3-Crown Farming P.E.K.K.A Deck

This is KairosTime, and I’m here with a Bandit PEKKA deck that specializes in 3-crowning your way to 12 wins in challenges!

This deck is perfect for farming Crowns to get your Crown Chest, or for the Clan Chest! I’ve won 4 Classic Challenges with this deck (2 were perfect wins), and easily got 10 wins on Grand Challenges twice. I’ve also used it successfully in competitive matches on the Clan Royale League. This deck is a monster to deal with!

3-Crown Farming P.E.K.K.A Deck

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale BanditClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Skeleton Army

P.E.K.K.A Ram Deck for Challenges

Bandit – The Bandit is an excellent fit for this deck, but she’s not required! I’ve had a lot of success switching her for the Lumberjack as long as I also switch the Mega Minion for the Dart Goblin as well!

Starting Hand:

Your best starting hand will have the Elixir Collector in it! If you’re lucky, place the Pump in a safe place and prepare to defend with the Mega Minion, or Skarmy.

Your worst opening hand will have the Baby Dragon, Bandit, Battle Ram, and Zap. If this is your hand, wait for your opponent to make the first move and react accordingly. Depending on what they drop, you may want to focus on defending a push, or rushing the other lane if they drop some sort of tank in the back!

If you don’t have the Elixir Collector, do your best to wait until your opponent makes the first move and play according to the cards they use. If they also wait, you can drop a Mega Minion in the back to force them to do something.

Unless your opponent drops a tank, you shouldn’t put a P.E.K.K.A down as your first card. Instead, your focus should be getting pumps down and defending them.


The first step to learning how to use this deck is learning how to successfully defend against different pushes.

I’ll be the first to admit that this deck is weak on defense, but only until you learn when to use your tower’s health as a resource. Once you learn to defend against multiple Win Conditions, you’ll cruise to 12 wins, farming crowns along the way!

Lava Hound

This is the trickiest to defend, which is why I included a replay of me facing a LH in my video guide.

Air decks test your deck’s ability to defend air pushes which is what makes them strong. This deck tests your opponent’s ability to defend single-targeting ground troops, which means that Air decks will have a hard time defending your pushes! This means that you should use offense to defend against LH decks

Apply pressure down the other lane with the Battle Ram and Bandit (maybe even your PEKKA if you can put her down early enough), while you use your Mega Minion and Baby Dragon to take out the Lava Hound. If done correctly, your opponent won’t be able to support their LH, and you’ll have taken out a tower or gotten a pump down.

Giant, Royal Giant, Golem

To paraphrase TheRumHam, “When tanks are King, The Queen [PEKKA] rules them all.” By using the PEKKA to clear heavy tanks, and then supporting her with strong cards, your opponent will have an extremely hard time stopping you from taking a tower.

By following OJ’s advice, this deck utilizes your PEKKA to tank while she clears heavy tanks, and cards like the Mega Minion or Baby Dragon spank enemy support troops.

This deck is very strong against Heavy Beatdown decks, which is why it does such a good job with the current meta.

My Winning Replay in the video is against a Royal Giant + Furnace + Lightning deck that was easily 3-crowned.


Hog Rider

Hog Rider Decks are generally fast-paced, while this deck is very slow-paced. This means that you’re almost guaranteed to take some damage from Hog Pushes, and that’s OK.

Usually, Hog Decks don’t have the defenses to stop a massive PEKKA push, so I will often times defend a Hog Rider with my Mega Minion which results in the Hog’s hammer landing 2 or 3 hits on my tower.

Just focus on conserving Elixir until 2x Elixir, and then go for a big push, and you’ll usually 3-crown them. I show a Hog Deck battle in my video, and even ignore a Hog Rider so I can focus on building up an offense.


The trick to defending Spell Bait Decks is to use Skarmy to clear Goblin Barrels, put down as many pumps as possible, and then go on the offense with your PEKKA down the lane your opponent is most likely to try and attack. If Skarmy is out of rotation, you can spare some health on your tower and defend with Zap, Baby Dragon, Bandit, or Mega Minion.

Try to play slow-paced and be OK with losing a Tower. You’ll 3-crown them later.

Tips & Tricks:

  • The Bandit is great at taking out Princesses for a quick counter-push.
  • The Battle Ram is a great defense if used right. Use against other PEKKA’s or against Elite Barbarians
  • The Battle Ram can be used to pull troops to the other lane if placed in the right spot. This is great against Valks, Air troops like Mega Minions, Princes, Giant Skeletons, or PEKKA’s.


If you play this deck right, you will use different cards depending on what your opponent has to defend. Here are some ways to counter your opponent’s defenses.

Inferno Tower:

When Building a PEKKA deck, the first thing I consider is how to deal with the Inferno Tower. The best answer to this is putting a Battle Ram in front of your PEKKA right before she crosses the bridge. Inferno Towers don’t stand a chance if you can pull this off right. If It’s too late to drop the Battle Ram, you can put a Mega Minion Down in the middle of the arena next to the river. Zap can be used if needed, but should be saved for troops like Skeleton Armies, or other small swarms.


If your opponent has swarms in their deck, you should play your Baby Dragon a little behind your PEKKA to help stop these quickly before they can distract your PEKKA. Have Zap ready if your opponent has the Skeleton Army. If I know they do, I’ll hold Zap over my PEKKA and wait until the second I see Skarmy to drop it.

Musketeer, Electro Wizard, Executioner:

This is where the Bandit comes into play. Make sure you place her in a way that she’s not likely to get targetted. As long as the Tower stays locked onto the PEKKA, the Bandit will skit around the Arena until there’s nothing left to defend. The Mega Minion also helps out a lot with taking out these types of troops. The Battle Ram can also be used, but if your opponent has a lot of splash troops, it may be better to use another card, or place the Battle Ram down the other lane.

Make sure you adapt your offense to the defense of your opponent. If you do, it’ll make it nearly impossible for your opponent to stop this powerful deck!

I hope you enjoyed this guide! For gameplay, and more insight on when to use which cards, make sure you check out my video here:

If you have any questions, make sure to leave it as a comment on my video, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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