Best Miner Cycle Deck

Hey guys it’s Ash and today I am going to share with you my favorite Miner deck. Miner is an amazing troop, one of the deadliest cards in Clash Royale, especially when he got a 6% HP buff in the last update. So If you are lucky enough to get him and wonder some great strategies to utilize him. Instead of explaining all the intricate ways of using Miner, I am going to show you some live battles with this deck.

Best Miner Cycle Deck

Best Miner Cycle Deck

The idea here is basically to use this deck like a Hog Rider Cycle deck but with the Miner. Miner and Hog Rider are used to soak damage and protect your Goblins, Archers, Minions,… allow them to deal insane amount of damage. This is a very low Elixir cost deck so you can easily cycle it and keep sending your Hog and Miner.


Clash Royale MinerClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Minions
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale ZapClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Baby Dragon

Ideally, place your Goblins 2 tiles in front of your Arena Tower and send your Miner next to the targeted Tower at the same time. By doing this, once your Goblins have crossed the river, your Miner pops up and soaks damage for them. If your opponent plays any small troop such as Minion, Goblin, Skeleton… Zap them right away! Although you can only deal hundreds damage each push but as stated above, this is a very low cost deck, you can easy cycle the deck and launch bunches of attacks each battle.


  • Mini P.E.K.K.A Deck: Since I posted some nice Mini P.E.K.K.A decks on Clash Royale Arena, seems like loads of players have been using this new kind of deck in Arena 7 and 8. The main damage dealer in Mini P.E.K.K.A Deck is just the Mini P.E.K.K.A. This deck has so many small troops which help you easily deal with Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Hog Rider Deck: Use Inferno Tower reactively to stop the Hog Rider. If your opponent use Hog Rider + Goblins combo, use Baby Dragon/Minions beside Inferno Tower. You will want to place your Inferno Tower in the very center of your side first to prevent your opponent from using Freeze to stop both it and the Crown Tower nearby. Use Goblins If needed.
  • Royal Giant Deck: The same as above, use your Inferno Tower reactively beside your small troops. If your opponent plays Wizard behind the Royal Giant, you will want to wait until the Wizard has crossed the river then drop your Goblins right on top of him.
  • Elixir Collector: If your opponent place it at the corner, try to use Miner to get an Elixir advantage.

If you have either Princess or Ice Wizard, you can replace Baby Dragon with them. Personally I have found Princess + Miner combo working extremely well but because not many player have more than 1 Legendary, I would love to introduce the Baby Dragon instead of Princess or Ice Wizard.

If you have any question, just comment and I will do my best to help you! You rock my friends!

  • OddsomeOddy

    Would be cool if you could find a Sparky + Royal Giant deck. Bought Sparky in shop yesterday and I think that he can be extremely powerful combined with RG.

    • WestPKMN

      It is, but you need to play smart with it.

    • Will Potter

      I will post it soon man :D.

  • SivHawk

    You guys should the deck Steroidi69 used in the phonecatss tournament and explain. I thought that deck was amazing. Too bad I don’t have miner :/

    • Septic Venom9


  • Very Unlucky

    and still no legendaries….

    • Narwhals

      Same lol I feel you.

      • Very Unlucky


  • zwstinat

    this deck won’t work against any deck that brings 2 spells. To beat this deck it’s too simple and I can cause this deck with no offense at all. If you send miner+goblins, arrow the goblins and skeleton the miner. Beside sometime ignore the miner because it can only deal a little damage. if you send hog in simply drop cannon and arrow out any support. I use my spells wisly because I use both fireball and arrow.

    • jchen5012

      Miner/hog Miner/archers
      i just replace baby dragon with fireball
      and minions with minion horde

  • K_G

    Is there any variation?

    • Will Potter

      I wiill make some more variations for this soon!

  • NoIesu

    Hey, don’t give up hope on never finding this! Just an hour ago, I found Miner in a FREE CHEST. I also got Sparky out of a silver one only a week ago. Now I wouldn’t call myself lucky either, so there is still a chance you guys will get miner. P.S Miner is great with lava hound + Baloon strategy as it kills wizards and arrows can kill minion horde if you have it

    • Very Unlucky

      *dying* “I gave up after 1 month *crying*

    • Will Potter

      Wow. You are super lucky man! Congrats and good luck with them further!

      • jchen5012

        yeah. I got a miner from a crown chest today so happy first legend

  • miner card is awesome, tat low cost elixir with medium tank health plus easily cycle through and almost direct damage to tower each time.

    hey ger, watch your back – Miner and the little ones

    • Will Potter

      Can you place this blog URL in your video description mate?

  • NoIesu

    I’ve actually made a deck before reading this that is very similar. It consists of:
    Mini Pekka
    Fire spirits
    Minion horde
    Inferno tower
    Spear goblins
    Levels: 1/5/8
    Ok, almost none of the cards are the same, but they have pretty much the same concept. My main win condition is mini pekka + fire spirits defended by a surprise miner. I’ve never used it in global due to fear of losing, so please try this out for me and tell me if it’s good.

    • NoIesu

      There are no epics, the one is the miner level. I’m at the 2600 trophy range.

      • Will Potter


    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this man! How are you doing with it?

  • jchen5012

    Also, just a heads-up. I think you should replace Baby Dragon with fireball. This deck is awesome.
    It can literally counter anything 😀
    Tanks: Inferno Tower, little troops
    Hog Rider: Inferno Tower/Goblins
    Barbs/Witch/Minion Swarm: Fireball/ Zap/Minions (only for barbs)
    Any cheeky towers close to your side: Use inferno tower to burn them to hell! XD
    Prince: Easi like 123 Gobs/Archers/Inferno Tower (use if panicking)
    Elixir Collectors/ Huts: Miner/ Hog Rider
    Now, let’s see if we can counter combos
    Lavaloonian: Bitch, please. Inferno tower, Zap, and Minions
    Goon: Inferno Tower and Minions
    Hawg Freeze+Gobbies/ whatever: Goblins, Zap/ Fireball the other crap
    PEKKA/ Golem Push: Fireball and Inferno Tower= RIP PEKKA
    To start: Wait until your opponents makes a move, then counteract. they will most likely put down elixir pump, so put down miner to kill it.
    Just push, defend, win.
    Best Push: Miner (4 Tank)+ Hog Rider+ Goblins+ Minions/Archers+Zap
    Also, one question. Did Inferno Tower get nerfed?
    So haps that I got Miner today 😀

    • jchen5012


      • Will Potter

        Nah they are totally different mate!

      • Floppy Kong

        You could try replacing archers with her, but it will play different.

        • jchen5012

          eh, archers deal more damage, so i guess princess will just be cheering on the sideline XD

          • RequestMeAName

            Thanks you so much! That deck got me to 2835 so far!

          • jchen5012

            Np Dude
            If you want, you can join my clan Predatorz. It has a blue pekka sign and 25000 trophies. My name’s Edolas_Justin, and Im in legend with my deck

          • Will Potter

            Nice. Hope you can push to Arena 9 with it buddy!

    • Will Potter

      Inferno Tower got nerfed 2 times before as far as I can remember :D.
      Thank you for sharing this anyway man!

    • TomDJ

      Old post, I know. But Inferno Tower recently got nerfed again. Zap now resets it. This makes it a tough counter for Hog Rider and RG. I had to drop it from my deck

  • Aacen

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    If you would like to participate click here ->

  • Dr Pain

    `hey will bud hello.if u know can u plz tell the new intro song of ash.u would be so gateful to do this

  • King Pow

    Tried using:

    Spear Gobs
    Bomb Tower
    elixir pump

    But cant get easy to Legendary Arena..maybe i could try this one:]Thanks Will:]

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with this one man! Stick with one deck and upgrade your cards!

  • Darian Fontyn

    I use the same deck but instead of the goblins the fire spirits, why I did that ; You only got 1splash damage troop and a extra one is pretty usefull, it can easly take out minions, barbarians, …
    Deadly combo’s ; Hog+ fire spirits / Miner + Minions

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much for sharing this buddy!

    • King Pow

      that deck also brought me to Royal Arena

  • Adam Coe

    Can the Hog Rider be switched out for the Giant and still be as effective?

    • Will Potter

      You will want to use “something fast” buddy. Miner is usually used for soaking damage and protect the Hog Rider. You can try to replace Hog Rider with Royal Giant!

  • Kyle Frey

    Here’s my deck:

    Hog Rider
    Mini Pekka
    Spear Goblins
    Inferno Tower

    Got me from 2300 to Legendary arena in 3 days with level 8 commons, level 6 rares, level 3 epic & my miner is level 1. Try it out if you have the miner.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this buddy! It is very nice truly!

    • Ezra Hernowo

      What’s the combo?

      • Kyle Frey

        There are a bunch of combos that can be done with this deck:

        Miner + Hog + Minions
        Miner + Mini Pekka + Minions
        Miner + Minions + Spear Gobs
        Miner + Hog + Poison
        Plus the regular hog combos like Hog + minions or Hog + Spear Gobs
        Basically every troop in this deck will synergize with each other pretty well in a push.

        To defend the inferno tower combos great with spear gobs or minions or poison and it’ll take out most pushes, then use whatever troops are left over and send them out with the miner for a counter-push.

        I actually just got the ice wizard a few days ago in a crown chest and I replaced the spear gobs with it in this deck and it’s been working really well. Currently at 3200 trophies!

        • Ezra Hernowo

          Thanks 😀

        • Will Potter


        • Will Potter

          This is so nice!

  • Rowan Adams Waters

    Hey Ash, thanks for sharing this deck. The miner seems like a really crazy card to use, and this guide really clears it up. Thanks again.

  • masoud seraj

    i use this deck: royal giant, ice wiz, minion, elixir collector, barbs, tesla, fireball n zap
    i hit legendary arena with rg level 10, level 7 fireball, level 6 collector, level 9 minion n tesla n barbs n finally lvl 1 ice wiz
    i mostly lose against miner decks, i think it’s somehow over powered for only 3 elixirs, i think should have had 4 elixirs or at least lower stats!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you for sharing this dude!

  • Ivan Vuong

    I kinda customized this deck -.- I use miner/hog/goblins/minions/bombtower/zap/archers/firespirits/ Works really well!! I got the miner this morning from a free chest 😀 Also Clash Royale is kinda dying .-.

  • TomDJ

    Nice Deck!

    I use:

    Miner (1)
    Zap (10)
    Fire Ball (6)
    Minion Horde (9)
    Barbs (9)
    Musketeer (7)
    Fire Spirits (10)
    Hog Rider (6, about to be 7)

    I found Miner +musketeer + fire spirits works surprisingly well. Usually the opponent will drop gobs or minions over the musketeer, but the fire spirits take care of them. The musketeer does some heavy dps on towers and tougher minions alike. Then I follow up with a Hog Rider and Fire ball to keep the opponent on his toes, by time that’s over, I’m ready to deploy my miner musketeer combo again.

    I only use barbs for defense to take out hog riders, prince, pekka and giants, and cycle them with minion horde to keep the opponent guessing. Plus, once a minion horde kills the adds, a well timed miner makes a powerful counter push (even if they are zapped). Currently in A9 right now, sitting around 3100 trophies. Love the deck.

    • Will Potter

      Your deck looks very nice. I will give them a try for sure because Fire Spirits is one of my favorite cards. Thanks man xD

      • TomDJ

        Agreed, I just recently got the Ice Wizard too, so I swapped FS for him, but was struggling a bit. So I brought them back and swapped out Hog Rider and been having tons of success

        • Will Potter

          Having Ice Wizard is such an advantage. You can try to replace Fireball with him. Good luck!

          • TomDJ

            I took out Fireball and brought in Hog Rider. Currently sitting at 3156. Thanks for the tip!


    Can I replace the archers with spear goblins?

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course. It will not make much change!

  • Hey Ash, only one thing I’d recommend adding to the article when you have time:

    Everyone should make sure they bring some lube because they’re going to get their asses handed to them since this deck is absolute garbage.

  • Maneesh Raghavendra V

    Better use this format:
    Giant,Witch,Wizard,Miner,Mini pekka,Goblin barrel,Zap,Fireball and Valkyrie.
    Giant is the tank with witch or wizard behind and Minipekka in between them in case he drops Valkyrie. The remaining cards may be used to defend.Minipekka can counter hogs,Valkyries,Giant and many more single units. Don’t drop both witch and wizard at the same time as he can use fireball or Valkyrie and it’s over. U can use witch or wizard and mini pekka or Valkyrie behind the giant. But the sneaky part lies in timing of the goblin barrel which is much useful when not attended. As for a miner deck replace the barrel with miner. This got me to around 2200 trophies. Arigatho! Sayanora!!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy!

  • Oliver Ivanagic

    Can i replace inferno tower with cannon?

    • Will Potter

      Yes you can do that buddy!

      • Oliver Ivanagic

        Okay thanks 😀

  • Zoro

    I’m suggesting my deck for non legendary players!


    It takes me to 2600+

    Now I replaced guards for collector ( miner,poison,fireball irritates -.- )

    This deck is complete defense against all tank troops ( PEKKA, golem, lava, RG,Giant)

    I suggest to use poison lv4 for fireball..

    Plz let me know your suggestions. Thanku 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot for sharing this buddy!

      • Zoro

        Plz try this deck & let me know how it works 🙂

  • Dallin Cope

    Love this deck but having a problem dealing with sparky and big pekka.

  • TonyTime

    Hey Will, I just got to Arena 9. My cards arent too high level, lvl 7 and 6 rares, 9 and 10 commons, 2 and 3 epics, and legendaries log, lvl 2, ice wiz, miner, and hound. Do you have a good deck? I cant push past 3100…. Thanks, and cheers!!

    • Will Potter

      What is your favorite troop mate?

  • Jamie King

    Love it

  • Thetornadostorm

    Used a similar miner deck to get to 3300. Currently using this site’s “Miner deck used by 1st place player” and having decent success with only lvl 9 commons except for 10 zap. Before I got the miner, used this:
    Giant lvl 6
    Wizard lvl 7
    Mini Pekka lvl 6
    Valkyrie lvl 7
    Zap lvl 9
    Spear gobs lvl 9
    Barbs lvl 9
    Furnace lvl 7
    Got me to 2800+ trophies I suggest trying it.

    Good luck!

    • Will Potter

      Nice one. Thanks for sharing the result buddy. I really appreciate it xD

  • Aaron Voon

    Can somebody help me with a deck with miner, the log, zap & fireball?

    • Will Potter

      All those 4 in 1 deck?