Miner Bait Deck That Got Me To 4,000 Trophies

Hello guys, Get Rekt M8 here today with my first ever CRA deck. I have been using Miner for basically as long as I’ve had him. He is probably my favorite legendary card right now even though he’s not the best. Enough introduction, lets get into this deck.

Miner Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale RocketClash Royale Goblin Barrel
Clash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale The LongClash Royale Tornado

Miner Control Deck which got me to 4,000 Trophies

Card Breakdown:

Executioner: This is an amazing card against swarms and dealing with spawners. Paired with Tornado, it can decimate almost any push. I love to start out with him in the back just to not be wasting elixir. He pairs well with Miner and Goblin Barrel.

Miner: Big part of your win condition in this deck, he tanks for nice counter push and chip damage. Pairs well with Goblin Barrel, Rocket and Log. Lone Miner is not normally advised, although I often send one in if I’m sitting full on elixir in the beginning of the game and I don’t know what he uses to counter it.

Goblin Barrel: For me, sitting at around 4000 trophies, Goblin Barrel has to be played well. Why? Basically, mine is only lvl 4, which means the goblins are lvl 9. Almost no one at my lvl is going to have lvl 9 Zap so they can easily be countered, but not if bait their Zap or spell. The goal then with this card is to bait their Zap and make them waste it on your Skeleton Army or Inferno Tower.

b: This is pretty straight forward and I assume most of you know what this card is all about by now. Use it to counter almost anything, just make sure you have a back up card to quickly place if they have Zap.

Inferno Tower: Being a control deck, Inferno Tower is very key to shutting down big tanks and even hogs. This card can be reset by Zap so you have to be careful, but I will talk more about this further down.

Log: Now, fellow clashers, I present to you one of, if not the best Legendary in the game right now. This card is truly amazing, and without Zap in this deck, it is really good to have automatic tower damage outside of Rocket for finishing off towers with low health.

Rocket: An underrated card right now, I really enjoy playing with this card. Doing 493 tower damage at tournament standard, this can and has been a game winner for me in so many situations. This can be paired with Miner but can easily be a punishing move if they pig push the other lane for example, considering you just spent 9 elixir. This can even be used with Tornado in the right situations, in one game, my opponent had a massive push and I simply Tornado-ed and then Rocketed everything. Please, if you automatically want to replace this card, it would be awesome if you reconsidered and at least tried using it.

Tornado: To all clashers who think this card is trash, I would quickly think again. This card has recently rose in the meta and is considered one of the best cards in the game right now. There is a reason for this too, with so much creativity inside this card, you do things from, pulling hogs and giant onto your king tower, pulling Giant Skeleton and balloons from your tower, and my favorite use, bunching everything up while Executioner destroys a whole push. Friends, If I were you, I would use this card.

General Gameplan:

Starting off the game, as you do in most decks, I prefer to do what I call, “testing the waters”. It all really depends on your starting hand, but if I have Executioner, I like to start him off in the back and just see what they play.


I have started off with all 3 spells before and its a bit harder, but if I have Miner, I’m alright with sending a lone Miner just to get some chip damage or see what they use to counter it.

Beatdown decks are pretty straight forward to beat, use your Inferno Tower to take out the tank and also I like to use Tornado to help destroy support troop and keep the tank stalled out for a while.

I always like to add Executioner in the mix to just destroy their push and then you are often left with an Inferno with some health, an Executioner to counter push and hopefully a baited Zap on the Inferno so you can counter with your barrel and Miner.

I think this deck is a bit weak to Royal Giant, and I have quite a hard time against Royal Giant and Hog decks. Hog decks are basically the same as beatdown, just use Inferno to take the Hog and Tornado when needed. Make sure to as much as possible, set off your king tower, especially with hHog decks this is rather easy to do. Just learn the timing and placement so you don’t really mess things up.

Baiting the Zap

With this deck, baiting the Zap is key to winning the game.

When the drop a tank at the back I wait till I’m at full elixir and then send in a Goblin Barrel when his tank gets closer to the bridge. Almost every single player will Zap the Goblins without thinking.

Also, keep in mind that you should keep your Inferno Tower a secret as long as possible and only use it when you see their main kill card like Hog or Giant for example.

Don’t set up your Inferno too early when you see their tank coming, it will lose too much health and won’t be as useful.

Be careful not to over commit when he has a push coming, send a Goblin Barrel alone, but paired with the Miner might be over kill if your in regular elixir time.

Don’t get caught with no elixir in this deck, as with any deck, just play it safe and don’t over commit.

For example, don’t just through Miner Rocket when he could come at you with something strong on the other lane. Miner Rocket couple is for when you know what your doing and you know what he uses to counter your Miner. It has also come in handy if they place a building like furnace in the back corner and you can send Miner Rocket and get guaranteed value in your Rocket. I also just Rocket lone troops they place in the back, but it has to be at the right time and you should probably be sitting at pretty much full elixir.

Thanks again for reading, this was my first deck ever so sorry if it seemed trash to you and hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will try my best to respond.