“SLOP!” – Sparky Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 8+

Hey everybody, Pete here. Thanks for coming and checking out my deck. Today I wanted to talk to you about the deck that “Sparked” my way to legendary – I call it “SLOP”! I created SLOP! When “BestManEver” suggested I make a Sparky deck for him in the comment section of my Boomyard deck guide. Sparky has lost some love in recent meta’s, but I think I found the deck to bring Sparky back to the place where the grass is oh-so-green… Legendary arena!

Before we get into playing “SLOP”, let’s break it down card by card!


Clash Royale SparkyClash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Arrows
Clash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale ZapClash Royale WizardClash Royale Barbarians

Sparky, Royal Giant and Goblin Barrel!!

Actually, you’re probably wondering why I named this deck SLOP! Well, it’s because it feels so sloppy to play! Slow awkward Sparky and slow awkward Goblin Barrel and Slow awkward Royal Giant… It’s pretty darn sloppy. So let’s get into SLOP! I want to let you know that I try to break down my decks by silo-ing the cards into two categories: staples and complimentary/utility cards. Staple cards will not be changed out; they are a mainstay in the deck and pivotal to its effectiveness. Complimentary/utility cards can be rotated out to fit the meta.

So let’s get into it! First up are the staple cards. Again, these are mainstays in the deck and will not be rotated out.


Sparky (Lvl 2) – Can be level 1

Placement: Behind your towers. At bridge during the late game.

Can I just say that I feel gross playing Sparky? Sparky is such a hail-mary minion that you almost want to laugh when it connects; it’s so darn slow and awkward, but my God is it destructive!

I’ve usually only seen Sparky played one way: You drop her behind your tower…throw a tank in front of her…pray your opponent doesn’t have the resources to stop a blast or two. In this deck, Sparky is quite flexible!

  1. I use Sparky to set up my Royal Giant/Goblin Barrel combo: I will drop Sparky behind my tower, to either the left or right and wait for my elixir to recover. My opponent will start to gather minions and towers to stop Sparky. Once my opponent has committed to one side I will then drop my Royal Giant/Goblin Barrel combo on the other side! Watch your opponent scramble!
  2. I drop Sparky after my Royal Giant/Goblin Barrel combo: Like the scenario above, once I’m in double elixir mode, I will watch my opponent burn up resources trying to stop Royal Giant/Goblin Barrel on one side of the map. Then I will drop Sparky on the other side.
  3. I drop Sparky behind my Royal Giant/Goblin Barrel combo. If you really want to see your opponent freak the heck out, drop all three on the same side. I usually get to this point late in the game after I’ve been rotating sides of the board with Sparky and my Royal Giant/Goblin Barrel combo. Your opponent has to pick their poison, between the three. Sparky pushes Royal Giant past the bridge and sneaks in behind him to destroy whatever minions are trying to stop him. The Goblins wreak havoc on the tower. Sparky finishes the push with a blast to the tower.

Sparky can also be used on defense, typically behind your tower. Sparky is completely useless against aerial opponents, so make sure to deploy some protection!

Royal Giant (Lvl. 10)

Placement: Left or Right bridge. Can be used to soak up damage from an enemy push.

Great pressure card. Your opponent typically has to use a good amount of resources to eliminate Royal Giant. Can be used on his own but is best used in tandem with Goblin Barrel. Best to protect Royal Giant with arrows/zap from air minions. Currently, the meta is light on single target towers/minions (Mini-PEKKA, Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, ETC) so Royal Giant is able to get in there for a few good shots!

Goblin Barrel (Lvl. 4)

Placement: Opponent’s towers. Can be used on defense.

The second piece of the uber-effective Royal Giant/Goblin Barrel combo, I typically only use Goblin Barrel in tandem with Royal Giant but will use at the start of a match to cycle through my deck if I have no viable defensive options. Most players seem to target the middle of their opponent’s tower in order to get an even distribution of goblins, but it is also important to practice positioning depending on where your opponent is trying to place a defensive counter to your barrels (other than zap).

Do not worry about your Goblins getting Zapped! Your opponent has to choose whether to Zap your Goblins or Sparky – so make them burn Zap, one way or the other!


Wizard (Lvl 10)

Alternatives: Ice Wizard, Musketeer, Mini-P.E.K.K.A, Minion Horde


Placement: Anywhere on Defense

Wizard is one of those cards that plays like an Epic/Legendary but is priced as a Rare. Wizard will survive almost all removal of equal level (besides Rocket/Lightening) and can do massive damage if left unattended. Wizard’s fireball does splash damage to group minions and decent damage against single minions but is outclassed by cards like Mini-P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, Knight, and Prince. If your opponent is aerial focused, this card can dominate by itself.

Where Wizard gets in trouble is the fact that his rate of fire is slow. So make sure to maximize your spacing or you will waste a costly 5 elixir.

Barbarians (Lvl 10)

Alternatives: Minion Horde, Baby Dragon

Placement: Anywhere

A brilliant vanilla common card Barbarians can be used as a counter push, punish large tanks and Hog Rider, or as a meat shield for your Royal Giant and Sparky. Amazing stats for five elixir. Extremely flexible. Won’t die to removal (besides Rocket). One of the most balanced and versatile cards in the game. That said, Barbarians isn’t always a shoe-in. If the current meta is on the ground—this card is for you. If the current meta is in the air, you must look elsewhere.

Extremely weak against Bomber, Bomb Tower, and high-level Witch.

Skeleton Army ( Lvl. 4)

Alternatives: Ice Wizard, Bomber, Guards, Mini P.E.K.K.A

Location: Anywhere on top of the enemy! Best to drop on your side of the bridge behind their tank and on top of the tank’s backup. Also best used in front of cards like Hog Rider, Royal Giant, and Giant since they don’t target minions.

It is incredibly weak against splash but is a godsend against everything else. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, skeleton army can help clear an enemy push and become its own counter-push!

Arrows ( Lvl. 10)

Alternatives: Zap, Fireball, Log

Location: Wherever Princess, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Etc. are.

Right now arrows is more versatile than Zap as it kills the princess, minion horde, and other bunches of small annoying creatures!

Zap (Lvl. 10)

Alternatives: Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Log, Fireball, Minions

Location: Large grouping of weak minions. Disruptor for enemies with long start-up animation – P.E.K.K.A, Molten Tower/Dragon, Sparky, etc.

Solid utility spell. Great for resetting enemies. Great for stopping Goblin Barrels. If high enough level, Zap can wipe out Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, etc.

I hope you all enjoyed my write up on my newest deck! The deck is a lot of fun, different, and open to interpretation. Keep checking in as I plan to contribute as much ass possible. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @peterlivingston and especially my gaming YouTube Channel.

  • Goodgame Duff

    Lvl 10 wizard thats pretty high #first comment

    • Francuac


    • Asdfire


    • Pete L

      Big time facepalm. It should read lvl 7! Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Mysteriously Unnamed

        perhaps you should edit it to fix.. i noticed that also.. had to reread it five times..

  • Sudhead

    Royal Giant gets worse in high legendary arena (3800+). Very annoying since its bulky and get one more shot even though it has no health! However I understand that this deck is based around the power of the Sparky. Comment down below if you HATE Royal Giant, again this is just my opinion and everyone’s varies.


  • william dorris

    I like my sparky deck its getting me through arena 8
    Ice wizard
    Fire spirits
    Minion horde

    • Sudhead

      Seems good with mirror Sparky!

      • william dorris

        I’ve done this before I mirrored the sparky and put a giant in front then cycle through as fast as possible to mirror the miner on the king tower its a promise for a three at that point

        • Sudhead

          Miner + Mirrored Minion Horde (after they have used their spell to counter first minion horde) can be destructive if played well.

    • Rashing dude

      yeah, 3 legendaries?
      i got none

      • TicTac

        Lol, I have 8 and 4 at lvl 2

    • TicTac

      Why mirror?

      • william dorris

        To make it more interesting being able to have two of the same card on the arena is never bad

  • XSwagGamerX

    I have 5 Legendarys! So I could that deck William Dorris

  • XSwagGamerX

    Also I HATE Royal G so much

    • Will Potter

      Do you remember when most players used Royal Giant?

  • XSwagGamerX


    • logan

      why level 10 wizard and also level ten barbarians that is just not likely

      • Pete L

        Hey Logan. Definitely supposed to be a lvl 7 wizard! My bad on the typo.

        Also, it is fairly common to find lvl 9 – 10 barbs at arena 8+.

        • TheAsianKid

          we gotta get Will to fix this

        • Zigge

          I see level 11 Barbarians in A8 TV Royale all day. I usually face 11 – 12 at 3500.

          • Will Potter


        • logan

          i was just saying level 10 barbs and level 10 wizard barbs are way underlevel

    • Sora

      Wizard Level 10 is unlikely, and the other cards are only one level above tournament standard. A tournament standard deck would look like this:

      Sparky: Lvl 1
      Royal Giant: Lvl 9
      Goblin Barrel: Lvl 4
      Wizard: Lvl 7
      Barbarians: Lvl 9
      Skeleton Army: Lvl 4
      Arrows: Lvl 9
      Zap: Lvl 9

      • Pete L

        Hit the nail on the head Sora. Definitely not a lvl 10 wizard…hahaha. Mine is lvl 7. Sorry about the typo!!

  • Ahmad Zaki Akmal

    Tried this deck for the first time and win
    this deck is great for tricking enemies

    • Pete L

      Ahmad I’m stoked to hear about your recent success! Keep it up! let me know if you make any changes with the deck. Also, make sure to check out my youtube page! Cheers!

      • Ahmad Zaki Akmal

        I changed wizard with ice wizard and sekeleton army with ice spirit

    • Will Potter


  • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

    card levels seem unnecessarily high to hit legendary

    • Pete L

      King Bapalapashamalamadingdong ! (Dat name!)

      The only cards that are possibly unnecessarily high are wizard (which is a typo. Should read lvl 7) and sparky. You can easily utilize sparky at lvl 1. Thanks!

  • Mr.Quack Quack

    Peter can you make for me a inferno dragon deck without lava hound, giant and golem. I want something new and it has 1 building in this deck. Thank you for help me. (p/s: princess in the deck is ok if you drop in)

    • Pete L

      Quack. I’ll do my best! That is another card that I haven’t really tried building around, but I’ll do my best. Be sure to check back here and sub to my youtube page for more decks!

  • Pete L

    Hey everybody! You are all absolutely CORRECT! The level for Wizard should be lvl 7, not 10! Lvl 10 Wizard would be pretty beastly, though…haha! I apologize for the typo. Thank you all for reading. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out the video version to be posted asap!

  • Pete L

    Thanks TicTac! Much appreciated. Sparky is extremely dirty. Just gross. Be sure to visit my youtube page for a video coming soon!

  • Ben

    Feel so guilty when I 3-crown someone with this deck xD anyways gr8 guide 😀

    • Pete L

      Don’t feel guilty Ben…they had it coming! 😀

      If you like it, feel free to check out my youtube channel for more!

  • Xrehaanx Xrajax

    Zap.arrows and wizard … what’s the point?.cut arrows out fro something else like Mega minion

    • Pete L

      Xrehaanx Xrajax, great question! Arrows is mainly for quick spot removal of Princess and Minion horde in areas of the map that Wizard cannot reach.

      Zap is mainly used as a utility spell that stops enemies with long start up animations (like Sparky, Bowler, Inferno Tower) and also Goblin Barrels (when its in the meta). If I don’t face any of the mentioned cards, feel free to sub it out.

      Wizard because it is zap/arrows that sticks around the board with a chance for more elixer value. An example being halting a minion horde then getting a few hits on the opponent’s tower.

      I hope this helped! Let me know if you make any changes that fit your style of play. Remember, my guides are always open to personal interpretation! Thanks for the question. Feel free to check out my new youtube channel and subscribing for more!

      • Dingy

        Complete anti zap/arrow bait deck right here.

  • jaybaseball1 _

    I have miner. Anyway I can make that work or nah

    • Pete L

      oh without a doubt. What I would do is see what your current meta looks like and eliminate the card that is most “dead” (sits in your hand or has little effect on the board), then sub in miner for that card! I hope that helps! Let me know how it goes. Also check out my new youtube page for more info!

    • Will Potter

      You want to use Miner instead of Goblin Barrel?

  • Wolf

    Does this still work as well with tournament standards? I noticed you have higher levels listed, is that because of some card interactions I don’t know about?
    Edit: Isn’t this also a bit expensive?

    • Pete L

      Yes, it does!

      It is slightly expensive. It is a slow methodical deck, not one to cycle through. So you need to switch up your play style if you’re used to cycling through minions. You are basically plodding along until 2x elixer — THEN your pushes become more dangerous. Hope that helps! Try it out! If you like it, check out my youtube channel for some more stuff!

  • General Draza

    When’s the video coming?

    • Pete L

      Putting it together right now!

  • Zigge

    Holy shit! Level 10 Wizard? Mien is only level 6 and I’m at 3500. Can’t even upgrade him. Wtf?

    • SirLemm

      What’s your deck?

      • Zigge

        Why is everyone asking? Anyways, my deck is, Hog Rider, Lightning, Ice Spirit, LJ, Ice Wizard, Princess, Skeletons, Zap.

  • Dingy

    I have the Sparky and it’s underused in higher arena’s, wish I had a different legendary since Sparky is the opposite of my playstyle.

    • Pete L

      Believe me, i know how you feel! The benefit to using Sparky at the moment is the fact that most decks are not prepared for her! This is a good deck to have in your back of tricks. If nothing seems to be working, break out Slop! for a few games and see how it performs.

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for the great deck Pete!

  • william hartanto

    I don’t normally put Sparky and Royal Giant in same deck (I interchanged them whenever I’m in losing streak) because both cost 6 elixir, so it is really tough to get both out and defend any counter attack….
    Sparky + Giant + Barrel = 6+6+3 = 15 elixirs. With that, the opponent will drop rocket on sparky (6), inferno tower or barbarian horde (5) on giant and zap/log (2) on barrel; and still 2 elixir advantage.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share William!

    • Pete L

      its pretty darn expensive. Unless the situation calls for it, you should play this deck very conservatively. Sit back, play defense, and wait for your opponent to over-commit. Once you hit 2x elixir it becomes a lot easier to attack. But yes, you cannot be reckless with this deck! Good point.

  • Zigge

    How many?

  • Brian15103

    This deck is Great! Got me from sitting around 2400 to Legendary Arena as a level 9 player. The only change I made was replacing barbs with mega minion. Thanks Pete!

    • Pete L

      Brian that is AWESOME! Incredibly happy for you man. Keep coming back and checking here for more of my decks. Also, come check out my new youtube page for deck videos! Best of luck to you man

    • Will Potter

      Wow that’s so cool! Congrats Brian!

  • Daniel

    Can I use the miner instead of the goblin barrel? It has more health and damage. But then again I have the princess, skarmy, and minion horde. Should I keep the barrel to bait my opponents spell like arrows, zap, fireball etc?

    • Pete L

      Daniel, you can definitely use Miner. I try to keep legendaries to a minimum when I make decks for this website so more players have a chance to use the decks. I would experiment with using miner and goblin barrel in tandem or switching between the two. Ultimately, its all about finding what works best for YOU! Thanks for the comment. Be sure to check out my Youtube page, too!

  • Will Potter

    Good luck with the deck mate!

  • [email protected]

    I LOVE this deck. Just got a sparky from a free chest and freaked out. It’s my second legendary (first was log) and was really excited. Then i realized that it was super easy to counter. However, I started to use your deck and have been very succesful. I see that sparky is great for giving my opponent an axiety attack, as they flail to defend it. Then, i quickly place down the RG and GB and BOOM! Thanks so much for the deck. Love me some SLOP xD

    • Pete L

      Sahatalam that is phenomenal! Happy to hear of your success! Keep coming back here for more deck guides and be sure to visit my new youtube page for video content. Have a good one!

    • Will Potter

      xD good luck with the deck buddy!

    • lil manny

      SRS shit

  • Kyle Holman

    I used this deck in a challenge with the ice wizard instead of wizard and it worked out well, but I noticed the air defense is slightly week, obviously this would be better if I stick with the wizard but I’m talking a DPS air defense like either of the 3 elixir minions, because I just barely lost to a giant balloon deck. Any suggestions?

    • Kyle Holman

      Ok I just replaced barbarians with mega minion and now this deck crushes lava hound decks as well! Excellent deck but I would suggest mega minion for barbs to help with those hounds

  • Jason Luo

    Wait a sec, level 10 wizard???!!!

  • Josh Baker

    Decks garbage lost every battle using this deck

  • Gregpink

    Hands down, my favorite deck I have ever played! It helped me get to arena 8! Thanks!