Miner Graveyard Deck for Arena 8+

Hey, what is going on guys! RSivak here with a cool Miner Graveyard Deck I found, These have been few and far between lately and I though I’d give it a try and this one has so far performed magnificently!

Lets get into the cards!

Miner Graveyard Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ZapClash Royale fireball

Miner Graveyard Deck

Miner: The Miner! It is my favorite Legendary and one of the most fun ones to play with. Effective at dealing with Princesses, chipping down Spawners, and whittling down towers this guy with a shovel is great because of his ability dig anywhere in the Arena and pop up with a smile!

If you don’t have him, your best option would be a Knight, his decent damage along with his tanking abilities and his cheap cost makes him the best substitute!

Graveyard: Welcome to the heart of this deck! Great because it spawns a troops of skeletons anywhere in the arena!

This card should be held until your opponent over extends or you have a strong counter push going, after all this is when they will have the hardest time to counter!

This card can be shut down very easily, and as such should be played when you can deal the most damage.

Ice Golem: Cheap tank for distracting enemy pushes, this fella can be a great respite from your opponent’s onslaught. Usually ignored if alone, so you can surprise your opponent and drop a Graveyard on their tower while this mini tank tanks the tower!

Seen an increase in this guy’s popularity after its buff and the Skeleton Army buff, great at weakening Minions, and other cheap weak troops, diverts attention giving you ample time to react more effectively.

Ice Golem is such a great card in this deck because of it’s mini-tank abilities.

Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army has been seen a lot lately, with the buff and rise of Elite Barbarians it is a strong counter card, shutting down most of your opponents tank cards extremely fast. Be wary of Zaps, and Logs, as these piles of bones will go poof!

Inferno Tower: Your Lava Hound, Golem, Giant, Hog Rider, Giant Skeleton, and P.E.K.K.A shredder, this card will melt thru your opponents tank exposing the weak support troops behind to be mopped up by your other defenses.


As your second tank killer, your opponent will have to decide whether to Zap your Skeleton Army, or your Inferno Tower and it won’t be an easy choice. Don’t play the Tower till you need to, they will wait for it to die then build a push that will be very hard for you to counter.

Mega Minion: Your air-defense, and all around defense, this card has amazing potential as a defense card, very strong even after the nerf. It is great for cutting thru lots of mini tanks before they reach your tower. I caution you using it on offense.

More: Ultimate Guide to Mega Minion

Zap: One of the most overused spells, if not the most overused, the Zap spell is so versatile and cheap it gives you great advantages in this deck. Once your Miner and Graveyard deployed, you can take out Skeleton Army, and Goblins that might try to kill of your precious skeletons spawning around their tower.

Fireball: Aaaaand Fireball! This card is great for killing Musketeers, Witches, Wizards(all three of them), Archers and Zap that might be picking off skeletons as they spawn to attack the enemy tower. Such a useful card and relatively cheap too allowing you to finish off a weakened tower.

General Gameplan

You want play defensively to start, get them to waste elixir as you calmly defend and build up Elixir advantages.

Next I like to probe how they defend a simple Ice Golem Graveyard, I won’t drop anything else as this will put me at risk of over extending and thus now I know they like to defend with Goblins, Skeleton Army, Minions or Archers and next time I will have Zap for the first two and Fireball for the last two.

Send in a Miner Graveyard push as Double Elixir starts, and by now you should have dealt 500-1000 dmg as you slowly and steadily pushed with Graveyard Ice Golem or Miner.

Defend like hell, because after you both take a tower, he will have the advantage as Graveyard becomes decisively weaker when two towers can concentrate their fire on your offense.

The best way to prevent an upset loss when you were once wining is to play safe and defend and not let the opponent take a tower. I usually win games 1-0 with this deck.


I really don’t think many decks can shut down Graveyard completely, this deck relies on you counter pushing or being in the lead with elixir for you to deal the most damage. Lava Hound decks can be troublesome, but I tend to struggle most against Giant Bowler, as they usually have Bowler, Archers, Musketeer which can be quite effective at shutting down your pushes, so be careful against those.

Most decks will usually end up taking a decent amount of chip damage from the Graveyard and all you have to do is keep it up.


  • Defend, then attack when you are ahead in elixir gives better bang for your elixir.
  • If you have brought a tower down to Fireball range, and so has your opponent. LEAVE THAT TOWER until the last 20 seconds till overtime. You can continue attacking the other tower without fear of the King tower aiding against your push.
  • Play your Skeleton Army away from your Inferno Tower, don’t want to give the opponent a quality Zap.
  • Play Mega Minion defensively it is too slow for offensive attacks, but can become a deadly tank when you counter push.

That’s about it guys! Hope you enjoyed this Miner Graveyard and had fun with it and may it help you in your trophy pushing or Tourney winning!