The Slot Method for Deck Building in Clash Royale

In this guide, I’m going to outline how I approach deck building, tweaking, and evaluating. I’m not a master, so feel free to let me know in the comments what I’ve missed! It’s general enough that almost all decks should fit under the guide, but some decks may not.


The Slot Method for Deck Building

With that being said, let’s get to it!

If you would like me to analyze your deck in the comments, feel free to write it out!


1. Slot Definitions

  • Slot [1]: Win Condition
  • Slot [2]: Win Condition #2
  • Slot [3]: Win Condition Support
  • Slot [4]: Main Defense
  • Slot [5]: Defensive Support
  • Slot [6]: The Runner
  • Slot [7]: Versatile Response Card
  • Slot [8]: Spell

2. Deck Examples:

  • Hog Trifecta
  • Giant/Sparky Beatdown
  • Giant/Guards Beatdown
  • Golem Beatdown
  • Miner/Furnace Cycle
  • PEKKA Double Prince Beatdown
  • Royal Giant Beatdown
  • Siege Beatdown

3. Testing Decks:

  • 1. Test in Friendlies with people near your trophy level
  • 2. Test in a tourney
  • 3. Test in the ladder after you are comfortable with the deck
  • 4. Look back and see which decks you regularly lost to. If it was the same person, take it with a grain of salt as that person might just have an edge on you in skill.



[Slot 1] : Win Condition Card & Dynamic Push-Maker


  • Giant
  • Hog
  • RG
  • Golem
  • Miner
  • Prince (in early arenas)
  • Giant Skeleton
  • Lavahound
  • Balloon (in early arenas)
  • Barbarian Hut
  • X-bow
[Slot 2] : Win Condition Card # 2


  • Sparky
  • 3 musketeers
  • Balloon (with Giant)
  • Hog (with RG)
  • Dark Prince
  • Goblin Hut
  • Mortar
[Slot 3]: Win Condition Support


  • Bomber
  • Princess
  • Fire Spirits
  • Musketeer
  • Mini Pekka
  • Wizard
  • Knight
[Slot 4]: Main Defensive Card


  • Mini Pekka
  • Furnace
  • Defensive buildings
  • Tombstone
  • Minion Horde
  • Valkyrie
  • Skeleton Army
[Slot 5]: Defensive Card Support


  • Ice Wizard
  • Ice Spirit
  • Baby Dragon
  • Elixir Collector
[Slot 6]: The Runner


  • Musketeer
  • Mini Pekka
  • Princess
  • Ice Wizard
  • Furnace & Spawner Huts
  • Bowler
  • Guards
  • Witch
  • Valkyrie
  • Lumberjack
[Slot 7]: Versatile Response Card


  • Spear Goblins
  • Goblins
  • Archers
  • Minions
  • Skeletons
  • Goblin Barrel
[Slot 8]: Spell Slot


  • Arrows
  • Fireball
  • Mirror
  • Rage
  • Freeze
  • Zap
  • Lightning
  • Poison
  • Rocket



When you read about decks, they’re called “Hog Cycle”, “Miner Cycle”, “RG Beatdown”, “Golem Beakdown”, “PEKKA Double Prince”, “Giant beatdown”, “Mortar Siege”, etc. Each deck has 1 singular card that characterizes how the deck is played and what its win condition is.

That’s the card in this slot. The play maker. The tower taker. The rage-quit inducer. This is the center of your deck, and it determines which archetype your deck fits into.


This slot is the secondary win condition card. This card supports the main pusher in such a way that the win condition is enabled.

When you think about the main push of your deck, this is the card that you’ll put down with your main dynamic card.

For example, this could be Musketeer with Hog or Giant; Dark Prince with Prince; Sparky with Giant; Mini Pekka with Miner; Goblin Hut with Barbarian Hut; or 3 Musketeers with Giant.


This slot is win-condition push support. When you are going on full offense, you’ll drop down this card to get your push to the tower. It doesn’t always have to be a troop—sometimes it is a spell (poison, zap, arrows).

You’ll see a lot of splash damage in this slot, as it clears out cheap units that can take out tanks quickly. Bomber, Wizard, Fire Spirits, and Princess all fit in here.

You’ll also see high DPS troops who’s goal is to get damage on the tower, like Mini Pekka and Musketeer.


This is the first of 2 defensive slots. You’ll use this card to handle enemy pushes and minimize damage on your tower. This is the main “wall” that enemy pushes will run into.

Cards that fit in this slot are defensive buildings, Minion Horde, Valkyrie, and Mini Pekka.


This is the second defensive slot. These cards will support the action of your main defensive card to stop pushes faster.

Cards that fit into this slot are Ice Wizard, Ice Spirit, and Baby Dragon. Your options aren’t just limited to these cards; most decks also pick from the list above for this second defensive slot.

This slot can also be used for an Elixir Collector. It doesn’t help on defense, per say, other than providing extra elixir to stop pushes with.



This is The Runner. This slot is both offense and defense: you can start this card on defense to stop a push and transition it easily into an offensive push. They’re efficient, and you can use them solely for offense or defense if necessary.

Cards that fit into this slot are Musketeer, Mini Pekka, Princess, Bowler, Guards, Witch, Valkyrie, Lumberjack, and Spawner Huts.


This is the versatile response card slot. These cards are there for when you are caught off guard and don’t have a good defensive card to play. You can drop any of these cards to distract/counter big pushes while you cycle to a good defensive card.

On the other hand, you can also drop these guys behind a big push. If you have the extra elixir, they can support your main push and make it even more powerful.

You want to pick these guys carefully because you want to be able to play them anytime and get maximum value from them. If they don’t target air, you may be caught off guard during an air attack—so you’ll want air-targeting defensive cards or an air-targeting Runner.

Cards that fit in here are Spear Goblins, Goblins, Archers, Skeletons, Goblin Barrel and Minions.


This last slot is the spell slot. Not all decks carry a spell, but almost all do. This is the slot where you can put your spell.

I know Goblin Barrel is a spell, but I listed it in Slot 7 because it functions more as a versatile response than a true spell.


Let’s start by discussing HOG TRIFECTA:

  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): Hog
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Musketeer
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Poison
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Cannon
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Elixir Collector
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Valkyrie
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Skeletons
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Zap

As you can see, it doesn’t perfectly follow the guide above—but it generally does. The main exceptions are in Slots 3 and 5.

Strictly speaking, Slot 3 is normally a troop, but it can also be a spell. If there are more than 1 spells in a deck, that’s why. One or both are mainly used to support offensive pushes.

This deck doesn’t run a true “defense only” second card, but an Elixir Collector in Slot 5. The reason the deck can get away with that is because Valkyrie is a classic Runner: it can be used on defense and then transition well into offense.


  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): Giant
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Sparky
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Fire Spirits
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Mini Pekka
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Ice Wizard
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Fireball
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Goblin Barrel
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Zap

This deck (from Chief Pat) fits the guide really well, except for Slot 6. There isn’t a true “Runner” in this deck, but you could argue that Mini Pekka and Ice Wizard both fit that role, since they will eliminate enemy pushes so well.


  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): Giant
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Musketeer (if this was 3 MUSKETEER BEATDOWN, 3 Musketeers would be here)
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Poison
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Mini Pekka
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Elixir Collector
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Princess
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Guards
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Zap

This deck fits the guide really well. The only exceptions are for Slot 3 and Slot 5, which I already discussed in HOG TRIFECTA.


  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): Golem
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Minions
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Spear Goblins
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Minion Horde
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Elixir Collector
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Valkyrie
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Goblins
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Arrows

This deck (from Galadon) has a solid core, filling the main slots. However, Slot 2, Slot 3, and Slot 7 can be interchanged.

This deck is basically arrow-bait, with support cards that can be interchanged with each other. It doesn’t fit within the slots as well because of how versatile it is: no card is fixed in one role.

This type of deck is powerful because you aren’t forced to play half of your deck in any one particular way. You have room to be flexible and adapt to your opponent.


  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): Miner
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Guards
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Zap
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Mini Pekka
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Spear Goblins
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Furnace
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Princess
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Poison

This deck (from /u/Bellator_Gaius)

’s post) is flexible, like the GOLEM BEATDOWN deck above. You could argue to interchange Slot 2, Slot 3, Slot 5, and Slot 7 with each other.

As said above, this flexibility is why it is so popular in tournaments, where you have no idea what you are going to face.


  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): PEKKA
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Prince
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Freeze
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Minion Horde
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Elixir Collector
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Dark Prince
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Princess
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Arrows

This deck (from Chief Pat) fits the slot guide really well.


  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): Royal Giant
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Minions
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Archers
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Cannon
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Elixir Collector
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Barbarians
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Goblins
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Zap

This deck (from Molt) fits the guide well, except for the supporting cards. Slot 2, Slot 3, and Slot 7 can be interchanged.

This deck is an example of one with a strong core and flexible support cards.


  • Slot 1 (Win Condition): Mortar
  • Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Miner
  • Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Princess
  • Slot 4 (Main Defense): Minion Horde
  • Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Tombstone
  • Slot 6 (The Runner): Mini Pekka
  • Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Ice Wizard
  • Slot 8 (Spell): Zap

This deck (from /u/Wwoody123

) is a great example of a flexible deck. Slot 2, Slot 3, Slot 6, and Slot 7 can arguably be interchanged.

These examples show that the very best decks are those that don’t stick rigidly to this guide. Use it as an example of how to build a deck, but don’t be afraid to mix things in so you are able to adapt to anything and be flexible.


Ok, so you’ve made it this far and want to know how to test decks. First things first, don’t rush building a deck. Think carefully about what cards you want, and start in order of slots. You’ll pick out your win condition and offensive support cards first, then pick defensive cards.

Once you have a deck, find someone in your clan around your trophy level. Play them a few times in friendlies and get a sense of how your deck performs. Ask them to play different archetypes, so you see if your deck is strong against, say Giant/Guards, but weak against Trifecta. Play more than one person, if possible.

After your friendly battles, tweak your deck. You can swap out cards for different things and see what works best. I tend to swap out supporting cards most often (Slots 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7), and I don’t generally swap out more than 3 cards once I’ve built a deck.

Once you have gotten your deck tweaked, play with it in a tourney. Don’t focus on changing your deck while you’re in the tourney, just play and try to win.

After the tourney is over, then look back at your battle log and see what you’ve won and lost against. This gives you valuable feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your deck.

Once you’ve done all this, your deck is ready for the ladder! Play with it and continue to tweak as necessary, but don’t tweak continually. If you like your deck, don’t change it because of a string of losses. Take a break and come back later, and then see if you still need to change it.

That’s all I’ve got, thanks for reading!

Shared by MWolverine63.

  • Andrew Li

    Thanks for the info! Could you also please suggest me a really good princess deck? I know that some of the example decks above have princesses in them, but I would like to know a powerful and effective deck. Thanks!

    • Mayonnaise

      The deck I just posted is good, the one about hog, mini p cycle. Swap out spear goblins or something, hope it is good

    • Ishmam

      Princess is good with basically any deck. If u r a Hog or RG user then adding in the princess for a cheap card like spear goblins or skeletons could be good

      • CRwithzws

        But I have a level 3 princess, it never showed up in any of my resent decks. Ice wizard is better. Just because princess dies to arrows or poison. Even miner. Beside she won’t do any major damage.

        • Ishmam

          So just cuz princess dies easily & doesn’t do too much damage she’s bad?! She has a purpose; to clear out cheap swarms, which can give u a positive elixir trade.

          Ice Wizard is an excellent defender, but is not that great on offense, while miner, he’s a mini tank. So don’t compare these with the princess cuz each of them have different purposes. Despite being easily killed by arrows she is still my favourite card simply cuz she offers a lot of value. So for being a legendary she is the most balanced card IMO. So please think of the value u will get cuz u probably don’t use her right.

          Ice Wizard MIGHT be better but mostly on defense. Princess + Zap can easily clear out minion hordes & other cheap swarm cards. The Princess is good on defense & a really good support on offense, especially on counterpushes. These 3 legendaries have different purposes, & 80% – 90% of players will disagree that Princess isn’t as good as Ice Wizard or Miner.

          Though I respect ur opinion on ur favorite legendary. I love Princess simply cuz I can use her really well. Trust me, lvl 3 Princess does really good work. Plus, mine is only lvl 1.

          • CRwithzws

            Ice wizard can do nearly all job the princess can do, not only killing swarms, but he can also slow down tanks. I agree with you that the princess deals a good amount of damage and can out range anything. But in this miner meta protect your princess will cost a lot of elixirs. Nearly everyone’s deck have spells, which will make her useless. Princess is amazing, but just like those ice/fire sprites, they don’t guarantee damage. The best way is use both ice wizard and princess in a deck. Ice wiz+princess can handle nearly any pushes except for royal giants. But sadly, I just can’t squeeze in one more legendary in my deck.

          • Ishmam

            That’s true. I also have the ice wizard (lvl 2 aswell) & yes he shows up more in my decks than princess. But for some reason I find it fun to use the Princess. I use a hog cycle deck with both of em in

    • Will Potter

      Princess is a support troop. There isn’t any way that built around her. You can put her in almost any deck :D.

  • Skyfire

    Can you suggest me a no legendary deck for frozen peak?

    • Terry Bert

      Royal giant lvl 9
      Minions lvl9
      Fire spirits lvl 9
      Zap lvl 9
      Fireball lvl 6
      Musketeer lvl 7
      Valkyrie lvl 6
      Bomb tower lvl 6

      • Terry Bert

        Got me to legendary arena with level 6 musketeer but I got enough cards like 2 days after

        • Terry Bert

          I also have a mortar deck if you fancy those

          • CRwithzws

            Me too I have a mortar deck. But I stop using it in the royal giant meta.

      • CRwithzws

        No RG plz!

    • Will Potter

      Most decks I posted don’t require any Legendary. Did you try them all?
      Trifecta is very good at the current meta!

  • Dalionous

    What about this deck?
    Lava Hound(Win Condition #1) -Minions(Win Condition #2) – Baby dragon(Win Condition Support) – Mini P.E.K.K.A.(?The Runner?) – Goblins(?Main Defense?) – Zap(?Versatile Rsponse Card?) – Spell(Poison) – Elixir Collector(?Defensive Support?)
    I think something isn’t adding up… Should I replace something? Have you any Other suggestions? Btw I have not any other legendaries. Thanks in advance!

    • Mayonnaise

      I do not tell me how expensive your deck is, if it is over 4.0 make it cheaper. Or make a really air heavy deck as most people have only 1or 2 air targeting unit. Use goblin barrel to bait spells in the air heavy deck

    • CRwithzws

      Instead of baby dragon, use balloon or minion horde/barbs. Baby dragon is just useless.

  • Mayonnaise

    This my deck, what do you think, in arena 7
    Slot 1 hog rider
    Slot 2 goblins
    Slot 3 fire spirits
    Slot 4 inferno tower
    Slot 5 minions
    Slot 6 mini PEKKA
    Slot 7 spear goblins
    Slot 8 zap

    Very flexible and quick paced;)

    • D-Mate19

      Maybe try cannon over inferno. Cycle decks usually don’t have a 5 cost building

      • Mayonnaise

        It gives the deck an average elixir cost of 3.0 and I face a lot of royal Giants and golems and canon just is not good enough, nor tesla. Tell me what u think If I should change it and try the deck out with tesla, canon or inferno

        • Ishmam

          It depends, but if RGs r ur main problem, then sure, carry an inferno.

          I recommend inferno cuz everyone uses RGs in normal battles & Giant poison in tourneys. Ur deck is good overall

        • D-Mate19

          Mini pekka cannon should deal with them. The 2.8 variation is proven to work

          • Mayonnaise

            U tried it? Better then inferno, tell me please D-Mate19

          • Terry Bert

            No, I use rg deck to get to legendary arena and Im so happy when someone uses mini pekka plus cannon plus they just get melted by minions, Not the horde though, Couple minions with zap their mini pekka only gets 1 shot

          • D-Mate19

            Yeah but people carrying that combo are quite rare, i find 1/12 of my opponents using Royal giant use that strat

        • CRwithzws

          If you are using inferno tower you need to bait out their zap. Otherwise inferno tower is useless. Just hog goblin other lane. Your opponent will use their zap, then your IT will be safe.

          • Mayonnaise

            U read my mind I always do that to bait zap

    • Will Potter

      Looks great But personally I will replace Goblins with Elixir Collector!

  • Hamish


    Slot 1 (Win Condition): PEKKA

    Slot 2 (Win Condition #2): Prince

    Slot 3 (Win Condition Support): Freeze

    Slot 4 (Main Defense): Minion Horde

    Slot 5 (Defensive Support): Elixir Collector

    Slot 6 (The Runner): Dark Prince

    Slot 7 (Versatile Response Card): Princess

    Slot 8 (Spell): Arrows

    In this deck, could i use wizard instead of minion horde, valkyrie for dark prince and spear goblins for princess. Is the any place where i can place zap?

    • Asdfire

      If you had a princess, you could replace arrows for zap

    • Will Potter

      Nice one 😀

  • King Tee

    Slot 1 Giant

    Slot 2 Musketeer

    Slot 3 Poison

    Slot 4 Mini Pekka

    Slot 5 Elixir Collector

    Slot 6 Guards

    Slot 7 Ice wizard

    Slot 8 Zap

    What do you guys think, can i make it to Legendary with this Deck. I am currently at 2600 trophies, but i can’t get much higher than that.

    • Pancakes


      • King Tee

        Giant 7, Musketeer 6, Poison 3, Mini Pekka 6, Collector 5, Guards 2, Ice Wizard 1 and Zap 9

        • Terry Bert

          Use minions instead of guards

    • andrewro

      I am lvl 9 with epics-2 [email protected] common-8 and at 2800 trophies I changed the ice with dark prince great vs barbs and gobilinse since itshe not so great against swarms

      • King Tee

        yeah but i need more air defense i play against a lot giant loon decks and without the ice wizard i can barely stop that push

    • Terry Bert

      Yh you can a lot of top people are running this deck lucky you got that ice wiz

  • Diego Vazquez

    Giant, witch, mini p, minions, poison, zap, goblin barrel, collector. What do you think?

    • Mark

      not good for pushing for farming chest yh 😉

  • CRwithzws

    My mortar siege deck in the slot method:

    spear goblins

    slot 3 and 8 can be switched around to protect the mortar. My opponent will usually respond my mortar with horde/barbarians. Fireball barbarians then arrow the horde. Rocket is the second win condition. It’s usually the rocket deal the final shot to their arena tower, but not the mortar.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good way to make new decks, however don’t fixate too much on these slots: many troops fits different slots. I’m currently using a lavahound deck (gobs – musketeer – mini pekka – valkyie – lava hound – furnace – elixer pump – zap) and it depends on which tactic my opponent is using which card is in which slot.

    For example:
    If my opponent uses three musketeer sparky, valkyrie is in slot 4 (main defense) and zap in slot 5 (defensive support).
    If my opponent uses hog trifecta, mini pekka is in slot 4 and goblins are in slot 5.
    If my opponent uses giant-loon, my musketeer is in slot 4 and the furnace is in slot 5.

    In short, make sure you have all these slots filled in, but sometimes can one troop fit in different slots

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share mate!

  • Lightning King

    How about this deck? Royale Giant, Mini PEKKA, Valkyrie, Fire Spirits, Elixir Collector, Spear Gobs,Minions, zap…

    • Hept Soul

      I might swap in a furnace or goblin hut for either the fire spirits or elixir collector. They can be used to distract hogs and chip/support with RG.

  • Lightning King

    Is it possible to push to Legendary Arena with the Hog Trifecta? And if so, what are the level of the cards needed? I’m currently at 2500 trophies.

    • Nate

      Well the top players use it so yea u could make it to legendary. The card levels I would say would be (If you are skilled)9/6/3/1 but if you are skilled enough would be 10/7/3/1
      In legendary arena, you play against really good players with higher levels so you must be able to match this levels with either your own levels or legendaries(which in legendary arena are much easier to obtain in the shop, so your opponent will have some legendaries too). All in all, if you practice with the deck and you know how to play each card in any given situation, you should be able to make it to legendary. I made it to legendary with 2 legendaries(lava hound and ice wizard) as a level 9, and I have since bought 2 in the shop(miner and princess). I never tried the deck since my poison was always too low, but I’ve played some really good trifecta users with 9/6/3, and ultimately they beat me :(. So you can make it

      • Abed Daouk

        You can try princess lava hound push deck so your opponent don’t know which he should fire arrows at lava pups, princess or minons


      Yes, it’s possible, minimum levels :
      Hog – Lv 7

      Musk – Lv 7~6

      Valk – Lv 7

      Skeletons (one elixir) – Lv 9~8

      Cannon – Lv 9

      Elixir Collector – Lv7~6

      Poison – Lv 4

      Zap – Lv 9

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course. I am pushing well in Arena 9 with Trifecta!
      You will want to get your Rares to at least level 7 and Commons to at least level 9!

  • Hept Soul

    IMO, this guide is a good way to make a good deck, but I think if you are to make a great deck, ALL your cards (besides the one offensive card, the giant-balloon, or the defensive building) need to be versatile, being strong on both offense and defense. This is the reason why defense-only cards like skeleton army and barbarians (nobody uses them at the top you can check) and offense-only cards that can’t guarantee a win on their own (goblin barrel and rage) are rarely used.

    • Will Potter

      Yep, this style is very popular at this time :D.

  • XCammikaze

    Hi i would like a suggestion on my deck it got me to arena 7 at 2220 trophies but can’t get higher so here is the deck

    P.S:Should i replace collector with gobs to make it cheaper?

    • Mayonnaise

      Won you need to pump up so you have enough elixir for your PEKKA which is your main win condition I am guessing

      • Terry Bert

        First remove the rage for fireball, I’ll advice a bomb tower instead of inferno, Then ur all good

        • Mark

          keep inferno replace rage with fire ball, and replace wizard with bomber also im not liking decks that all rely on 1 card as its too much of a risk so reply back to me if what i just said doesnt work for you

    • Will Potter

      Hmm I think you should replace Rage with something else. Goblins for example. Good luck!

  • Terry Bert

    The win condition in giant balloon is actually balloon and it run at the top so no need to put in early arenas

  • Kerbeks

    Deck:lavahound,balloon,minions,elixir collector,sgobs,zap,mini pekka plz analyze the deck, the highest I’ve reached is 2889 with it but after then I’ve dropped


    Analyze my deck pls :

    Hog Ridder – lv 7
    Zap – lv 9
    Bomb Tower – lv 7
    Poison – lv 3
    Barbarians – lv 9
    Archers – lv 9
    Fire Spirits – lv 9
    Elixir Collector – lv 6

    And if you can, suggest me a deck with the Lumberjack (my only legendary), i like play with the bomb tower, and these spells -> Poison and zap, (Im writing this because i made many decks and none has worked.. with the golem, real gg, Hog, Giant, Xbow, but if you want, you can suggest this units to the new deck with him).

    • Mark

      ok i dont have any legendaries but with what you said this is the best deck i can think of *Lumberjack, poison, zap, hog, minions, barbarians, inferno tower, fire ball. sorry but bomb tower would not work out for this deck.

  • Samantha

    Im stuck in arena 5 and i m lvl 8.i want to push my this deck suitable

    • Mark

      i would suggest to not have both tombstone/Goblin hut, tombstone would be good if you truly want to use it. If your free to play do not use epics, as they will not be as good as your rares and commons for pushing trophies. I would definatly suggest bomber instead of wizard as its just as usefull with lower elixer and can be used to your advantage! Also i would suggest minions instead of spear gobs as your air defense is not that good if they are behind tanks and plus they are better for behind the hog.
      For people in arena 5 giant/hog is in every deck so i would say inferno is better then tombstone 😉 hope i helped.

  • Mayonnaise

    What is a beatdown deck, also new deck what do you think 3-1 wins in a tourney lost o guy in first
    Hog Rider
    Spear Goblins
    Mini Pekka
    Fire Spirits

  • TallSmalley

    A slightly non-traditional counter push deck.

    Mini Pekka
    Fire Spirits
    Spear Goblins
    Baby Dragon
    Elixer Pump

    • Will Potter

      Looks pretty cool. I will give it a try!
      How are you doing with it mate?

      • TallSmalley

        I was doing well but plateaued. So I traded out the Baby Dragon for a Musketeer and I am rolling again. Best part is, that means no epics or legionaries so I can lvl up all the cards fairly easily.

  • Ryan Wong

    I’m not sure what win condition means. Is it just something that takes down the tower? If that’s the case, then why would Giant and golem be included as win conditions? Usually their supports do most of the damage

    • Will Potter

      Win Conditions are basically the key cards 😀

  • Joshua Tellez

    One of the things that I would like to have clarified is the ladder? What does that mean? The trophy ladder?

    • Will Potter

      Yes that’s right buddy! The normal matchmaking system!

  • tmy0007

    This deck is a bit different from normal decks you see around but just wanted to know what you think. (Anyone welcome to comment)

    Baby Dragon
    Mini Pekka
    Fire spirits
    1 Elixir Skeletons

    • Will Potter

      Looks like a great one buddy! xD
      How are you doing with it? xD

  • Mark

    Hmm i guess i might as well share mine out there this is the deck that got me to arena 7, and all the way too 2237 as my highest trophies so far trying to push to arena 8 as you read this.

    -hog rider (5)
    -Fire Ball (5)
    -Inferno tower (5)
    -Knight (7)
    -Bomber (7)
    -Barbarians (7)
    -minions (7)
    -arrows (7)

    I hope this deck will help people push out of there Arena 5/Arena 6/Arena 7
    Maybe even out of arena 4, spawner is main problem if not played against correctly if you want i can post a guild to this deck if hard for people to understand.

    • Mark

      Also will what arena are you in, are you f2p player, and your highest trophies you’ve gotten too your pretty awesome, and inspired me to share my deck as i stay quit. Except my decks have always worked successfully for me if you want any other decks from me just reply to say so.

    • Will Potter

      Nice one. Thank you very much buddy!

  • Mark

    mark u r gay

    • Mark

      my best friend typed rthis sorry xD

  • Joshua Tellez

    One question: How long should I take to build a deck?

    • Will Potter

      If you are good, it doesn’t take up to 10 minutes.

  • Zigge

    What does TL;DR mean?

    • Will Potter

      Too long, didn’t read!!

  • t21wolves

    Let me know what you think of my variation Trifecta deck!
    Arena 6, just hit crown level 7 and am at 1805 trophies.

    1. Hog Rider
    2. Valkyrie
    3. Musketeer
    4. Barbarians
    5. Furnace
    6. Goblins
    7. Elixir Collector
    8. Zap

    It’s a variant of a pretty common meta, but in this arena, defense of barbs is better IMO – hogs/giants don’t have enough dps to be a big enough threat to need cannons or another bldg and barbs are better for things like Giant Skeleton.

    Elixir Collector gives the great edge of being able to throw goblins or barbarians into a nice trifecta counter push, giving me regular 3 Crown Victories.

    Air is a weakness, but normally, I can afford some extra balloon damage, tie at 1 crown, then 3 crown in over time. Haven’t played giant/balloons yet, that might be tough, but every deck has 1 weakness. In higher arenas when sparky and others are in play, would definitely need adjusting, but it’s great this arena.

    • Will Potter

      Pretty good. I have nothing to talk about it, truly. How are you doing with it mate?