Sparky Siege Deck for Arena 8 and 9 – Comprehensive Guide

Hello guys, long time to see a decent Siege Deck? Today, I am going to show you a brand new type of siege deck with the support from Sparky.

Having the tournament option to practice decks was godsend since in the past I lost way too many trophies testing and tweaking decks. Now that I’ve played around with this deck enough (both in tourneys and ladder), this is the result:

Spark Siege Deck

Spark Siege Deck for Arena 8 and 9

I decided to give X-bow a chance since it was my first epic to hit level 4 (most came from the same SMC, my first (and only) one), and went and built a deck around it. Now, sparky being my only legendary is part of my main deck, and so I’ve come to understand its strengths and weaknesses, and realize sparky is a better supporting unit that it is an actual damage dealer. Odds are sparky will never reach the enemy tower when facing a skilled opponent. So, instead of supporting a giant or a RG in the unknown and dangerous lands beyond the bridge, it will support our Xbow right from the safety of our side. Mostly

Card roles

Now it is obvious that all of this deck revolves around the X-bow, but what are the specific purposes of each card?

  • X-bow: Damage dealer of the bunch. Destroyer of towers and misplaced princesses. Wrecker of goblin huts.
  • Sparky: Main support unit. The role of sparky is one shotting mostly everything the enemy places to try and stop your X-bow from steamrolling their tower. Also, natural panic inducer for the unskilled.
  • Furnace: A gigantic issue I had when first trying this deck was dealing with swarmy troops. Goblins, minions, skeletons, you name it. This card takes care of the bunch. It will also take care of two other things: adding to the chip damage of the enemy tower (asuming they’re level 9 or below) and aggroing the sh*t out of your opponent. I’m honestly yet to place a furnace that the enemy doesn’t try to deal with immediately.
  • Elixir pump: this isn’t a cheap deck, so you need to amass all of the elixir you can if you wanna stand a chance against those sneaky control decks that are so popular nowadays.
  • Guards: the bouncers from your decks. These little guys have saved my life and my xbow’s more times than I remember. Zap on your sparky and barbs in front of your xbow?, no matter, just place these and they will (along with the furnace) take care of those pesky assholes.
  • Arrows: mainly used to deal with princesses (since I don’t have The log) and minion hordes whenever my furnace isn’t up.
  • Zap: Multi-purpose, all around card. Mostly used to save my ass when a mini pekka is running towards my tower with a bunch of fire spirits behind him, while a miner distracts it.
  • Inferno tower: oh, the slot I most struggled with. I even tried running 3M in order to deal with air-tank decks. However, this is the card to steal the spot in the end. I will help you take down RG’s when your sparky isn’t around (or just, you know, zapped), distract hogs (along with the furnace), take out baby dragons, balloons, giants, golems, pekkas, lava hounds… You get the point. Invaluable card to deal with beatdown decks. And if the enemy decides to reset it’s damage with a zap… Then your sparky will wreck their sh*t up.

Gameplay: How should you play this deck?

It’s mostly straightforward once you’ve reached the proper rotation needed for it. A godsend card to start with is the elixir pump, for obvious reasons. Since this is a siege deck, its gameplay should be defensive. However, dealing with extremely offensive decks right off the bat can be hard if you start with a bad hand. Don’t be afraid to throw your buildings at the enemy’s troops in order to save your tower! However, be smart about it. These cards have synergy (to an extent), so don’t panic right away when you see that Prince charging at you with a bunch of fire spirits behind it. Now let’s suppose you survived your enemy’s first reckless assault. What’s your move?

Supposing you’re not defending against anything at the moment, you have already placed down your Elixir (or it’s not currently in your hand), and it’s not your starting card, place down the Sparky behind the King, towards the side you want to engage.



After that you wanna place down your Furnace as shown below (depending on whether you want it to last longer or act as a second-hand defensive/distraction building).


Now that your sparky is charging slowly but surely towards the bridge and your furnace is providing cover against pesky hordes2, bring down the thunder (that is, place down your x-bow as shown below.


After that, you just defend agains’t whatever ill-intentioned troops the enemy sends at you, rinse, and repeat.

Counters and match-ups:

So far this deck has proven itself to me by being capable of handling most decks in the current meta quite well. However, keep in mind that any mistake you make is quite heavily punishable, as each card in this deck fulfills a specific role. So far, as far as counters go, I’ve come to find the rocket and 3M are the biggest challenges of this deck. Rocket can one-shot your sparky and X-bow (both in at the same time if the enemy is pacient enough). 3M can simply wreck your face while the tank half-melts to your inferno tower. Your only hope to this match-up is pray that your sparky isn’t zapped or frozen when it comes to range. That and Guards, for distraction and some damage, obviously. Another couple of cards that make your life difficult:

  • Royal giant: can tank the xbow and heavily reduce its lifetime while your sparky/inferno takes care of it.
  • Poison: can slow down your xbow’s attack speed to a crawl while simultaneously damaging your xbow and killing your fire spirits from the furnace.
  • Miner: oh the overpowered and overly popular miner. This card is a pain for any deck, IMO. In this case, it will bring down your elixir pumps if your guards aren’t up to defend it, or if you fail to accurately identify where it will surface.
  • Valk: paired with zap to stun your sparky, this card can take your whole offensive out by herself. Given that guards are pretty much useless against her, unless you have your inferno up and close to your Xbow.

Now keep in mind these aren’t hard counters, just cards that can be difficult to deal with in the right hands. In other words, it comes down to skills when you face these cards.

That’s it for this guide guys. Let me know any questions or suggestions you might have. Hopefully it will persuade you to try new cards and gamestyles :).

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