Glorious P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 7

Hey guys, today I want to share a glorious and wonderful P.E.K.K.A deck with you! This deck successfully pushed me from 2000 trophies to 2700+ trophies so far! It works extremely well against most popular decks right now such as Hog Freeze, Dual Prince, Royal Giant,… This is a very versatile deck but it isn’t used much as far as I can see. After 25 games with this deck, I got 17 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses, that was very impressive! This deck was shared by Chusta via /r/ClashRoyale. Thank you so much!


Glorious P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 7

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale MinionsClash Royale WizardClash Royale Spear Goblins

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 Statistics


A good decks must have a stunning win conditions and all other cards in that deck must support the win condition. The win condition of this deck is the P.E.K.A but somehow Barbarians can be also used as a win condition as when get ignored, those handsome guys can easily solo kill a Tower. P.E.K.K.A + Barbarians + Wizard is definitely the most powerful combo in this deck that you will always want to build in any battle!

  • Spear Goblins is a good cycling card which help you deals with tons of troops in game. They are also every useful for chunking towers.
  • Poison Spell is extremely useful against swarm decks. On offense, it helps you slow and kill opponent’s small troops, which can distract your P.E.K.K.A any time!
  • Barbarians are the great tankers and damage dealers. I love using them to create a counter push against Hog Rider decks. You can place them directly in front of a Hog Rider and it will takes a few seconds before it can pass through them, which means Hog can’t hit your Tower more than 1 time before getting killed. Right after that, you can place your Wizard behind Barbarians to launch a counter attack.
  • Zap is essential for almost every P.E.K.K.A deck as you can use it to remove small swarms that distract your P.E.K.K.A. Zap is also great at dealing with Minion Horde, Sparky, Inferno Tower, Goblin Barrel,…
  • Wizard is an all-around master. You should him behind your P.E.K.K.A or Barbarians on offense and he will help you remove any small distraction very quickly. If your opponent places his troops incorrectly, he can deal loads of damage to the Tower while it is hitting tanky troops. He is also very great on defense.
  • Minions is a great card which helps you counter Bomb Tower, Cannon, Inferno Tower,… They are also very good at stopping Hog Rider and air troops.
  • Elixir Collector is a great choice for almost every deck in Clash Royale. By using Elixir Collector, you can force your opponent to attack first while taking an Elixir advantage. It also provides a good support to Tower while defending against Royal Giant!

General Gameplan

Win Condition

The main strategy of this P.E.K.K.A Deck is to assure that your Barbarians or P.E.K.K.A get to the opponent’s Tower while being protected by your Wizard. It is usually a good game If you can get opponent’s Tower to 700 HP in the early game or 400 HP in the late game.

Because this strategy takes a lot of Elixir, you will always want to play an Elixir Collector down first and you need to be patient If you want to use P.E.K.K.A. Place the P.E.K.K.A after your King’s Tower first and you will have enough Elixir to drop other troops behind the P.E.K.K.A once it’s about to hit the bridge. People usually use Spear Goblins or Minion Horde to deal with P.K.K.A and your last-second Wizard will surprise them! Wizard provides an insane amount of AoE damage that helps you deal with any swarm. If you have enough Elixir, protect your Wizard by using Barbarians!

Poison Pushing Tip

Using Poison is a great way to get your troops to the opponent’s Tower. It is recommended to drop Poison about 3-5 seconds before your P.E.K.K.A crosses the river. The Poison does a few good things for you:

  1. It slows down and drains any building and troop played in the radius, makes them easier to kill!
  2. This forces your opponent to play reactively, deters him from playing proper cards.
  3. Poison does damage over time! With a level 3 Poison, you can deal at least 200 damage (from the Poison) to opponent’s Tower in any push. If it is very weakened, you can simply play defensively and spam your Poison at the late game!


Royal Giant Decks: Barbarians are great at dealing with Royal Giants. You will also want to back them up with Spear Goblins in order to take down Royal Giant quickly. However, the best way to stop a Royal Giant deck is to predict where your opponent will place his win condition down. If you can play your P.E.K.K.A on the correct side, just a few seconds before your opponent drops his Royal Giant, your P.E.K.K.A can kill the Royal Giant in just 3 hits, take all splash damage behind the Royal Giant with no problem and you can launch a counter push right after that.

Hog + Freeze Deck

As I mentioned above, you will want to save your Barbarians to deal with Hog Rider. However, this trick doesn’t work very well against Hog + Freeze deck, you will want to use your Elixir Collector as a defensive tool. I will explain more about the placement below. If you place your Elixir Collector right in the middle, Freeze Spell won’t be able to cover both your Tower and the Collector. Once the Hog is hitting the Collector, use your Barbarians to finish it and launch a counter push!

Bomb Tower


If you face Bomb Tower, don’t worry, it is not a problem for this deck at all! Beside our Poison pushing tip above, you can just simply use the P.E.K.K.A! She can soak tons of damage from the Bomb Tower herself without any trouble at all! However, you will still need to protect her with your Wizard. Just place your Wizard far enough away from P.E.K.K.A!

Big pushes

Once your opponent plays a 5 or more Elixir card, drop your Barbarians + Wizard combo on the other lane, right at the bridge. Only do this If you have 10 Elixir and your opponent doesn’t have Fireball.

Dual Prince Decks

I love playing P.E.K.K.A because she can soak tons of damage. This makes P.E.K.K.A a perfect counter to Dual Prince Decks. Just place her a bit further a bit so Dual Prince can’t target your Tower, then place Goblins or Wizard behind your P.E.K.K.A to take them down quickly. If you have Zap in your hands, Zap them right before they hit your P.E.K.K.A so their charges will be cancelled.

Some Tips for Placing Elixir Collector

As Elixir Collector are getting nerfed a lot, it’s not a good idea to place it in front of your Towers all the time. It is recommend to place it behind your Towers and next to the corners. If your opponent plays Rocket, keep changing your Elixir Collector position so he will not be able to focus fire on 1 Tower.

I recommend playing your Elixir Collector in front or your Towe rwhen facing Hog Rider + Freeze deck or Royal Giant deck, as I mentioned above. When dealing with Royal Giant, you will want to place it further back so Royal Giant will need to go deeper and you can deal with it easier!

Dealing with Royal Giant


Dealing with Hog Rider or Balloon


And here are some defense logs from the author of this deck for you:


Okay so that’s everything I want to share about this P.E.K.K.A deck so far! I hope you can earn loads of trophies with it in Arena 7 guys! Hopefully you have enjoyed the guide!

  • Osko

    Sweet I’m definitely gonna be trying out this deck. Thx for sharing 🙂

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome mate! Glad that you like this deck xD.

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    My Pekka and my poison spell are lvl 2 could i really use this deck? Am a F2P player currently at just the early part of royal arena 2000-2200 trophies.

    • Will Potter

      Yep! You can give it a try mate!

  • -sirius-

    does the ”defender” and ”home” sign in the beginning of the fight mean anything?

    • Will Potter

      It means:
      This is your name!
      That is your opponent name! LOL

  • Deon S.

    Hello Will, id like to share a deck that helped me get to arena 5 to 6. This deck includes
    -Giant Skeleton
    -Hog Rider
    -Inferno Tower
    -Spear Goblins

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this buddy!

  • xReMuSx

    Meh…. There are better decks. It’s kinda hard to play it if you don’t get a perfect order. 8 Games, 4 W 4 L…

    • Deon S.

      Yeah if you don’t have collector at start it makes it tough during the match

      • Daniel Gao

        Yeah, but if you play the cards right, you can 3 crown easily

    • Darkaine

      Yeah seeing similar issues

  • VPI97

    This is probably the worst deck I’ve ever tried.

    • Deon S.

      Practice makes perfect 🙂

      • Will Potter


    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this!

      • tim moorehead

        You have some awesome ideas… Can you help me build a deck around lava hound?

        • Will Potter

          There are loads of Lava Hound decks on this website buddy :D.

    • Sebastian Ramirez

      Excellent deck, it worked perfect for me

      • Will Potter

        Nice! Thanks for sharing man!

    • Daniel Gao

      Pekka devks are hard to use, how many times have you used this deck?

  • Luis Plaza

    Does this deck work if im in arena 6 and replace elixer collector with cannon

    • xReMuSx

      Nope because you won’t have enough elixir for the pekka and backup troops. I would suggest you try another deck

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you definitely can give it a try man! Personally I would like to replace Elixir Collector with Tombstone xD.

      • Luis Plaza

        Forget about it, I FINALLY GOT ELIXER COLLECTOR

        • Will Potter

          LOL xD I hope you can get it to level 5 soon!

  • Jan Vaňkát

    great deck i played 10 minutes and i have 3 wins 1 lost and 1 draw i like it 🙂 works perfect

    • Will Potter

      That’s awesome man! Congrats and good luck further!

  • herro

    This deck is really good! I’ve gotten a big win streak with it and i even beat a clan mate that had a sparky deck. The poison is very useful. Thanks for the deck!

    • Will Potter

      So sweet! Thanks for sharing this my friend! You rock!

  • Adam

    Isn’t it kinda funny when you play your Pekka in the back with 2 elixir collectors in double elixir and you get back to 10 elixir in like 3 seconds?

    • Will Potter

      I love that feeling!

  • BrockSpotson

    I’m definitely a fan. This deck is a bit touchy about order (some of my starting hands don’t offer any obvious play), but it’s got strong defensive options to hold out until you can get things in line.

    I’m operating with Level 3 PEKKA and Level 2 poison, which obviously makes a big difference, but this has pushed me up several hundred crowns in Arena 7. My win rates aren’t stunning (50%?) but I’m pulling out draws in easily half the games I don’t win, so the ranking just keeps rising.

    For people having trouble with it, a few tips:
    – First, play for ties if you’re solidly down – during the last minute you can often put down a double-PEKKA push and claw your way back, just as long as you don’t try for the full win too quickly.
    -Second, use your poison carefully. It’s a great pushing tool, but it’s also your best swarm defense, so use it offensively against spawners and defensively against horde/swarm decks.
    – Third, focus like crazy on using poison + zap correctly. Use their relative advantages (zap resets aggro, poison is wide-area) and remember that they combo well. You can throw poison + zap at 3 musketeers, kill the whole unit, and come out with 2 elixir profit plus whatever other damage you do.

    Pretty much all of my results have hinged on dropping PEKKA, wizard, and poison just right. This deck really can work up into 2500 trophies, give it a try!

    • Will Potter

      Wow! That was very impressive! Thank you so much for sharing this buddy! I really appreciate it!

  • the casle

    I’ve checked out your other Pekka deck, and this is more recent, however I dont have a poison spell, because I bought the pekka from the shop. What would you recommend to replace it with? Maybe a tombstone… And ill switch the minions out with the skeleton army to keep it at the same AEC and incorporate my favorite card. What do you think?

    • the casle

      And the tombstone would be used to counter the hog decks. I really like the time you put into the decks and the details to help people use the deck properly. Would I use the barbarians to escort the wizard, since it usually gets killed making it easy to take out the pekka with a swarm?

      • Will Potter

        You can use Elixir Collector to deal with P.E.K.K.A :D.

        Hmm it depends but you will want to save your Barbarians for WIzard most of the time!

    • Will Potter

      Hmm If you don’t have the Poison Spell, I think you should give Goblins a try!

    • Daniel Gao

      Freeze maybe?

  • Oj

    can i replace wizard for ice wizard?

    • Will Potter

      Yea you can somehow do that!

  • Oj

    i just got ice wizard 2 weeks ago then 5 days ago i got legendary chest now its level 2

    • Will Potter

      Haha nice!