The Best Elixir Collector Placements

The Elixir Collector is definitely one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale right now so it’s such a lack If we don’t have a small guide for it on CRA!

I have received loads of questions about the best places to play the Elixir Collector. It absolutely depends on your opponent’s deck. Sometimes, it’s better to place it in front of the King’s Tower. But sometimes, placing it behind the Crown Tower is the best choice…

What is your favorite Pump position? Let’s discuss about this topic today!

What is the best Elixir Collector Placement in Clash Royale?

In front of the King’s Tower

Elixir Collector placement in Clash Royale

This placement is very good against Giant Balloon and Miner because:

  • Both Tower can target the opponent troops.
  • Assuming that you also use a defensive building to pull the Giant + Balloon into the middle. Normally, after taking out the Giant, the building will be destroyed by the Balloon immediately. But, the Balloon will be attracted by the nearby. If it doesn’t get destroyed by both Towers before reaching the Collector, it will hit the Collector and will somehow also trigger your King’s Tower. This is such a huge advantage!

Although this position is also very vulnerable to the Poison, I did face couples of inexperienced players who accidentally triggered my King’s Tower while trying to Poison both Collector and the nearby Crown Tower.

Next to the King’s Tower


This position is good against Poison and Fireball because your opponent can’t make the most of those spells. Poison can’t really effect your troops and so does the Fireball.

When your opponent uses the Fireball/Poison on your Collector + Tower, you still can comfortably defend from the center and the very corner. Just place the pump at the perpendicular of the King’s Tower and the bottom corner!

This position is also pretty great against Miner because you can drop your Musketeer behind the King’s Tower to defend then counterpush immediately on the other side. Also, most players will send the Miner to the right side of the Pump. You can pre-place your Mini P.E.K.K.A there.

Behind the Towers


This Position is great against most decks not using Miner. You have lots of choices to defend without worrying about the Poison!

There are also some other nice positions. For example, placing the Pump 2 tiles in front of your King’s Tower can help you soak some hits from the Royal Giant. This page is still being updated and I am going to add them all here.

If you have any advice, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

Thanks Bellator_Gaius and 6john a lot for sharing this topic with us!

  • Thor

    WHO can get me a deck to Got me to arena 7 im in arena 6

    • Asdfire

      Valk, Prince, Hog, Collector, Tesla, Fire Spirits, Minions (not horde), Arrows

      • Thor

        What is your arena

        • Asdfire

          Arena 8 (I used that deck to push from 6 to 8). I use a different deck now, but i used that deck when I was a LVL 7 going up against 9’s

          • Thor

            What is the deck u use to go arena 6 to 8

    • Asdfire

      Play defensive, and try to get prince, valkyrie and minions in one push – add in fire spirits if u want, but I save them for the hog.

      • Thor

        Bad deck

      • Thor

        Thx I found deck

  • Thor


  • Lightning King

    lol i use a custom deck for arena 8….. im hovering at about 2500 right now

    • Thor

      What is

      • Lightning King

        wut do u mean?

        • MLGMLGMLG

          i also use one too but he is asking what deck it is

          • Lightning King

            it is Royale Giant,Valk,Mini.Pekka, minions, spear gobs, fire spirits, zap, and elixir collector.. the idea is to take some damage (not too much) to ur towers to get an elxir advantage… then take their tower a good push… valk, mini pekka, fire spirits is a good combo.. i will usaully counter attack.. use ur royal giant if needed.. most matches go into over time, where both of us take a tower….. but i have the royale giant advantage ( placing it in the center ) and can easliy win.

  • Hendrick

    Its important to remeber to always use you elixir colector close to the tower with largest hp, so if the use a spell on it they won’t benefit that much from it

    • Will Potter

      Oh yes I forgot to mention this. Will update it into the main post. Thank you mate!

  • Bob

    Is your deck submitter still working? I submitted a guide on how to get to legendary at lvl 8 5ish days ago, but still haven’t gotten an email or anything.

    Posted deck on the forums here:

    • Chained Chaos

      Your deck’s actually pretty good

      • Bob



        • Will Potter

          Welcome mate!

      • Will Potter


  • GamerDaily

    What trophies range on arena 8 for the P2W peoples kicks in? Im in 2500 and I found couple and they’re really aggrovating 🙁

    • Will Potter

      2900+ trophies maybe 😀

  • Aditya m

    Please suggest a deck that cN easily take arena7 . I’m in arena6 pls pls

    • Dead Ringer

      i used a variation of the trifecta deck that took me from arena 5 to 7. Hog, musk, valk,
      minion horde, barbs, cannon, poison, arrows.

    • Tyuankeo

      Try this:
      Spear gobs

      This deck is all about the counter push and it took most of my friends from arena 6 to arena 8

    • Chained Chaos

      I’m using this :

      Giant skelly

      Mini Horde
      Barb hut
      Goblin hut

      A deck that helped me get up to 2376

    • epass
      this deck took me from 1600 trophies to 2700

    • Will Potter

      Did you try all decks I posted mate?

    • DrWeavile, PhD

      I use
      Fire spirits
      Bomb tower
      Elixir pump
      Skel army
      I almost never lose w/ this deck.

    • General Draza

      The deck that i used to get from arena 6 to 7 is the awesome Tri fecta , i even modified it and went to arena 8 , but be careful because one error could mess up the whole battle

  • 210577

    Placing a pump in the first position and placing a cannon in front makes a pretty solid hog def, but for some reason if the hog survives to kill my collector it won’t go for my King. Why doesn’t the king trick work?

    • Will Potter

      The King trick only works with Balloon since the Balloon does splash damage 😀

      • Rahul Yaji

        The king trick MAY work with balloon but it SURELY works with miner. During a friendly battle my opponent used his miner to take out my elexir collector placed infront of my king’s tower, and i didn’t know how to defend against miner. After taking out my elexir collector he went straight for my king. And needless to say i won the match 😛 :D.

        • Will Potter

          Yes, it does work with Miner for sure but If your opponent is smart enough, he wouldn’t send this Miner to there xD

  • Yea lol, when I place the pump in the second position, people activate with poison all the time and I’m like LOL

    Lately tho, I’ve been experimenting by placing my collector on one side of my map and push on the other side. People waste their spells on my pump then can’t defend against my push – in the starting, it’s usually a simple Giant + Archers, with occasionally spears mixed in