Mortar Rocket Deck for Challenges

Hey guys! Its lightningmaster823 here and today, I’ll show you guys a really insane 3.1 Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck for Challenges.

mortar rocket

Mortar Rocket Deck for Challenges

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale RocketClash Royale KnightClash Royale Skeleton
Clash Royale MinionsClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Zap

Has 2 reliable Win ConditionsWeak to Golem
Decent against GiantVery weak to Spell-Bait
Good against Elite BarbariansUses a Legendary, replacements aren’t as effective
Has 1 card that you can pocket for the endHard to make a comeback, but can be done

Cards Breakdown:

Mortar: One of your win conditions, very decent, yet very underused,

There are 4 reasons why I prefer Mortar over X-Bow:

  1. It is cheaper at 4 elixir compared to the X-bow’s 6 elixir cost, so many hard counters to X-Bow such as Rocket are negative elixir trades
  2. It is a common, so it is much easier to obtain and upgrade as X-bow is an epic (Fun Fact: my 2nd account is in Jungle and still doesn’t have an X-Bow)
  3. It does splash, so if your opponent places a Princess or some other weak unit (besides flying ones such as Minions), the Mortar will splash onto both the tower and the weak unit
  4. It has a blind spot, many players don’t really know the advantages of this, but X-Bow Decks are very hard to use as it gets distracted and destroyed easily since opponents can simply place a tank like a Giant to take the hits, whereas the Mortar’s blind spot will have the Mortar targeting the tower instead of the tank (or support unit if it’s ranged)

Rocket: Your 2nd Win Condition and actually provides insane value, despite being 6 elixir, it can take out Elite Barbarians, X-Bow, Bowler, Executioner, Sparky, Mini P.E.K.K.A., and many other units in 1 hit (or severely wound them), very good pocket card at the end.

Knight: A very good card to carry in this deck, he is often referred as the “Meta Knight” due to his high usage. He has a very decent amount of HP for 3 elixir as he can barely survive a Sparky blast at tournament standards, he can also counter the meta fairly well.

Skeletons: A very overpowered card right now as you can make so many positive elixir trades for just 1 elixir, just plain old value. They can stop even a mighty Sparky for a 5 elixir lead, and they counter many other cards pretty well.

Tombstone: IMO best building in the game as it can be a combination of an Elixir Collector and an Inferno Tower, the only thing it pretty much lacks is an anti-air option, plus it’s only 3 elixir whereas Inferno Tower is 5 and Elixir Collector is 6. It can stop so many units on its tracks.

Minions: By far one of the most balanced cards in the game as it has never received a nerf nor a buff (except for the range bug fix), it completely annihilates Graveyard and destroys many units that can’t hit air, such as Bowler, it can shut down Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Archers, or even Goblin Gang if placed right on top them.

Zap: Even after its nerf, it’s still viable in the meta, with a stun that can take out units instantly unlike log where you have to let it roll, it also hits air. The problem is that you might want to watch out for those pesky Goblin Barrels.

Ice Wizard: As my favorite card right now, it is very underrated right now, it can take out many units that the Electro Wizard (which is what Ice Wizard is overshadowed by sadly 😭) can’t, plus, it’s cheaper at 3 elixir, so it’s much more reliable on defense. #makeicewizardgreatagain

Replacements: *means not recommended

  • Knight: Ice Golem, Valkyrie, *Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Mortar: *X-Bow
  • Skeletons: Ice Spirit, Goblins, *Skeleton Army, *Goblin Gang
  • Tombstone: Any Other Building besides Pump
  • Minions: Mega Minion, *Musketeer, *Electro Wizard, *Baby Dragon, *Goblin Gang
  • Zap: The Log, Arrows, Tornado
  • Rocket: *Fireball, *Lightning
  • Ice Wizard: Archers, Electro Wizard, *Ice Spirit, *Ice Golem

General Gameplan:

Beginning (3:00-2:00)

Start with a Mortar at the bridge to pressure your opponent if you have it in your hand, otherwise, either do, Skeletons to cycle, Knight in the back, Ice Wizard in the back, or if you had the worst starting hand (Zap, Rocket, Minions, Tombstone), then either do Minions in the back or Tombstone to bank Elixir.


Middle (2:00-1:00)

Keep applying pressure with your Mortar; protect it at all costs as it is your main win condition. Don’t hesitate to use Rocket on defense if you must, but I would save it.

Double Elixir Time (1:00-0:00)

This is the time when you reveal your Rocket, Apply the pressure and if your opponent packs a huge push, Rocket it for a huge positive elixir trade, but constantly chip the Tower with Rocket and Mortar.


As this is mainly for Challenges, which has a longer overtime, you should keep chipping away at the tower with your Mortar and your Rocket, defend at all costs, even if it means using Mortar and/or Rocket on defense.


Giant: Use Tombstone to pull the Giant, then use Knight on supports, use Ice Wizard, Minions, Skeletons, and/or Rocket if needed, you might take a little damage. If it’s placed in the back, then rush the other lane with a Mortar.

Elite Barbarians: You have Knight, Skeletons, Tombstone, Ice Wizard, and Rocket, this shouldn’t really be a problem unless your opponent is smart and always use their Elites on your Mortar.

Golem: Hard matchup as Golem has a lot of HP, use Rocket, Tombstone, and/or a defensive Mortar if you must, but you’ll most likely draw out or lose the match.

Hog Rider: An annoying matchup, but just use Tombstone, Knight, Skeletons, and Ice Wizard, just protect the Mortar! Yet Hog is a good counter to Mortar.

Spell-Bait: Well you’re f**ked, (Reason: Zap won’t kill Goblin Barrel and you will most likely lose because of this and the fact that your opponent will often use Goblin Gang on your Mortar)

Siege: Tombstone, Knight, and/or Rocket to defend, although, you might draw out the match.

Graveyard: You have Minions, so it isn’t much of a problem unless you find Poison, Freeze, Fireball, or Tornado, otherwise, use Knight.

Royal Giant: Hard matchup, but do a 5-2 plant with your Tombstone, Use Minions, Knight, Ice Wizard, Skeletons, or even Rocket if you must, you’re probably gonna take some damage each time, RG is considered to be the Siege Deck’s worst nightmare (#royalcancer)

Lava Hound: Probably the 2nd hardest matchup (1st is obviously Spell-Bait) as you almost always have to use rocket on defense against the Balloon, the pups can sometimes be annoying as well.

Spawner Decks: Rocket! Rocket! Rocket! JUST USE IT!!! (Just make sure you at least try to hit 2 huts and the tower.

Miner: Knight or Skeletons can take care of him, but I would go for the supports first, then the Miner itself, then set up a Mortar.


Hope you enjoy my 3rd guide, comment below if you’re concerned or stumped with anything, doubts are fine as well! Clash On!