Devastating Mortar Spell Bait Deck – Anti-Royal Giant

Before I start this guy, I want to say that if u see me in a challenge or ladder match, say “Good Game” 3 times with a thumbs up emote so that I know you are from clashroyalearena 😀

Hey guys, Nitrome95 here, coming back with another amazing deck!

Devastating Mortar Spell Bait Deck

When you guys first read the title of the article, you probably were thinking: WHAT?! ROYAL GIANT IS THE REASON WHY I DON’T PLAY MORTAR. Now, that doesn’t mean that this deck doesn’t have any weaknesses, but it is strong against Royal Giant.

In fact, on ladder in the 4-4.2k range, I have only lost to one Royal Giant in the the three weeks I have been playtesting and it was a Royal Giant Mortar deck :/. This deck helped me push to 4.3k with cards 10-8/7-4-2.

My cards are that of a slightly p2w lvl 9, but this deck really compensates for the difference. I have also beaten (not to brag) TopNotch during one of his streams with this deck in a Grand Challenge.

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale The LogClash Royale Rocket

Cards Breakdown


The almost forgotten win condition sometimes. Mortar works great in the deck because your Mortar will always get a shot on the tower if they counter the Mortar with a melee troop in the The Mortar has a bit of trouble against spawners, but other than that you can always find a way to get it to the tower.

Goblin Gang/Skeleton Army

I have extremely mixed reactions to the Goblin Gang. On one hand, I think this card absolutely sucks compared to Skeleton Army. You are trading so much valuable DPS for really weak air defense. On the contrary, it is absolutely necessary in this deck. Minion Horde would make this deck too expensive and Goblin barrel can’t defend the Mortar. You will generally want to use one to bait out spells for the other. You could switch the Goblin Gang for dart Goblin, making the deck overall weaker but stronger against Lava Hound and Graveyard.

Both of these cards will also deal the majority of your damage while defending your Mortar. WARNING: Goblin Gang takes forever to kill a Mega Minion without the help of the tower.

Ice Golem

This card is mostly used on offense with the Mortar. Plop it in front, buying you time to react to your opponent’s counters. If you know your opponent has a bad hand, you could rush with an Ice Golem Goblin Gang mini push to decimate the tower.

Electro Wizard

At first, I didn’t really like this card. I felt that the double bolts was too weak to help defend the push. However, after trying this card out in this deck, it is SOO good. You can utilize its range by dropping it far away, bringing your opponent’s troops to a crawl. You can use the spawn zap and place it right on top of the opponent’s push. This card will be your main protection for your Mortar to bowler, Inferno Tower, swarmy troops, and even medium HP troops. Musketeer in this position will give more defensive power, but limit your options when converting defense into a counterpush.

Inferno Tower

A very important card in this deck. It allows you to overcommit a bit on your Mortar for extra chip damage, while regaining your elixir with this beast. Once your opponent’s zap is lured out, there isn’t much your opponent can do except Lightning. Otherwise, just a typical building.


Besides what you already know about this card, if your opponent tries to counter your Mortar with a tank, you can place the Inferno Tower next to the Mortar and use The Log to hit the side of the tank. The tank will retarget the Inferno Tower.


Your secondary win condition. Amazing at finishing up a tower. A Mortar shell at tournament standard is 228 dmg+100 from The Log+493 from the Rocket. That is a whopping 821 damage that can finish any game. If your opponent has 3 or more hard counters to your Mortar, you will usually have to Rocket cycle. Rocket cycle is 5 Rockets and 1 Log to take down the tower, with every 1 Rocket replaced by 5 Logs. You can usually get a free Rocket if your opponent places a troop behind the tower. Once you get the tower down to about 1000, you can win with Rocket cycle.

If you Rocket cycle, this is where the spell bait really comes in. Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, and Inferno Tower provide amazing value without spells. If you correctly bait out their spells, you can recover from the 6 elixir disadvantage from a Rocket.

General Gameplan

Starting Hands

I always like to start with a Mortar to try to get my opponent out of cycle of their counter. If I am not confident with my ability to counter my opponent’s counter to my Mortar, I will place a defensive Mortar or put a Goblin Gang at the bridge. Electro Wizard is ok in the back, but it is vulnerable to value spells.

Mid Game

You want to try to 1. Outcycle your opponent’s Mortar counters. 2. Bait out their spells so that you can easily defend your Mortar. Although a 3.6 deck, this deck cycles pretty quickly because you mostly keep your Inferno Tower and Rocket until niche situations. If done successfully, you can get 700 or so damage per Mortar push. If your opponent has 3 or more hard counters, defend and build up an elixir advantage for later.

Double Elixir Time

This is where you have to evaluate where you are in the match and how your opponent is. If you think you can push through your opponent’s defense, quickly cycle Mortar after Mortar. If not, and you struggled a ton before, you can Rocket cycle. Be aware of your opponent’s elixir and how they can punish you when you Rocket. The win is always practical and possible with the flexibility of this deck.

This deck combines my favorite skills of the game; counterpushing, putting your opponent in awkward situations, strong defense, predicting, mixups. I’ll explain each of these:


If you have successfully defended, you most of the time have some extra Skeletons from defense or a leftover Inferno Tower. Skeletons are extremely valuable at stalling your opponent’s counters to your Mortars. An inferno can shred through any mini tanks your opponent uses to counter with even with a sliver of health.


Awkward Situations

That’s really the whole point of spell bait. Put your opponent in awkward situations so that they can’t counter your squishy high DPS troops. If your opponent drops a furnace in the middle, a Mortar can easily snipe at the furnace, putting your opponent in a tough situation; do they overcommit to try to take down the Mortar or do they let the furnace wither away? Your opponent tries to bank elixir in an Elixir Collector? Rocket away!

On the topic of awkward situations, this deck absolutely flops if you sink into your opponent’s cycle.

Strong Defense

Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower, and Goblin Gang can counter almost any ground push. If you put an Inferno Tower and Skeleton Army, they will have to use their spell on either, giving you massive DPS. No that this takes no skill: you will always be defending from an elixir disadvantage from this deck.

Predicting/ Mixups

These two go hand in hand. You will have to visualize what you will need to support with your Mortar to get to the tower. This will cause you to have to predict what your opponent will play against your Mortar. You can do some mixups with your opponent with your Mortar placement.

Mortar Placements

Standard Placement

The standard placement is one tile from the bridge and one tile against the wall. This is the optimal way to defend the Mortar as it allows you to place troops in front of it.

Side Placement

Right against the wall and a few tiles to the side of the bridge. Used if they only have melee troops to counter your Mortar.

Center Placement

This is usually in a Lava Hound matchup. When your opponent plays a Lava Hound in the back, place your Mortar right in the center, offset by one tile based on which side you want to attack. Then place your Inferno Tower so that it is in range of the Mortar. This puts your opponent in a difficult position because they have to either let the Mortar get a bunch of shots or place a troop (usually Mega Minion or balloon) to counter, which will get shred into pieces by the Inferno Tower.

Defensive Placement

Put it in a normal standard placement of a building. Good if you have nothing else to put down, forcing out an attack from the opposite.

mortar placements

Defensive Matchups

I’ll be giving some popular and difficult matchups for this decks.

Royal Giant/ Giant Lightning

This deck allows you to take these decks on with ease. Simply place your Inferno Tower, see how they react to it, and then usually place a Skeleton Army. If you want, when they place the tank in the back, you can push the other lane with Mortar or Goblin Gang.

Golem Lightning

The most popular deck currently. I mean, I was at a reddit tournament qualifier and out of the top 10 players, 7 had Golem Lightning. The deck goes something like this: Golem, Elixir Collector, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Lightning, Log, Skeletons, and Minions. The problem is that your main defensive tool, Skeleton Army, is fairly useless against a Baby Dragon. This is where your Rocket is MVP. Constantly Rocket their elixir pumps when you aren’t behind on elixir. Try to take advantage of this deck’s weak defense in the early game and cross your fingers in late game. In all seriousness, Rocket is an ok answer to the Golem push , but you have to be extremely precise or you sacrifice the game.

A similar dilemma to the Golem Lightning. Don’t be afraid to use defensive Rockets and use the central Mortar placement.

Graveyard Poison

Another tough one, as poison renders your Skeleton Army and Goblin Gang almost useless. Electro Wizard is your best option, but wait a second before you drop it to utilize its zap and so that the Electro Wizard does not die in the poison. Log if necessary.

Miner Poison/Rocket

I think you guys are starting to get the picture that all of the difficult matchups render the Skeleton Army useless. Miner poison is usually played with the furnace, doubling your pain as furnace is almost impossible to get through with a Mortar. Be careful with your Electro Wizard placements and don’t try to get greedy by placing the Electro Wizard on top of the miner. It is a matter of whether Rocket or miner spell will take down the tower first.

Hog Cycle

Try to use your Electro Wizard as much as possible to defend, as Inferno Tower is a negative elixir trade.


This deck absolutely shines against Royal Giant, which I’m sure all of you guys face on the ladder.

It has enough solid matchups to have the potential to win a Grand Challenge.

This deck is also very non-meta so you can often catch your opponent off guard with it.