Clash Royale Card Drop Rates – Legendary Card Drop Rates

Hello guys, as people have been asking about Clash Royale card drop rates alot, today I am going to show you how the drop system works in game.

Clash Royale Card Drop Rates

Picture was drawn by 해깜!

Clash Royale Card Drop Rates

The Basics

  • Crown Chests and Wooden Chests (Free Chests) are based your current Arena. Which means you can save them and open later when you get into higher Arena.
  • Silver Chests, Golden Chests, Giant Chests, Magical Chests and Super Magical Chests, which are given from battles, are based on the Arena you fought, regardless of how far you can push. Some players said that they could save them and opened later at higher Arenas for better rewards, this is not true at all.
  • Higher Arenas = better rewards.
  • Chests in higher Arenas still contain cards from lower ones.
  • You can get Epic card from any chest.
  • You can get Legendary cards from Arena 4 chests upwards.

For more details about “Chests”, please take a look at here.

First, please take a look at these sheets:


Free Chest
ArenaTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
13No Rare or Epic cards guaranteed
8111 Rare


Silver Chest
ArenaTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
13No Rare or Epic cards guaranteed


Golden Chest
ArenaTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
1101 Rare
2141 Rare
3171 Rare
4202 Rares
5232 Rares
6262 Rares
7292 Rares
8383 Rares


Crown Chest
ArenaTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
1202 Rares
2272 Rares
3343 Rares
4404 Rares
5464 Rares
6525 Rares
7585 Rares
8767 Rares


Magical Chest
ArenaTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
1301 Epic + 6 Rares
2411 Epic + 8 Rares (37% chance of containing 2 Epics)
3511 Epic + 10 Rares (70% chance of containing 2 Epics)
4602 Epics + 12 Rares
5692 Epics + 13 Rares (30% chance of containing 3 Epics)
6782 Epics + 15 Rares (60% chance of containing 3 Epics)
7872 Epics + 17 Rares (90% chance of containing 3 Epics)
81143 Epics + 22 Rares (80% chance of containing 4 Epics)


Giant Chest
ArenaTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
1808 Rares
210810 Rares
313613 Rares
416016 Rares
518418 Rares
620820 Rares
723223 Rares
830430 Rares


Super Magical Chest
ArenaTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
1806 Epics + 36 Rares
21088 Epics + 48 Rares (10% chance of containing 9 Epics)
313610 Epics + 61 Rares (20% chance of containing 11 Epics)
416012 Epics + 72 Rares
518413 Epics + 82 Rares (80% chance of containing 14 Epics)
620815 Epics + 93 Rares (60% chance of containing 16 Epics)
723217 Epics + 104 Rares (40% chance of containing 18 Epics)
830422 Epics + 136 Rares (80% chance of containing 23 Epics)

In short, If you are looking Legendary Drop Rate only

A big thanks to aznxasazn and pukha23 for sharing this!

CardsAvg. number of chests for one Legendary
Arena 9Arena 8Arena 7Arena 6Arena 5Arena 4
Free Chest8859711205149340008333
Crown Chest1281521882316101205
Silver Chest22222439303037041000020000
Gold Chest36543553565817243448
Giant Chest80.295.2117.5144.3380.2751.9
Magical Chest12.815.218.823.160.8120
Super Magical Chest2.142.543.133.8510.1320.01

Okay thanks for reading guys! Hopefully you have found this Clash Royale Card Drop Rates post a bit helpful. If you have any suggestion, please comment and help us improve this page. Thank you very much guys!

  • Arkel

    You can get legendaries from arena 4 and above (not 5). And a magical chest in arena 3 contains 70% chance of containing 2 epics (not 3)

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot!

      • Ishmam

        I got a bloody miner on my 5th account within seconds of reaching arena 6 from a crown chest!

        • HuskyGengar

          5th account?

          • Ishmam

            Yup. I have 5 accounts

    • Rohan

      I got lava hound just the day i got into arena 4

  • HuskyGengar

    But the odds for legendaries were .007 not .02

    I could understand if you rounded it to .01 but not .02

    • Mees Hurenkamp

      .007 got basically 2.5x as much because 3 more card were added ontop of the 2 there were already. so .007 x 2.5 = 0.175 which is like .02.

      • HuskyGengar

        But these odds were calculated after the update

    • HuskyGengar

      The Problem is that your calculations are based upon the cards are determined per rarity. This is false and is instead calculated per card. If there were 1000 legendaries you’d have a better chance then if there were 5, which there is. That’s why the odds are so much lower. It’s not only 20 times rarer than epics, but there’s 3.4 times more epics than legendaries. So in reality legendaries are 68 times more rare than epics, not 20.

      • HuskyGengar

        These are the true odds for card rarity

        0.00706763728% for Legendary

        0.48059933564% for Epic

        9.04657572975% for Rare

        90.4657572975% for Common

  • Ishmam

    I got 4 X-Bows from a magical chest twice. #AsianMagicalChestsSuck

    • D-Mate19

      More like #rng sucks

      • Aidan Ong

        whats rng?

        • D-Mate19

          Random number generator

          • Aidan Ong


      • Ishmam

        Ikr, despite playing since global launch I only have the princess, which I just got last month. But on my 5th account I got a lava hound from a free chest, & a miner from a crown chest within seconds of reaching arena 6! I was only lvl 6! I was like “Wow, no way” so I made it my 3rd account. I couldn’t believe it’s luck at all.

        Btw, do u have any legendaries? If yes, from which chests? Have u gotten any super magical chests? Just curious 😀

        • D-Mate19

          I hot none from chests and no super capitals. I got so sick and tired of it I just bought the ice wizard. Both your accounts are so lucky lol

          • Ishmam

            Nice, thanks. I have 30k gold on my main & I’m planning to buy the ice wizard cuz he is really good lol.

          • Courier_6

            I got crapload of mirror from my super magical chest, making if pretty much worthless unless u count the 100 hogs i got from it 😀

        • Courier_6

          Ive gotten ice wizard and princess from free chests.
          Dmate deserves what I got

          • Ishmam

            Sure he does.

            Does that mean that I don’t?!

        • Leo2014

          Glad to hear I am not the only one with 5 accounts. (All 100% FREE)
          On my #1 account I got the Ice Wizard from a crown chest, and then I recently got the Miner from a Gold chest. But my #2 account has gotten 1 Ice Wiz from free chest +1 more from a magical. And a Princess from gold or crown.

          My other 3 accounts have yet to find any, acounts #3 & #4 have been in arena 7 for over a month. While my newest account is only a few weeks old and in arena 4 (lvl6).

          • Ishmam

            Wow nice, u r very lucky.

            I had the lava hound from free chest & miner from my 1st arena 6 crown chest at just lvl 6 on my 5th account. I got so excited that I made it my 3rd. On my main account, I have the princess which I got last month, but I’m having tough luck out there with it. My 2nd is in 2224 right now as a lvl 8 where I have yet to find legendaries. My #4 & #5 have yet to find any too.

            Reason why I’m kind of sad is cuz I have really, really hard luck out there with my main account. I’m currently saving up 40k to buy an ice wizard. (because he is just so strong)

            Good luck to u further buddy!

      • Chained Chaos

        True, RNGesus can be cruel ;-;

    • Aidan Ong

      huh i always get horrible cards:( i only got xbow in arena 7 (my friend got it arena 2!) plu xbow sucks anyways

      • Ishmam

        Yup, I hate X-Bows. This game hates me cuz sometimes they have no respect for me; only a princess despite playing since soft launch! 🙁

        Anyways, do u have any legendaries?

        • D-Mate19

          Stop complaining. I got no legends. Had to waste 40k to get what most people got from a chest.

          • Ishmam

            I’m not complaining! I saw ur post where u told me that u used 40k to get an ice wizard. I’m also saving up 40k. Please relax.

            Well tough luck for both of us. Good luck to u further.

          • D-Mate19

            Ok. Yeahs sorry about that. Legendaries are a touchy subject for me because of this lol.

          • Ishmam

            Yeah me too, don’t worry.

          • Terry Bert

            Well don’t say ‘only’ princess

          • Ishmam

            What is the problem though? Or ‘was’? It’s a month old.

            Well I only had princess back then (yes, only again)

            I say that cuz I get matched against people using 3 + legendaries

          • Ze FatMan

            Well got hound from crown chest in a4 and miner from gold chest in a6

          • Royale

            How can u use 40k to get a chest??I have nearly 77k.

          • D-Mate19

            What is it with people responding to old posts? This post is 3 months old. And I had to spend 40k for a legendary in the shop where most people got a free legendary from a chest.

        • dps

          Lmao I’m playing since the soft launch too but unlike u no legendary cards o:

          • Ishmam

            Haha well I now have 4! (Princess, Ice Wizard lvl 2, Miner, & Lava Hound!)

          • Harry Mathias

            I am lvl 7 and played from soft launch, i stopped for a long time then came back, i had decided to buy one special offer for $8 and got two legendaries within one day, i have spoken to many players i know and basically the only way you can actually have a good chance of getting them is paying, i have spoken to so many f2p players and all of them agree its almost impossible getting a legendary without paying, especially since the RNG (Random Number Generator) is terrible

          • Ultimate Vail

            Lol i got lumberjack in a free chest i got so lucky though. I am in arena 8 and i was literally screaming whan he popped up! I am gonna post a youtube video on my chanel about it becaise i am so happy!

  • Rusty

    >Crown Chests and Wooden Chests (Free Chests) are based your current Arena. Which means you can save them and open later when you get into higher Arena.

    Fake and gay

    • Floppy Kong


      • Ishmam

        He’s right. I had a free chest available in arena 6 but when I got to arena 7 I saw that it still gave only 9 cards instead of 10 cards

    • Will Potter

      I don’t know man. Supercell said this on the Clash Royale official site xD

  • Salty Squeeze

    What are the chances of a legendary in a magical chest?

    • burntscarr

      According to the math if you’re in arena 8 you should always get one (I’d expect about an 80% chance though).

      • John Suess

        in arena 8 its about a 4-9%

    • Hept Soul

      Magical Chest – 6.6%
      Super Magical Chest – 40%
      (Although 20 epics is supposed to be equivalent to 1 legendary, it doesn’t always apply. The data above is based off experiments that have been conducted many times.)

      • Will Potter

        Thank you a lot man!

    • Will Potter
  • Ishmam

    Will an awesome thing about arena 8 is that u get a guaranteed rare from the free chest. I end up getting 2 mini pekkas too 😀 there is also a chance of getting 2 rares. Please update it 🙂

    • Will Potter

      xD I will update this soon. Thank you a lot buddy! I really appreciate it!

      • Ishmam


  • D-Mate19

    Will, I just want to congratulate you on building such a. Great site. I have read every article on this site, playing since soft launch and always check this site. Good job!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot man, you are definitely one of the biggest fans!

      • david li

        will do you think i could make an article about how drop chances for legendaries dont mean anything? i am f2p and lvl 8, have an lvl 2 ice wiz and lvl 1 hound. maybe i could make an article about how to get higher chances of getting certain legendaries

    • natocn5

      I totally agree with you dude. Every time I want to look for something about CR I use CR Arena. Keep up the good work!

      • Will Potter

        Thank you very much guys!

        • slender(ladies killer)

          That site is yours?
          I wanted to ask. Is it possible to get legendary cards from epic quests. And what are the chances

          • Will Potter

            It is impossible.
            It’s very obvious based on their names man!
            Legendary = only Legendary.
            Epic = only Epic!

          • Nicholas Khanna

            i have gotten a legendary out of a epic chest so it is not impossible

          • Will Potter

            Seriously? Can you show us the screenshot?
            I have never heard this!

        • Kieran Hopley

          Hey how do you get a legendary chest I am in arena 8 and haven’t come across one yet also I don’t have a legendary card yet and want one. So how do you get legendary chests

          • Will Potter

            Just playing. That’s all we can do!

          • Scarr

            I bought mine

        • Adam Maas

          I agree. Very useful site :). Got. The log from my legendary chest. Kinda wanted something else

          • Will Potter

            It’s pretty fun to play with The Log. But I do agree that it’s not really good at the moment. Hope you can get another Legendary soon buddy!

  • david li

    will do you think i could make an article about how drop chances for legendaries dont mean anything? i am f2p and lvl 8, have an lvl 2 ice wiz and lvl 1 hound. maybe i could make an article about how to get higher chances of getting certain legendaries

    • Hadi Hasan

      please share. would be interesting to read since you already got legendary cards for 3 times despite at lv.8. I’m at lv.9 and still have no legendary card

      • Terry Bert

        Exactly lvl 9 no leggy

      • Mitch

        Good luck

      • Adrian Cote

        It’s just random. And bullshit. My last Giant Chest dropped 180 Skeletons. The RNG (Random Number Generator) in the game is completely infuriating. I just got to Lv9 and got 1 Lava hound a week ago.

    • Will Potter

      I really want to see it buddy xD

      • Primo

        yes, me too

    • Asdfire

      Wow! You sir, are a lucky man.

    • Primo

      let’s see it

  • Damien Kim

    Please update to reflect chests from Frozen Peak.

    • Will Potter

      Gonna update it soon. Thx mate!

  • Robmob3000

    What About arena 9?

    • Will Potter

      Updating for Arena 9 buddy!

  • Adam

    I like how it goes from 20.01 to 10.13 SMC and then down to 3.85. Cause of the new possible legendaries.

  • TUSHAR – Clash Royale
    • Will Potter

      Can you contact me via the fanpage?

  • Hept Soul

    Is is just me or are the numbers in the total cards column of the super magical chest chart wrong?


      no they are wrong for sure
      I know that the arena 9 smc has 684 cards
      (its the same as the giant chest lol)

    • Will Potter

      I am updating the charts above :D.

  • Zigge

    Will, update this please.

    • Will Potter

      Sure buddy :D.

  • Edison Chan


  • The Doctor

    Will i think you should make an app for your site and you deserve more subscribers because you help people pass arenas not many youtubers do that

    • Will Potter

      I am really good at coding but I will try to do that buddy 😀

  • Aditya Sharma

    I’m a lv8 F2P..I have 4 legendary’s..Sparky..Ice Wiz..Lava Hound and the miner..These were the chest that got me those legendary’s..Golden..Free chest..Crown chest..And a tourney chest..I’m at 2700 right now..And i use the trifecta with the ice spirit and inferno..Great Post Btw 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy! You are a very lucky man!

  • Cursedsound

    Check out for music that you can use on your videos

  • Ice King

    Just got my 1st legendary from a free chest at areana 6. The miner!!! Lovin life yo….
    Level 7 f2p

  • FreakzYo

    just got lumberjack out of free chest! holy SH**!

  • Heinz Werner

    Hello im a German guy. I have a guestion What is AVG Number
    Thank you

    • Gps X

      It means that it is the average number of chests to find a legendary.

      • Will Potter

        Correct 😀

  • Tyler

    “Crown Chests and Wooden Chests (Free Chests) are based your current Arena. Which means you can save them and open later when you get into higher Arena.”

    This is wrong. If you get a Crown Chest while in Arena 7 and then push to arena 8 later, the Crown Chest you open will be an Arena 7 CC.

    As far as people talking about legendary cards… I have 12k XP at level 10 and don’t have a single one.

    • Will Potter

      You are talking about exactly what my words say 😀

      • Tyler

        No, no it isn’t. Your words say that if you save them they will become the higher arena chest type. That is incorrect.

  • Noah Rusaw

    NO WAY. I JUST ENTERED ARENA 4 and the i got an arena 4 gold chest. And there was a legendary inside. Sadly it was on my lower account.

    • Will Potter

      Wow that’s super lucky. Congrats man!

  • Edison Chan

    Cool site but I never got any legendary but I’m in arena 7 and almost arena 8 and I opened 2 super magical chest

    • Will Potter

      Hope you can get one soon man!

  • TheAdMan

    could you update this for the new legendaries when they come out and frozen peak

    • Will Potter

      For sure buddy. I am working on this right now!

  • Evil Migane

    I’ve been in arena 9 (was arena 8 before update) since i was lv 8, now I am lv 10 and I got to super magical chests in this arena plus many oter chests including magical. However I’m still waiting for my first legendary card from a chest -_-.
    Idk if thats really bad luck or something is wrong, but wtf supercell, just give me 1 legendary card and i will be happy.
    (I saved up 40k and bought a princess, but I havent got any legendary from a chest)

    • Will Potter

      I am pretty soon that you will get a Legendary soon after the update!

  • Kieru18

    You should update this and add arena 8 (The Frozen Peak), move Legendary Arena to slot 9 😉 I got Sparky from silver chest xD

    • Will Potter

      Thank you! I will update this page as soon as possible. Also, congrats man :).

  • Trevor Hill

    A legendary is a legendary man. Consider yourself very lucky to have one. I am level 8 in royal arena, and nothing yet. I have seen level 6’s back in arena 6 with miner or sparky. I guess it is all just one big waiting game.

    • natocn5

      That is true. I hope you get a legendary soon!

  • Mutated Moldy Man

    I thought the getting a legendary Card in a giant chest would be pretty high since that’s where I got my only legendary card in. But apparently I was pretty lucky. I hoping to get another legendary because I just got another Giants chest and I thought I would. But I probably wont

  • Babyshark

    well if you wanna get legendary cards it’s much much easier at higher arenas. im lvl9 in arena 9 and have gotten 3 lumberjacks 1 princess 1 miner 2 sparky. (i bought the miner for 40 000gold)

  • Sun Lee

    Got a legendary chest Second game i played after update… Got princess lol
    Best i could ever hope for

    • General Draza

      Congrats bro!

    • Will Potter

      The best Legendary! Congrats buddy!

  • Arjun Suresh

    guys iam in frozen peak with 2530 trophies got all cards except a legendary. Any help. I have opened 2 smc 3 magical 3 giant chest bt no legendary.

    • Will Potter

      That’s very normal my friend! Hope you can get a Legendary soon 🙁

  • James Hare

    Let’s say u are arena 6 u have opened 1300 chests or something what if u get up to arena 7 will u get a legendary for the next chest

  • Eclipsus

    I have about 4 accounts – a level 8 in Arena 7, a level 6 in Arena 6, a level 6 in Arena 5 and a level 5 in Arena 5. I’ve gemmed slightly on my main account, just a few magical chests, and got nothing. Just today though, I open a gold chest on my second (arena 6) account and get a Sparky?! What?
    I also got a f2p Super Magical Chest on my third account and got 12 baby drags and a lightning spell.

    It’s obviously quite random

    2000+? Want a clan? Join Punchline, the one with the skull on purple

  • Jack Doughty

    I just got a Lava hound from silver chest, check my instagram. Nerd4ever11

  • Chua Victor

    I don’t reallu agree,no offense.My friend got 3 legendaries at the same arena as me.How come?

    • Will Potter

      It’s just about random!

  • Emilio Mejia

    Im in arena8 and i want to get the lavahound. Do u think it would be a good idea if i dropped down to arena 4 and gemed a super magical chest? I would have no problem climbing back up.

    • Will Potter

      It’s not worth it man. Just stay in Arena 8 😀

      • Emilio Mejia

        Ok thx : )

  • Peter Kim

    I was just reading this and I pulled a sparky from a super magical chest that I got from battle

  • Michał Lipka

    i had epic from crown chest

  • Orlando Cruz

    What about 100 and 500 gem tourney chests for Legendary cards?

  • Alex

    Wow i just got the lumberjack from a free chest!!!! best day of my life. and thx for helping me with my questions Will Potter

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome buddy! Good luck with him Alex!

  • Stealthsteph – CosmicPvP

    When you’ve been playing since beta, all your friends who have been playing for way less time than you have 1 or 2 legendaries and you still have none -_-

  • Sebastian

    I am a level 9.6
    I am in Frozen peak with 2467 trophies
    I have literally EVERY single EPIC, RARE, AND COMMON.
    My useful ones are level 2-3 epic, level 5-7 rare, and level 8-10 common.
    I’ve had 1087 WINS!
    I have only had 1 SMC in Arena 2.
    Yet I still do not have even one legendary, vs people with few wins and lower levels with 1-3.
    At MINIMUM 60% of the level 8’s I battle have Sparky and or Princess.

  • Nick Cordes

    I just got a super magical chest from a battle

    • Will Potter

      Nice. Congrats man!

  • Nick Cordes

    Anyone got a good deck for arena 5

    • Will Potter

      Please take a look at the Deck Building section. I posted lots of good decks for Arena 5!

  • Jack

    Everyone has said it but I want to agree with them all! Thank you so much Will you are really really helpful to me and clearly everyone else too! So thank you very much for all the articles on here it’s so useful!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome Jack! It’s my pleasure!

  • Lunaremerald

    So I have opened two SMC One in arena 5 and one in arena 7 I did not get a legendary but there’s in special offers a arena 5 chest is it 1 in 10 to get it? Should I buy it in special offers for 5 bucks with 500 gems it comes with and 1k gold

  • talon thornton

    I’ve been in legendary arena since I was level 8 (I am now level 10) and still have yet to get one legendary card sooooo

  • leo

    Playing since soft launch, I have lava hound and I really hate that card