Miner Bait Deck That Got Me To 4,000 Trophies

Hey guys this is PEKKApine here with my first deck! Today I’ll be sharing the deck which brought me to 4000 trophies with barely over tournament level cards!

Best Miner Deck Clash Royale

The Best Miner Bait Deck!

Looking at the deck, we can notice three main things:

  • First, this deck has a very low average Elixir cost; only 2.8 Elixir! On the same note, the most expensive card is the Inferno, which isn’t even played often. Therefore, this deck is a cycle deck.
  • Next, this deck is a Spell Bait Deck. There are 3 cards in the deck that can be Zapped: Goblin Barrel, Skarmy, and Inferno Tower. Also, 4 cards in the deck can be Logged: Goblin Barrel, Skarmy, Princess, and Ice Spirit.
  • Finally, this deck is obviously a chip cycle deck. We already know that the deck is a cycle deck. We can tell that this is a chip deck because it features both the Miner and the Princess, who are the two best cards at dealing small bits of damage. Also, the Goblin Barrel can be piled into this category, because most times it will only do a couple hundred damage, as most people react strongly against it

The playstyle of the deck will be explained in more detail later on. Without further ado, here is the deck:

Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale MinerClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale ZapClash Royale The Log

Cards Breakdown

Goblin Barrel

One of the main cards in every Spell Bait Deck. This card is the one of the three main tower slayers of this deck!

The Goblin Barrel survives the Zap at equal levels (level 9 Zap = level 4 Goblin Barrel).

However, since many of us, including me, are under-leveled for our trophy level, you should not count on this always occurring.

But, if you are facing equal level opponents, then this is a very nice bonus. Even if this doesn’t happen, it is still okay. This deck is a spell bait, after all. So, you can try to make your opponent waste your Zap on this card.

Replacements: None- this card is extremely unique. If you have to, use the Furnace. However, make sure it is high enough level so one Fire Spirit will always land on the tower! This is usually not a good card to use if your under-leveled like me (I have tournament standard level cards at 3700-4000 trophies).


This chip damage expert is one of my favorite cards in the game.

She has 3 main functions in this deck.

  1. The first purpose is to be a spell bait. She is often Logged, which gives your Goblin Barrel the green light.
  2. Secondly, she is amazing at chipping the tower. In conjunction with the Miner, they deal excellent damage in small bursts.
  3. Finally, she is strong on defense. Since she is one of the only anti-air cards in the deck, she is important to use against Lava Hounds and Balloons. She is also a great card to use against the Furnace, other spawners, and other Zap bait decks (she destroys Minion Hordes and Skeleton Armies).

Replacements: Don’t replace this card if you don’t have to, as she is so unique in her abilities. However, since she is a legendary, many people don’t have her. So, the best replacements from best to worst would be Furnace (see above), dart Goblin, or Minion Horde.


He is probably my favorite win condition because he is so versatile.

  • Your opponent plays a Pump? Miner!
  • Princess in the back? Miner!
  • Need to chip their tower? Miner!
  • Last second defense? Miner!

The Miner can be used for all of these reasons inside of this deck. But, he is mainly for chipping the tower and making positive Elixir trades on Pumps and Princesses.

Additionally, one of the strongest combos in this deck is the Miner plus Goblin Barrel.  This is very hard to stop if your opponent doesn’t have their spells in hand.

Replacements: This card is just so unique, that you probably shouldn’t replace it. If you don’t have the Miner, then your probably shouldn’t play this specific Spell Bait Deck. Instead, you should play a different Spell Bait Deck- sorry to say. However, I would have to recommend either something like a Hog, which would change the playstyle completely, Furnace (see above), or Minion Horde to increase the amount of spell bait significantly.

Skeleton Army

One of the best defensive cards in the game. The ultimate counter to Elite Barbarians, tanks, and Graveyard as long as they don’t have Zap on hand or a prediction Log. Another card to bait their spells! This card doesn’t have much else to explain J.

Replacements: Guards for better a better counter to Graveyard and Elite Barbarians. However, this takes out a big spell bait part of the deck.

Inferno Tower

This card is my favorite defense in the game! It shreds tanks and is great anti air, which this deck is weak against. Also, this is another card your opponent has the option to Zap!

Once again, this card really doesn’t need much more explaining.

Replacements: This really depends on the meta. You can use Cannon, Tombstone, Furnace (really showing a theme here…), or Elite Barbarians. I don’t suggest Elite Barbarians, and if you choose them, play them defensively!!! No rushing at the bridge! However, I believe that Inferno Tower is the best, because it shreds huge tanks like the Golem, and it baits their Zap. Additionally, without Inferno, this deck is extremely weak anti air.

Ice Spirit

This one Elixir card is amazing in cycle decks. It is the ultimate versatile card!

Use it to cycle your deck, freeze and distract cards on defense, or compliment your push!

Replacements: Many cards can work here, Furnace, Minion Horde, 1 Elixir Skeletons, Fire Spirits, Goblins, Lumberjack, Mini P.E.K.K.A, etc. But, in my opinion the Ice Spirit is just positive Elixir trades all day, and too good not to have.

The Log

In my opinion, the best spell in the game after the Zap nerf!

Use it to kill small troops, push back big troops, reset a Prince’s charge, retarget units, etc. This card is great in any deck!


Replacements- Fireball, Arrows


Pretty much the same as Log, but allows you to be able to use one without worrying about having to save it.

For example, now I can Log Elite Barbarians to stun them without worrying about their Skeleton Army.

This also helps keep the deck’s cheap cycle and this spell compliments the Miner and Goblin Barrel much better than The Log.

You can also use it to make units change targets!

Replacements- Fireball, Arrows

General Gameplan

Starting a game: Pressure the opponent immediately!

I prefer placing a Princess at the bridge or a Miner on the tower. However, if these are not in hand you can either cycle with Ice Spirit or a Goblin Barrel at their tower.

Additionally, this deck is a very fast cycle deck. Therefore, most of the cards in the deck are frail. This means that you can’t let your opponent build a huge push. If this happens, they will steamroll you!

So, you need to constantly apply pressure with your Goblin Barrel, Princess, and Miner. However, do not send them if you know your opponent can counter your push.

For example, don’t send in a Miner if you know they have a Mini P.E.K.K.A in hand unless you know they have no good counter to your Princess, so you can send her in and they can’t use a Mini P.E.K.K.A to take her out.

The only other time you push even if your opponent has a counter is to bait their spells.

For example, if you know your opponent has a hand such as Golem, Pump, Ice Spirit, and Log, you can play your Princess at the bridge knowing that they will Log her so you can send in your Goblin Barrel freely.

During the main course of the game, I always play aggressively, which forces them to spend Elixir defending my push.

Most of the time, they will have a counterpush. However, because we have such cheap, dynamic cards, we can make positive Elixir trades on defense. Then, I will go for my own push a.s.a.p.

Similarly, whenever they place at the back, pressure the lane (usually opposite lane)! This will make them spend Elixir defending your attack so that they can’t support their take.

As far as combos go, pretty much anything can work.

The best one is Goblin Barrel + Princess, but it’s really just figuring out what they can take out. However, don’t send in skarm+ Princess+ Goblin Barrel, because then they could use Log and destroy everything for value.


Elite Barbarians (whether they are the win condition or are just played aggressively or counterpushing):

I play against these in almost every deck at my trophy range of 3700 trophies. These cards are easily countered by Skarmy. However, you must bait their Zap before the push. Otherwise, it is very hard to defend these monsters! But, if you have to, use your cheap cards to cycle through and then get back to the Skarmy. If they combo it with Fire Spirits, you must Zap or Log the spirts. If they use the ice Golem in conjunction with the Elite Barbarians, then you need to put the Skeleton Army away from the Elite Barbarians. In general, they aren’t too hard to take down if you follow my guidelines! (Note: this section was made during the Elite Barbarians meta, but these concepts still apply)

Hog Rider:

Inferno Tower destroys them. Many people Zap the Inferno Tower, and although this may let the Hog get a swing off, you can now have a huge counterpush. Just make sure they don’t outcycle their Hog to your Inferno Tower, but that shouldn’t be a big problem!

Royal Giant:

Inferno Tower to kill the royal giant, everything else to take out the support. Not too hard, but a bad starting hand can cost you the game if they rush in.


Cheap cycle decks are the bane of the Golem deck player. Whenever they place the Golem, pressure the other lane hard. Then, just use the Inferno Tower and whatever else is needed to demolish their push.


Same as Golems, but don’t pressure the other lane as much, because they have more Elixir to defend with.


This is this deck’s hardest matchup. The only good counter for the Graveyard is the Skarmy, so you always have to bait their Zap with Goblin Barrel before the push!!! However, the main difficulty is that many players that I face use Elite Barbarians to defend and then use the Graveyard. It is very hard to stop both given that the deck has the same counter to each card.

Spell Bait:

The reason this deck has both Log and Zap is the popularity of this archetype. In general, the two spells and the Princess combined destroy this deck. Use your Miner or Ice Spirit plus Princess on the Princess. Log the Goblin Barrel. Zap or Princess the Skarmy. Zap, Princess, or Ice Spirit are used to take out the Minion Horde.

Thank you for reading! Leave any feedback on this deck down below!