Miner Cycle Legendary Deck

Hey guys, M4SON here with what I think is one of the best Miner Cycle decks in Clash Royale! However, this deck does use THREE legendaries which can’t really but substituted out. This is a super fun deck to play and very aggressive!


Miner Cycle Legendary Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Fire Spirits
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Cannon

Fire Spirits: Up and coming card that is great to use with your Mini P.E.K.K.A. Will be able to take out any distractions such as Skeletons, Goblins, Spear goblins, Minions, etc. Also great for protecting your Princess at the bridge when your opponent drops cheap troops to take out the Princess. Situationally can be used to stop Balloons as well as Barbs and Minion Hordes.

Zap: Best spell in the game currently. Very high skill cap and when used correctly can win you games instantly. Use with your Mini P.E.K.K.A Fire Spirits, or to protect you Princess / Miner from cheap troops. Can also zap minions for your tower to 1 shot it as well. Zap + Fire Spirits can take out same level Barbarians too.

Cannon: Even after the nerf Cannon is still a great card and the only card that offers distraction and damage for 3 elixir. Use in conjuction with Ice Wizard to stop any type of push. Still great for pulling hogs after the nerf. Against royal giants use cannon + mini pekka. Great versus other miner decks since it can distract and kill a lot of cheap troops.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: The main killer in this deck. Great for shredding through tank high hp units like hogs, giant, royal giant, sparky, etc. Greatest when used as defence then turning it into a counter push. Or can play aggressive with fire spirits right off the bat at the bridge. Great against other miner decks since it two hits miner allowing your tower to focus on other troops.


Elixir Collector: Collector allows for a quicker cycle. Quicker cycle means more relentless attacks over and over again. Playing collector also forces your opponent to react first or else they lose out on a lot of elixir. When your opponent plays first this allows you to counter their play. If they miner your collect just place mini pekka to protect and set up a counter push,

Miner: Use miner on enemy pumps, or take out princess. Miners main role is to tank tower hits while your other troops do the damage. Situationally you can use miner to take out the back line of any push, or at least distract it while your other troops finish.

Princess: Best troop in the game currently. Offers insane utility for only 3 elixir. Use with your mini pekka + fire spirits push. Can also use it to get insane chip damage while protecting her at the bridge with fire spirits. Great for taking our minions as well as barbarians while offering a strong counter push right after. Can also force out opponent arrows.

Ice Wizard: Best defensive troop in the game. With cannon it can stop many pushes. Use ice wizard to aid mini pekka, or use it to defend princess. As with the princess ice wizard will generally always defend and then turn into a great counter push.

Game Plan:

Not too many bad starting hands with this deck. The most ideal start would be to have pump down right away, while having cannon, ice wizard, princess, for defence. If the enemy pumps you can send your miner to take out pump. While also attacking with mini pekka and fire spirits. The most ideal situation you want is to have 2 pumps down during double elixir. Then all you have to do is either counter push after you defend with mini pekka + legendaries. Or you can just send your attacks in with miner + mini pekka + fire spirits + princess as back up, while readying zap. For hog cycle decks, use cannon + mini pekka to defend then counter push. For royal giant decks use cannon + mini pekka + ice wizard to defend then counter push. For Sparky decks ready your zap + mini pekka to take it out. Against balloon decks make sure you have ice wizard to slow and cannon to distract. The whole deck revolves around a quick cycle while being super low in elixir where you will just overwhelm your opponent. Many players don’t have arrows in legendary because most opt for zap, if you can get 2 princesses down it will be very hard for your opponent to stop your mini pekka + fire spirits combo, especially if the tower is focusing the miner.

Okay so that’s it guy! Hopefully you will like this Miner Deck! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help!

  • WRektangle

    good deck but some dont even have 1 legendary…

    • Will Potter


  • Ishmam

    I hate this bloody deck. Losing against this deck……uggghhhh

    • Will Potter

      haha. Good luck further man!

  • Leon

    I don’t have the princess… What is great card instead of the princess?

    • Leo2014

      Most people would swap in another good ranged unit like Archers or Musketeer, but M4son did say you really need all 3 legendaries for this to work best. I’d give it a shot though since even without the Princess it is a fun deck.

    • Will Potter

      Eww I think you can give Goblins a try buddy!

      • Leon

        i can give it a try. The only weakness is air

    • Stuart Morris

      Arrows is a general replacement for Princess, same elixir cost and works really well

  • Anonymous

    didn’t cam sucks at gaming use the same deck, except with spear goblins instead of elixir pump?

    • Ishmam

      Yeah spear goblins works better IMO. Helps with air.

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    M4SON I emailed u and sent a pm on Reddit, but there was no response so I’m asking here:
    Hi! Hope you are doing good. I have been using your GiLoon deck, and have reached a peak of 2959 with it. The upcoming balance changes had me thinking: should I replace the skeletons with stab goblins or not, or even something else? And also, would sticking with the cannon be a good option or should it be switched out for something else? I would be glad if you could answer these questions. Also, would you suggest any other changes as a result of the update? Moreover, tips for handling the upcoming meta would also be greatly appreciated.
    Thx in advance and sorry if this was a long email!
    P.S. With the supposed change that zap will now reset inferno tower’s damage, would it be a good choice in this deck?

  • Will Potter

    What the heck? I hate you!

  • Mostafa Elamdridy

    How can i counter this noob deck i face it nearly all time when i trying to hit legendary

  • Raf

    I’m sorry but this deck is such BS seriously so annoying to fight. Requires barely any skill.

    • Will Potter

      You used it before?

  • Adelani Turner

    don’t have princess but i’ll try this with spear gobs instead. ooh and sparky is a waste at the top everyone.

  • Jo Bry

    How to stop the lavahound /ballon
    using this deck?

    • Will Potter

      Rush on the other lane! xD

      • Jo Bry


  • Jo Bry

    And, how about the spawner?

    • Will Potter

      Rush on the other lane immediately once your opponent dropped the Barbarian Hut down..

      • Jo Bry


  • DNF phobia

    Is the deck still good now? And if so should I switch cannon with inferno or tesla because this deck is bad against air

    • Will Potter

      Yes it’s still very good IMO. Cannon is totally okay but you can replace it with Inferno Tower, no problem at all!