Clash Royale Chests

Definitely Chests are the most wanted item in Clash Royale since you can get all cards by opening them and of course they are the only item in the game at this time haha. Although you can buy Giant Chest, Magical Chest and Super Magical Chest in game with Gems but them all can be acquired when you win the battles

Clash Royale Chests


  • At the moment, there are 8 types of Chests in Clash Royale: Wooden Chest (Free Chest), Silver Chest, Golden Chest, Giant Chest, Magical Chest, Super Magical Chest, Crown Chest and Tournament Chest.
  • Regardless of how many Crowns you get in the battle, you always get a certain chest after the battle, which is following this pattern.
  • The higher your Arena, the more cards you can get after opening Chest.
  • The chests you have also contain cards from lower leagues. For example, If you are at Arena 6, you still can get cards from Area 1 when open Arena 6 Chests.
  • If you got a chest from Arena 5 but you are in Arena 6 now, it is an Arena 5 chest, meaning it contains cards from Training Camp to Arena 5 only.
  • You can get only 1 Crown Chest per day by earning 10 crowns before the timer ends.
  • Only Free Chest and Crown Chest contain Gems.

Note: Please read this page for all details about the Tournament Chest.

Clash Royale Chests in Shop

Clash Royale Chests

ChestObtained byUnlocking Time
Wooden Chest Clash Royale

Wooden Chest

Every 4 hours and can be stacked15 seconds
Crown Chest Clash Royale


Crown Chest

Winning 10 CrownsInstant
Silver Chest Clash Royale

Silver Chest

Winning a match3 hours
Golden Chest Clash Royale

Golden Chest

Winning a match8 hours

Giant Chest

Buying in Shop or Winning a Match12 hours
Wooden Chest Clash Royale

Magical Chest

Buying in Shop or Winning a Match12 hours

Super Magical Chest

Buying in Shop or Winning a Match24 hours

What do those Clash Royale Chests contain?

ChestArenaGoldTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
Free ChestArena 121-243No Rare or Epic cards guaranteed
Arena 228-324
Arena 335-405
Arena 442-486
Arena 549-567
Arena 656-648
Arena 763-729
Arena 870-80101 Rare
Arena 977-8811
Silver ChestArena 115-213No Rare or Epic cards guaranteed
Arena 220-284
Arena 325-355
Arena 430-426
Arena 535-497
Arena 640-568
Arena 745-639
Arena 850-7010
Arena 955-7711
Golden ChestArena 150-70101 Rare
Arena 270-9814
Arena 385-11917
Arena 4100-140202 Rares
Arena 5115-16123
Arena 6130-18226
Arena 7145-20329
Arena 8160-224323 Rares
Arena 9190-26638
Crown ChestArena 1140-160202 Rares
Arena 2189-21627
Arena 3238-272343 Rares
Arena 4280-320404 Rares
Arena 5322-36846
Arena 6364-416525 Rares
Arena 7406-46458
Arena 8448-512646 Rares
Arena 9532-608767 Rares
Magical ChestArena 1150-210301 Epic + 6 Rares
Arena 2205-287411 Epic + 8 Rares (37% chance of containing a second epic)
Arena 3255-357511 Epic + 10 Rares (70% chance of containing a second epic)
Arena 4300-420602 Epics + 12 Rares
Arena 5345-483692 Epics + 13 Rares (30% chance of containing a third epic)
Arena 6390-546782 Epics + 15 Rares (60% chance of containing a third epic)
Arena 7435-609872 Epics + 17 Rares (90% chance of containing a third epic)
Arena 8480-672963 Epics + 19 Rares (20% chance of containing a fourth epic)
Arena 9570-7981143 Epics + 22 Rares (80% chance of containing a fourth epic)
Giant ChestArena 1400-560808 Rares
Arena 2540-75610810 Rares
Arena 3680-95213613 Rares
Arena 4800-1,12016016 Rares
Arena 5920-1,18818418 Rares
Arena 61,040-1,45620820 Rares
Arena 71,160-1,62423223 Rares
Arena 81,280-1,79225625 Rares
Arena 91,520-2,12830430 Rares
Super Magical ChestArena 1900-1,2601806 Epics + 36 Rares
Arena 21,215-1,7012438 Epics + 48 Rares (10% chance of containing a ninth epic)
Arena 31,530-2,14230610 Epics + 61 Rares (20% chance of containing an eleventh epic)
Arena 41,800-2,52036012 Epics + 72 Rares
Arena 52,070-2,89841413 Epics + 82 Rares (80% chance of containing a fourteenth epic)
Arena 62,340-3,27646815 Epics + 93 Rares (60% chance of containing a sixteenth epic)
Arena 72,610-3,65452217 Epics + 104 Rares (40% chance of containing an eighteenth epic)
Arena 82,880-4,032576 19 Epics + 115 Rares (20% chance of containing a twentieth epic)
Arena 93,420-4,78868422 Epics + 136 Rares (80% chance of containing a twenty-third epic)

Excepting Wooden Chest and Crown Chest, currently you just can have 4 chests in total.

  • Adam

    What percent chance do you think it is to get a silver, gold, or magical chest by winning a match?

  • Oliver Anderson

    Hey will, can i please get your advice. Currently I am lvl 3 and have 220 gems. Do you think I should save up for a magic chest or just buy coins. The magic chest is only 320 gems now. Thanks

    • Will Potter

      Hi Oliver, get the Magical Chest is much better than buying Gems at this time IMO. But you will need Gold later, when you hit level 7-8.

    • Ultimit☆Cuest

      I say buy gold. It will be worth it to get some lovely epics!
      What I do, is wait until there is a epic I want in the store. When that happens, i would get gold throughout the entire day and then gem the rest for the epic. Trust me it’s worth it. I bought my mirror yesterday, and cant wait to use it. Hope this helps


  • Black Death

    I won a match but lost one tower but still got a gold chest which here says you’ll only recieve if you dont lose any crowns

    • Seconded, more info needed on this.

      • JoeBar

        Or you can read the article before commenting.

        “Regardless of how many Crowns you get in a battle, you always get a certain chest after the battle, which is following this pattern.”

        • KnightsShade

          Those comments are from 8 days back, I’m willing to bet that it was updated. I doubt that 3 people, including a moderator, misread it.

    • Will Potter

      It’s not true. I still get the Gold Chest when I lose 2 Towers.

  • MH

    I am in Arena 4 now but still don’t have many cards from arena 1, e.g. the Prince. So my question is: do I need to drop back to arena 1 to receive these missing cards?

    • Will Potter

      Hello MH,
      You don’t need to drop back to Arena 1. You still can get Arena 1 cards in Arena 7,8!

  • haridas pal

    We need a guide for farming gold!

  • appshotr
  • berni

    I want to know how to get a legendary card, I have 1456 trophies now, how many chance do i have to get a legendary? And in what chest can u get it and it what chest not? Sorry for bad english mate but I really want the princes 😀

  • Fleming Onasis

    If i on arena 5 and i fight an enemy at arena 6 and i won.. I got the chest and it says arena 6.. Will it contain the card from arena 6 too or not?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Fleming,
      It contains what it says mate :). In this case, it contains arena 6 cards!

  • Edgar Mendoza Alcázar

    so lucky

    • Aof Timuz

      drop from arena ? stay on?

      • Edgar Mendoza Alcázar

        Yes, it stay. Arena 4 free chest.

    • Will Potter

      This is extremely-lucky!

    • Swapnil


    • Yo Nik

      what is ur arena bro?

    • GeoDash

      You would be luckier to get one out of a Silver Chest.

    • loloxde

      Y yo aqui en arena 8 sin legendarias…

  • Akihiko Kutsukake

    I just got giant chest arena 3! Wow!!

    • Will Potter


  • Xyberz

    I earned the 10 crowns and waited till the timer counted down to zero on my crown chest but I didn’t get anything. As soon as the timer hit 0, the chest reset back to 0 crowns. Anyone else have this problem? Do I need an open chest spot to be able to open the crown chest? I don’t need to have one for the free chest so I assume the crown would be the same. I believe this has happened to me 2 days in a row. Can’t seem to find an answer anywhere on the internet.

    • Muhamad Adib Mustawa

      You cant fill the crown till the countdown end.. you can fill the crown for the crown chest after the countdown.. you only able to do that once a day..

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      After getting 10 Crowns, just simply tap on the Crown Chest to open it. You don’t need to wait anything!

    • Dave Mills

      Dude, lol! You did it backwards! It doesn’t start counting crowns until after the timer has expired and the mandatory wait period between crown chests in done. Then you’ll see it show 0/10 crowns and will begin counting crowns after each win. I’m sure you’ve already figured out your mistake by now…

  • Dave Mills

    Can’t find this answer anywhere… if I get my 10th crown while at arena 5, but don’t open it, and then advance to arena 6, will the contents of the crown chest be at the arena 6 level? This seems to work for free chests. If I arena up before opening a free wooden chest, it contains cards for the current arena i am in. Thus means ifor you are close to the next arena, it makes sense to push for it before opening wooden and crown chests.

    No guesses. I want a for-sure answer guys.

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      According to Supercell, the chest contains cards from Arena where you get it and below. I have no idea If it’s true or not :(. That’s great If someone can make a video about this!

      • Brian Page

        The chest contains cards from the Arena you played in (ie home team in that particular match). when you get to the cusp (within 50 trophies of the next level) you sometimes play in the higher arena against an opponent in that level. if a chest drops in that arena it could contain the cards from that level. regardless of if you have unlocked them through your own progress level.

    • Steven

      I guarantee you, 100%, the cards from the crown chest you get are from the Arena YOU ARE AT and below. Since the Free wood and crown chest do not have arenas tied to them, they are associated with your current arena level, at the time of opening.

      • Dave Mills

        Yep, as I said I’m 99.9% sure I got an arena 5 rare from a free chest that was available to open while I was at Arena 4. But after winning one match I was moved to Arena 5, then opened the free chest that was waiting to be opened already, and I got the Arena 5 rare card… Even though I technically “earned” the free chest while in Arena 4. Since free chests and Crown chests do not specifically state what arena they are tied to, I believe they “float” with you to whatever arena you are in at the time of opening.

        This should be made more public, as it might encourage those to push a bit harder just before opening those particular chest types.

        • Will Potter

          Okay. I think I will open a special topic for this one. Thank you Dave!

    • Brian Page

      Once a gold or silver chest has dropped into your slots, you can see the available cards (ie 23 cards, 2 rares). once this has dropped the amount of the cards cannot change. So even if you progress up a level you will NOT increase your card count (or arena lvl cards) from that chest. Free Chests and Crown chests are not static and so if you wait until you progress up another level BEFORE opening them you will be able to get the higher level cards from those chests.

  • Nathan Nehoya (OhhGhostyy)

    The luck is unreal

    • GeoDash


  • Will Potter

    Awesome! You are very lucky buddy! Congrats!

  • Tijmen

    I’m so lucky! I’ve never seen someone else getting a legendary from a silver chest

    • Will Potter

      Congrats buddy! xD
      You are just awesome!

  • Tijmen

    This luck is insane!

  • Rob

    Im in arena 6 then i’ve defeated a player from arena 7 then i received a golden chest from arena 7,Do I have chance to get those cards from arena 7?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Rob,
      Yes, that is a Arena 7 chests and you can get Arena 7 cards from it :D.

    • H. Knight

      Yes you can get the cards from arena 7 as the chest is tied to that specific arena which happens when you visit and beat someone at a higher arena if you have an open chest slot

  • Weils

    I know there’s been a question going around that is asking if you get a chest in a lower arena and then move up an arena would you get more cards, more coins, and better cards that you unlocked in the new arena. The answer is YES. I got a giant chest in arena 6 then moved up to arena 7 WHILE THE CHEST WAS ALREADY OPENING and I got cards that are only available in arena 7.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much for sharing this man!

  • Wai Yi Sit

    I got Baby dragon from a FREE CHEST!

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Congrats man! xD

      • GeoDash

        I got 5 epics out of a free chest (6 if the chests in the Tutorial count)

        Skeleton Army

        Goblin Barrel




        And I got Witch from Tutorial.

    • GeoDash

      Nice! I haven’t gotten Baby Dragon yet and I need one SOOOOOO badly cuz the onlt thing that can really counter a Baby Dragon is either a Fireball or Musketeer(arena 3, no rocket cuz thats 6 elixer)

      • DaSlime

        well, alone the baby dragon does almost no damage to a crown tower, but when paired with pekka or giant it is one of the best cards in the game (I am in royal arena)

  • Dan Wijay

    are the cards predetermined when the chest drops? or when u unlock the chest? or every push of ur finger. i opened all 4 of my chests consecutively with crappy outcome, and i was wondering if card cycles for different time of the day. any theories?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Dan,
      I have no idea about this but seems like Supercell usually give you cards that are not used a lot by players! I got 200+ Royal Giant cards last week. Crap!

  • Gaurav Lakhotia

    got a goblin barrel today from free chest

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Congrats buddy!

      • Gaurav Lakhotia

        thnx Will.
        Mate i am in arena 3; got all cards except lightning spell, balloon and skeleton army.
        What should i do?- Should i stay in arena 3 and wait for those cards or go to next arena.
        Also please tell me a good deck for it.
        Thnx in advance

        • Will Potter

          you don’t need those cards to get to Arena 4 for sure. You can even push to Arena 7 with just Arena 1 cards man :D.
          I have posted a lot of decks on this blog. Did you try them all?

          • Gaurav Lakhotia

            please tell a perfect and best one

          • Will Potter

            There is not any best deck. You should visit Clash Royale Arena and see which one fits your playstyle!

  • JJ

    So if you got a Chest after wining, can you wait till you go up another Arena rank then opened it as that arena? Etc Gold chest Arena 3 -> Arena 4?

    • Will Potter

      If you get a chest in Arena X, it always contains cards from Arena X and below!

  • emergency

    I got magical chest right now and it is still 15 mins left for sunday to end. Will the chest works for sunday or monday after I click it today and open it tommorrow?

    • Will Potter

      I have no idea why you need to do that man! xD

  • Rakshith Krishnaraj

    if im in arena 3,then also im getting 2 cards in
    silver chest and 4 cards in golden chest….

    can ne 1reply

  • Bambang petrus

    Will, what’s the limit of free chests you can stacked?

    • Zhang Xu Cheng

      2 free chests

  • thug

    hey man i got super magical chest in arena 3, is it possible to get legendary cards from it in arena 3? also, i have noticed in silver chest that if you don’t unlock it for some time, the number of cards available decreases. is it true for other chests also?

    • Will Potter

      There isn’t nay Legendary card in Arena 3 buddy! I am so sorry!
      Seriously? I haven’t noticed that. I will get this updated!

  • Buzztom

    OOOH what a lucky me (im in arena 4) 😀

    • Will Potter

      xD Lucky guy! Congrats!

  • Audric

    I have a question are the cards in your chest delivered to you as you open the chest or are the cards in the chest already fixed so for example i have a super magical chest and then there is a new update does that mean i can get the cards from the new update?

    • Will Potter

      Nah the cards in chests only be revealed when you open it!

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  • Angel Ortiz

    You should see this. I’m in Royal Arena so it isn’t as “lucky”. This helped me a bunch. I can share my Lava Hound deck if anyone needs it.

  • Will Potter

    Seriously? You are a super luck guy!


    Will, will you add the tournament chests here? if not that’s fine because there are a lot of chests and could take a lot of time

    • Will Potter

      Yes, for sure man. I am updating these posts. Will add Tournament Chests here soon!


        thanks! this site has been super helpful

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome my friend!

  • Blaxeturner

    I just got my 7th legendary today as a free to play player. Of course it’s another sparky though -_- Lvl 2 now… Tournament chests have a very very good chance of getting a legendary. I heard Supercell made the chances of these chests very very high to make up for the low number of cards.

  • Dark Raider

    I have got pekka twice in a silver chest but yet no legendries

  • GamerDaily

    Im sad 😛 I got a super magical chest a long time ago in Arena 4 and that before the May Update 🙁

    • Will Potter

      Good luck! Hope you can get the new one soon mate!


    chances of getting legendary in super magical chest: (remember this is not exact and has not been tested)
    arena 1: 0%
    arena 2: 0%
    arena 3: 0%
    arena 4: 5%
    arena 5: 12%
    arena 6: 27%
    arena 7: 36%
    arena 8: 48%
    arena 9: 56%

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy!
      I did buy about 10 Super Magical Chests before in Arena 8 without getting any Legendary lol. I was so unlucky!


        oh 🙁 do u have any legendary? I dont

  • XXX

    If I have 1000+ gems in arena 6..what should i do,,,i want to get a legendary card


      save up for 3400 xD

  • DaSlime

    from a battle vs a level 6 I got a super magic and I got freeze x1 and princex11. now I only need 2 more for level 4 prince!!!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck buddy 😀