloon, spears, horde, valkyre, bomber, bomb tower and fireball. First, do you have any tips on how I could make it better? I have almost every card up to arena three, besides knight and giant skeleton. Second, what card should I remove to put hog rider in?

    • Adam

      I would remove Balloon. You can also remove one of the splash cards, Valk, Bomber, Bomb Tower, and Fireball are all so similar. Also, a Minion Horde is a lot like a splash damage card, it recks ground troops like Barbs, Giants, Hogs, Skeletons, Goblins, and basically anything that doesn’t target air.

  • Adam

    Skeletons, Goblins, Hog, Cannon, Musketeer, Zap, and Fireball is my current deck. Avg elixir is 3, what do you think?

    • Will Potter

      Nice deck! I will give it a try man!

  • matrixcode

    hey so I dont know what epics to upgrade. Im in arena 5 and I have everything except prince, giant skele, freeze, poison and mirror (and those two rare as fuck legionaries of course.) currently, I have most of my epics at level 2, with one or two cards extra. which ones should I focus on upgrading?

    • Will Potter

      Which one you are using now?

      • matrixcode

        im not using any of them in my current deck, although im still debating between pekka and giant.

        • Will Potter

          Please give me a screenshot of them mate!

          • matrixcode

            of my deck or my epics?

          • Will Potter

            Yes, of course!

          • matrixcode

            the epics or my deck?

          • matrixcode

            the epics or the deck

          • matrixcode

            here are my epics (x bow not included) and my current deck

  • mini_hog^^

    hey sup peeps im currently in builders workshop, and my current deck got me here all the way from pekkas playhouse: bomber, arrows, hog, sp gob, bomb tower, giant skelly, barbs, and archers. u peeps can copy it^^

  • Mickey Dysart


  • AlexDaManGames

    Cool I use

    Baby Dragon
    Spear Gobs

    Any sub suggestions? Thx

    • Will Potter

      Looks pretty nice. How are you doing with it man?

      • AlexDaManGames

        Pretty Good 🙂


    Can someone help me make a deck Im stuck between arena 4 and 5 and i want to be in 5 or 5 and 6

    • Will Potter

      I just posted a great deck for Arena 4 and 5 yesterday. Did you give it a try mate?

      • PRO NUB

        can you link me to it

    • Robmob3000

      Try barbarians giant musketeer valkyrie goblins archers fireball arrows

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  • D-Mate19

    Thanks for posting this will! I am however cringing at my acronym. Is it possible to change that to dash? Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      Yea sure, I think it’s better If you can provide me the new version of your guide and I will replace the one above with it!

  • Will Potter

    LMAO God bless!

    • Alpha_Mark717

      lel he reached 2800+
      change the RULES and RECOMMENDATIONS
      and STUFF like THAT

      • Will Potter

        Hopefully I will never face him!

  • portsport

    Could you guys help me make a deck I can’t get out of arena 6 please I have every card up to arena 6 except the legendaries, thanks for prompt response

  • Muhammad Usman

    beat arena 3 and 4 deck

  • Detective Conan


  • Cole Silva

    I have a very interesting deck that I would like to share. I’ve used this to get from 1500 to my current high of 2600. I have no tank, and my only splash-damage are spells. Half of my deck is spells, and my one building is Goblin Hut. My spells are Fireball, Zap, Mirror, and Rage. My three troops are Barbarians, Goblins, and Spear Goblins. This deck relies on speed and surprise. My offense is Barbarians, Goblins, and Rage, along with any spear goblins accumulated from Goblin Hut + Mirrored Goblin Hut. This attack, paired with Zap/Fireball, is very quick and can often take a tower. The whole deck is defensive, so as to always be ready to counter. The main struggle I find with this deck is a Valkyrie can ruin my push, and Bomb Towers are difficult to deal with. I find no problems defending from any attack, and make sure to say “Thank you!” whenever they place a Sparky or Pekka. It’s a cheap deck, so cycling to get as many Goblin Huts out is crucial.

    • Will Potter

      Wow this deck is just very odd but seems like a good one. Thanks for sharing this man!

  • Joshua Tellez

    One of the problems I have is I don’t like looking at replays. I understand that it’s supposed to help improve play skill, but for some reason looking at my fails is a bit, ai cannot find the words for my reason, but I would like to know how I could develop the courage to look at my replays. I want to improve, I do, but because I don’t like looking at my past fails, it might make things nearly impossible for me to succeed in CR. The only thing I need help in is working up the courage to go over my past failures, and play better in CR.

  • Nu

    Try my deck- got me to high royal. Giant-hog-ice wiz(maybe replace with bomber? Idk)-witch-gob-spear gob-minion (3 minions)-fireball giant ice wiz witch main push, but hog pushes work too. Double elixir is the win condition. Will Potter pls try my deck. It might take a lot of practice. Took me like a week to get good at it. All rares lvl 5, all commons lvl 9, witch is lvl 2 and ice wiz lvl 1 (obv) started using with lvl 7 commons lvl 4 rares and lvl 2 witch and lvl 1 ice wiz

    • Nu

      I regularly beat people from the frozen thingy in tournaments, even when i was in builders

  • Casey

    I use pekka +wizard combo, fire spirits to defend,minion horde as both defense n offense ,zap,mirror n poison . Is this deck good?

    • Will Potter

      You should replace Mirror with Elixir Collector xD

  • Huskie44

    Is there any changes I should make to my deck?
    1. Giant L5
    2. Witch L2
    3. Minion Horde L7
    4. Valkyrie L5
    5. Spear Goblins L8
    6. Fireball L5
    7. Cannon L7
    8. Arrows L7

    I am in Arena 4 and have all cards except Freeze and Lava Hound that you can get.
    And by the way I love this article, I use it all the time.

  • Sonu Singh

    i wanna ask something currently my deck is
    witch lvl1
    prince lvl2
    baby dragon lvl 2
    musketeer lvl 4
    valkyrie lvl 5
    mini pekka lvl4
    goblin barel lvl 1
    minions lvl6
    avg elixir cost 3.9

    i m on arena 4
    can you advice me to change or advice me some stratergies based on my deck

  • Thor

    I want a deck to push to arena 7

    • Will Potter

      Please use the trifecta on the hompage!

      • Thor

        Not help get me other plz?

      • Thor

        Thx boy I found a deck u re the best

        • Will Potter

          Thanks a lot buddy!

          • Thor

            Could u give me a deck to push arena 8

          • Thor

            Hi? Can you speak

          • Will Potter


          • Thor

            I want a reck

          • Will Potter

            I think you should searching on CRA instead of asking buddy!

      • Thor

        Do u ll come

      • Thor

        To Brazil ?

  • CCPA

    I just found one of IMO the best decks for arena 6-7. It’s a Hog Giant Skeleton Poison deck. Here are the cards.
    -Hog rider lvl 6
    -Giant Skeleton lvl 4
    -Poison lvl 2
    -Goblins lvl 9
    -Zap lvl 8
    -Fire Spirits lvl 8
    -Musketeer lvl 6
    -Cannon lvl 9

    The general strategy is place the giant skelly behind the king tower, and wait to build up to ten elixir again then see what your opponent does. then if your opponent plays a card or two (ex. witch, barbarians, minion horde) play fire spirits or musketeer behind. then you basically use the rest of your cards to defend their attacks. poison is very versatile and can be used on both offense and defense. I gained 300 trophies in one day with this deck. You can also play it as a hog cycle deck, with the giant skeleton being the defense against the other players pushes. Enjoy !!

    • Will Potter

      Looks very solid! I will give it a try :D. Thanks a lot buddy!

  • Hamish

    This is a very good article!

  • Thor

    I want a deck to push me to arena 8 im in 7 Who can give me a post Thx

  • Thor

    I want a deck to push me to arena 8 im in 7 Who can give me a post anyone?

  • Thor

    I want a deck to push me to arena 8 im in 7 Who can give me a post

  • Wall of text! I’ma read it later

    • Will Potter


  • LIN/(88

    Linghtning is not splash

  • Chikniya

    Show Rival Elixir :With this feature, you can see real time elixir of rival, planning attack time more wisely and precisely. Clash Royale xmod

    • Addy Tan

      Welp, prepare to get banned if you use it

  • tspmtel

    obvious noob, wrote that xbow attacks air, bunch of other mistakes
    redo or delete