Graveyard Poison – The Most Consistent Graveyard Deck Right Now!

The deck I am about to show you is a Poisoned Gravy deck that you have very likely seen before, which was made by TagTM or previously TagUrPregnant, a few weeks after the Poison buff.

From the moment it was made until now, it has been enormously successful in winning tournaments and challenges.

To my knowledge there has yet to be an in depth guide on the deck so that is why I’m here.

I played this deck a couple of times in ESL, but it was just a side deck, but after seeing a player on twitter allegedly get 16 straight GC 12 wins using the deck, I tried it out myself and got to 12 wins twice in a row, without difficulty!

The Most Consistent Graveyard Poison Deck Right Now!

The deck was extremely popular a few seasons ago, but I think it is very effective at the moment because of the lack of Golem/Hound Lightning decks and an increase in bait and control.

Although anyone with Graveyard/Electro Wizard has probably already tried this deck before, I’m here to show you how to play it properly!

I also made a video showcasing my grand challenge run with this deck and also explaining how to play it, so check it out below!

Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Knight
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale The LogClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Furnace

Table of Contents:

Card Overview and Card Replacements

Graveyard – This is your win condition

Poison – This is your go to Graveyard support card, capable of killing most Graveyard counters such as Minions, Archers, Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang etc.

Knight – Your Graveyard tank, the Knight is used to tank for your Graveyard Skeletons, and it is also a solid defensive card

Electro Wizard/Archers – These are your ranged defensive cards/offensive support. The electro wizard is so powerful right now; the damage it can do is insane paired with the stun affect. Archers are needed in order to counter your opponent’s Graveyard, I also like their slow movement speed and the fact that you can split them at the back.

Log – A very solid spell that most decks include, extremely important against bait decks obviously.

Skeletons – This is a very cheap cycle card. Also most people don’t realise the amount of DPS these 4 Skeletons can do against tanks. With the help of the tower they can take out Musketeer and even electro wizard.

Furnace – The only building in this deck. It allows you to initiate pressure immediately every time you play it. On offense 2 fire spirits can be very useful in your Knight/Graveyard push.

There’s a few card replacements you could make:

  • For the Knight, you could possibly try Ice Golem. This will allow a faster cycle, also in single Elixir a Knight at the bridge followed by Graveyard means that you will have to wait too long for a Poison, enough time for you opponent to kill too many Skeletons. With the Ice Golem it allows for the Poison to be used. Generally, I would still stick with the Knight for solid defense.
  • Electro Wizard can be replaced with Musketeer. Straightforward enough I think. Archers can be replaced by Minions if you want, but I like the slow movement speed of Archers and the fact that they can’t be Arrowed. I actually had huge success with this deck on ladder too, but I replaced the Furnace for a cannon since the Furnace has to be at a high level to be used on ladder.
  • The Log can be replaced by Zap, I wouldn’t replace it with Arrows as its function will be too similar to the Poison.

Starting Play

As a rule of thumb, if you have the Furnace as a starting hand I will usually play it 4 tiles from the river at 10 Elixir. This will make your other side pig pushable but it’s a risk I like to take because I feel like the Furnace 3 tiles from the river is too vulnerable. Some players like playing the Furnace before 10 Elixir because your opponent has to react to it, I generally don’t do that.

If you don’t have the Furnace in hand, my second favorite starting play will be Knight or Archers at the back. I try to avoid placing Electro Wizard at the back at all costs, because it travels too quickly and can’t be supported very well at the start of a game. If I have to cycle Skeletons to get to a Furnace/Knight/Archers, I will. If it really does come to a hand with Electro Wiz, Log, Poison, Graveyard…. then I guess I’m forced to play Electro Wiz.

Generally, I wouldn’t go aggressive with a Graveyard push for my first play. It can work incredibly well sometimes if your opponent isn’t equipped to defend it, but if they counter it you can see a very big push returning to your side. It’s basically a high risk high reward play, which you can do on ladder but remember if you are playing a challenge you only get to lose 3 times, so I would much rather play it safe.

General Gameplan

Your Knight is a stable for defensive greatness. It can tank for your Archers/Electro Wizard to go to work, and it’s great for taking out your opponents support units like Musketeer or Electro Wizard.

Ideally the best way to play this deck is to build up troops from defending then counter push with Graveyard and Poison. Obviously a good player won’t let you do this. Thus you’re going to have to try and build this push yourself.

Throughout the first 2 minutes I will play troops at the back passively unless I see a clear opening or Elixir advantage. Some players like cycling Graveyard very quickly with this deck, but I usually don’t use it unless I’m certain that it’s going to be worth it.

There’s a very systematic but simple approach to the deck’s offense.

First of all, find or even assume your opponents Graveyard counter.

  • If they play a Goblin Barrel at the start of the game, you pretty much immediately know that they’re going to have Skeleton Army/Minion Horde/Goblin Gang, etc. These cards can completely shut down Graveyard so you must only use Graveyard if you can also Poison almost immediately.
  • If you don’t know what their Graveyard counter is I usually won’t do a push unless my opponent plays a tank at the back, or maybe I have an Elixir advantage. \
  • If I don’t have a good card rotation I’ll simply reset the Furnace and continue playing passively, waiting for an opportunity.

Against most other decks, they’re usually going to have 1-2 good Graveyard counters.

  • If they use their Graveyard counter e.g. Archers, then you can play Knight Graveyard at the bridge without Poison, it would actually be wasteful to use Poison in this situation. Basically Poison allows you to kill your opponents defense, leaving them nothing for a counterpush.
  • If they keep their Graveyard counter in hand, then again only use Graveyard if you can Poison their troops. In double Elixir time you can play Knight at the bridge followed by Graveyard which is fine because your Elixir will generate quick enough for your Poison.

So again I will reiterate everything in this section very simply. Only use Graveyard if either they have no strong Graveyard counter, or you have enough Elixir to Poison their Graveyard counter. If you can do this there’s a very good chance that you will deal huge damage on your opponent.


What do I do against the Valkyrie?

The Valkyrie is possibly the best Graveyard counter in the game. However, it can only defend one portion of the crown tower from Skeletons.

Usually Graveyard is placed away from the King Tower, but if they have a Valkyrie you will need to centralize your Graveyard with their crown tower but at the same time avoiding activating their king tower. The Valk will only defend one side so you can still deal lots of damage with Skeletons spawning from the other sides.

What do I do against Lightning Beatdown?

This deck is amazingly strong against every deck…. except for Lavahound and Golem beatdown carrying Lightning. Lightning just gives your opponent so much value on the Furnace, Electro wizard and Knight.

What’s worse is, this deck doesn’t have much tank killers such as Inferno, Skeleton Army, Horde.

Just as if you are playing a cycle deck, once they play their tank at the back you’ve got to rush the other lane with Knight Graveyard or Electro Wizard Graveyard.

If they have used Minions or Skeleton Army then that’s probably all the Graveyard defense they have in these common Meta decks, if they use them then you can play Graveyard without Poison. However, if they haven’t, you need to use Poison with your Graveyard.

Force them to defend your push so that they won’t have enough Elixir for their massive push. When they pump, try and target that side with Graveyard and even Poison the pump along with their other troops.

Poison Placement

Generally, you have to play Poison before they use their troops on your Graveyard. If you wait for them to play their troops they can kill far to many Skeletons before your Poison can take effect.

Minions are hard to miss with Poison, but troops such as Musketeer, Archers and Goblin Gang can be placed at a distance from their tower in order to counter your Graveyard. Because of this, you should seek to predict their troop placements accordingly with your Poison.

Don’t forget that you can always choose to cycle!

Guys don’t forget, this deck is relatively cheap and you can cycle relatively quick for multiple Graveyard Poison pushes in crunch time as a last resort to try and change things around. If you just need a little damage you can always cycle Poisons, only if you are defending properly.

Single Tower Finish

When you are 1-1 in crown towers, Graveyard is less effective because of your opponents King Tower. So pretty much you’re going to have to play Graveyard, immediately followed by the Knight in the pocket to tank for both their towers.

In double Elixir time you should still have enough Elixir recharging for the Poison. If their tower is at like 500 health, and you really need to finish them off. Knight + Electro Wizard in the pocket can do the job if you surprise them. Graveyard + Electro Wizard in the pocket can be used as a last resort as well.

Playing with a Cannon on Ladder

If your Furnace is a high enough level, this deck works very well on ladder. However, if your Fire Spirits can’t reach your opponents tower, Furnace is almost useless.

This is why I choose to use Cannon, or even the Inferno Tower.

This will mean that you won’t be able to produce the same offensive pressure, however the higher damage defense will allow you to defend against higher level Hogs, Giants and Royal Giants.

Since you won’t be able to play passively and cycle the Furnace, what’s going to happen is that you will end up having to play more aggressively, using Graveyard far more times. You can’t just play the cannon or inferno on its own, so in a sense your going to end up using your other cards more often.

The Most Common Mistake I see players doing with this deck

The #1 most common mistake I see players doing with this deck is using Graveyard but not having enough Elixir to Poison their Graveyard counter.

You could have a massive push with Knight, Archers, and Graveyard. But all they need is Minions to shut down Graveyard and maybe an Electro Wizard for the rest of the troops.

Not only they counter your Graveyard easily, they will also have troops left over for a counter push!


Overall this deck is seriously good and it’s not extremely difficult to use either. I hope you like it! If you have any questions just comment below and I will my best to answer you!

I write these guides alongside YouTube videos, so it helps a lot for growing my channel if you could check out the video!

Thank you.