The Best Cards in Clash Royale Right Now

Hey guys it’s Ash and in this post I’m going to give you guys my ranking of the best 15 cards right now in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Best Cards

The game has been changing dramatically recently, especially with the introduction to the Executioner, but I’m going to try my best to rank these cards based on the following factors:

  1. How successful and popularly used these cards are among top players on the ladder, tournaments, and challenges.
  2. How versatile these cards are. Meaning that they can be used successfully in many decks, not just one or two.
  3. The potential of these cards in the current meta and the meta that would be divulging within the next couple of weeks.

Let’s start with #15 and make our way to the top!

Top 15 Best Clash Royale Cards

#15) Minions

Clash Royale MinionsMinions have always been a good card, since the beginning of the game. It’s probably the most balanced card in the game.

Excluding the Skeleton Army, the 3 Minions together do more damage than any other 3 Elixir card.

Unlike the Skeleton Army, the Minions do not die to a single Zap and of course are unaffected by The Log, the two most used Spell cards in the game.

Minions are an excellent defense against Graveyard. There are very few cards that can used to control Graveyard, and the Minions are one of the few, making them a very important card to carry in your deck if you’re lacking counters to Gravyard.

Being powerful and able to target air is also super important as the Balloon can be a very big threat.

Minions are also fast and have a great ability to distract an Inferno Tower if you’re making a strong push with a tank such as a Giant or Lava Hound.

#14) Hog Rider

Clash Royale Hog RiderThe Hog Rider has always been a very popular offensive card.

He’s very balanced in terms of what he offers: great speed, bulk, power, and the keen ability to directly target Arena Towers or buildings.

He’s one of the most used win condition cards in the game.

Even one swing from him on your Arena Tower is very significant damage.

#13) Musketeer

Clash Royale MusketeerThe Musketeer is another card that’s always been a great card in the game.

Her long 6.5 tile range is super useful, outranging Cannons, attacking from the opposite lane, and even locking onto an Arena Tower quickly.

Being a single target attacker, she does a lot of damage quickly with her 1.1 second hit speed.

While being able to target air troops with a high DPS is what ultimately makes her into a popular option in many decks.

Currently, she has overtaken Archers due to the rise of the Executioner, and she will continue to be a very popular option in many decks.

#12) Graveyard

Clash Royale GraveyardWhen Graveyard first came out, it was instantly a super powerful card. At one point it was #1 in my rankings of the best cards in the game.

Although it’s not as OP as it once was, Graveyard is still one of the best win condition cards in the game.

There are very few cards in the game that can shut down a Graveyard. While it’s super easy to counter most of the counters of Graveyard. You can simple Fireball Minions or Archers or even use the Freeze Spell with Graveyard to easily take down a whole Arena Tower. And even though the Dart Goblin is a great counter to Graveyard, he’s rarely used.

#11) Electro Wizard

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

When the Electro Wizard was first introduced, my main concern was its weakness to Fireball. Being weak to Fireball meant that you could not use your Electro Wizard along with other units because you’ll always lose value from a Fireball.

But now with his recent HP buff, he no longer dies to an equivalent level Fireball, making him immensely more powerful.

The Electro Wizard is now easily one of the best defensive troops, comes with a Zap Spell, and his dual targeting stun is just super useful on both offense and defense.

Electro Wizard combinations behind a Giant or Golem are now so much more difficult to deal with now that it doesn’t die to Fireball.

Prepare to see the Electro Wizard a lot more.

#10) Tornado

Clash Royale TornadoWith the recent balance change, Tornado’s much stronger pull has quickly made it one of the best defensive spell cards.

Now with the Executioner and Tornado’s ability to not only pull, but also clump troops together, it’s made Executioner with Tornado a super powerful combination.

Not only that, Tornado has so many other great properties, such as pulling threats such as Giant, Hog Rider, Golem, Miner, and even Goblin Barrel straight to your King’s Tower.

Tornado has made defending so much easier.

#9) Giant

Clash Royale Giant

The Giant is easily the best tank in the game right now.

Unlike the Golem, the Giant is much cheaper at 5 Elixir, so there’s a lot less risk when using a Giant without depleting all your Elixir and get rushed by your opponent on the other lane.

Having a high HP tank like the Giant helps a lot not only on offense, but also on defense against threats like the Executioner.

It’s important you have a tank that can distract the Executioner, so you can safely target him without get hit by his boomerang axe.

#8) Lightning

Clash Royale Lightning


With the rise in popularity of Musketeer, Electro Wizard, Elixir Collector, Furnace, Inferno Tower and many other units including the Mega Minion, Lightning has quickly regained its usage and potency.

As long as those cards are popular, and I’m pretty sure they will continue to be, Lightning will also be a very popular option in many decks.

#7) Fireball

Clash Royale fireball

The main reason I have Fireball ranked over Lightning is because of Fireball’s versatility.

Even though Fireball fails to one shot many threats such as Mega Minion, Musketeer, and Electro Wizard, it’s still very easy to obtain value for the cost of only 4 Elixir and not have to succumb to the high cost of Lightning.

It’s also very easy to combine a Fireball with the Executioner to shut down a big push.

#6) Furnace

Clash Royale Furnace

Furnace is now the best building in the game.

At the cost of 4 Elixir, it provides high return value in terms of the spawning Fire Spirits.

The Fire Spirits help immensely in chipping down health off of an Arena Tower, while continually pressuring your opponent in that single lane.

Furnace is also super useful against low HP swarms such as Minions, Skeletons, and Goblins.


#5) Mega Minion

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion was the most used card in the game for months until recent nerfs.

Even though Mega Minion continued to see more nerfs, it is still one of the most used cards in the game. It isn’t hard to see why such as card is always popular.

It only costs 3 Elixir, doesn’t die to a 4 Elixir Fireball, targets air troops, is excellent behind tanks such as Giant, Golem, or Lava Hound, and does a lot of damage. All for 3 Elixir.

Being slow is actually a benefit for the Mega Minion, as this allow you to place him at the back and quickly generate your 3 Elixir back for a big combo push.

#4) Zap

Clash Royale ZapIt wasn’t long ago when Zap used to be the most used card in the game.

No other card in the game was as popular as Zap for the longest time. And it’s still a meta-defining card.

It you remove Zap, then cards such as Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, Minions, Minion Horde, Sparky will all skyrocket in usage.

#3) Ice Golem

Clash Royale Ice GolemIf it wasn’t for Zap Spell, Ice Golem wouldn’t be this high in usage. Same can be said for Zap. These two cards offer super good synergy.

You can quickly destroy a swarm of Minions with Ice Golem’s aftermath nova and Zap.

The Ice Golem is the best kiter in the game with the ability to easily shut down a countless number of threats by simply pulling them towards the other lane. While costing 2 Elixir allows it become one of the best supporting units in the game.

It’s so easy to add an Ice Golem in front of your Hog Rider for a powerful push that’s difficult to stop when you’re low on Elixir.

The Ice Golem is also the best support distractor in the game, costing 2 Elixir as a mini-tank and the ability to slow down the units within its radius.

Even though he was recently nerfed, it’s wasn’t significant enough to detract what he does best. The Ice Golem will continue to be a top 5 card in the game, especially being the best distractor to the Executioner on defense.

#2) The Log

Clash Royale The LongNo other card in the game offers as much positive value as The Log.

Costing just 2 Elixir, The Log never fails to offer a good return value when used against a ground attacking push.

And now The Log has taken over Zap since it is now the best counter to the Goblin Barrel. Zap no longer kills equivalent level Goblins. Not only that, The Log has a big upperhand for being able to one shot a Princess.

And since the majority of decks are decks that rely on ground troops for winning, it’s made The Log into the most favorable spell card to carry.

#1) Executioner

Clash Royale ExecutionerThroughout this post, you heard me talk a lot about the Executioner and that’s because the meta right now revolves around this card.

The Executioner has the biggest influence and impact in the game right now, offering incredible value.

It’s easy to imagine how good the Executioner is when you compare him to a Wizard. For the same 5 Elixir cost, the Executioner does almost everything better with benefits.

Let’s start with the Executioner’s high HP for a ranged attacker that can target both ground and air units. You can’t kill it with a Lightning Spell like you can to a Wizard, and that is huge. You can’t Fireball and use a Zap or Log to kill it, making it very difficult to get rid of when it’s behind a tank.

His ability to target both air and ground units with high HP easily distinguishes him from a Bowler. Not only that, he comes with a stun effect, allowing him to reset the attack of slow or medium speed units. His boomerang axe has a very large area of splash, allowing him to damage units behind a tank such as a Giant.

A Wizard can’t damage a Mega Minion 1 tile behind a Giant, but you can with the Executioner.

So, again, this is our top 15 cards!

  1. Executioner
  2. The Log
  3. Ice Golem
  4. Zap
  5. Mega Minion
  6. Furnace
  7. Fireball
  8. Lightning
  9. Giant
  10. Tornado
  11. Electro Wiz
  12. Graveyard
  13. Musketeer
  14. Hog Rider
  15. Minions

Those are my current rankings of the top 15 cards right now in Clash Royale. Let me know if you guys agree.

Of course the game is always changing and new cards are introduced, so I’m going to continue to update these rankings every month.