Push to Arena 9 with Giant Poison Beatdown Deck

Hello guys, T-Rex here, and today, I will be talking about my Arena 9 Giant Poison Deck that has won me a couple of 100 player tourneys, and also help me maintain 3000+. The Legendary in this deck is replaceable, but the playstyle will definitely change. This deck focuses on chipping away at the tower, and then making a final push that will destroy it OR Going all out and 3 crowning the opponent before Double Elixir.

push to arena 9 wih giant poison beatdown

Giant Poison Beatdown Deck for Arena 9


  • Giant
  • Poison
  • Elixir Pump
  • Ice Wizard OR Archers
  • Musketeer OR Archers (If you have replaced the Ice Wizard with Archers, keep musketeer)
  • Cannon
  • Zap
  • Mini Pekka

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale elixir collector
Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale CannonClash Royale ZapClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.A

Giant will be your main pushing unit, and it always should be placed behind the King Tower when starting a counterpush. It is best that you use his slow speed to your advantage, as you will build up on elixir as he walks to the bridge.

Poison is the perfect card to accompany your Giant, this spell melts Cannons, Princesses, Barbarians, Minions,etc when accompanied by support troops. Poison is like a cross between Arrows and Fireball, having the area of Arrows and having the damage of Fireball.

Elixir Pump will give you that extra bonus, leading to a more powerful push. This should be placed either in the middle of your side, with the King Tower behind it , and 3 tiles away from a Crown tower, OR Behind one of the Crown Towers and next to the King Tower. I put it these positions because opponents may fireball your pump, and their AOE Spell might set off the King Tower.

Ice Wizard is no doubt the best defensive troop in the game, however comes with the price of it being a legendary. The fact that he can shutdown swarms, and slow down tanks makes him very effective and unique. He is a great card to play proactively, and he synergises with any troop in this deck. Use him on defense, along with a cannon. You can stop nearly any ground push with Ice Wizard+Cannon.


Musketeer is your main backline, use her to support your Giant. Put her with the Ice Wizard and you have a crazy defensive and offensive combo. Use her along with the Ice Wizard to defend against Lavahound, Balloon, Barbarians, etc.

Cannon has been nerfed several times, but yet still remains one of my favourite defenses. It’s cheap, can take 5 Royal Giant shots of the same level, and survive 3 Hog hits at tourney level. You can use the cannon to lure the Lavahound, Pekka, Golem, Balloon, or any defense targetting troop.

Zap, the low-cost spell with instant cast time that can inflict damage in a small area, and stun troops or buildings. Use this spell to reset Inferno, take out Minions and swarms. You should always hover your zap around the Opponent’s field of play and release it when you see small troops deployed. Only do this if you are pushing with your Giant

Mini Pekka is a troop that should not be left alone. If so, she can deal massive damage to a tower, even to the extent of taking it out. She can be used to defend Royal Giant, Hog, Golem, etc. Paired with zap, you can take out 3 Musketeers and Barbarians if you don’t have your poison in cycle. You can also use her to snipe support troops behind a tank, then go in to kill the tank. She works well behind the Giant, along with the Musketeer and Ice Wizard, as the Mini Pekka can take out Valkyries, Barbarians and other Mini Pekkas, as all the troops listed can kill your support troops easily.

General Gameplan

The main strategy or overall strategy is to create elixir trades defensively, and sending a Giant backed up with an/a Ice Wizard/Musketeer/Mini Pekka/Archers after defending. Your first Giant push should not utilize the poison, you should wait to see what he/she uses to counter your Giant.

Defensive Gameplan / Matchups

  • Hog Riders: Place a Cannon in the middle, Zap if he/she has Goblins accompanying it. IF A PIGGY PUSH IS UTILIZED, YOU NEED TO PLAY YOUR CANNON 3 TILES AWAY FROM YOUR CROWN TOWER.
  • Royal Giants: Place a Cannon in the middle, drop Mini Pekka in front of Royal Giant. If the Royal Giant is backed up by support, Poison first then drop Cannon and Mini Pekka.
  • Miners or Payfecta: Very hard to deal with, your opponent will keep sending them to take out your collector. You should drop a Mini Pekka behind your tower and hope for the best. Why behind the tower? The Mini Pekka will walk up from behind the tower, and where ever the Miner pops out of the ground (on the left side, on the right side, at the back, at the front of the tower) the Mini Pekka will always aggro on to the Miner. You need to protect your pump as best as you can, when you see a Miner coming for your collector, drop a Mini Pekka on to where you THINK the Miner will be. It will not always work out however. Always Poison the troops that accompany the Miner, like the Ice Wizard or Princess.
  • Miner Furnace: A relatively new Miner deck that has been popping up in many tournaments. It focuses on slowly burning the tower down. This deck perfectly counters this. Keep sending a Giant followed by support troops (Ice Wizard or Musketeer) to take out the Furnace, then follow up with Poison to slowly chip away at the tower. As for the Miner, use Mini Pekka, and for the enemy Mini Pekka, use Ice Wizard.
  • Three Musketeers: Simply just Poison. Zap if you need to. If there is a tank, Poison the Three Muskies, then zap, then cannon in the middle. Drop Mini Pekka if you need to.
  • Giant Sparky/ Royal Giant Sparky: You want to keep neutralizing their pumps, by poisoning the pumps. You want to force them to play with no pump. Then when they play their combo, you want to deal with the Sparky first. Zap the Royal Giant/Giant and the Sparky, quickdrop a cannon so that the Royal Giant targets the cannon, and they play Mini Pekka to take out the Sparky. Mini Pekka+Zap if Sparky is alone.
  • Giant Balloon: Place a cannon to lure the Giant, then drop Ice Wizard+Musketeer to deal with the Balloon. You want to separate the Balloon from the Giant. Wait for the Giant to lock on to the Cannon, then wait for the Balloon to target your tower then drop the Ice Wiz+Musketeer combo.
  • Spawners:Just poison the spawners, and drop cannon to take out the troops that survive the Poison.
  • Lavahound: Drop a cannon in the middle, then Ice Wizard+Musketeer to take it out. If followed by Balloon, or Baby Dragon, lure the Lavahound to the cannon, then drop your defense combo to take the Balloon/Baby Dragon out. If pups survive your defensive combo before the defensive combo can take them out zap. If followed by Minions, Zap and drop Ice Wizard behind the Lavahound to finish them off.

Whoo! You’ve reached the end of this 1200 word guide. I hope you enjoyed this guide, thanks for reading this. You can ask me any questions about the deck, I will try my best to answer all of them.

Shared by T-Rex

  • Luca Stalpers

    Nice! What do you think of my giant deck: Giant, Minions, Fireball, Zap, Hog, Cannon, Bomber, Spear Gobs


      i would replace bomber with wizard and maybe minions with minion horde if that’s not too expensive

    • Will Potter

      Hmmm I think you should replace Fireball with something else xD

    • Will Potter

      Hmmm I think you should replace Fireball with something else xD

  • Jean Mendoza

    Hey really nice deck for sure… Clearly it says push to legendary, but it gets me wondering can you use it from arena 6 around 1800 trophies to legendary? Thanks 😉

    • Chained Chaos

      Depends on your card level.10/7/4/1 is the ideal card lv range if you intend to climb to a9.Altho its possible with 9/7/3

      • Jean Mendoza

        How about
        C~ 8
        R~ 5-6
        E~ 1-2
        At least to arena 8 frozen peak

        • Chained Chaos

          It’ll be significantly hard if not impossible.But there has been lv6 players in a9,so the only thing i can suggest is to keep pushing.For now tho,you should probably aim for a7 and a8 first.

        • Ishmam

          Yeah I strongly recommend to stay at arena 7 – 8 so that u can get cards high….u will need at least 10/7/4 to push very high

          • Ist AviX

            9/6/3 is good to get to legendary

    • T-Rex


    • Will Potter

      Yes of course my friend, go for it!

  • Blaxeturner

    Bascially golem poison pekka, but with giant.

    • Will Potter

      xD Back to basic!

  • TUSHAR – Clash Royale

    Good guide but it doesn’t explain attack strategies effectively try to upload a video maybe and can i please have your gmail? i need to talk.

  • Emeralds

    I have been stuck at arena six for the past month or so and I’m struggling to go farther, will can you help

    • Nu

      Try my deck (ice wiz/princess, witch, giant, fireball, hog, cannon/gobs, spear gobs, minions), but with bomber instead of a legendary. I have tested it out, and u will need a witch in ur push, so it will not work quite as well, but well enough to get u into royal once u learn how to counter its counters (eg. Inferno tower: stick goblins or spear gobs in front of ur giant). Am sitting at top of royal with this, waiting for a super magikal to open. Card levels 1/2/5/8

  • Nu

    I find that my deck is an easy counter to this, unless the user is extremely well versed in this deck. Zaps dont stop giant pushes, and poison can easily be circumvented by waiting for the user to drip it while on offense then converting my defense into a huge offensive push (basically my deck’s win condition; counterpushes) and then they have a giant princess spear goblin and witch on their hands without a poison to take anything out. Then i can always add troops, cuz my deck is basically a giant hog beatdown spam deck thing. (Princess/icewiz, witch, fireball, giant, hog, cannon/gob, spear gob, and minions)

  • Francuac

    Talking about the image, this guide should be named:”push to arena 9 with giant and ice wizard at max level”xD

    • carrolld950

      He could be blue considering all those cards are in his deck as well. Although it doesn’t look good right now. XD

  • Ishmam

    Hi Will! I joined the SMC yesterday & finished in Quarter finals!

    • Will Potter

      What? Really? I didn’t watch it. So sorry! But congrats buddy!

  • elnath78

    Hello, is this deck still effective?

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course…. I just posted it a few days ago.

  • Adam

    Wow defending against Giant Loon really sets you up for a counter push!

  • Daniel Madridista

    I reached Arena 9 (3020 trophies is my best) with the ‘Best F2P Giant Deck’ , card levels: Commons: 9, Rares: 6/7. I easily countered Sparkies lvl3 and lvl5 epics…. BTW I even had a SMC won from battle and I’m playing since the global release, got my 8th magical chest and have 2500+ wins but no legendaries… Hope I get one from the shop instead of getting them like my brother from golden chest (he got ice wizard and sparky FFS)

  • Hybris

    Hey Will, your thoughts about replacing Musketeer with Princess?

    • Will Potter

      It depends. If you can protect the Musketeer right after that with a tank, it’s great :D.

      • Emirhand Durur

        Log for zap?

        • Will Potter


  • Emirhand Durur

    Can i replace zap for log?

    • Will Potter

      No don’t do that 😀

  • Montx

    I only have lvl 2 poison.. should i replace it with lvl 6 fireball?

    • Will Potter

      Just give the Poison a try buddy!

  • Winston Ou

    A great deck!!

  • Winston Ou

    I used it and I have a winning streak 😀

    • Will Potter

      Awesome xD

  • deepak bhagat

    im f2p and got ice wizard 3 times still im in legendary arena but thanks to this deck for demoting to frozen peak

    • PoisonKnight

      It could be your skills, not the decks fault

  • Logan

    Hey will i need a deck that can help me get to arena 9 i have everything and lumberjack, princess, ice wiz, and miner. I dont have bowler or other legendaries

    • Will Potter

      Have you tried any deck on clashroyalearena buddy?

  • Winston Ou

    How to counter the barbarians when they dropped on the ice wizard and the muskie??

    • Will Potter

      That’s the use of Barbarians man. You can’t do anything 🙂

      • PoisonKnight

        yes tru, ecept 4 fireball, bomber, wizard, and valk, barbs op

      • Winston Ou


  • SpoonserTheGoat

    I had the same exact deck but I use valk instead if collector. Im not a fan of collector because i face a lot of miners and i think its kinda useless

    • SpoonserTheGoat

      *Not useless but not as helpful in the higher arenas imo

    • Will Potter

      Why don’t just place something down to distract the Miner?

      • SpoonserTheGoat

        I find it kinda hard to figure out the location of a miner and I like the valk a lot

        • Will Potter

          Keep practicing and you can do that buddy. Don’t give up. The Miner delay time is back to 1s now. It’s much easier than before!

  • NemNem

    What is payfecta deck? If it exist in this website, can you give me the link?

    • Will Potter

      Decks which contain Miner, Ice Wizard and Princess xD

  • PoisonKnight

    no splash… ‘cept for poison and ice wiz, which i dont have

  • PoisonKnight

    what do you do for splash? (I replaced ice wiz w/ archers)

    • Will Potter

      That’s why you need Ice Wizard dude!

      • PoisonKnight

        But i don’t have it :/

  • Mr. Creeper

    Good sparky counter deck, I beat a clan mate that usually kicks my ass with the sparky giant combo. Also, I’m fortunate enough to be able to use the Ice Wizard, which is pretty dope.

  • Jensen

    i prefer this deck- giant ice spirit mini pekka prince zap poison pump mega minion it works better

  • KekTheTurtle

    how do i feel about this deck……………………………..


    • Will Potter