Push to Arena 7 at Level 6

Hello guys, Today I’m going to introduce a new stunning Arena 7 Deck which successfully helped GotSodium push from Arena 4 to Arena 7 at level 6 with just Arena 4 cards. Sounds great right? Okay, let’s start guys!

Push to Arena 7

Push to Arena 7 at Level 6

The combo Baby Dragon + Prince is pretty popular in Clash Royale but I haven’t faced many decks like this one. Maybe you don’t like collecting cards and gold If you are a free-to-play players but don’t worry then, this deck doesn’t require high level cards.


Getting to Arena 7 at level 6 is not easy at all, for sure. It took me about 5-7 days but maybe longer with some unskilled (new) players. Using this deck may be problematic for you but just don’t give up! Watch your replays and learn from your mistakes!

  • Prince: This is definitely one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale, which is used as the offensive unit throughout all Arenas. Prince is effectively used to take out enemy Towers and annoying buildings such as Inferno Tower. Most of the time, Prince can solo-kill (1 vs 1) an Inferno Tower regardless of other troops nearby. Most players can use him very well, for sure, but you should make sure that you have Arrows or Fireball on your hand in order to deal with any swarms and attack when your opponent doesn’t have enough Elixir to deal with your push. I don’t recommend using him at start as it is very risky and unnecessary.
  • Baby Dragon: He plays an important part in this deck. You want to place him behind your Prince on offense. As long as there isn’t any building on the group, Baby Dragon is extremely effective at killing troops, both big and small ones. Although Prince doesn’t have much HP, Baby Dragon will still be able to take out possible counter cards to Prince.
  • Goblins: Most players (in Arena 5 and below) don’t know how to use Goblins properly. You should use them to either defend against Hog/Giant or to lure big troops into the middle of your arena. Some people like using Knight or Skeletons instead of Goblins, you can replace the Goblins with them If you like.
  • Spear Goblins: Our Spear Goblins are extremely useful at talking out air units. When you don’t have Baby Dragon on your hand, Spear Goblins can help you easily take down Balloon and Minions. If you want to use Spear Goblins with Goblins, you should place them on the opposite side of the Goblins’ side.
  • Tombstone: Tombstone is one of my favorite cards in Clash Royale. I usually put it near the tower which is being attacked. If you want to start the battle with the Tombstone, just simply place it behind your Tower and the opponent won’t attack from that side for sure, which gives you an anticipated edge. Also, keep in mind that Tombstone can solo kill Prince and Hog, which have the same level as its. I recommend not putting it behind your tower in most cases.
  • Tesla: I, somehow, put it over the Inferno Tower. Because you usually place it in the middle, next to your Tombstone, If the opponent uses Fireball or Rocket to take out both of them, it will be a bad trade. The Tesla is extremely useful at dealing with spells like that. I have faced lots of players wasting Spells to take out my Tesla.
  • Arrows: One of the most used cards in game, which can be effectively used to deal with most swarms of low HP troops. Just don’t use it on offense when your Dragon is dealing with the opponent Minion Horde, Spear Goblins,…  It will be a big waste!
  • Fireball: It’s very good since you can take out Barbarians, Archers, Witch and Musketeer with Fireball and save your Arrows for Minion Horde. You can also use Rocket instead of Fireball If you are in a meta game which has lots of Hut Decks.
versatile defensive cardsRequires decent game skills
Low Average Elixir CostNo good tanker
Only 2 Epics
Arena 4 Cards and Below

I hope you guys found this helpful and I hope you can get to Arena 7 as soon as possible. If you have any question about this Deck, don’t hesitate to comment!

  • Ist AviX

    The Prince is the only card from Arena 1 that I haven’t… Hope Getting him soon, he looks pretty efficient 😉

    • Adam

      I recently got him in a free chest right after reading about how it’s more likely to get epics in a free chest than a silver chest.

      • Will Potter

        LOL awesome!

  • OddsomeOddy

    Yo would be cool if you could make an entry about the elixir collector. Things like how much does it produce before it gets destroyed, if it’s worth upgrading, if it’s worth the deck spot in general etc. Just some technical stuff which might be helpful 😉

  • Mehhrichard

    Hey, great deck! I was wondering if you could tell me a place where i could find the ‘meta’ decks. Im familiar with a few, like hog freeze, elixer, prince + dark prince, ect. But there isnt really a place that shows them all together or how to use them. Youve covered a few, but a list of the poplular ones would be really great. Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      Hello Richard,
      I will focus on these and post them as soon as possible!

  • manthan

    what is best deck at level6 without prince? since i don’t have prince or hog.

  • Sirgeon 7.8

    Could we use this deck at level 7, does it have the same effectiveness, i am a lvl 7 player and I have all the cards in this deck.

    • Will Potter

      Of course, even better If you are at level 7 as you have better cards and higher HP!

  • Adam

    I agree this deck is really good, but it… it doesn’t have one of my favorite cards in the whole game… Barbarians. I switched Barbarians with Goblins cause I kept on losing to X-Bow users and it’s been working out awesome for me.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you for sharing this Adam! I really appreciate this. I hope other players will find this helpful!

  • manthan

    guys please tell me the replacement of prince……or suggest some other deck plz i’m at level 6 and don’t have prince/hog/balloon/giant skeleton…

    • doom guard

      then u can’t use this deck, u can try some hut decks

  • clash royale

    not working for me 🙁

    • Will Potter

      It’s because of your card levels, your level, your playstyle,…
      Keep watching your replays and learn from yous mistakes mate!

  • clash royale

    how to counter x-bow deck? now, most arena 6 use x-bow deck

    • Random rascal

      Use a hog.or tank or spells.balloon!!

  • Will Potter

    Thank you very much mate! I’m very glad when I read your comment! Always want to see comments like this 😀

  • Will Potter

    Hello dude! Thank you very much for sharing this!
    I need more comments and testers like you! You are just awesome man!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    Tried this, I think it requires a skilled player to pull off. I would start with the prince and some gobs, hovering my arrows over their tower just in case. I would see how they react. Then, later, I take the upper hand. Overtime, I have my prince and drag and gob down the lane, I wait for them to react to shoot my fireball, I get ansy, I shoot it. The moment before it hits the ground, they place barbarians, foolishly, FOR THE WIN! Yeah, you just need to replicate this with whatever they place. This deck requires you to pre-empetively use spells, to get your prince to the enemy side. The baby dragon doesn’t do much, in my opinion…

    • Will Potter

      Yea, this deck require a decent skill in game. It’s great, for sure. Keep watching your replays and you can master this soon 😀

  • Guy Man

    out of 6 battles I did I got 1 win 4 draws and 1 loss (also against an xbow user), so I guess it was ok for me.

    • Will Potter

      Keep practicing and you can do it better mate! Congrats and good luck to you further!

  • Leo

    Hello, I want to know if how can I post my own article here?

    • Will Potter

      Of course, If it’s good enough. Can you send it to me via the Facebook Fanpage mate?

  • xRay

    nice deck… but I got now 5 ties in a row… im doing something wrong :S

    • Will Potter

      Did you find it hard to push? Can you share one of your battle logs mate?

      • xRay

        its quite easy to counter the prince… enemies are just placing goblins or something small to distract him, so I cant push with him. The baby dragon will destroy them of course, but it’s too late, the prince dies. I’m using my own deck now, its aggressive and I have more luck with it. I like the combo of hogrider + barrel + arrows to rush a tower

        • Bhaala Natarajen

          Actually , goblin barrel can be easily countered by arrows you know.

          • Zhang Xu Cheng

            True but once the oppo arrows the gob barrel. He can use minion horde or skele army for attack.

  • Juggernaut Clan: MLG

    Well i think my deck is very good for Arena 4-7
    I won 9 out of 10 Games ^^
    The only problem is against Decks with many Buildings or against Decks with Frost in it
    If you are a skilled guy you could even win against them with this Deck like me ^^

    • Will Potter

      Awesome dude! I always love reading comments like this, when people share their decks and opinions!

  • Vluonx

    This deck made me push from 1400 trophies to 1700 trophies. It’s an amazing deck! But ever since I saw the upcoming nerfs to tesla and prince i felt really bad. Those two cards felt like the core in this deck. Any suggestions on replacements for the two? Or if they even need replacements? Thanks so much!

    • Will Potter

      At this time I don’t have any better replacements for them. I will tell you once I have a good idea dude :D.

      • Zhang Xu Cheng

        lol they are both buffed now

        • Clawde


          • the inquister


  • Tiggy

    With what can i replace the baby Dragon ? 😉

    • Will Potter

      Hello Tiggy, you can replace it with Wizard or Bomber :D.

  • Shreyas

    Hey Will, I don’t know why but I haven’t unlocked the Baby Dragon yet. What can I use instead of the Baby Dragon in this deck?

    • Danny

      Hello Shreyas, you can replace it with Wizard or Bomber :D.

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      I think you can replace Baby Dragon with either Bomber or Wizard.

  • Pearce

    Hai Will, What u think about my deck. I am near to Royal arena.

    • Will Potter

      Your deck is great. What is it winrate buddy?
      Glad to year that you are about to get to Arena 7!

      • Jason Jiang

        bro swap barbs for cannon
        also, put elixer collector right in front of king tower, then put the cannon in front of the collect. This will counter all hog strats. Also, i prefer using the valk to the musketeer but if youre good at playing defensive the stay with the musketerr.

  • Andrew

    Well I’m at 3 losses and 1 win with this deck. I dunno dosent seem to be working when I keep getting overrun our manhandled with flyers and huts.
    Just stuck in arena 4. Thanks for posting though it was worth a try.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this Andrew. Hut Decks are something… people don’t like, truly. But when I face air decks, I can deal with them properly with Tesla and Spear Goblins. Maybe If you can, please upload a replay and we can discuss more about this 😀


    Best deck ever! I went from 1,200 to 1,400 I was stuck in 1,200 thanks 😀

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Glad to hear that my friend!

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    This deck is simply awesome. Helped me push from about 1300 to 1800+ …that’s how awesome it is. I had one question. I recently unlocked the ice wizard, so is it a good idea to replace spear goblins with the ice wizard?

    • Will Potter

      Nice. I am very glad to hear this. I hope you can push to Arena 7 soon with it!

      No, don’t replace your Goblins with Ice Wizard as they are totally different!

      • M-Hamza Sajjad

        I meant the Spear goblins, so should I keep them?

        • Will Potter

          Yup. Don’t replace them with Ice Wizard. They will give you a decent amount of damage!

          • M-Hamza Sajjad

            Ok… Thx for the advice and thanks again for the great deck! 😀

          • Will Potter

            You are very welcome dude!

  • John Brown

    Hey man,i hope you’d reply to this.
    Is it okay to swap arrows with zap?
    And tombstone with goblin hut?

    • Will Potter

      It’s totally okay buddy! Don’t worry!
      The Tombstone can’t act as Goblin Hut in this deck. IMO you can’t change it!

  • Nikolas Wijaya

    Great i have first 2 wins with this deck
    But this deck need to play carefully because one mistake can destroy all plan

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share mate!

  • Justin Yu

    I have 2111 and im lvl 6
    1. Pekka
    2. Ice wizard
    3. Valkrye
    4. spear goblins
    5. goblins
    6. fireball
    7. baby draggon
    8. barbarians

    • Will Potter

      Wow that’s impressive dude! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Jason Jiang

      wait you’re lvl 6 and u have the ice wizard!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • Zhang Xu Cheng

        he is lucky


    my deck is similar to this one

    • Will Potter

      Nice. How are you doing man?

  • Dynamic Aero

    I don’t think that the lack of a tanker would be too much of a problem. I think that the majority of the deck should revolve around defending large pushes (Tanker + Range + Splash) with powerful defenses and smart placement and then counter push.

    After the recent update, it is way too easy to counter the Prince, so I would swap in the Barbarians for the Prince. It is harder to counter them, and they can be used for defense against many combinations, and you can craft an easy counter-push out of that.

    Because you don’t have insane splash damage in your deck (Bomber, Valkyrie, Rocket) to deal with spawners, I would suggest replacing the Tombstone for either a Bomber or a Valkyrie. If you feel as if you want to keep the Tombstone, then you can replace the Bomb Tower for the Tesla, because the Bomb Tower deals insane damage to most combinations, and stops most Hog attacks in their paths.

    Here is my edit to this deck, that would suit my playing style better:

    Baby Dragon
    Bomb Tower
    Spear Goblins

    Wizard is great for range attacks, and Valkyrie is better for more ground combinations with the Baby Dragon or some spell.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this mate! You rock! I really appreciate it!

  • Chzx

    Thank you! Jesus bless you

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome man!

  • jchen5012

    sad right now :(: dropped from royal arena to builders workshop. at least i have lv 8 royal giant xD
    Can someone suggest me a good deck plz! Halp.
    This deck is decent, but its 1/2 win rate
    my decks right now
    RG lv8
    Goblin Hut lv 5
    Spear Gobs lv8
    Barbs lv7
    zap lv7
    Fireball lv5
    Elixir Pump lv4
    Cannon lv7
    Hog lv5
    Valk lv5
    Zap lv7
    fireball lv5
    Goblins lv8
    Spear Goblins lv8
    Cannon lv7
    Elixir Pump lv4

    • Will Potter

      All decks I have posted are great. Did you try them all man?

  • Dr Pain

    pearce can u share ur deck with everyone?