Card Upgrade Costs

Hello guys, I was getting asked a lot about the Card upgrade costs in Clash Royale lately. Sorry for the delay my friends! Here you go, an individual post where you can find everything about upgrade in Clash Royale!

clash royale upgrade costs


  • There are 4 types of cards in game: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
  • In Clash Royale, you need to obtain a certain number of cards in order to upgrade them. After upgrading, all HP and damage stats of them get increased by approximately 10% per level.
  • You will get a certain number of XP after upgrading cards.
  • For example, when a upgrade costs 2 cards but you have 22 cards of that one, you still have 20 cards after the upgrade. You will not lose any card.
  • Currently, there are 54 cards available in game.

Number of Cards Required for Upgrade

LevelNumber of Cards Required for Upgrade

Gold Required for Upgrade


XP Gained after Upgrading


If any number above is wrong, please let me know show I can fix it as soon as possible. I will try my best to update these tables as soon as possible. Enjoy guys!

  • Yo Nik

    Thank u very much mate

    (u=do u remember i m nakshatra bhatt ONLY)

    • Will Potter

      Oh course I remember you xD

  • Clash of R.A.V.E.N.

    Which cards are Legendary?

    • Will Potter

      Princess and Ice Wizard.

    • SivHawk

      And now miner, lava hound, and sparky

      • PhantomKiller

        and now log & lumberjack, more to come

  • John Bates

    Thanks Will! I appreciate you pulling this together! Cheers

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much John!

  • ryanashton


    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome mate!

  • James Kim

    Thanks for the info, but I think the epic card upgrade cost changed after the update.

    • Will Potter

      Yes you are right! I am going to update this! Thank you so much!

      • Daniel Gao

        also, epics can go up to level 8

        • SivHawk

          ? Its always been like that

          • Daniel Gao

            On the post, it only shows up to lv 4 or 5

          • SivHawk

            Ummm… What are you talking about? Are you sure you’re talking about epics and not legendarys?

      • Luis Plaza

        Any good deck for arena 6 without using the elixer collector or golem will? im at 1857

        • Will Potter

          I posted loads of Hog Rider decks. Did you try them all man?

  • Naro

    Thank you for this.
    Maybe it’s more usefull if you merge the table by every type of card rather by the Kind of Upgrade.

    Table rare contains how much cards i need for a certain Level, how much Gold this Upgrade needs and how much exp i get for upgrading them.

    I wrote this down by my self and find it way more usefull.

    • Will Potter

      Not bad at all! I will try to do that. Thank you so much man!

  • Thums

    ONLY 1000 cards for lvl 11 common? Holy crap.. expect to see them motherload of lvl 11 Royal Giants running around in a month or so, because getting 40 card donations per request is just so good, lol. Just calculated that it would just take a damn week to get 800 cards for lvl 10 RG… another week plus few days for lvl 11 and that’s just from donations alone, you can get more from crown, free chests etc…

    • Will Potter

      Level 11 Royal Giant is such a beast xD

    • Shahmir Khan

      Just one thing… why the hell is royal giant a common? That shit has like the greatest range in the entire game. Should be a rare card at the very least imo

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        I was asking the same in clan chat lol.. Regular giant is a rare but RG who has crazy range is a common… That’s just supercell logic for you

      • Zack Dionne

        Well….the princess has the best range of any ground troop, but the mortar and the x-bow have the greatest range in the game of any card. The royal giant has a range of 6.5 tiles, the princess has a range of 9 tiles and the mortar and x-bow have a range of 11.5 tiles

    • paolo cabate

      I’m a F2P player but i have lvl 11 RG. Don’t be too sad for 1k cards to upgrade it for lvl 11. Just Enjoy the Game you can have it too. 🙂

  • Charlestone

    HO HO HOLLY SHIET m8 thats a lot of cards

    • Will Potter

      Yea 🙁

  • Charlestone

    Dude…..I’m never getting to lvl10……NEVEEER

    • Will Potter

      Just keep playing buddy! You will get it to level 10 someday!

  • Komura Ayaki

    How U post stuff?

  • Komura Ayaki

    Cause I have a couple I decks I want to share

    • Will Potter

      Can you post them to pastebin and share them here? I will post them for you!

  • Daniel DaCost

    Upgrading epics after level 4 is only for buyers $$$$$$. There’s no way! And this Sparky is ridiculous!!!!!!!

    • Will Potter

      Yea this is so true. Free-to-play players hardly can upgrade their Epics to level 4. It take lots of cards :(.

      • Floppy Kong

        Yeah, I’m a little disappointed that it is so hard to get to epic level 4 as f2p. I can feasibly work to upgrade my commons and rares to tournament levels with clan donations, but I am limited in my epic card choices because it is hard to get the 10 epics needed by chance or buying in the shop without putting money into the game.

        • Will Potter

          Yup. You should put a decent amount of money into game If you want to get your Epics to level 4 before your King’s Tower hit level 10 lol.

    • GetDownedByMe

      I think epic lvl 5 is still able to buy but when it reachs 20k its a little bit different i think so.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      Ridiculous statement.. If you farm your crown chests everyday and only upgrade what you use you will easily have enough gold got those epics.. I have a f2p lv6 in arena 7 with 27k gold saved up cuz I farm the chests everyday and don’t upgrade the nonsense I don’t use

  • Oğuzcan Tokar

    daily come with donates and box generally around 2.5 k to make one of my card max level it need like 40 days what a torture nice balance

    • Will Potter


      • Oğuzcan Tokar

        u can only respond as a ” lol ” after all ı’am right. Soon this game gonna lose so many players just because of that. also in next month people start to stuck on 7. arena and this makes new players kindda cant enjoy. well ı am also only playing for crown chest. maybe soon ı am gonna forget that too 😀
        Edit : but royale doesnt need to worry about lose free players right. after all they dont earn any money from them, right? 😀

        • iNfAMOUS70702

          The game will be fine… Every time a f2p player quits there’ll be 10 more taking his place…

  • Oğuzcan Tokar

    no i did not do that it just calculation for arena 8. ı kindda stop play already. pay and win games always lost players.

    • Max Hallmark

      Wow. I’m only at Arena 3. It would probably take a lot longer to max a card here. Lol

  • Even

    My sparky,lava hound,miner,ice wizard are level 5 rest legendaries are level also level 5 .I have all legendary card.My rank is 3 in cr global.Just purchase money and unlock super magical chest with gems.Then you all can be like me.

    • Duuqq

      Pay to win faggot.

      • Awonycoy Huggywuggy

        Wtf do you hate on p2p seriously? Its really rude.

    • Hashim_RMA

      ive spent nothing and iam at arena 9, there is a differnce between a skilled player and a crazy payer

    • Mercury Rising

      Tell me where I can purchase money, mate.
      Or do you just print it out in China?

      • Will Potter


      • Harry

        I think the money’s mostly from corruption (basically from poor people), well, easy money

  • List looks good thanks! Working on my level 11 commons

    • Will Potter

      Good luck mate!

  • Rich B

    The BIG problem is the fact you really can’t try new card decks at a certain point. It’s a slog to get trophies and upgrade to even level 10 commons, and even AFTER that, you still have to experiment with units that will be such low levels they aren’t worth trying out.

    • Asdfire

      You can, just request the card you want often in your clan and so your card gets a high enough level. And what arena are you in to need lvl 10 commons?

      • SarZ

        It’s not the cards that are a problem. It’s the gold. If you play 20 games a day in Arena 9 and open all chests you get normally (time limitted opening) you can earn around 1500 gold a day, on average. So every two weeks you can upgrade one card to level 11, every month a card to 12 or every 2 months a card to level 13.
        And I play in legendary arena with only commons and one rare. I’m a free to play player.

  • gil cohen

    What about cards that i already upgrade them to level 11 (the max level). Do i still get those cards from chests??

    • Zack Dionne

      yes you still get them for chests, but instead of getting that amount of the certain card, you get gold instead. So for example say I have a level 11 hog rider, and i got one out of a chest, then because I already have the hog rider at the max level, I get some free gold instead

    • Will Potter

      You will still get those cards but there will be limits.
      For example If your Zap is maxed, you will be able to store 50 more cards for donating. The cards which can’t be stored will be transferred to Gold!

    • Alexander Andary

      Yes but you can hold up to 100 and then the rest you get will be transferred to gold