Ultimate Skeleton Deck for Pushing to Arena 7

This is definitely the one of the most interesting Clash Royale decks I have ever tried. Looks very stupid but trust me, it does work very well, especially at Arena 6 and 7! Moreover, in the recent Clash Royale update, Skeletons, Tombstone and Bomber all got buffs, which means a lot to this deck!


Ultimate Skeleton Deck for Arena

Shared by ThatRockMC.

What the hell does this deck work?

Yea I know that this deck looks very stupid but hold on, I am going to show you how it works in detail!

Skeletons are used to defend and distract opponent’s troops. A pack of Skeletons can easily take down a Mini P.E.K.K.A and other troops on their own. They can deal loads of damage If get ignored!

Tombstone is the distraction building of this deck. I love calling it “poor man’s Cannon”. The Tombstone basically demolishes all building targeting troops besides Royal Giant. I usually use the combo Skeletons + Tombstone to deal with Hog Rider or Giant. If my opponent plays Zap, the first way will die but loads of Skeletons will get summoned! Tombstone is a perfect counter to Freeze because once it gets destroyed, loads of Skeletons will come out.

Zap is the easiest counter to Minions, Minions Horde and Goblins. Just Zap and take them out! While pushing, you can Zap them and let your Witch finish the job.

Bomber is a perfect counter to Barbarians and is your best ranged troop in this deck. It is just like a Walking Bomb Tower. Always have your Zap ready in order to deal with small flying troops! I also like using Bomber to lure Valkyrie and kill her with the arrows from Towers nearby for a positive Elixir trade.


Fireball is effectively used to deal with big backline troops! If your Fireball is not high level, you can drop your Skeletons on the back after using it. This works very well against strategies like Tanker + Wizard.

Witch is definitely an important card of this deck. She can deal tons of damage with her Skeletons in a big push. She is also great on defense too!

Balloon will help you take down a lot of Towers at the early game. Have your Zap ready so you can deal with anything distracting your Balloon. But, honestly, you shouldn’t play Balloon alone. I usually wait until my opponent wastes a high damage air-targeting troops or at least drops it on the other side (Musketeer, Inferno Tower,….). I usually also play something in front of to soak damage and cover Balloon.
For example, I play Balloon + Witch combo. If the opponent plays Minion, I can easily Zap them and let the Witch finish the job. Be creative! You can play the Balloon with loads of troops in this deck!

Giant Skeleton is definitely one of the most important cards in this deck. It is the only true tanker, which punishes your opponent If commits a lot to a push! If your opponent plays 3 Musketeers + Wizard or something like that, it will be a great trade for you as the bomb left can easily remove all of them out, 13 Elixir for 6 Elixir! I love use Giant Skeleton defensively but truly he is also extremely great on offense. Giant Skeleton +  Balloon is a powerful combo that destroy any Tower If you run it the right way. Just play this combo when your opponent drops high damage troop or a building on the other side. With just a Zap, you can easily bring them to the Tower!ap alone can get this thing to the tower, and I swear to god once this thing gets to the tower its all ogre.


Here are some closing notes I want to tell you before running this deck:

  1. Don’t Fireball + Zap near the same time unless you are not going to need either. Always have a backup plan! Save at least 1 to deal with Minion Horde and other swarms later!
  2. Play defensively! Make sure you can use Skeletons + Tombstone to deal with dangerous pushes like Hog Freeze or something like that. Don’t hesitate to spend more Elixir than your opponent on defense. You always can use the leftovers to launch a counter push.

If you are finding it hard to counter Air attacks:

  • If you face Baby Dragon, Fireball it and use something to distract it, let your Tower do some more hits. Otherwise, you can place your Witch far enough so that see can summon Skeletons to distract the Dragons. There are also loads of other choices for you!
  • If you face Minions, you can Zap to weaken them and let your troops/Tower finish the job. Do this on offense is great too as it gives your troops 1 more second to hit, which sometimes makes a big difference. Firing Minions is still good If you can hit sometime else, otherwise you will only want to use your Fireball on Minion Horde. If they are attacking something else, you can use your Witch to take them out! Sometimes, it’s better to just ignore them and save your Elixir for a bigger push!
  • If you face Balloon, use Tombstone to lure it to the center and use your Witch to take it down quickly, after that, launch a counter-push. Otherwise, Witch + Fireball would work too!

Okay guys I hope you have found this deck helpful! I hope you can get loads of trophies with it in the future. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help! Also, please share this deck with your friends If you like it. That means a lot to this blog!

  • D-Mate19

    What is your trophy count with this deck?

    • Will Potter

      The author of this deck made it to 2300+ trophies with it so far!

  • Xoledas

    This is an interesant deck really, but it has a huge weakness against flying troops… If you have to defend against dragon, balloon, lavahound it will be hard..

  • Gabriel Gagné

    Hey, it’s me again and I have another deck I created to share!! This one I haven’t tested on my main account (I don’t have the PEKKA on it…), but it works extremely well on a Level 5 account at arena 5 (around 1450 trophys). It consists of: PEKKA, Hogrider, Skeletons, Tesla, Arrows, Spear Goblins, Valkyrie and Musketeer. I have been playing it for about 2 weeks and it’s extremely effective if played right. It might even be better than my other deck (I still need to test it at royal arena though but I didn’t get PEKKA in the shop yet on my main account so too bad)

    • sami farra

      LOL im in arena 5 and I have PEKKA

      • Gabriel Gagné

        Yeah well on my smurf account (1 month old) I got a Super magical chest from a random game, PEKKA 2 times in a row in shop and a Lava hound from the 4 hour chest… Meanwhile I still don’t have a legendary on my main that I’ve been using for 3 months

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this man!

  • Lone Wolf

    will try it! thx

  • Ryan Wong

    Replaced giant skeleton with giant. I find that the lower elixir cost allows me to cycle through fast and get two tombstones and a witch in the same lane, then overwhelm the other guy with my skeletons. Also, giant+ balloon is cheaper and deadlier.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this man!

  • EB

    What about the hound? Witch is the only one for counter air

    • Very Unlucky

      I just wait for towers to kill it…then I just kill the babies with a spell

      • Floppy Kong

        Does fireball hit all the babies? Or do you wait for them to converge on tower and zap?

  • Rowan Adams Waters

    Wow! I’ve never heard of a skeleton battle deck before. It’s pretty neat. What if someone made an all goblin deck too? The goblin barrel, goblins, spear goblins, and the goblin hut would all be in it.


    can i replace the skeletons with goblins

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course. Just give it a try!

  • One Punt Man

    I made someone rage so bad… They kept Minion Horde, Barbs, Musketeer, and Wizard in the same swarm. I converged Zap and Fireball and together they disintegrated the entire push. XDDD he rq. Good deck btw

    • Will Potter

      xD nice
      Thank you man!

  • Kenny Irawan

    thanks will for this deck, i loves skeletons


    All the epics fit mines!
    Lv 3

  • Jason Brown

    Great for one stars! Thanks for this idea!

    • Will Potter

      xD Thank you Jason!