Top Arena 8 Decks In Clash Royale v1.2.3

Hello my friends, today I am going to give you a quick summary of top Are 8 Decks (Legendary Arena) in Clash Royale from a 4000+ trophies player – The Rum Ham. If you don’t know, every 2 weeks the Arena 8 gets reset as every player who has more than 3000 trophies gets set back to 3000. I am going to show you top archetypes in 3000+ trophies. At this time, there is no reward at all for top players but I think there will be Gem rewards soon.

Top Arena 8 Decks

Best Clash Royale Arena 8 Decks

In summary, Beatdown decks are dominating at Legendary Arena. Most players have been using Freeze. Balloons, Hog Riders, Barbarians and Minion Hordes have torn down a ton of Towers in last week. Also, seems like people don’t want to play with X-Bow any more after the last big nerf.

The Best Beatdown Deck: Hog Freeze

  • Hog Rider
  • Freeze
  • Mini PEKKA/Dark Prince/Valkyrie
  • Skeletons/Goblins/Spear Goblins
  • Zap/Arrows/Fireball

Beatdown Deck in Clash Royale

Beatdown is definitely the most popular Arena 8 deck in this patch after the last balance update. This type of deck is very relentless as you rarely have to wait until 10 Elixir to drop your cards. The core of Beatdown deck is tower-thrashing units (Hog Rider + Mini PEKKA/Dark Prince/Valkyrie) supported by cheap units (Skeletons/Goblins/Spear Goblins). Hog Rider + Goblins combo is the fastest way to take down a Tower with only 6 Elixir or less.

Beatdown give you a very linear strategy as you can easily keep cycling the core troops then use your Freeze for the win. Beatdown deck works perfectly against Siege decks (require a long time to set up) and Control decks.

Seems like this base is a bit helpless in the early game since it doesn’t have any defense but once you have learn what your opponent has and doesn’t have, you can easily attack and counter attacks. The most important part of this Deck is that you easily know when you can’t defend against a certain strategy, you still have a lot of ways to 3 star your opponent for instant win.


The Best Control Deck: Double Prince + P.E.K.K.A

  • P.E.K.K.A
  • Pick 2 from Prince, Dark Prince, Hog Rider
  • Pick 2 from Wizard, Ice Wizard, Princess, Arrows
  • Elixir Collector

Control Deck in Clash ROyale

Double Prince is still one of the most used combos till now as you can easily see them in a lot of battles from TV Royale. This combo is very popular because of the decks versatility. Players using this deck have a lot of ways to defend and endless lines of play. There are always some way to counter/create an attack.

At the start, we usually drop a Elixir Collector in the middle (or a P.E.K.K.A behind the King’s Tower) and wait for opponent’s reaction. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of ways to play this deck. If you get overcommit to a single lane, you can easily double Prince the other lane. If you get attacked by Dual Prince, your P.E.K.K.A can soak all the damage and kill both Princes as well as be ready for the counter attack. You can also easily use Lightning, Rocket, Poison,… in this deck to shore up all Mortar matchups.

With a ton of AoE damage to protect the P.E.K.K.A, you can defend very well again any Golem attack and wait for the perfect time to launce a counter attack with your dual Prince.

The Best Siege Deck: Mortar Deck

  • Mortar
  • Rocket/Lightning
  • Cannon/Tombstone/Tesla/Inferno
  • Goblins/Skeletons
  • Baby Dragon/Princess/Spear Goblins

Clash Royale Mortar Deck

No one plays X-Bow after the super X-Bow nerf (but IMO X-Bow is still good!) and Mortar is the best choice to replace it in Siege decks.

Pretty similar to X-Bow decks, Mortar decks are quite cheaper and easier to play than X-Bow Decks. Not like X-Bow decks which use only X-Bow as the only one damage dealer, with Mortar Decks, you always can deal a decent damage with Rocket, Princess, Baby Dragon or Spear Goblins.

Okay guys, I hope you can easily build your own favorite deck from these Arena 8 Decks summary. If you need more help about deck building, please take a look at this guide. Thanks for reading guys!

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    Could these decks also be used in Arena 7? Same effectiveness?

    • Will Potter

      Of course! You can use them in any arena!

  • Penguin

    I’m actually using the following for arena 5 through 7: PEKKA, Hog, Prince, Ice Wizard, Archers/Wizard(I tend to switch them around every once in a while), Freeze, Elixer Pump, Arrows. It’s quite effective and has some resemblence with the control deck of this post!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share Penguin!

    • Red Hood

      Man i wish i had a legendary :[

      • Will Potter

        Get to Arena 8 and you will be able to buy them in shop soon xD.

  • Trump Wall

    Im having trouble winning some battles and i dont battle consecutively. I have been using some of ur decks posted from before but after one or two battles i would continue to lose. Im a level 7 in arena 4 and i have all the cards from arena 4 and down. So if could make a few more decks ir post a link to a COUPLE decks, that would be great! Btw ur website is great!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog Trump!
      If you are level 7 and still are Arena 4, you have a big problem. You should keep watching your replays and learn from your mistake. You should be at least Arena 6 IMO :(.

      • Red Hood

        Yeah i was able to push to 2400 trophies with hog freeze, and i am at lvl 7

        • Will Potter

          That was impressive. Congrats mate!

          • KingOfGames

            Level 7 and I’m still in arena 4. Maybe it’s because of Supercell.
            Wait… YES IT IS SUPERCELL!!! Supercell keeps putting me agains hard opponents. I know about this. I should probably tell them to stop doing it completely. They should just let the players have fun. Putting them on a losing streak will just either discourage them or make them mad and delete the game.

          • Will Potter

            Good luck further man! I hope Supercell will fix this matchmaking system soon!

          • Hilarious Epicness

            like chess, playing stronger players is the only way to improve your battling skills. maybe ask your clan-mates that are stronger than you to friendly battle you so you can practice your battling skills. Then, brag and show off your skills when actually battling!

          • Maxi H.

            I am with Level 3 in Arena 4. What have u done

          • KingOfGames

            Pls send link to good arena 3-5 deck

          • Roa

            mate i have 3 accounts, one in leg arena and 2 in frozen peaks how do you think i manage? if youre versing hard opponents get BETTER. im sorry but its the truth. If your’e really struggling use hog freeze i am not fond of it but use it to push to arena 5.

      • dRagoniFier

        i was lvl 8 in arena 4
        but now i am lvl 9 in arena 8 / 9 borders.
        Once you learn, it doesn’t matter what lvl you are
        (btw my secomd acount is lvl 4 in arena 6 / 7 border – i know it isnt the best)

    • Lucas BeAben

      lvl 7 in arena 4 ???


      • Hilarious Epicness

        i’m the same

    • Matthew Chad

      This deck got me out of arena 4, boosted me 300 trophies in an hour

      Prince lvl 2
      Freeze lvl 2
      Baby Dragon lvl 2
      Skeleton Army lvl 1
      Fireball lvl 4
      Giant lvl 4
      Minion Hoard lvl 6
      Spear Goblin lvl 6

      Best combo is Giant, w/ minions a second after. I usually wait for max elixir to make a big move.
      Also Fireball can be switched for arrows, and Skeletons can be switched for normal Goblins.

      • Trump Wall

        Is there any troop i could use to replace the giant? Or is the giant just used for a wall for the troops id place behind it?

        • Matthew Chad

          That’s what I use it for, if you have 10 elixir, put down Giant, then Minions about 2 seconds later, the tower and almost any troop they have will target the giant, while the minions can destroy it in seconds, The only 3 counters that work really well are
          1. Arrows, then something for the Giant,
          2. Wizard (Not in arena 4)
          3. Witches are decent, but you still get around 400 damage to the tower
          Most counters fail and result in a destroyed tower 😉

          • everways

            barbs? that’d counter it easily

      • Hilarious Epicness

        I’m going to try this. but is there a similar deck using balloon?

    • natocn5

      This deck got me to Arena 7 out of Arena 3:

      Mini Pekka
      Cannon (or Elixir Pump)
      Arrows (or Zap)
      Spear Gobs

      The deck is pretty self explanatory; the main push is giant with musketeer behind! Good luck!

  • Erfan

    Can we use these decks in arena 7??

    • Will Potter

      Sure! No problem at all dude!

  • Lucky Molsnud


    • Muguet

      Minion Horde.

      • Yoshin Kyung


    • Will Potter

      Yea! A lot players don’t like X-Bow and Mortar!

  • Rómulo Escobar

    I think Chief Pat’s Pekka/freeze is one of the best Pekka variation in all game.


    If you watch tv royale you will see a lot of players playing that deck. Is even much more popular than the Dual Prince/Pekka, after March Balance the brothers still ok but not too good, Valky is a solid card now and musketeer is playing alot now.

    • Will Potter

      P.E.K.K.A is too stronk lol.

  • Lucas BeAben

    Will Could you make a more detailed guide that took a lvl 8 player to arena 8 ???

    • Will Potter

      For sure Lucas! I will do more about this soon!

      • Lucas BeAben


        • Samuel

          Yeah I am really looking forward to this. I really want to get to arena 8! But I still don’t have Dark Prince 🙁

  • Matthew Chad

    I’m a lvl 7 in arena 5, and I can’t seem to get past 1550 trophies, the deck I’ve been using is:

    Prince lvl 2
    Freeze lvl 2
    Baby Dragon lvl 2
    Skeleton Army lvl 1
    Fireball lvl 4
    Giant lvl 4
    Minion Hoard lvl 6
    Spear Goblin lvl 6

    It’s really great up until where I am and would totally suggest to anybody in arena 4, however now I am stuck. Could somebody please suggest something? I have all rares and commons at a decent level, up to arena 5, except wizards. I also have Witch, P.E.K.K.A., Goblin Barrel, Lightning, Rage, and X-bow, all lvl 1 except Goblin Barrel.

    • Will Potter

      You should replace Skeleton Army with something else cheaper, Archers for example. I have posted a lot of good decks, did you give them a try mate?

      • Matthew Chad

        I replaced them with goblins, which helped a lot. Thanks

        • Will Potter

          Awesome. Glad to hear that mate! Congrats!

        • Red Hood

          Getting to know how a deck works and having a good plan for attack and defense is the biggest part. Just keep your elixir in mind when your playing and dont push too hard for something that isn’t there

      • Tozzigh

        How can I see uor other posts?

  • Damien Donoho

    ya im in arena 7 stuck around 2100 trophies. i typically use hog/freeze strategy but it seems that in royal arena many use buildings or many have counter for that deck. could you give me some advice please?

    • Damien Donoho

      deck consists of:
      hog rider lv. 5
      freeze lv. 3
      minion horde lv. 8
      goblin lv. 8
      elixer collecter lv. 6
      arrows lv. 7
      fireball lv. 5
      inferno tower lv. 5

    • Will Potter

      Hmm I don’t really know man :(. I am at Arena 8 and still doing pretty well with Hog Freeze. Maybe it’s because of your playstyle? Do you have any problem while using this strategy?

      • Damien Donoho

        Well I do very well with the strategy and it works quite often but it just seems there has been many decks I face that counter them… typically it goes to 1/1 stalemate with me being closer taking down other tower but it’s been difficult going up against towers distracting hog which I guess what I’m really asking is. How should I go up against say bomb tower or elixir collector in the middle?

        • Will Potter

          Don’t too rely on your Hog. You can push with other troops and use Hog to take down those defenses.

        • Red Hood

          Or you can use spells like lightning poison or fireball

      • Damien Donoho

        Nvm. Modified it and it works well. Just beat a duel prince deck but it doesn’t work well against air attacks

        • Will Potter

          Okay thank you very much!

  • Quinten

    I’m still in arena 3, does anyone know a good deck to come in arena 4?

    • Will Potter

      I have posted lots of great deck buddy! Did you read them all?

  • TicTac

    The first deck is very risky, the only card to attack air troops is spear goblins. Someone with a lava hound will 3 crown you before double elixer time even starts. I suggest adding minions into the deck…

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with it buddy xD

    • jashan grewal

      Na if they have a lava hound place the peka on the other side and rush that side just don’t defend since Pekka does way more damage you will prob win

  • The Devil

    I am using the Helsinki tournament winning deck. It works well but I am stuck at 2100 trophies. I tried a hog freeze deck but I am not able to get past that trophy count. Any tips/suggestions?

    • SilverSmoke

      Look around this website to try and find decks for Arena 7. There are quite a few decent ones.

  • LM

    I have trouble defending against hog freeze using the duak prince and i think i should change it a bit would u pls tell me what should i exchange for a building

    • Will Potter

      Why don’t you just use your Elixir Collector to deal with it?

  • Tyrant

    For some reason, I CANNOT use a beatdown deck, but don’t have much trouble defending against them. I’m good with control decks though.

  • George

    I have a killer Arena eight deck. but I am very reluctant to post it here, because I have never seen it used before and it worried someone will be able to counter it had they seen it on a website

    • George

      btw I am level 8 in arena 8 and this has worked splendid

      • Will Potter

        Thank you so so much George! I am very glad to hear this xD

    • Will Potter

      Please share it. Please :(.

  • Frank Ley

    Weakness!! Ultimate Obliteration deck. 10 consecutive wins. 2000-3000 trophies with few setbacks!

  • Roa

    I use a deck which consists of
    ice wiz
    fire spirits
    This deck does really well against people w/ defensive buildings
    it gives me tons of wins and here’s another deck for arena 6’s it got me to mid 2000’s til i switched to the deck above consists of
    minion horde
    the weakness of these decks are probably just it only has one spell

    • Will Potter

      Nice share. Thank you a lot buddy!

  • Nameer-Zafar

    HEY i am a lvl 9 with lvl9 commons, lvl6 rares and lvl 3 epics, i am currently using trifecta deck of arena 5, i cant push up guys, I wanna go to arena 7, currently i am in arena 5!

    • Will Potter

      Don’t rush, don’t over commit. Be patient and watch your replays!

  • JLopehandia

    My deck destroys people and ive never seen it used once. Goblins, spear goblins, arrows, prince, baby dragon, fire spirits, minions, barbarians. its the real swarm deck. Its 3.3 elixer and im lvl 8 Arena 6. When my commons are leveled I should easily go to arena 7

  • GGgamer101_Mobcrush

    The hog freeze looks good!

  • Jiajie Lai

    What can i replace for ice spirits?

  • Caleb Briggs

    I have a good deck to share. I’m currently a lvl 6 in royal. The deck is made up of
    Giant skelton
    Fire spirits
    Minion horde
    Skeleton horde.
    Decks strength: Strong defensive and easily turns defensive plays onto offenence.
    Weakness: You need to think ahead and play well, otherwise you will be heavily punished.