Musketeer Miner – The Burning Deck

Hey, Nitrome95 here with, in contrast to my last guide, an amazing challenge deck that sucks on ladder – the Musketeer Miner Burner Deck. After not being active because of midterms, I’m really going to deliver it with this crazy in depth guide. It was shared on Clash with Ash’s youtube channel here. This deck relies on the 6 minutes of overtime to slowly but surely chip out your opponent while having a solid defense. Beware that this deck takes A LOT of skill to play properly. It needs near perfect play to be at its fullest potential. So let’s get into the deck!

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Musketeer Miner – The Burning Deck

Cards Breakdown


She might as well be the star of this deck, not the Miner. When defending a push, you usually want it to add DPS, as it works great in a counterpush. Utilize her range to maximize her damage before your opponent’s troops can lock on. If you play this deck on ladder (which I don’t really suggest to begin with), make sure she is not underleveled, as a Fireballed Musketeer will make your defense fall apart.

Inferno Tower

Great at taking out tanky troops. If your opponent isn’t playing something as tanky as a Giant or tankier, you can preplant this to put your opponent in an awkward situation where they will have to attack. With Giant Lightning coming back into the meta, make sure you keep it far away from your other defenses.


Your win condition. Alone, it is a guaranteed several hundred chip damage if your opponent can’t guess your placement. Great at taking out Elixir collectors or if your Ice Golem is out of rotation for defense. You will usually send the Miner solo with the surviving cards from your defense. You generally do not want to overextend with this troop; he does not do any damage to defending troops, so your opponent can form a large counterpush if they have the Elixir advantage.

I would suggest not using the Miner on Princess. Even if your opponent is running spell bait, it is better to either use the Log, or other troops. By using the Miner, you are giving up your offensive capability for a whole rotation.

Ice Golem

After the nerf, his reduced frost nova radius is kind of annoying, but his main goal is to place extra HP where needed. Great at stalling support troops fo that your Inferno Tower can shred the tank. You can also use it to tank the tower for the Miner to get tons of damage. If you have a lot of troops survived from defending, I would advise not to use the Ice Golem to tank unless you know their AoE is out of rotation. If you are amazing at this game (I mean top tier skill), you could get away with using Skeletons instead. Sadly, not all of us have devoted hours every day to perfect this game.

Ice Spirit

These ice cards are seriously so good. The Ice Spirit has the same function as the Ice Golem, except cheaper, and requires better precision in placement.


Princesses, goblin barrel, elite barbarians, panic button. You get the idea.


And no, I’m not talking about Graveyard :P. Poison is trash at taking out troops, but the extra 10% chip damage is great against towers. Fireball is a great replacement if you want the instant damage. This card is mostly used with the Miner if you have an Elixir advantage.


Good against Graveyard, Giant Lightning, and synergizes well with Miner on offense. Do not split these guys in the back as you are wasting 1 Elixir by letting the solo minion die. Unlike archers, their fast move speed allow them to be used offensively. Sometimes, you can bait out Zap with these, giving you total freedom to use Inferno Tower.

General Gameplan

This deck is all about defense first, then offense. Defend with usually Musketeer and Inferno Tower, with support troops to supplement. Then Miner the tower with the occasional Poison to slowly eat away at the tower. Surprisingly, people don’t hate on Miner Poison like rocket siege. They’re pretty much played the same way.

Initial Moves

Here’s a list of starting moves from best to worse:

  1. Musketeer in the back if Ice Golem is in hand or up in queue.
  2. Ice Golem in back with Musketeer in hand or up in queue.
  3. Musketeer in back with no Ice Golem in queue.
  4. Ice Golem in back with no Musketeer in queue.
  5. Solo Miner.
  6. Miner Ice Spirit (for cycle purposes).
  7. Minions at the bridge.
  8. Inferno Tower 3-3 plant.

If you do the Inferno Tower as the opening move, you better cross your fingers that your opponent is playing Hog, Miner, or Bowler Graveyard.

Secondary Moves

Assuming you did the top 2 moves, wait for 10 Elixir and drop the Ice Golem to tank for the Musketeer, or the Musketeer to support the Ice Golem. This is where you wait.

  • If your opponent places a slow troop that has lots of HP in the back (ex Bowler), quickly rush the other lane with Miner.
  • If your opponent plays a medium sized troop in the back, counter with Fireball.
  • If your opponent does not respond immediately, let the push go. You are making an Elixir advantage every moment your opponent is leaking Elixir.
  • If your opponent pumps, send in the Miner and hover Poison for an aggressive push.
  • If you did any of the other moves, play defensively and wait for an opening.


The main reason why this deck is so high skill. Let’s say you are at a 2 Elixir disadvantage: You are at 4 Elixir and your opponent at 6. Not the worst position, until you drop a solo Miner on the king tower.

HORRIBLE MOVE! What if your opponent just ignores the Miner, taking the 400 or so damage? They will be up by 5 Elixir, allowing them to play a Hog rider fire spirits combo. With 1 Elixir, you can do nothing, except watch your tower go into ashes.

Miner Placements:

This deck guide will also double as an ultimate guide for Miner placements I guess in conjunction with my “Ultimate Guide to Reading Your Opponent’s Move”s guide.

  • If you want to open the match with a Miner or get guaranteed chip damage, place your Miner smack dab (RIP 2016) in the middle and front (I’m so cringy).
  • If you want to have the best chance at getting a prediction Fireball, place the Miner on the middle right position of the tower (middle left on the left side). With prediction Fireballs, you want to know your opponent’s timing, and place the Fireball accordingly. Too early and your opponent will wait until the Fireball lands on the tower before countering. Too late and it’s not a prediction.
  • The best all round one size fits all placement is the far corner. It’s not the best at each of its jobs, but it is well rounded if you don’t know where to place the Miner.
  • If your opponent has a tornado, make sure your Miner is far away from the king tower. The general rule of thumb is to just assume that your opponent has a tornado until you know for sure that this is not the case.

Surprise Attack

Even though this deck is extremely stable, you have a (kinda) surprise attack if you are desperate for damage.

Start with an Ice Golem in front of the crown tower. Wait until the Ice Golem is on the bridge or you have 10 Elixir to send in Minions. Most likely, they will have something to counter the push. Then, use your Musketeer to counter their counter and quickly drop the Miner at the tower. If lucky, your opponent will be placed in an extremely awkward position where their counters are out of rotation, netting massive damage.

To give yourself the best chance at success, be aware of your opponent’s full rotation and Elixir.

Defensive Matchups

Usually, you will rely on “triangle defense” where you use three troops. This tends to vary based on the opponent. The matchups will be listed from easiest to hardest.

Lava Hound

Your easiest matchup. When your opponent drops their lava hound in the back, drop your Musketeer in the back. If they Fireball it, do an aggressive Miner push on the other side to attempt to cycle back to another Musketeer. If not, do a passive Miner push on the opposite lane once you build up some Elixir. Ideally, you will draw out a mega minion which will tear through the Minions for the balloon. From there, defend with Inferno Tower.


As long as you know the exact protocol to defend, you should kill it. If your opponent is playing Graveyard Fireball, place your Musketeer or Minions with the Ice Golem. If they deploy the Fireball late, it’s perfectly fine. The Fireball damages the Ice Golem, letting him die earlier. Clean up the rest with a Log. If your opponent can predict Fireballs, you will want to place your Musketeer Ice Golem combo. Wait for the Fireball and place cleanup Minions. If you have Minions to start with, place them solo. Once they are Fireballed, Log on the tower and Musketeer to clean up, Ice Golem if necessary.
If your opponent is playing Graveyard Freeze, you will have to vary your play a bit. Play Minions or Musketeer and wait for the Freeze. Once the Freeze is lured out, immediately drop the Ice Golem to stall the Skeletons with your other Graveyard counter.. You can throw Log into the mix if you don’t want to take as much damage, but do it after the Ice Golem explodes.

Miner Control

This is a very even matchup. It’s all about outplaying your opponent. A cool technique you can do with the inferno is a 2-1 plant, allowing the inferno’s radius to surround the entire tower. The Miner usually will only get 2 hits. The drawback is that your opponent is likely to start doing the same if they also have Inferno Tower D:

Hog Cycle

You have to be extremely efficient with your use of each card. Even though this deck has a low average Elixir cost, your opponent will outcycle the crap out of you. Make sure you always have 5 Elixir or so left so that you can react with Inferno Tower.

Royal Giant

Similarly to the Hog, you always want to have extra Elixir to play an Inferno Tower, just save even more

Heavy Beatdown Lightning

Continually Miner their pumps. You want to make sure they don’t build the momentum into double Elixir. Make sure that you don’t overcommit or you will be punished really hard. Spread out your defending troops so that they don’t Lightning your Musketeer.


I’ve never played against xbow with this deck so good luck, I’m no help.


Your games will almost always last more that 3 minutes because this deck is mostly defensive. It has such high potential if played correctly.


Here’s a variation that works even better in the current meta: Executioner, Inferno Tower, Log, Rocket, Miner, Guards, Ice Spirit, and Minions. It is stronger against royal Giant and heavy beatdown, which is popular in the current meta. However, it is easier to get outcycled by Hog cycle.