Poison Graveyard – Winning 1k Man Tournament

Hey guys, Corrosive Logic here, back with another deck guide, the Poison Graveyard!

If you’ve been playing Grand Challenges or tournaments lately, you will have noticed that a lot of players are using Graveyard Poison. The deck variations are numerous, but today I’m going to show you the exact deck that my friend used to finish at the #1 spot in a 1000 man tournament.

Poison Graveyard Deck

My friend is a lesser known player, by the name of “Lord Supremee”. He actually got the deck off another player who also came first, in another 1k tourney haha! I guess from this information you can already establish that it’s a great deck! I have played this deck a few times, although not having the success that he had, I still managed to rank top 10 in multiple 100 and 200 man Yournaments.

Throughout the guide I will incorporate the tips that he gave me, and at the end I will show you the full interview I had with him where he gives insight on playing the deck, and how to win Tournaments. I have also made a video on this deck with his replays and breakdown so check it out below!

Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Archers
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale The LongClash Royale Inferno Tower

1k man tournament proof

Quick Overview and Card Replacements:

This deck is actually slightly strange as it uses the old school meta cards, the Ice Golem, Mega Minion, and Archers. I was surprised that these cards still worked, as I haven’t found them extremely strong since their nerfs.

According to Lord, the only card that he would change is The Log for Zap/Arrows if you don’t yet have The Log. I would also like to put in that the Ice Spirit could be replaced for Skeletons, but Skeletons really have gotten a lot stronger since their buff.

Basically this deck is a Graveyard cycle, so you have cheap cards and you can use any of them as a small tank for the Graveyard. It’s very strong against bait decks and Lavahound, overall I didn’t find a weakness in this deck to certain archetypes. Valkyrie can counter Graveyard every time but remember it’s a cheap deck so you can actually out cycle a Valkyrie in some situations.


I mean you can play it in different ways and succeed, but Lord told me he likes to play extremely aggressively. The main combo your looking for is Ice Golem, Graveyard, and Poison. Archers or Mega Minion can also be GY tanks on certain plays, but usually if they are used at all they will be backing the Ice Golem. If your opponent plays a tank at the back, Lord rushes the other lane with Ice Golem GY.

However playing aggressive doesn’t mean you overcommit, it doesn’t mean you have to throw all your elixir into a push it just means that you have to apply lots of pressure. Lord also points that in tournaments he always goes for the 3 crown if he is dominating the game. Not only does this aggressiveness force your opponent to defend, it also means that a 3 crown will speed up your came, which is crucial in tournaments.

Once you know your opponent’s counter you can start throwing in the prediction Poison. This is most apparently effective against Skeleton Army, Minions, Archers, goblins and Minion horde, and does a lot of tower damage. That’s pretty much it for offense, it’s pretty simple in my opinion.


The Inferno Tower is your MVP against any tower targeting troops. Unlike decks with Skeleton Army/Barbarians/Mini P.E.K.K.A, this deck is reliant on the Inferno to take down tanks and mini tanks as Archers and Mega Minion aren’t extremely heavy. Skeletons are a great cycle card that distracts troops and protects your Inferno. Against almost any deck archetypes it’s pretty straight forward, play the Inferno, and back it up with your other troops as they all have defensive functions.

Many players will fireball your Archers so make sure that you spread them out from your other troops and even put them at a distance from your tower if it’s practical. If playing against Graveyard, your opponent will definitely use a spell to take out your Archers. Because of this, you will have to use Mega Minion, Skeletons and a well-timed Log to prevent damage. If it’s seriously tough then it might be a good idea to actually save your Poison spell for defense against the Graveyard.

Besides that, this deck is really simple to use on defense, I mean this meta trio was used so much because of how powerful it was, paired with the Inferno and Log I don’t think you should have difficulty against any particular deck!


Interview – Tips for Winning Tournaments and Playing this Deck

What is your favorite card and why

My favorite card is the miner because I love chip/control decks.

Why did you decide to play that specific deck, like I mean is Archers and Mega Minion not weak after the nerf?

I decided to play that deck because I saw people winning tourneys with it and I knew I’m not bad with Graveyard.

What sort of decks/cards counter your deck, and what do you do against them?

I don’t really know the weakness of the deck because I started playing it today but I lose to decks with Archers + Minions in one deck if they know how to counter Graveyard, it doesn’t have to be Archers + Minions, any 2 GY counters really.

Is there any changes in the deck you would consider, or variations if certain players don’t have certain cards?

 I don’t think Graveyard can be changed.. main card in that deck. If you don’t have Log you could use Zap/Arrows

Do you have any general tips for using this deck?

Don’t overcommit on offense, I like predicting troops like Minions, Skeleton Army, Archers, and goblins with Poison.

How would you recommend someone getting better at the game, do you think that your skill came from playing a lot, or is it more natural talent?

I got better from watching a lot of yt videos (OJ, CWA, etc) and spectating top players in tourneys

Any tips for playing in tournaments?

I like to play aggressive (going for 3 crowns) but only if I know i already won, if you’re like top 10 in the tournament, look at the decks above and below you being used because there’s a good chance you’ll play one of those guys. Then for example you match up against someone and you know they’re playing Zap bait, you can go really aggressive with Ice Golem, Graveyard Poison.


Overall I think that this is a nice, simple well rounded deck that is also very aggressive!

Thank you all for reading my guide! If you have any questions ask them below, if you have direct questions for Lord please say so and I’ll try and ask him!

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