Overwhelming Miner Poison Deck for Ladder and Challenges

Hey guys Lolman here with a deck guide for the somewhat popular but slightly off meta, the 2.9 Miner cycle! This deck was created by Tag, one of the best Clash Royale players.

I have had great success with it in challenges. I might try it on ladder once I upgrade my Inferno Tower to level 9 because Hog Riders and Lightning melt it a bit too easily around 4600 trophies. (My main account has a level 1 Miner and E-Wiz so this deck doesn’t work on it as well).

Okay now enough of that and onto the actual deck.

miner poison

Overwhelming Miner Poison Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale PoisonClash Royale KnightClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale The LogClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice Spirit

I do believe a similar variant was created by @RSivak so I want to give him credit for that. This really only has a change of a card but is mainly my take on the entire deck as well as a more in-depth guide to the strategy, how it works with the current meta and how to counter popular decks as well as a screenshot of my win vs a hard counter match-up (Golem+ 3 Musketeer+Heal)

Cards Breakdown

Miner- Main win condition of the deck as well as your main answer to a pump, also a Princess sniper.

Should only be used on offense but can work as a clutch defense. I’ve never used the Miner on defense unless you count sniping a Princess as a defense.

Unattended Miner will do 512 damage to the enemy Tower at tourney standard which is more than a +3 Elixir Rocket. Which really is pretty insane despite the card not seeming like much at a first glance with its measly crown Tower damage.

Now as for it’s deployments, this can be tricky. Try and switch things up, if you notice your opponent drops a troop where you usually Miner then change up where the Miner will pop up at. It is very difficult to predict it if you switch things up.

Knight- Main tank for the Miner as well as your main defensive tank as well. It trades well vs E-barbs (With Ice Spirit or Skeles) and a wide variety of troops on defense for positive Elixir trades like Musketeer, Valkyrie.

Usually you don’t want to use Knight at the bridge and then use Miner, you want to typically use it as a tank on a counter push, otherwise sending a lone Ice Spirit then Miner is more advisable.

Electro Wizard- Your one and only non kamikaze air attacking unit. Now you might be wondering… how on earth do you beat Lava Balloon with E-Wiz and Inferno when that’s just giving the opponent Lighting value? I will address this later on in match-ups.

Inferno- Not much explanation required, you want to use it vs tanks. Placement and timing is key. Timing more so vs Royal Giant and placement vs Lightning or Minions etc.

Typical anti Lightning placement:

Here he chosen to Lightning E-Wiz and Tower

You want to avoid letting Lightning hit the Inferno and E-Wiz though. Keeping that in mind you want to aim for either a Tower+ Inferno or Tower+ E-Wiz Lightning.

Skeletons- Cheap cycle card, can be used for kiting and a great initial starting move is to split skills in the back. Skeletons are decent Graveyard counters and if 1 level up can demolish a Graveyard. Also when paired up with an Ice Spirit you can actually take down an entire Minion Horde for 2 Elixir.

skeletons vs minion horde

Ice Spirit- A similar principle as the skills, cycle card and also somewhat of a Miner tank.

Dropping down the Ice Spirit first (assuming Tower level = Ice Spirit level) and it will allow Miner to chip a few more hundred HP off the Tower along with the chip from the Ice Spirit. This works very well for you as with this deck you want to do as much chip damage as possible.

Log- Self explanatory, used to chip at Tower while getting positive trades. Must be saved in certain cases. Ie- If opponent has Goblin Barrel.

Memories the damage done because your life will depend on it. 96 damage to a crown Tower at tourney standard. Paired with Poison that’s 336 damage.

Poison- This should be used wisely.

In the initial 2 minutes of the game don’t Poison the Tower when you use Miner unless you can get value with it.

Vs a pump, if the pump is in the center, Poison the pump and Tower and Miner on Tower because 2 towers hitting Miner will not let it survive for long.

If the opponent puts the Collector at the back back, I like to use Miner on the pump and Poison the pump and Tower. This way, the entire pump is down and Miner will get chip damage or your Poison will get value from killing the Goblin Gang or damaging a Knight etc as well as damaging the pump if they block your Miner.

General Gameplay

Early Game

Ideally you want to start off with a move like Ice Spirit + Miner. Or Knight in the back. Something somewhat passive that won’t be punished.

The good thing about this deck is that it cycles really well so you can answer a pump 9/10 times even if Miner is not in your starting hand and more times than not you will have Poison.

Also vs 3 Musketeer decks, feel free to Miner + Poison the Pump + Tower because you can cycle to a Poison really fast. Though it’s not too advisable during 1x Elixir unless they give value.

Because E-Wiz is your only anti air, try and avoid cycling him in the back as a starting play unless your starting hand is, E-Wiz, Inferno, Poison, Log.


During this time, try to get a feel for opponents deck and counters for your cards. This will help you plant things like predictive poisons etc later on in the game.

Don’t over commit and defend well.

This is a 1x Tower deck so you want to avoid taking a lot of damage, at the very least early on when you are not a Tower up.

Mid game

Around now you will have a general idea about what deck your opponent is playing.

You will do most your damage around here where you will ideally play Miner+ Poison or counterpush with something tanking for your Miner etc. Know what cards to save however, but there are cases where using them is ideal if you are certain that you will do a lot of damage to your opponents Tower.

Here I was using this deck in the Tourney and facing the player for the 2nd time so I was able to make more predictions early on. I knew that if this push went through I would get the damage lead and I knew he had the Barrel but also that he had squishy troops. Logging on offense I guaranteed myself over 1000 damage and insane value because my Knight took out the Goblin Gang as well after defending his initial Hog. Also I was able to, for a +1 trade, take out his Barrel with Ice Spirit + Skeletons

Late game

When 2x Elixir starts just start cycling Miner Poison and use Miner in every counterpush.

Log to get the chip unless you need it in defense.

This deck cycles reallllly fast in 2 Elixir so you don’t have to worry much about getting damage on the Tower. Try and get value though.

Typically the Miner Poison Log deathzone is just under 500 HP if the Miner locks onto the Tower so keeping that in mind don’t forget about defending.

It’s really simple to play especially in 2x Elixir as well.


Now first off, this is screenshot of my win vs the hard counter deck. I unfortunately don’t have the replay to screenshot much.

Knight + Ice Spirit work rather well in taking out the 2 Muskets while Skeletons are all you need for the 1 Musketeer. Putting you up by 4 Elixir while in this matchup Inferno melted the Golem.

Golem Lightning & Lava Balloon Lightning:

Ideally you want the anti Inferno position for Golem as I stated above, spacing out E-Wiz from Inferno. Knight won’t die to Lightning so that’s less important.

Vs Lava Hound however is a bit easier. Usually Lava hound does not have Pumps so they won’t build up pushes as big which is why I like going hard on other lane splitting up the push. Also Poisoning on defense is not a bad idea as Poison does close to 600 damage to troops if they stay in there for the duration of it. Poison + Ewiz+ Ice Spirit. If it freezes the Balloon will definitely take down the Balloon behind the Lavahound. Get your initial Zap on the Balloon as well.

Rushing actually draws out Lightning giving the a-ok for the Inferno Tower. I take the Tower and am up Elixir as well!

Giant or other Beatdown decks

Try and keep Inferno for the tank. Knight should tanking for your E-Wiz if you use him. Ice Spirit and Skeles can do a decent job in clearing away a Giant from doing too much damage to a Tower but you are leaving yourself open to get tapped or logged by your opponent.

3 Musketeers

Always Miner +Poison the pump and cycle to another Poison to deal with the Musketeers. Use Knight + Log on the other side to deal with Battle Ram + 1 Musketeer.

If not, just Knight and Log the 2 Muskets + Ram along with the Poison while you use Skeles on lone Musketeer for a positive Elixir trade on both ends.

Switch up placement of Miner and after 2x Elixir starts and they pump up don’t bother with getting rid of it, but don’t place pre-play poisons unless you get value otherwise you will be punished because they will cycle faster as well.

Heal really is hard to counter, unless you get lucky and make good trades like I did. There’s not a whole lot you can do unless you kill the 3 Musketeers asap. Being a Tower up really early helps as well.


Knight to tank, Poison Mortar/X-bow and Tower and Log Skeletons etc. By placing say an Inferno preemptively you can soak up a lot of hits as well giving you time to take down to Mortar/X-Bow.

That being said this is a really hard match-up and your plays will need to be on point.

Log bait

Easiest match-up. Miner Poison = Guaranteed Tower damage from Miner unless it’s a Knight variant or Hog+ Knight and they predict the Miner.

Just don’t waste Poison if opponent keeps using Knight on your Miner. Switch placement instead and you can do things like Poison Princess etc.

You will always have Inferno for Hog (assuming you don’t overcommit) so it’s very easy to counter. Keep an eye on tricky Barrel. Watching the shadow so Log cautiously. Knight takes care of Skeleton Army and Goblin Barrel on defense very well

I think I covered most of what I wanted to cover and I hope you guys enjoy playing this deck and have a lot of success with it. Any questions or whatnot, just leave them below. Cheers. Lolman out.