Stunning Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Are you looking for a good Royal Giant deck for Arena 8? Let’s me show you a new stunning deck, which got lolroflhahalmao to exact 3566 trophies!


Before I start, and to save questions, ice wizard can be easily substituted for archers. Sometimes archers are even more effective than the ice wiz because they do more dps for the same elixir cost.

Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7 and 8!

Explanation of each card in the deck and how it synergies with everything else

Royal Giant – It’s funny how slightly increased range made people think that this card is overpowered now. Card is strong but it’s easily countered. Usually played at bridge and I support it with archers/ice wiz/spear gobs. Be aware of what they do to counter your Royal Giant. If they play inferno tower, play your small minions before your RG.

Elixir Collector – Usually placed at the back corner. This card on its own wins me 60-70% of the games due to the elixir advantage I gain gradually by making efficient trades with my opponent. Sometimes I play it in the middle to distract their RG if I feel like they might take a tower and I’m just defending with the pump.

Ice Wizard – Great for supporting the RG. Card is solid overall, can be used awesome defensively as well as offensively. It gets rid of small minions and it also buys me more time to arrow/fireball minion horde or barbs because it slows down their attack speed.


Minions – I’ve been using them recently and I have to admit they are an amazing card. At higher level, opponents remember your card cycle and usually have arrows ready if you play minion horde, and usually, the minion horde gets wasted and you’re sitting at a negative 2 elixir trade. There aren’t really efficient counters to minions due to the fact that arrows is an even trade, zap does not kill them and fireball is an inefficient trade for the opponent. Also the meta at the 3000-3500 trophy range has shifted away from golem/pekka control decks which means that I don’t really need the extra power to shred tanks.

Arrows – Self explanatory card, y’all already know what it is.

Barbarians – Great for dealing with hog rider/zap cycle decks as zap doesn’t really affect barbs. If placed correctly they shouldn’t even let the hog rider touch your crown tower. Also great at countering opponent’s royal giant due to the fact that fireball does not kill them (unless it is really high level compared to your barbarians) and they always usually survive with a slither of health on your side of the map thus continuing to do damage to opponent’s RG.

Fireball – Super versatile card. Card can be used on barbs, 3 muskies, catching wizard + crown tower, catching elixir pump + troop + crown tower etc. Sometimes very helpful at closing out close games with arrows. Also, a lot of players higher up play princess + minion horde. Usually I fireball the princess and their crown tower and save my arrows for their minion horde. The first trade is inefficient for me but I’m still getting 240 damage on their crown tower.

Spear Goblins – Solid card. Can distract prince/pekka/mini pekka. Great at supporting the RG, especially after you’ve seen your opponent waste their zap on offence or on your minions.


That’s all guys, hope I’ve helped at least one of you. As always, I will be happy to answer as many questions as I can!

  • Boti Szakacs

    Ice Wiz replacement?

    • Emirhand Durur

      Baby D or Regular Wiz IMO

    • TheGamer95J

      It says archers in the first line dude

    • david li

      5 super magical chests or luck

    • Will Potter

      Did you even read the guide above man? You can replace him with either Archers or Wizards!

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    I’d be very glad if you could post a video showing a few battles in which you are utilising this deck. 🙂

    • Vasil G

      hey, i am the original poster i have just made a youtube channel and have posted two replays go check it out! like and subscribe if you found it useful:)!–aXb0nrHP8w

      • M-Hamza Sajjad

        Ok thx a lot!

        • M-Hamza Sajjad

          And also tips for countering double Prince.

          • M-Hamza Sajjad

            I’m waiting for your replies… 🙂

          • WestPKMN

            With Hog Freeze, place something to bait the freeze, then place the barbarians after. With Double Prince, put Minions then a troops to lure in the middle. Keep placing troops to keep the Princes in the middle as long as possible. Royal Giant can be placed as a last minute ditch effort to tank damage.

          • M-Hamza Sajjad

            Ok thx a lot for ur tips! 🙂

          • Will Potter

            You will need to use a tanker to deal with them. Valkyrie and small troops would be great!

  • Nickson Tirtanadi

    Hi, thanks for sharing this awesome deck. I used it yesterday and it gave me 20 win streak which push me from 2200 to 2800 trophy! But, i have a question, what’s the trick when facing RG + Valk + Arrow combo with this deck. I always get wrecked with that type of deck haha. Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      This is AWESOME man! That was very very impressive!

      Hmmm I think you will want to play defensively If you face that combo. Better wait and use your Royal Giant to soak damage and distract Valkyrie for a while!

  • Ist AviX

    I can’t understand why everybody love the royal giant so much. This thing has pretty much more lifepoints and dps than a mortar for a similar use, it can outrange every building and is not distracted by troops. Supercell said they didn’t like the playstyle of the mortar, but I personally prefer fighting against a mortar user than a RG user…

    • Will Potter

      Because they love trophies xD

      • Ist AviX

        Video games has been creates to have fun, and fighting against RG deck is terribly boring 🙁

        • SivHawk

          Well it is fun to use him xD

          • Will Potter


        • Will Potter

          Agree that playing video games is just for fun but we shouldn’t discuss about other players here, right? 😀

    • Aidan Ong

      but upgrade it and itll deal about 100 damge which is overpowered but it sucks now as mine is level 2 so i agree.

      • Ist AviX

        I tried it ( I have a lvl7 RG ), and this wasn’t fun at all : this thing is so op, and the game become so easy… It’s like playing with cheat code : you have all you want instantaneously, and you have nothing interesting to do…

  • Frédéric Lapierre

    Hi, I’ve been unable to find a way to contact you otherwise, so please excuse me for this out of subject post ^^’ :

    I’ve been playing for a while now and been religiously kept coming here since my 600 trophies since this site have a whole analysis of the game, how-to and useful card explanation; and for that I would love to thank you for your hard work 🙂

    Now with a record of 3714 trophies for last season, I’ve notice that there is a guides missing, that I always need to explain to the arena 5-7 players that I train in my guild, and that is the mental game.

    Player don’t know how to keep track of their opponents hands, how to do an opportunist push, how to creatively do positive elixir trade, how/when/why let their tower take damage instead of keep spending their elixir on defense against micro push, force them to use their counter-card on something else (I. E, force their fireball on something else than my barbarian) . That’s the kind of thing that, in my opinion, separate good players from great one.

    And thus, I would like to ask you if top players would be willing to provide some tips, or information about that part of the game, how to recognize it and such.

    Sorry for the long text and thank you again for the website 🙂


    • Will Potter

      Hey man!
      Thank you so much for these words. I will keep asking top players for sharing their own tips and guides! Thanks for visiting my blog! You rock!

  • Psi

    I have an AWESOME ice wiz deck… it is a strategy that is based on the combo with ice wiz and giant

    • Will Potter

      Can you share it mate?

  • stefan anderson

    The deck is really good it got me from 1500 to 3026

    • Will Potter

      Woohoo! Thank you so much for sharing this buddy! That was very impressive!

    • scione

      How in the world do you have royal giant at 1500 trophies?

      • xReMuSx

        It’s easy to get up to 2000 + Trophies and drop back to 1500.

      • stefan anderson

        Sorry meant 2500

  • stefan anderson

    Thanks for the great deck!!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome man!

  • Aidan Ong

    oh god that video is cruel

  • Will Potter

    Good luck with it buddy!

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    Will, in the video he uses archers, but you have listed spear goblins instead… so which one should I use? :/

    • Will Potter

      Use can use either! xD

  • xReMuSx

    I’m using a similar deck, but with wizzard and zap instead of minions and arrows and it got me from 1800 to 2657 trophies so i can confirm this is a good deck. You only need to learn how to play it. I usually like to defend at first and place my elixir collectors down and when my elixir is full i just push with the RG and the wizzard behind.

    My last 20 games with this deck 14 W – 5 L – 1 D

    Ps. My Cards are only lvl 9 and lower.

    • Will Potter

      Nice! Thanks for sharing this buddy xD

    • Huzaifa Siddiqui

      Please tell me exact upgrades u have

  • jchen5012

    any replacements for ice wizzy

    • jchen5012

      woops i saw archers xD should i use ths deck even if royal giatn is at lv8 and most commons are lv7

      • Will Potter

        Yes, just give it a try man!

  • Shinji

    Nice deck! Thanks for sharing. I did some changes by switching the cards below and it turned out to be quite balance and strong against current meta. This deck has an average elixir cost at 3.8.

    Elixir collector > Valkyrie
    Ice wizard > Baby Dragon
    Barbarians > Mini P.E.K.K.A.
    Arrows > Zap
    Spear Goblins > Goblins
    Minions > Musketeer

    In my last 30 games with this deck, I got 20 W, 4 L & 6 D which is quite effective so far.

    I have made a simple video as below, hoping to get some feedbacks from you guys if you don’t mind.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this and thanks for the video man!

  • Animal Kaiser SG

    i have a similar deck except arrows for hog rider – Do you think royal giant still good after the last update ?

  • i m using a similar deck except arrows for hog rider. Do you think royal giant still good after the last update ?

  • Wilbo Baggins

    I think this deck would be nice… If I somehow got higher level troops

    • Will Potter

      Then just do it man! xD

  • Hashim_RMA

    i reached to 2900 with another RG deck, my deck contained two offense troops, the royal giant and the hog ,(RG,hog, zap, fireball, goblins, baby dragon, barbarians, musketeer(or wiz) ) i dont use the RG and the hog at the same time, this is really helpfull when iam dealing with someone who uses defensive building, one to kill it, the other shall be used with a baby dragon or a musketeer to kill their crown tower. ( my commons are lvl 9 and rares are lvl 6)

    • Will Potter

      Yea, using Royal Giant and Hog in one deck is a nice strategy. I did use this kind of deck before with lots of easy wins.

  • Sai

    What to replace the ice wizards, since I don’t have!? Please tell

    • Will Potter

      Hey, as stated above, you can replace him with Archers!

  • Zulfiker D. Zenith

    bro I’ve a deck of RG …here it is : rg,inferno,elix pump,minions, minion horde, valk…how’s it? can I reach arena 8 with this? I’ve made 2830+ trophies with this

  • DEKU

    The bomber is a great replacement for the ice wizard. I don’t have a single legendary and I’m at 2600….

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much mate! You are a great player, for sure!

    • Huzaifa Siddiqui

      I think bomber is a better option i m also putting bomber in my deck

  • Matthew MacLeod

    Just got the ice wizard today in a free chest and I’m excited to use this!

    • Will Potter

      Wow! Congrats my friend! You are super luck!

  • Subinstra

    Thank you so much for sharing! I just reached legendary arena using this deck!

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