Miner Beatdown Deck for Arena 6, 7, 8 and 9

Hello guys, today I am going to show you a great Miner deck that got me all the way from 2,100 to 3,000+ Trophies. The main goal of this Deck is to keep pressuring your opponent and to never let him have enough Elixir to build up a push. I am SpikiestBear, and I have been playing Clash Royale ever since it launched.

Now, I know this deck has two Legendaries, but for those of you who have the Ice Wizard along with the Miner, I definitely recommend trying this deck out. Another member of my clan has been using this deck, and has been floating at around 3,300-3,400 this season.


Miner Beatdown Deck

General Gameplan:

You always should be the man who attacks first.

I normally wait until I have 8 elixir, then I use one of the following combos to poke at the enemy and see what he plays:

  • Miner + Goblins
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A + Fire Spirits
  • Miner+Fire Spirits

Normally, your opponent will quickly stop this push (If he doesn’t, he will be very panic), but you can deal around 300-500 damage easily. After this, defend with Ice Wizard and set up for the next push. Use another combo from the ones listed above, and feel free to use Zap if you have 4 elixir or above. The key to this deck is to constantly make little pushes that pressure your opponent while making sure that you have enough Elixir to stop any counter pushes. With this deck, you can make anything a push except for Goblins + Fire Spirits. With that said, you can place the lone Fire Spirits for a quick 300 damage on the opponent’s tower.

Miner+ Goblins: A cheap 5 Elixir push that can deal decent damage. It also forces your opponent to counter push, which is great as this deck is great at stopping most pushes and can allow you to set up your own counter push that can deal a lot of damage. A lot of people Zap/Arrow the goblins and ignore (or have to ignore) the Miner, which allows him to deal over 300 damage. Now this isn’t a lot, but as stated before, this deck is all about constant pressure and cheap pushes. If left untouched, this push can destroy a tower or leave it really weak, depending on your opponent’s level.

Mini P.E.K.K.A + Fire Spirits: A great combo that forces your opponent to react quickly. This is the best choice when your opponent places a very expensive troop behind his King Tower, as he wont have enough elixir to place down a troop that the Fire Spirits cant take out. Also, Fire Spirits + Zap can take out an entire group of Barbarians, which is great to know and has allowed my Mini P.E.K.K.A to get off around three shots on a tower. So, if the opponent defends this push with Barbarians, I laugh and most of the time I win that game. (Sorry)

Miner + Fire Spirits: Similar to Miner + Goblins, but this push deals more damage most of the time as it is very difficult to Zap Fire Spirits when they get close to the Tower, for they jump and timing the Zap is very difficult. Therefore, I usually get all the Fire Spirits on to the Tower, dealing a quick 500 damage while the Miner continues to bang on the tower with his shovel.


Mini P.E.K.K.A + Goblins: This push can easily take down a Tower depending on the circumstances. I rarely use this push, but if I know that the opponent uses a Valkyrie to defend against my Mini P.E.K.K.A + Fire Spirits push, I will go with this one next. This is because if you time the Zap properly, you can quickly take down the Valkyrie as she wont be able to kill the Goblins that in turn join the Mini P.E.K.K.A to quickly take her down. I will then have my Goblins and Mini P.E.K.K.A all at a decent amount of health attacking the tower. This always results in the tower being taken down.

Defensive Gameplan

Royal Giant: Drop the Inferno Tower so it barely reaches the RG and drop an Ice Wizard to slow him down. This also negates the opponent’s Zap if he uses it, as the Royal Giant will attack slower and the Inferno Tower will be able to deal more damage. I also find that if there is a Wizard behind the Royal Giant, the Wizard gets stuck behind and cannot pass to target the Inferno Tower. For this reason, you always want to play your Inferno Tower so that the Royal Giant targets it while he is standing on the bridge so no other troops can pass by him.

Hog Rider: If the Hog Rider is by itself, place a Mini Pekka and counter push with Fire Spirits behind him. If the opponent has troops behind the Hog Rider (the more likely case) drop the Ice Wizard so he targets the small troops and distracts them, and then drop a Mini Pekka to deal with the Hog Rider. Then set up for the counter push.

Giant+Support Troops: Place the Inferno Tower in the middle, then use your Mini Pekka to kill the support troops. As a side note, you should never let your opponent have enough elixir to build up a push with more than one troop supporting the Giant.

Giant+Balloon: Drop the Inferno Tower in the middle, then Ice Wizard next to it. The Ice Wizard isn’t really necessary, but I prefer to place him so I can build up a counter push. So far, I have never lost a battle while going up against a Giant Balloon deck, as it is extremely easy to counter with the Inferno Tower.

Miner: Use Goblins or Mini Pekka to kill the Miner, then Ice Wizard/Zap to take out any small troops. Make sure to position the Ice Wizard so he targets the small troops and not the Miner.
Then with the surviving troops, drop your Miner to tank and let your surviving troops wreak havoc.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use your Miner to take out Elixir Collectors and huts. As this deck is focused heavily on constant pressure, you need to get rid of Elixir Collectors as often as you can. It will give you a 1 Elixir advantage and can also be incorporated into one of your regular attacks if your opponent places his collector behind the tower you are focusing on. Moreover, getting rid of huts with the Miner really helps when you are going up against a Spawner deck, as it helps stem the constant flow of troops and allows you to make more effective pushes. It takes 6 hits from the Miner to take out an Elixir Collector, 8 for a Goblin Hut, and 12 for a Barbarian Hut.
  • Never let your opponent build up a push. I know I have said this before, but it is extremely important to control the game and never allow your opponent to have the elixir to make a push, and always have the Elixir advantage.
  • Use your Miner to get rid of Princess instead of using spells or other troops. A lot of people place their Princesses at the back of their King tower, so you can use your Miner to quickly kill her, then focus on the tower while your Fire Spirits/Goblins deal more damage. Basically, you can benefit more from a push if you take out a Princess with your Miner.
  • When left alone, Miner can deal 448 damage to a tower. Keep that in mind when your opponent’s tower is low on HP and you need to calculate a quick way to finish it.
  • Zap is your best friend when you have a Mini P.E.K.K.A push going. It can quickly clear the way for your Mini P.E.K.K.A if timed properly can allow him to get a shot off even if being targeted by an entire Minion Horde.

Recommended Card Levels: Level 9-10 Commons, Level 6-7 Rares, and 1-2 Legendary. Remember this saying,’The higher the card levels the higher the amount of trophies’.

Card Swaps:

  • Ice Wizard: The Ice Wizard can be replaced with Wizard, as the purpose of the Ice Wizard is to deal with hordes of troops. In some cases, the Wizard can work better than the Ice Wizard, but I prefer Ice Wizard for he is cheaper by 2 Elixir, and this deck is all about cheap pushes.
  • Inferno Tower: Inferno Tower can be replaced by Cannon or Tesla, but I have several reasons why Inferno Tower is better. Firstly, Cannon has received so many nerfs lately that honestly it isn’t as useful anymore. Sure, it can trade with Hog Riders, but why not use Mini Pekka to take him out and then focus on a counter push? After all, this deck is all about offense and counter pushing. Tesla, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much range as Inferno Tower and can’t trade with Royal Giant and Giant Balloon. I just find it much more reliable in taking out beefy troops.

One last thing…

Got the Princess? Then I definitely recommend swapping her for Fireball. She is cheaper by one Elixir and can be included in Miner pushes. An all around great support card and helps clear the way for your Mini P.E.K.K.A.

  • MrVengar

    I have a level 9 cannon compared to my level 4 Inferno. So is it ok to swap out Inferno with the cannon? It can counter the hog nicely.

    • NemNem

      It’s ok to swap out the inferno. But you’ll have difficulties when dealing with P.E.K.K.A unless you have the Ice Wizard

      • MrVengar

        I do have the Ice Wizard! 😀

        • PRISM


          Use the inferno. It’s OP in level 1 even.

  • Naseem Essa

    Nice guide, is there any viable replacement for the ice wiz?

    • Will Potter

      Yes. You can replace him with the Wizard. Please read the last section!

      • Naseem Essa

        Oh sorry, i meant is there a cheaper replacement to the ice wiz than the wizard 🙂

        • Will Potter

          Cheaper? No, I don’t have any. This deck has 3.1 avg Elixir already and you still want to make it cheaper? xD

        • Krish

          archers work

        • SSSRARE

          ice spirits

  • Sjons

    This is an excellent deck, i just reached frozen peak with it! 😀

  • Poop

    If I get his first tower down should I sit back and play defense?

    • SpikiestBear

      Definitely not. The deck is all about constant pressure and keeping your opponent from setting up big pushes. if you sit back you give your opponent the opportunity to set up a massive push and overwhelm you. If you take down a tower, start pressuring him on the other side so that he is forced to defend and cant start any pushes.

  • Hamish

    is there a replacement for miner?

    • aakash


      • jchen5012


    • Adam

      The Miner is kinda the main troop in a “Miner Beatdown” deck (in case you didn’t notice).

    • Chained Chaos

      absolutely none

  • Lightning King

    anyone have deck to push to legendary arena… I’m F2P at about 2500 trophies…. no legendaries! ;( want to buy one in the shop.

    • Krish

      Hog Trifecta

  • Flyte

    I’ve substituted Ice Wizard with Bomber and it works; however Ice Wizard has a much bigger advantage as it can stop minion hordes and barbs + slow down the attacks of hogs, giants, and loons by 2x.

  • Marethyu

    Good Deck, I’m trying it out! 🙂

  • Jfive

    I am struggling against RG, wiz push and Giant Sparky. I know its a quick pushing deck. Seems they figure it out tho, my opponent puts royal giant behind kings tower then pushes forward. What do I do? thanks in advance!

    • SpikiestBear

      Inferno tower is your best friend. Drop an inferno and then zap the sparky, your inferno will finish off RG and then kill sparky. If there are any supporting troops distract with gobs. Also, as soon as your opponent places Rg behind a tower, push the other side with mini PEKKA.

  • Matt

    Going to try with furnace for fun and see how it goes. Do you think it’ll work?

    • Jfive

      I thought about doing that! Let me know how it goes

  • Duksoni

    Can I switch mini p.e.k.k.a for hog rider?

    • Hendrick

      I don’t think so mini pekka can shred tanks, one shoot suports ( wizars and musk) and overall has much better utility than hog

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you can but I don’t recommend doing that 😀

    • Vivan

      Honestly! How on earth is the hog related to the mini pekka! Geez!

  • CRwithzws

    Inferno tower already recieved a super nerf. It’s useless by now. I will switch inferno tower with minion horde.

    • Will Potter

      Not that bad truly 😀

    • MrPokeKid1

      bomb tower? also the inferno isnt bad, its gr8 against giant decks and stops lava hound golem and pekka. also stops hog. its high dmg increase is amazing, i recommend conserving your card play when in a battle.

      • CRwithzws

        zap ruined inferno tower. But to avoid zap use piggy push other lane. If your opponent don’t know you have IT, they will likely zap the piggy push. And now your IT is safe.

        • Vivan

          There is an ice wizard for a reason. It negates the advantage your opponent gets by zapping the inferno tower!

    • PRISM

      Inferno will be OP forever, as it is now.

      I use it and punish all tanky cards around. With Ice wizard, zap can’t ruin the system of inferno.

  • Poop

    What do u suggest doing if u don’t have one of your attack options on hand

    • SpikiestBear

      Cycle the deck and form a push with whatever you have on hand, for example Ice wizard + Fire Spirits behind it. If you have one card, like goblins, in your hand, place them down at the back and cycle the deck until you get a card that can be included in a push with them. Then sit back for a few seconds and try to get your cards in order so you can form the right pushes with them.

    • Will Potter

      Place the Ice Wizard behind your King’s Tower and wait.
      Or place the Goblins right on the bridge.

  • Danny

    replays or vods please?

  • Mayonnaise

    Any replacements for miner and ice wizard, I am in arena 7
    Thanks in advance

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry but this is a Miner deck. You can replace the Ice Wizard, but not Miner!

      • MrPokeKid1

        i get the fact its a miner deck but what about putting a hog? just so people can try something similar till they get the card needed. people have played arrows till zap and fireball or freeze till poison etc.

      • Hartog

        i got miner yesterday, what could i replace Ice Wizard with?

  • Joe Bob

    Amazing deck, 300+ trophies without a single loss.

    • SpikiestBear

      That’s great! Let me know if you make it to legendary!

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing this Joe! Good luck!

  • NemNem

    How to counter Pekka decks?

    • SpikiestBear

      Easy. If the PEKKA is placed at the back, quickly start a low-elixir push on the other side, then wait for the PEKKA to reach the bridge. As soon as she reaches the bridge, Inferno Tower works great but you can also kill her with ice wizard+goblins. Fireball+Zap will kill 3 musketeers an basically anything behind PEKKA, but so will zap+fire spirits, the better option for the three musketeers. Also keep in mind that you don’t want your opponent to generate enough elixir to form a strong PEKKA push and hence annihilate your tower.

    • Ronald

      Will Can i put the princess instead of the ice wiz cuz i dont have it

      • Will Potter

        Yea you can give her a try! Good luck man!

  • Mayonnaise

    Could I put hog instead of miner and spear goblins instead of ice wiz

    • Vivan

      Dude, this a miner cycle deck, the miner is not like a hog rider, I guess u shouldn’t do that

  • khoa phạm

    Can i replace the ice wizard with the princess?

    • Will Potter

      Yes you can do that. Good luck!

  • abdullah

    thank you so much finally i reached the legendary arena

    • SpikiestBear

      Wow congratulations!

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Congrats buddy! I am very glad to hear this 😀

  • abdullah

    guys can i use baby dragon instead of wizard??

    • Will Potter

      I don’t recommend doing tha t buddy!

  • Mutated Moldy Man

    I wish I had ice wizz and miner cause I am at arena 6 with no leggy. And my worst nightmare is that if in luckyly get a leggy or two then it’ll be a hound or the dumb log

    • Will Potter

      Lots of players in Arena 9 don’t have any Legendary buddy. Don’t be sad!


    It would be awkward to use this deck, climb up and don’t comment.
    Once I got ice wizard out of my magical chest, I was pretty surprised (who doesn’t).
    So I found this post, used this deck and got up to 2917 trophies from 2300.
    I pushed about 600 trophies, with 7 wins in a row, a loss or a draw, and win 7 again.
    By the way, I’m only winning or drawing in last 3 days…
    Currently I’m second in our clan, climbed up from 17th.
    I recommend this deck to frost serum and shovel guys extremely.

    Clash the royale on,
    Good luck!

    • Will Potter

      I am so glad to hear this. Hope you can get into Arena 9 soon with it mate!


    Can you please tell me more about the fireball in this deck??? ._. I would like to know the use of it and can i swap it with any other cards coz i rarely use fireball.


      I got both of the legendary (got the ice wizard this morning from Golden Chest :D) and i hope i can use a deck with these two legendary as many of my friends the two of them combo is OP
      I am quite new to this game even though I am Arena 8 (around 2500 trophies), I have only played for about 500-600 battles.

  • Alex ong

    Can I replace fireball lv 6 wif poison lv 3?

    • Will Potter

      Yes, give it a try buddy!

  • Static Dedenne

    Can I replace Mini PEKKA with Lumberjack?

    • Will Potter

      Yes, give that man a try buddy!

  • Mikesaber

    What can I replace ice wizard with?

    • Will Potter

      Musketeer or Princess would be nice. Good luck!

  • freddie nunn

    can I replace gobs with spear gobs?

    • Will Potter

      Yes you can but Goblins are better in Miner decks. Good luck!

      • Nandan Patel


  • mattt

    This deck is just amazing, one of the best all-rounded chip cycle decks that have ever been created. I have been really lucky getting the three legendaries (miner, princess and ice wizard) but have no idea how to make the best out of them. Yet, after I read this great guide on this amazing deck, I got up to the legendary arena from 2400 trophies in 2 months and have been getting top places in various tournaments . This deck is solid on defence and you can easily and constantly chip away your opponent’s tower. The only weakness I can think of for this deck is against spawner decks (it will be really great if anyone can tell me how to beat spawners :D).

    If anyone is going to try out this deck, the most important thing I would suggest is not to stress out and overuse elixir. Because the cards are so cheap in this deck, you might throw down too many cards at a single time when your are too nervous, which backfires you with elixir disadvantage. Also, use your miner wisely and place it to take down elixir pumps first if your opponent has one. Besides, as a chip damage deck, you will want to minimise damage to your tower as much as possible. Even if there is only a musketeer coming towards your tower, you should counter it with gobs/fire spirits.

    Finally, this is a deck that requires practice to master. I did struggle at first but after a few weeks I kind of figured out the best ways to play it. It is also a deck that requires patience as you normally have to perform multiple small pushes to win the game, unlike those goison beatdown decks that can crush a tower in one push (btw, this deck melts goisons XDD). Good luck everyone and have fun with this deck.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks a lot for the in-depth review man!

      • Nandan Patel

        Hey Will, I dont have ice wizard can you help me? What should i replace it with?