Mortar Rocket Deck for Arena 9+

Hello CRA it’s me Ryan (MORTAR FTW) from Indo Elites here with my third deck guide. As you can see from the title, this deck got me to 4k trophies with 10/7/1 cards.

The deck is a 2.9 Elixir cost Mortar cycle deck. I first saw this deck on TV Royale, a Reddit guy was using it. I decided to try it out since my balloon deck isn’t working too well for me.

Mortar Rocket Deck

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale RocketClash Royale KnightClash Royale Dart Goblin
Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale The LongClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice Spirit

Mortar Rocket Deck

Very cheap deckHas only 1 building
6 Common cardsWeak against Lavaloon
Fun to play withQuite hard to use

Side notes:

  • This deck is a variation of the deck I saw on TV Royale. I switched out Princess for Dart Goblin as I don’t have her yet. If you have Princess, I will rec cinema using her, but if you don’t have her or you liked Dart Goblin more, he’s the closest to the Princess IMO.
  • Hey Ryan It’s Will. It took me 2 hours to edit your article (format, typos etc). I hate you dude!!!! Thanks for the great guide btw :P.

Card Breakdown


This card is your primary win condition, your main source of tower damage.

In this deck, getting only one shot off to the tower is enough since this is a cycle deck and you can get another Mortar quickly.

Why do I choose Mortar instead of the X-Bow? Well I have my reasons...

Keep in mind that both X-bow and Mortar has their pros and cons. I’m not saying Mortar is better than X-Bow. They’re just my personal Opinions. (no hate X-BOW FTW) 😉

Alright! After telling why I like Mortar more than X-Bow I’ll cover how to play Mortar. I’ll be going through an in-depth guide about using the Mortar.

best clash royale mortar placements

How to use Mortar effectively


My favorite spell to use. The Rocket is your only card in this deck with an Elixir cost of more than 4. This card is a high-risk high reward card to use. It’s one of the hardest spells to use because of its small radius.

But the upside of its small radius and long load time is its high damage. Rocket is the highest direct damage spell in the game. It’s useful for the clutch wins. With this deck, you only need to get the tower HP to Rocket range. Or Rocket + Log range, which is exactly 593 HP in tourney standards.

I like to start off a match with a Rocket, if they place a collector or a troop in the back. Never Rocket tanks! Thanks have a hell lot of HP, and with you down 6 Elixir, you will have a hard time defending.

Don’t hesitate to use a defensive Rocket if it means saving your tower.


He’s your only mini tank in this deck. He is a 3 Elixir card and is one of the first cards you unlocked. You should have a pretty decent leveled one. I don’t like placing him at the back as he is your only mini tank, and a good reactive card. I usually save my Knight until needed only.

Ice Spirit and Skeletons

The two one Elixir cards. The super combo. The cycling duo. They’re useful in defending your Mortar and in cycling, duh. The more you play them the faster you’ll cycle.


Those 5 cards are the only one I’ll talk about as Archers, Dart Goblin and The Log are easy to use. If you have Princess, I highly recommend switching her for Dart Goblin!

General Gameplan

As the match starts you could play Archers in the back or cycle or Rocket enemy troops behind their tower. That’s my favorite way to start off a match. Never play Mortar as a starting hand except if he doesn’t do anything.

For the first 2 minutes, keep cycling and chipping at the tower. Wait for 2x Elixir to start. Don’t over commit as you can cycle quickly.

In 2x Elixir play more aggressively, and keep pressuring. This deck’s full power is at 2x Elixir. If you got the tower to Rocket Log range you could play defensive and Rocket for the win.

If he has Collector, save your Rocket for the Collector. Usually, if they start off with collector they’re running prepared with Ice Spirit Knight and the Log.

That’s the game plan at its simplest form. Experience is your main weapon.

Deck matchups

  • Giant decks: Beatdown decks beat Siege, try to out cycle him and if you can’t win play for the draw. Rocket his push if you have to.
  • Hog decks: These decks are my favorite to face. You can keep up with his cycle. Siege beats control, and play Mortar in near the river often and predict with Ice Spirit.
  • Golem: Hard to face because Golems are Beatdown an at its Max level. Usually they run pumps, so Rocket them every time. Out cycle them and keep pressuring.
  • Lavaloons: They’re a pain to fight. Play for the draw or get early damage and Rocket cycle. Don’t let him place his balloon behind the hound. Rocket it if necessary. Rockets don’t. Kill balloon so be prepared with Ice Spirit or archers.
  • RG decks: RGs hard counter-siege but you can win if played properly. Out cycle him or Rocket cycle. More on this in the tips and tricks section.
  • Bait decks: Just remember to save the Log for Goblin Barrel. These decks are annoying but both players have an equal chance of winning.
  • Elite Barbarians: These decks are easy. Just don’t be surprised. Once you play the Mortar they will most likely play Elite Barbarians to take it out. Predict them!
  • Siege decks: You know what they’re thinking and they know what yours thinking. Either out play them or draw.

How to counter Royal Giant with Mortar?

That’s pretty simple. Wait for the RG to get to your side, then place the Mortar. The RG will target the Mortar while its attacking the tower. The Mortar can tank a decent amount of hits. Play Ice Spirits to Freeze him for a while and place Skeletons or archers to take it out. Use Knight of necessary.


This deck helps me push to 4k with 10/7/1 cards. The 1 is the Log. My Dart Goblin is level 6. This deck is pretty fun to play and can help you win trophies.

I don’t recommend substituting but if you want to test it out first. My recommended substitutes wok only be Princess for Dart Goblin and poison for Rocket.

Just remember to play Mortar properly, and don’t over commit and you would have success!