Rocket Cycling Deck for Arena 6

This Rocket Cycling Deck is one of the most easy-to-use decks I have ever tried. This deck uses Rocket as the main damage dealer. You can easily cycle the deck and uses every single card to defend, take the elixir advantage then spend on the Rocket. I tested this deck yesterday with my alt account and successfully pushed to Arena 7 from Arena 6 with a winning streak!

Rocket Cycling Deck for Arena 6

Rocket Cycling Deck for Arena 6

Shared by rellarella

Clash Royale RocketClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Bomber
Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Knight

Average Elixir Cost = 3.4



This can be a potential win condition but it’s here to force your opponent off balance and play at your pace. If they drop a building close to their tower rocket it, if they drop a troop far back to prepare for a giant beatdown push rocket it, if they want to hide behind a bomb tower or whatever sim city they construct begin rocket cycling. The rocket forces your opponent to play differently than they normally would. If they can’t place their ranged support as far back as they normally do you just denied them -1 elixir every single push, hut players have to either learn how to position their huts better or lose and defensive players are forced to play offensively in response to your rocket cycling or lose. With an average elixir cost of 3.4 any defensive player is going to be hard pressed to beat you in a rocket race.

Elixir Collector

“Play reactively and gain an elixir advantage” is the mantra of CR. EC’s big value is banking elixir so you can wait longer for your opponent to put something down for you to counter. It’s your only building so if you notice your opponent is playing hog freeze start putting in mid, close to the tower they’re pressuring.


Highly effective against barbs and your typical spear goblin defense. If you know your opponent’s primary defense is going to be barbs & spear goblins cycle to double bomber with your push. If your opponent reveals goblin barrel try to keep a bomber in your hand, a quick reactive bomber is just as effective as arrows.



Your main source of tower damage. Musketeer & the other ranged units in this deck can minimize the damage a hog freeze can do while providing a killer tower push. If you know your opponent is packing a cannon for defense cycling in a musketeer duo will delete the cannon before it does much to delay your push. Much like with 3 Musketeers fireball is going to be a huge headache if you cycle them, so really your option vs a fireball player is going to be to stagger out your push so they won’t get as much value fireballing your musketeer + clump of ranged units.


Works together with their friends Musketeer and Spear gobs to hit hog from out of freeze range. Manages to survive arrows that they’re equal level to (never) and actually pumps out a surprising amount of damage if protected by a knight or musketeer. Helps shore up this deck’s weakness vs minion horde.

Spear Goblins

The final member of the ranged trio! Cycling in a second group of spear goblins offers your push protection vs. a minion horde, especially with this ranged troop composition. Great for pulling, great for cycling.


Your cheap tank. Drop him on people’s heads, watch him get moved CLOSER to towers when your push inevitably gets fireballed. Get surprised when you can cycle in another one just as your first gets killed by the tower. His main job is sitting on wizard heads and wandering aimlessly into towers while your holy trinity try to get hits in.


He pulls, he caps giant knees with stunning efficiency, backstabs wizards distracted by knights, facestabs pork on icy terrain and wears a crown as the reigning king of cycling.

General Gameplan

99% of it was already stated above. To recap, gain an elixir advantage via ECs and reactive play then while you’re on the offense double up on whatever unit is best against your opponent’s deck. If their defense is too tough to crack rocket cycle. It’s very easy to over commit with this deck due to low elixir costs, DON’T DO IT. Remember every time you over commit you’re potentially force feeding yourself a fireball. Always remember that you can just put down your elixir collector after you gained an advantage instead of just trying to press offensively.

If they’re not packing a fireball and your deck gains an advantage (your horde is on their side of river and not dead) your ranged onslaught will tear through a tower like butter. Hope you can enjoy the desperate struggle and utter frustration playing this deck at A7! You can get there though, it’ll be fun. Getting mad is fun isn’t it? It is!

I hope you have enjoyed this guide. Hopefully you can take loads of trophies in game with it! Thanks for reading and good luck my friends~

  • -sirius-

    What is a siege deck?

    • Ishmam

      It is a deck that uses a direct damage card (AKA rocket, lightning, etc) as the main card. Mortar decks that use rockets r just the same too

    • Will Potter

      Decks with loads of buildings xD

  • Alpha_Mark717

    “He pulls, he caps giant knees with stunning efficiency, backstabs wizards distracted by knights, facestabs pork on icy terrain and wears a crown as the reigning king of cycling.”
    How metaphoristic 🙂

    • Lone Wolf

      haha, lol. It’s beutiful

      • Luis Plaza

        Does this deck work?

        • Lone Wolf

          Absolutly! tried it then in arena 6. Working great for me!

          • Luis Plaza

            What are your trophies?

          • Lone Wolf

            1800 around there… used to be 2000 but i dropped lol. i am having some VERY close battle where i just win but other wise its good. i strongly recomend swapping arrows for archers

          • Luis Plaza

            Dude, not everyone has legendaries

          • Lone Wolf

            I mean archers for arrows. use arrows instead of archers.

          • Luis Plaza

            Can you give me tips for pushing trophies? trying to make it to 1800 from 1722 today

          • Lone Wolf

            hmmm. its a bit difficult. Switch up your decks dont use the same one over and over. Also use some of the decks here they are great! If you get on a losing streak take a break for a while and come back later. Hope this helped! if yuo have any more questions i will try my best to answer them 🙂

          • Luis Plaza

            Thanks, would you know a deck to push? trying to mkae past 1800

          • Lone Wolf

            This one is great!

            -Ice Wizard

            -Spear goblins


            -Elixar collector




  • Lone Wolf

    willl try it thx!

  • Lone Wolf

    its works awesomely! Thank you! already on w win streak!

    • Will Potter

      xD This is awesome man!

  • Florian Hess

    While not a totally new deck concept it received a big boost with the last balance update and yet again a quality write up with great accessible in-depth guide. Many thanks as always 🙂

    • Will Potter

      I am trying to build a new deck concept. Gonna post it soon man!

  • SivHawk

    What do you think about switching knight for Mini PEKKA?

    • Will Potter

      It would work too. Please give it a try and let you know man xD

  • Ryanmartin12456

    Can you replace the bomber with the fire spirits?

    • Will Potter

      Yes you can try to do that buddy!

  • Zihao69

    Could the elixir collector be replaced with anything else? Apparently this card makes it unavailable to Arena 3 (which I’m stuck in).

    • Zihao69

      Like X-Bows? Though that costs +1 elixir, but can whittle down a whole entire Arena Tower.

      • Zihao69

        Or does it has to be a building? Because if not, I will add a witch instead.

    • Will Potter

      You can try to replace it with Tombstone mate! xD
      Good luck!

      • Killrj

        U could use a bomb tower which is an increadible value and cost the same as an elixr collector

        • Will Potter

          It’s better to reduce the average Elixir cost If you don’t have the Elixir Collector.

          • Killrj

            From personal experience i hav noticed the bomb tower works wonders even at arena 8 (my current arena) but everyone has there play style and lowerin the cost of a deck is also a very smart and efficient move to make

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