Valkyrie Prince Deck for Arena 5 Climbing

Hi guys, its Victorapple again. One of my friends who just started Clash Royale was looking for a good deck to help him climb, and I put together this fun little deck for him to climb with.

It is an interesting combination between the Trifecta deck, the Double Prince deck, and even a Fireball- Chip deck.

Valkyrie Prince Deck for Arena 5 Climbing

You can put together everything you need from Arena 5 or below, and it can continue to help you climb trophies at higher arenas.

The core of this deck lies in the Valkyrie Prince combo, similar to the Double Prince Combo.

No Legendaries, only 2 epics, everything else is rare or common for easy levelingBit weak to Lavahound decks
Fairly cheap average elixir: only 3.5Bit weak to Zap Bait decks
Hard to stop a Prince-Valk pushBit weak to Royal Giant decks

Then again, this deck is designed for new players, who may not encounter Royal Giant and/or Lavahound decks often.

Clash Royale PrinceClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale FurnaceClash Royale Bomber
Clash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale ZapClash Royale fireball

Cards Breakdown

Prince: The main win condition of this deck, try to get him to reach the tower for massive damage. If you sub him out for a Hog Rider, it essentially becomes a Trifecta deck; but wheres the fun in that? Combo him with the Valkyrie and other troops for a good push.

Valkyrie: This is the second key card for the combo. If you played with a Trifecta deck before, you understand that the Valkyrie is the front-line tank. Just like with the Hog Rider, Valkyrie gets pushed foward faster when the Prince is charging! Valk also helps clear out the swarm troops distracting Prince and helps tank for it. Subbing it for Dark Prince in higher arenas is optional, but since the reason for this deck is to help my lower level friend get to higher trophies, Valkyrie is used because it is Rare compared to Epic and can be found at a much lower Arena. For a full comparison between Valkyrie and Dark Prince, click here.

Furnace: This helps with consistent chipping, and when you time it right the Fire Spirits can aid your Prince in a push. It also serves as a defense building when necessary. Recommend it to be at least the same level as your opponents king tower so that the Fire Spirits don’t get one shotted, otherwise it does no chip damage by itself. Take a look at this guide to read more tips on using the Furnace!

Bomber: Another card to help with swarm troops. It now can kill Archers in one shot, which makes it helpful in your pushes, as a Valkyrie doesn’t kill Archers at tourney standard. Also great on defense vs Barbarians or other swarm troops.

Skeleton Army: Great card for defense. Can help take down tanks and can quickly swarm targets. Use it to take down Mini-Pekkas, opposing Princes, Hog Riders, or other things. Be wary of supporting troops like Wizard or Bomber that can clear the Skeletons before they take down a priority target, so use Valkyrie to cut them off. You can then place a Prince down behind Valkyrie for your combo and counterattack!

Musketeer: Another defensive card, will help you take down flying targets and helps support your pushes in counterattacks. Its DPS is nice if it has protection, and can take down towers easily.


Fireball: An excellent spell. Along with Furnace, this card also makes this deck a semi-Chip deck. Use this card to take out Barbs, Musketeers, Wizards, or Minion Horde. Read this guide to see how to use Fireball to its maximum potential.

Zap: Pretty standard spell, helps to quickly clear swarm troops or reset Inferno Towers damage.

The Prince Valkyrie Combo

You may notice it is very similar to the Double Prince Combo. It works essentially the same way.

Valkyrie tanks and clears distractions for the Prince. The Valkyrie, however, doesn’t charge, so it is important to align your Prince behind the Valkyrie accordingly so that is shoves the Valk forward when it charges. It’ll still have the same devastating effect as a Double Prince Combo.

General Gameplan

For the most part you will want to try to set up a Prince-Valkyrie Combo when your opponent is off-guard.

Fireball, Zap, Furnace are all there to help as well.

When you don’t have to combo ready, defend accordingly with your troops/spells, then prepare a counterattack if you have enough elixir. This applies to both Normal Elixir and Double Elixir periods.

Even if they can successfully defend against your combo, consistent chipping from Fireball and Furnace should help you earn at least one tower.

Stuff to Watch out For:

Giant Skeleton: Everyone’s favorite Skeleton effectively stops this combo in its tracks. Prince and Valkyrie won’t be able to escape its explosion radius in time in most cases. This gives your opponent an advantage of 3 elixir. Play around, try to catch him off-guard when Giant Skeleton is off and chip with Furnace.

Lava Hound: Its rare to find Lavahound in lower Arenas unless some person got lucky or decided to pay money. Nonetheless, your only troops to help take it down are Musketeer and Furnace. Fireball can help clear the Pups. Otherwise, when you see Lavahound placed down, suprise him with a quick combo.

Royal Giant: You’ll only see him once you reach Arena 7. Prince and Musketeer will be your go-to taking him down, while Furnace can be a distraction. Go offensive so your opponent doesn’t have time or elixir to put him down.

Thank you for reading this guide! This deck is not intended for Legendary Arena or other High Trophie Arenas, as it is merely a fun deck to use for beginners trying to get out of their current Arena.

As always, you can modify or replace cards with others to suit your needs or playstyle.