Revamped Three Musketeers Deck for Clan Chest!

Hey everyone, It’s Blaxe back here with a 3 Musketeers deck! This deck is strategically built for Clan Chests to take towers very quickly. Once you have 1 tower down, it should be very easy to take down the next 2.

Three Musketeers Deck

Clash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale MinerClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale ZapClash Royale Tombstone

Three Musketeers Deck for Clan Chest

Three Musketeers – The win condition in this deck. Perfect for clan chests and counters many decks very well, especially lava hound. You’ll have to, however, play these very strategically as many players may have fireball/lightning to counter them,so you want to catch your opponent off guard and get the best use out of them.

Ice Golem – One of the best tanks in the game right now, especially for cycle decks. For only 2 elixir, you are able to deny skeleton army, clones, minions, lava pups while also setting yourself up for a counter push. The 2 elixir tank is not easy to deal with and the extra slow effect is a plus to allow your Three Musketeers to deal more damage.

Ice Spirit – The main strength of your deck is being able to counter push. The Ice Spirit can make any push 10x more deadly for your opponent. It is also perfect on defense to allow your troops 1.5 more seconds more to deal damage which is more than 500 extra damage from elite barbarians. It is a very versatile card for one elixir and is very hard to counter. Ice spirit will also allow musketeers to quickly take out valkyries and move on to take down towers.

Fire Spirits – Musketeers, although in triplets, can be weak to swarms such as minion horde, barbarians, or skeleton army. They are also very cheap and can be cycled very easily. They can also be an amazing zap bait so that you can use your goblin + miner combo to stun your opponent.

Elixir Collector – Not only does it provide you with elixir advantage, it also serves as a poison/fireball/lightning/rocket bait. After a recent buff, elixir collector still hasn’t been seen as much on the field, however it is very strong. What was once a rarity, it is now very simple to get 3 elixir collectors down into double elixir. This can turn into deadly 3 musketeers cycling which is not easy to defend, especially when your opponent has to cycle through his spells.

Miner – Another cheap tank with very good versatility. It’ll allow your badly damaged musketeers to still be able to do massive amounts of damage. It is also great for sniping opponent princesses and elixir collectors which can be a hassle to compete against. You can replace the miner with the knight, however you will need to watch out for elixir collectors and princesses as there aren’t any other cards that counter them well in this deck.

Tombstone – A cheap building distraction to allow your 3 musketeers excellent control on defense. It’s continuous skeletons also allow for great spawner control as well as turn into a small counter push with the miner. The main quality of tombstone is it’s cheap elixir cost which can distract tanks very well and shut down a hog completely.


Zap – 3 Musketeers have relatively high DPS and having an extra 0.5 sec can mean a lot of damage for either a tower or units such as the valkyrie. Paired with the ice golem, it is able to take out lava pups, minions, and also do well against zap bait decks. Overall, a versatile card for a cycle deck such as this one.

General Gameplay

Instead of Zap Baiting, it is to watch out for your opponent’s Fireballs and Poison or any other spell that Musketeers are vulnerable to.

The main point here is to keep your Elixir Collectors alive while your opponent saves their Fireball for your Musketeers. This way, you are able to gain a lot of Elixir advantage while still being able to beat down your opponent with chip damage.

In the case of your opponent not having a Three Musketeers counter, cycling through Three Musketeers can almost mean a three crown. The Three Musketeers are a high risk card to play, but will give BIG rewards for your clan chest.

Also, in the case of your opponent having Three Musketeer counters, but having a fairly expensive deck, you can cycle quickly to get your opponent’s counter out of rotation.


Lava Hound – One of the easiest decks to take down. You’ll mainly have to watch for fireballs and lightnings. To avoid this, try placing your Three Musketeers after your opponent has stacked up troops behind it (like Mega Minion, Balloon etc.) so that way, your opponent will not have enough elixir to lightning them while they helplessly watch their push get demolished.

Tank decks (Golem, Giant) – The Tombstone is a really great cheap distraction for the tank while your Musketeers can stay close by your towers out of harm’s way. Ice Golem can help soak up support troop damage while your musketeers chop away at the tank.

Elite Barbarians – With the deck’s cheap cycle and many quick stopping units such as Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Tombstone, Goblins. Elite Barbarians should honestly be a breeze. The only threat you could have would be elite barbarians used to counter your musketeers, but as long as you split them, they should be a pain to your opponent.

Most Decks – Can be stopped with either Tombstone pulling with damage dealers in the back or an Ice Golem pull.

If you are having problems with overleveled Fireball, you can try replacing Tombstone with Barbarians to try to bait out the Fireball.