Getting Stuck in Arena 5? Try this Trifecta Remake Version!

Hey Guys! It’s lightningmaster823 here with a slightly modified version of the original Hog Trifecta, used a lot about a year ago, but now it’s almost completely dead, with the most popular hog rider deck being the 2.6 hog deck, but I found it to a bit iffy. (I’ve tried it before, and I got wrecked by level 11 Elite Barbarians)

Hog Trifecta Remake for Arena 5+

Relatively cheap at 3.4Weak to 3 Musketeers
Good against most beatdown decksA little weak to LavaLoon
Good against siegeWeak to bait decks
Good against most other Hog DecksBad Starting Hand could Cost the Game
Somewhat good against Royal Giant and Elite BarbariansUses a unique Legendary, can be replaced but will change the game

Cards Breakdown:

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Zap

Hog Rider: A really balanced card at the moment, because of beatdown decks roaming around; the Hog Rider has always been part of the meta. He is your main win condition of this deck. Always attempt to pair him with Zap or Poison as Skeleton Army is very popular right now. I’d often start off with a lone Hog to see what my opponent uses to counter.

Skeletons: Ever since they got buffed back to 4 Skeletons, they’ve been so versatile on defense for just 1 elixir; I’ve seen players that had to Zap for a negative elixir trade (2 elixir to take care of 1) just because they’re so annoying to deal with. You can watch OJ’s video on how to use them:

Valkyrie: Yes, I know, fairly underused in this meta (often overshadowed by ice golem and executioner), but she’s very versatile on defense, and the fact that she synergizes well with the hog rider as she can wipe out small units to make way for the hog.

Inferno Tower: Due to the fact that this deck doesn’t really have a tank killer, I put the Inferno Tower in here; this is why it’s good against beatdown, the Inferno melts away the tank and allows your troops to take out the supports.

Musketeer: By far one of the most versatile cards in the game. Although it lost a little bit of usage due to the Mega Minion, she can attack many troops from the other lane due to the fact she has a 6 tile range, she can take out Elite Barbarians (which are annoying especially if you’re in jungle like I am) with the help of Skeletons and the Arena Towers.

Zap: Lost a bit of usage after its nerf in January, but it’s still viable in this meta, despite being overshadowed by the Log, it can kill Skeletons faster than Log, it has the ability to hit air, it can reset charges from anything (Log can’t reset Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, and Sparky) and the fact it’s a common card while the Log is a legendary, thus, it is much easier to get a Zap compared to a Log.

Poison: Ever since it got the ability to kill Skeletons in 1 tick, it is now more viable to use in decks as since it kills many small units faster (making way for your Hog). As well as being a good replacement for fireball now. It now counters Skeleton Army, Graveyard, and Minion Horde (which can sometimes be a headache to deal with) more effectively.

Ice Wizard: Fairly underused in this meta as since he’s often outclassed by Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, and Electro Wizard (as since he can’t even 1-shot Skeletons at tournament standards (he seriously needs a buff)), but he’s versatile on defense and synergizes well with the Inferno Tower (if they Zap, Ice Wizard will slow the troops down to buy time for your inferno to melt them down, so yeah, sometimes, fire + ice can be a good combo), great for a counterpush after defense, it also goes well with the Hog Rider too, as since it slows down counters like mini pekka. P.S. out of all the cards in the game, the Ice Wizard is my favorite card.

General Gameplan

Beginning: (3:00-2:00)

Start with a lone Hog to see what your opponent uses to counter it, that way, you can get prepared

If you don’t have the Hog, but you have Skeletons, use skeletons to cycle.

If you don’t have either of the two, try to wait for your opponent to make his first move, then counter with what you have.


Sometimes, I’d play a Musketeer or Ice Wizard in the back to fool my opponent that I’m using Beatdown

After that, play defense and try to get chip damage off of towers as you go.

Middle: (2:00-1:00)

Start applying more pressure to your opponent and get annoying chip damage, but keep playing defense,

Double Elixir Time: (1:00-0:00)

Keep the pressure going as since this is the time when most expensive decks are good, if you already took a crown and your opponent didn’t, defend like crazy. But if you didn’t or that both of you took at least 1 crown from each other, then just keep cycling to apply pressure. Remember the #1 rule in double elixir time when using cycle decks: never let your opponent build up elixir.


If on ladder, then keep the pressure, in challenges, then do both keeping pressure and slowly withering away the tower with your Poison, just don’t allow your opponent to build a push.


Any Ground Beatdown: Rush other lane with Hog, then Inferno on Tank, Valkyrie or Poison on support units, Ice Wiz for Support.

Lava Hound: Rush the other lane with Hog, then inferno the unsupported Lava Hound, if supports are already placed, use Poison, Musketeer, and Ice Wizard as well, just be aware that your opponent could just use Lightning for a positive elixir trade (and will cost the game)

Royal Giant: Unless your opponent puts the Royal Giant in the back, never rush the other lane with hog as since your opponent could easily punish you with a Royal Giant at the bridge when you’re low on Elixir. A reactive Inferno Tower will usually wreck Royal Giant, if it’s supported by a distraction such as Minions, keep randomizing the Inferno placement so your opponent can’t easily predict the move. If your opponent has Lightning or Zap to take out the Inferno (Thanks a lot, Salty Ladder FTW), then place inferno in the Anti-Lightning spot. Use Ice Wizard, Musketeer, and/or Valkyrie if needed.

Elite Barbarians: This may be tricky, but if they’re your opponent’s only answer to your Hog, then you have an advantage (unless, of course, your hog is underleveled and the Elites are overleveled) as since your Hog will get guaranteed hits on the tower. Dealing with them isn’t too bad, cheapest counter will probably be Skeletons + Ice Wizard (use Skeletons to pull, then Ice Wizard for a chain pull, all while the Elites are in the kill zone, thus dying much faster.

Hog Cycle (Notably 2.6 Hog): Inferno Tower + Ice Wizard should take care of most pushes, the cannon might be your biggest worry, but Musketeer can outrange it. Just keep counterpushing.

Siege Decks: Inferno Tower should take care of the X-Bow and Mortar, but if they have a tank like a Giant, then save the Inferno for the tank and use Hog Rider for X-Bow and Mortar (Musketeer does work better against Mortar)

Graveyard: Rush the other lane with Hog, Valkyrie and Poison are excellent counters against Graveyard, just use Inferno on the tank.

Spawner Decks: These decks are rare starting from Arena 7, but if you do, you have Valkyrie and Poison, Ice Wizard and Musketeer help too. You can also rush the other lane with Hog if they place a hut down, especially if it’s a Barbarian Hut since that costs 7 Elixir.


  • Hog Rider: You can try Miner, Bandit, Mini P.E.K.K.A., or Lumberjack, but that’ll change the deck completely
  • Skeletons: You can use Ice Spirit, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, or even Guards , Skeleton Army, Archers, or Goblin Gang
  • Valkyrie: I wouldn’t recommend this, but if you want to, then use Executioner, Dark Prince, Baby Dragon, or Bowler
  • Inferno Tower: Any other building is fine, as long as you don’t use Elixir Collector (this building is used on defense), Inferno Dragon (really not recommended)
  • Musketeer: Electro Wizard, Archers, Inferno Dragon, Princess, Executioner, or Wizard
  • Zap: The Log, Arrows, or even Tornado
  • Poison: Fireball, Tornado, Rocket (not recommended), Lightning (not recommended)
  • Ice Wizard: Archers, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Electro Wizard, Wizard, Executioner, Princess


Hope You enjoy this Guide!!! It may not be that great as since this is my first one, but go into the comments if you have anything to say!!!