Rocket Firing Deck for Arena 7 and 8 – F2P No-Epic Deck

Hey guys, JesusSlark back here again with another deck to share with you all. You may know me from my guide to reach 3400 trophies with an arrow bait deck.

Now, Ive been experimenting with some unorthodox decks lately since I got bored of my arrow bait deck and I got an idea to revive the old Rocket Deck that was used a few months back. After a week of testing, I feel like I have perfected it. Note that those who are not quite skilled at the game will massively fail with this Deck since most of the time, you need to defend with a 6 Elixir disadvantage and 1 mistake will cost you the entire game.


Rocket Firing Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Simple Gameplan

  1. Place down elixir collectors to gain elixir advantage.
  2. Defend with buildings and barbarians.
  3. Destroy tower with rocket, fireball and spear goblins.

Defensive Strategy

Royal Giant

  1. Inferno tower
  2. Barbarians
  3. Inferno + Barbarians

Royal Giant with small troops in front

  1. Fireball/Zap + Inferno
  2. Fireball/Zap + Barbarains
  3. Bomb Tower + Inferno

Hog Rider

  • Barbarians
  • Bomb Tower
  • Inferno (Don’t do this unless you don’t have anything else.)

Sparky: Zap + literally anything, confirmed 100% winrate.


Pekka/Golems/Lava Hound: Inferno

Hut Decks:

  1. Spam rockets and fireball at their huts, confirmed 100% winrate.
  2. Defend with Bomb Tower


  1. Inferno Tower
  2. Spear goblins

Arrow bait decks:

  1. Use zap for goblin barrel ONLY.
  2. Use fireball for minion horde ONLY.
    I’ve won so much against players who wastefully use their spells, even when they have more than 4 AOE cards.

Miner decks: Place your defensive building right next to your crown tower that is being attacked so that your building can target the miner. Use whatever else that is in your hand to deal against the incoming troops.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Use spear goblins to deal chip damage to their tower. They will sometimes use elixir to defend and that’s what you want. Disrupt their offensive gameplan.
  2. Know when to stop building elixir collectors. In x2 elixir, it isn’t worth it to build more elixir collectors since you get so much elixir. Start spamming his crown tower down.
  3. Place your elixir collector in front of your king tower to have both crown towers target the miner if they have it. If you confirmed that they don’t, place it behind the tower that they aren’t attacking to avoid fireballs and lightning.
  4. At the start of the game, if you don’t have an elixir collector, wait for him to do something first. If he drops something behind his tower, rocket/fireball it down.
  5. When you place an Inferno Tower to counter his Royal Giant, you can play a zap if they have supporting troops, for example an ice wizard. In a 1v1, don’t play zap since inferno will always win.
  6. If you happen to play 4 barbarians and they are unharmed, you can sometimes predict that your opponent is going to drop troops in front of his tower so you can play an anticipation rocket/fireball.

Final Thoughts

The Royal Giant meta is such a bore and I made this deck in hopes that we will actually have something else to play against and spice up the meta a bit, also, it’s a pretty fun deck to play. Like Obi Wan would say “It was said that you would destroy the Royal Giants, not join them!”

Thanks for reading! Feel free to come visit my clan, A.W.A.

  • Adam

    Looks like a cool deck! Doing those rocket decks a lot, huh? Hutters be warned!

    • Will Potter

      LOL xD

  • Very Unlucky

    The era of the rockets….Nice deck!

    • Will Potter


  • Daisy Lee

    Not a good deck. Dropped down to arena 6. To reliant on rocket

    • dotslasher

      Of course that’s the deck’s strength.
      You just rocket their tower and fireball their troops and put up your defenses.

      Even if they hog freeze you save your spear goblins for that extra damage

      What were the issues you were facing?

  • dotslasher

    Ultimate troll deck haha. I always hated playing against these decks but those royal giant decks are boring in arena 7.

    Opponents rage quit or can’t even touch my towers and my cards aren’t even that high level

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    I was a big fan of your previous deck which got me to 2600+ trophies…. but which didn’t seem to work after the advent of the royal giant meta…here’s hoping that this deck will finally be my key to the legendary arena :D.

  • Applecore

    I was trying to use a ricket deck put it droped me to arena 4 now I can get to royale

  • Tan3758

    Hey guys I found a new deck that gave me a 3 loss yet 4 win streak!!! May not counter hut decks though.

    My deck is :
    Giant skelly lv1
    Witch lv1
    Prince lv1
    Skeletons lv6
    Inferno tower lv3
    Fireball lv3
    Barbarians lv6
    Valkryie lv4

    I call it counter-swarm hit deck

    Inferno tower best for countering tankers
    Fireball can damage almost everything.
    Valkryie is a part tank part splash killer.
    Giant skeleton is the main tank.
    Prince’s damage and speed is freakin stupid.
    Barbs are off-defense troops.
    Skeletons are cycle/single troop counter card.

    All cards are high cost except skellies.
    Cannot manage hut decks well.
    Not much air targeters.
    Not much splash damagers.

    • Tan3758

      Now I recharged the deck. I switch minion horde with inferno tower.

      • Will Potter

        Good luck with it man!

    • Will Potter

      Nice! Thanks for sharing this Tan!

  • Ducky Mastard

    Is it worth to fireball elixir collector?

    • Tan3758

      No ducky. Even if you damage the collector with fireball, It can still make elixir.

      Ash says the best way to combat collector is to combat it with your collector.

      • Giovanni

        Well it should actually be worth since you should use your fireball to take down enemy tower… As well as rocket of course

      • Will Potter

        Also, Rocket it is also the best choice!

    • Will Potter

      No, It’s not worth it at all!

  • Viz Viki

    Hey Guys i found a deck. And itz awesome i think so coz it gave me 6 Win Streak. Hope it would help u guys. And Will Potter Bro u r just Awesome.

    • Tan3758

      Deck review

      Air targeters have musky, archers and baby dragon.
      Tanker has giant skelly.
      Spells have zap.
      Splashes have valkryie, baby dragon and bomber.
      Defensive building has goblin hut.
      If submitted and followed, I am sorry to say that it doesn’t have hitters. The musketeer is a card for targeting air only. It can deal a crap ton of damage but only when she is protected. Suggest you getting a heavy hitter like prince, mini pekka and barbs.

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for the review man! You rock!

    • Will Potter

      Nice! Thanks for sharing this Viz Viki!

  • -sirius-

    if your opponent uses this deck, what do you do?

    • Vluonx

      Usually, I’d just try to defend and wait until they overextend or make a mistake then punish them for that.

      • -sirius-

        but if I just defend, my opponent will rek me with his rocket

    • Will Potter

      Try your best, buddy!

  • Tan3758

    Hey guys I got some riddles for you.

    What do you call an alligator in a vest?
    An investigator.

    Where do ghost kids go during the day?
    Dayscare centres!

    “When I am metal and wood, I help you get home. When I am blood and flesh, in the darkness I roam. ”
    What am I?
    Answer: bat

    • Vluonx

      Wait, how does this relate to the post?

      • Tan3758

        Wat? no lah bro

        • Tan3758

          You can say what you like here

          • Vluonx

            Oh, ok then.

    • Will Potter

      LOLOL nice

  • Vluonx

    Now this is what I call a F2P deck. A high level rocket could one shot a sparky, if the put that sparky right behind their kings tower, wait for it to come close to one of the crown towers and just blow that thing up. Great deck overall! We need more decks like these, esp. one’s that counter the meta.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the feedback buddy! I really appreciate it. You rock!

  • the casle

    Hey will, I made a deck thats working really well:
    The primary attack is a pekka wizard and fire spirits, then a bomber little behind so that it can kill barbs that attack the wizard. Its really good at countering tankers, and the spirits can get huge elixer trade on minion horde! The goal is defense then strike out with the pekka. If they manage to defend against the pekka they used all their elixer on it. At this point before they can recover you start with another pekka. If possible you can add valkyrie in front to absorb damage for the pekka so it can do as much damage as possible. Easily can lock in and stop them from getting a tower if needed so draws can happen easily but rarely ever lose. If you dont have lightning then switch with fire ball or rocket. Pekka, lightning, bomber, spirits, wizard, tombstone, valkyrie, elixer collector

    • the casle

      Update: I just went against a inferno deck and it was no problem at all… The valkyrie with wizard or skeleton bomber would kill it and allow some more damage to the tower.

  • Jakerules68

    When using this deck, should you rocket the 3 star tower or the left/right one? It would make sense to attack the main one, but Im not 100% sure thats the best thing to do. So which one should I aim for?

    • Vluonx

      I usually rocket the either the left or right one since the king’s tower has a ton of HP.

      • Kyryl Malyshev

        yeah it has about 1.5x the hp of crown tower, but if you have high enough level rocket go for it if you can do it before overtime starts, else just go for crown tower, but then win is not guarantted ofc

    • Will Potter

      The King’s Tower has loads of HP, meaning it takes more time to take it down. Also, If you target the Arena Towers, you will be able to take down your opponent’s troops!

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    Would mirror work in this deck? 😛

  • Septic Venom9

    this is a good deck but i just dont like this kind of gameplay. i like being offensive and ACTUALY TOUCHING HIS TOWER

    • Daniel Gao


  • Legend

    Would replacing spear goblins for ice wizard be wise? It’d compel them to defend as he is more intimidating & deals more damage, as well as assists in taking down tankers, give you time to deploy a counter. PLUS- cannot be zapped, rendering a potential enemy spell useless?

    What would be a reason not do use ice wizard instead?

    • Will Potter

      You can use him dude! Just do it!

  • Vizsee

    Anyone faced decks with lightning with this deck?

  • I7rag0n

    What would you do against a giant, hog rider, wizard push? Inferno tower will die pretty quick with hog rider and giant attacking it. Barbarians will die from wizard.

    • Will Potter

      I will try to group them then use my Rocket!

  • giorgi natidze

    can i switch barbarians with mini peka?

  • Himanshu Bhushan

    Can we use mirror instead of bomb tower or something else as it would make getting tower easy

    • Will Potter

      No I don’t recommend doing that at all buddy!