Solid Mortar Deck for Arena 8+

Back in November I was stuck in Frozen Peak and mostly used an off meta Prince Knight push cycle deck which brought me to arena 8 from Builders Workshop however this Prince deck could no longer bring me trophies.

I tried many decks and Giant Poison was huge in the meta but I absolutely loved low average elixir decks as well as the Mortar.

I have made multiple changes as the meta has fluctuated over the months but I still continue to win most of my games.

I have gone from low Arena 8 to 3500+ trophies in the past couple months. Here is the deck.

Solid Mortar Deck

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale TeslaClash Royale MinionsClash Royale The Long
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale ArchersClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Skeleton Army

Solid Mortar Deck

The Deck

Mortar – This card is the center of the deck and most of your siege damage (if not all) will come from it.

The Idea is to place this after stopping a push with Tesla, Minions, and/or Archers and using whatever cards you still have alive on the map to reinforce the Mortar as it spawns/builds.

As you use this deck more and more you will be able to recognize enemy patterns and learn to put Archers down behind your Mortar to counter Minions or have Arrows ready for a Minion horde and so on.

Tesla – This card is really strong and in my opinion over looked. With the amount of all air decks I went against I substituted my cannon for Tesla found it to be much better.

I place it either between the two Arena Towers farther back on defense or close to my Mortar when I get the Elixir advantage (mostly in 2x Elixir).

Minions – Minions are much more versatile than Mega Minion simply because there are three of them Although Mega Minion can counter them, I have had many instances where the opponent left my Minions untouched and let them approach their Arena Towers as Minions seem fairly weak by themselves which the enemy never allowed me to get away with when I used Mega Minion. Because of this I tend to get a free 250 damage or so on a tower that is left undefended from my Minions that are alive from a defense to offense push.

Like all other troop cards in this deck, play this with/in front of your Mortar if not another troop.

Archers – If you could not tell already I love commons. Part of this is because I have terrible luck and cannot seem to get all the Legendaries.

Anyways I use Archers because they are good against many cards that I see every game.

For example, they are in my opinion the best counter for Graveyard and do well against many flying units as well as dish out fair damage for only three Elixir as a back line. I like to play these in the far back when the enemy is building a push and I do not have a good offensive starting hand.

Ice Golem – This is my only rare in the deck. I substituted Ice Golem for the Knight when the elite barbarian meta was all the craze.

I still see Elite Barbarians quite often and using the Ice Golem to kite the Elite Barbarians to the other side of the map is one of the biggest game changers I see. This same kiting method can be used for Minions, Prince, Dark Prince, Knights, and other melee units.

It is also an incredible counter for Skeleton Army.

The Log – Such a self explanatory card for this deck. I used to use zap but then I got The Log and have never gone back.

The Log along with the Ice Golem means you almost always have a counter for Skeleton Army up as well as being able to take out Tombstone, Archers, and Princess.

For only two Elixir each, The Log and Ice Golem work like magic.

Skeleton Army – I hate Royal Giant (don’t we all). I know I use Mortar, but Mortar lovers are not near as bad as Royal Giant users trust me (no offense).

Skeleton Army however has shown much success against not just the Royal Giant, but against Hog Rider, Giant, Musketeer, Elite Barbarians, Golem, P.E.K.K.A, Giant skeleton, sparky, you name it! Skeleton Army is incredibly good when placed with an attack Mortar behind.


The enemy will almost always counter this card with a spell. Think about this: if they use spells to take out your own troops that’s less troops they have on the map to take out your Mortar.

Arrows – Like The Log this card speaks for itself. Use it to counter the opponents own counter for your Mortar placement (Ex: enemy Minions, Skeleton Army, Goblins, etc.).

This is good against the zap bait decks that are on the rise and with this in addition to The Log you will always have a counter for Goblin barrels.


So now that you know the basics of each card we can better understand how to make plays with them. I will explain this chronologically based on typical matches I play, keep in mind this is the deck I have been using for almost four months now with some tweaks here and there so I have seen hundreds of matches.

Starting a game you will need to know what you can do with your four current cards and next one in your hand.

  • If you see mostly troops and/or Tesla, you have a good defense/counter push hand.
  • If you ever start with Mortar you will probably be getting some good early damage.
  • Never play first (as always) unless they leave the match. With the better defensive hand this should not be much of a problem.
  • If they place anything down start with an Ice Golem or Archers in the far back (try to get the Golem in front of the Archers). As the enemy troops approach place a defensive Tesla and when you clear all troops place that Mortar and defend it as long as you can. After this rinse and repeat. With the starting hand that begins with a Mortar do the same but you might have to cycle to Archers/Ice Golem or even Tesla. This should not be a problem as you’re average Elixir is 3.0. Do the same thing as said before once you have cycled and go into a Mortar counter push.

Specific Tips

Spells – When I place a Mortar I like hover my spells over the bridge so I can quickly take out Minions, Minion horde, Skeleton Army, etc.

Dealing With Inferno – Although it seems easy to deal with, the inferno tower is build pretty fast and once it locks on to you Mortar you can kiss you Mortar good bye. If you know the enemy has the inferno tower in their rotation and you are about to place a Mortar with your counter push, place either Ice Golem and Archers or Skeleton Army.

Against Hog Rider – Skeleton Army and Tesla should do the trick.

Any Type of Beat Down Deck – Use Ice Golem on far edges of the map to tank ranged units behind enemy tank. Use Tesla to pull tank to the middle. Use log for any small units or Arrows for flying. Place Minions on top of tanks or on top of melee units. Place Archers in the back away from towers so Fireball will not kill them as well as clip your tower. As always this defense will transform into a Mortar counter push.

Against Golems – Hope that you start out with Mortar and push the other side then defend the rest of the game. Take out Golem with Minions + Tesla or Skeleton Army + Tesla.

Against All Air Decks – Like I said I almost lost my mind going against air deck after air deck which is how Minions, Tesla, Arrows, and Archers made their way into my deck. Just like the beat down decks but this time the lava hound is the tank. Oh and spam Teslas.

One/No Crown Defense – If I feel like I cannot get another crown or I cannot win. I will place a Tesla in the middle of my side and a Mortar behind it and place troops accordingly to the enemy deck type.

Be Patient – Remember it’s all about supporting your Mortar do not try to build up a troop push. It will not work! Note: Three crowns will be rare. I mostly only get three crowns when the enemy leaves the match.

Do Not Troll With Emotes – STOP THE MADNESS PLEASE :]

Substitutions (Might not have as much success)

Mortar – None. X-Bow and Mortar are not the same. Mortar has a ring around it where it canno target units standing in it. This allows it to hit enemy Arena Towers even if a Giant is standing right on top of the Mortar (X-Bow cannot do this). X-Bow is also too expensive for me. ;D

Tesla – Cannon/Tombstone can be used (keep in mind all air decks). Inferno tower is good against Royal Giant.

Minions – Minions horde or Mega Minion are fine.

Archers – Spear Goblins and maybe Musketeer.

Ice Golem – If you absolutely have to change out Ice Golem, your best bet is probably to use Knight (do not confuse with Prince).

The Log – Zap is good with Ice Golem even after the nerf Ice Golem and zap take out Minion hordes for a positive Elixir trade.

Skeleton Army – There is not a very good substitute. You can use skeletons or Goblins but they will never give you the success Skeleton Army does.

Arrows – Just like The Log, zap is a decent replacement however I would probably go with Fireball just because it would give you a card to better take out buildings like Elixir Collector. This deck does lack a card for taking out buildings like huts and other buildings (that reminds me the Mortar can be placed in the middle by the river to take out enemy buildings in the middle of their side. Use wisely).

Thank you for reading!