Miner Balloon Freeze Deck for Arena 7+

What’s up everyone I’m Zigge, and I’m gonna show you a brand new Miner Balloon Freeze deck. This deck requires 2 Legendary cards which is the Princess and the Miner but I will mention a couple of good substitutes for the Princess at least. Let’s get into it. This is a control deck with a surprise Balloon and a Freeze Spell. It is all about to control the battlefield, knowing your opponents cards and then get a huge counter push a support it with your Balloon and Freeze Spell.


Clash Royale MinerClash Royale BalloonClash Royale FreezeClash Royale Minions
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Zap

Miner Balloon Freeze Deck

Card Breakdown

Miner: He is the core of your deck and will gladly take out your opponents Pumps and Princesses as well as taking their tower. Use him to counter push and to tank for your other troops while you let them decimate their towers. He is one of the best cards in the game as he’s a mini tank that you can spawn anywhere in the arena. There is no substitute for him and any level Miner will do the job in this deck.

Balloon: Your main goal is to get this lil’ bad boy to the tower. But, with his slow move and attack speed, it can be quite difficult. At level 1, He does 6oo DPH (Damage Per Hit) which is one of the highest in the game. Your biggest enemy when using this deck is Minion Hordes (with their high DPS [Damage per Second]) and Ice Wizard (slows your Balloon’s already slow attack and move speed with 35%). A level 1 Balloon is not recommended. A level 4 Balloon is strongly recommended. You can’t replace the Balloon, even if you would want to. If you have the Miner, you have the ‘loon.

Freeze Spell: One of the strongest cards in the game if you use it correctly. Freeze your opponents troops on defense if you need to but you will wanna save your Freeze for offense in most cases. Works very well with Balloon and will give you an extra hit or two (depends on your Freeze level). This card can absolutely not be replaced due to its unique ability. You will want to have your Freeze Spell at least the same level as your Balloon (level 4+).

Pro Tip: Learn the delay on the Freeze Spell. You don’t want to Freeze the ground and then be the one to get laughed at.

Inferno Tower: The most popular defense in the game at the moment typing this guide. This fire breathing tower will still stand strong even post-nerf. With its increasing damage, it will kill the tanks almost as fast as small units. Your only strong defensive card in this deck, so be careful when using it. Replace it with Inferno Dragon if you’re lucky enough to have it. At least a level 7 Inferno Tower is recommended.

Minions: Place it behind your Balloon to quickly slice through threats such as Inferno Dragons, Musketeers and Minions. He is basically like a flying Knight! Works very well with both Miner and Balloon and both on offense and defense. Very versatile. A level 6 Mega Minion is recommended when using this deck. You can replace them with Mega Minion. He has one weakness though. Cupcakes.

Princess: The Princess. I was so happy when I bought her from the shop for 40k gold. And she has been my most used card since then. I use her in almost every deck and I’m also able to, ’cause of the versatility. She will help you Balloon to ”get to the towah” through shooting her flaming arrows across the whole arena. Place her right on the bridge if you opponent is placing an expensive card (6 Elixir+) in the back to force out cards. Any level Princess will do the job in this deck. You can replace her with Fire Spirits, Wizard, Ice Wizard or Baby Dragon.

Skeletons: Not much to say about these ”Three fast, very weak melee fighters.”. Use them to distract any type of P.E.K.K.A coming at you. Or to ”Surround you enemies with this pile of bones!”. Any level Skeletons will do the job. You could replace them with Skeleton Army, Goblins or Guards.

Zap: The most popular card in the whole game. Stuns your enemies for 0.5 seconds an dealing damage to them. Excellent to kill Minions and Minion Hordes with on your side and on your opponents side with a Princess shot too. Perfect against Sparky, Princes and Inferno Tower.


General Gameplan

Play defense and try to reveal your opponents counters to your Balloon. When you think you got it, send everyone! Place your Miner on his tower, your Balloon on the farthest tile from the river. Only do this attack in double elixir or if you have a massive elixir lead and have a Princess down, ready to support your Balloon in its way to the tower. Place your Minions behind your Balloon if needed to take out any troops. If there aren’t any, save your elixir for a Freeze. Use your Freeze only if needed. This deck is missing direct damage spells but you got your Princess ready to place at the bridge for at least 140 damage and your Miner that you can switch up your position with.

Starting Hand

Heres the card you want to place down first: (in order)

  1. Princess (in the back or at the bridge)
  2. Skeletons (split in the back to cycle)
  3. Minions (in the back)
  4. Miner (at the tower

If you have the bad hand (Balloon, Freeze Spell, Zap and Inferno Tower), wait for your opponent to make a move, and if he doesn’t. Wait until 2x Elixir and rush him with Miner, Balloon, Princess and a Zap ready. And remember, save your Freeze and Balloon for a surprise if you match goes on without a stirring competition at the start.


The ultimate push is, as mentioned, Miner, Balloon, Princess, Minions, with a Zap and Freeze ready. But, this push costs so much Elixir that you will only be able to perform it once in a game, if even once. That’s why a I’m here gonna tell you other pushes that might chip you opponents tower, but, if you’re lucky and skilled enough, they can also take his tower(s). Here we go: (in order)

  1. Miner + Balloon + Freeze
  2. Miner + Balloon + Princess
  3. Miner + Minions
  4. Balloon + Princess + Zap (only to quickly take out a tower for you to be able to enter overtime if needed)
  5. Miner + Princess (just to take out 800- health on a tower if needed)


  • Here I’m gonna list the weaknesses to this deck.
  • Hog Rider + Royal Giant decks
  • Hog Cycle or Miner Cycle decks
  • Air decks

Counter the Weaknesses

Hog Rider + Royal Giant: Use your Inferno Tower against their Royal Giant and Minions against their Hog Rider. Be as aggressive as you can to force them to defend. Try to chip their tower and then go in for a huge push.

Hog Cycle or Miner Cycle: Just play defensively until 2x Elixir and beat them with a huge push by planting Balloon in the back. When it comes to the bridge, place a Miner, a Princess and be ready with a Zap and Freeze.

Air decks: Try to beat them in the best way you can by being defensive and then launch a counter push. Or try to get the draw.

That was it for my guide. Hope you all have a good day and write in the comments if you need any help with the deck or ask for any substitutions.


    Can I reccomend a deck?
    I used it from arena 4 to arena 9 with a few changes along the way.

    Hog rider
    Skeleton army
    Princess or fire spirits
    Inferno tower
    Minion horde
    Goblin barrel

    Basically, it’s a bait deck. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but skeleton army is on the rise and I believe it may be pretty OP. The only problem with this deck is if you don’t have any elixir to defend. Some of the decks on this website have also helped me.

    • Blaze Stone

      Its may be a gud deck. Bait decks r quite gud in current meta.

  • Blaze Stone

    I didn’t understand the minion part. Sometimes he talks about normal minions and sometimes mega minion.

    • Ahmad Zaki Akmal


    • Chained Chaos

      He probably meant both. One can be switched for another

      • Zigge

        Thanks for explaining. Btw, you put a space after the period.

        • Chained Chaos

          Time to edit it then…

          • Zigge

            I can’t

    • Zigge

      I used to have Mega Minion in this deck but switched it out for Minions as I felt they suited better in this deck.


    Will work at 3500?

    • Zigge



        How many trophies are you at currently?

        • Zigge

          3500 – 3600

  • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

    more than 2 glass cannons behind a giant and you will never be able to kill them

    • Zigge

      That isn’t in the current meta. Three Muskies is a weakness though. Forgot to mention.

      • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

        yah but if that happens u basically gg

        • Jurre Numan

          Freeze spell and then minions and skellies

          • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

            you expend so much elixir just trying to kill one wizard

    • Firebreeze13

      One word to combat that fact my friend.


      • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

        this deck doesnt have lightning -.-

        • Firebreeze13

          Than it should #lightning4thewin

          • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

            wot lol

          • DaSlime


      • Natkin

        lightning could be a good card AGAINST this deck

  • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

    also how high did u get with this deck

    • Zigge

      3500. Close to my PB.

  • Hasaan Ali

    Guys just joined the discussion

  • Nelson

    goood deck, thanks as always zigge for those entertaining comments to a nice article,seems like ill give it a try. also wanna thank will for this site its so helpful

    • Zigge

      Thanks dude. Nice that my guide is appreciated.

  • DavidThePro21

    wait, Minions or Mega Minion???

  • Blaxeturner

    How are you doing with mega minion? Freeze + minions is a negative elixir trade and minions alone just get one shot by them.

    • Zigge

      The Balloon tanks them and Minion take it out.

  • Gamewarrior

    At level 1, He does 6oo DPH (Damage Per Hit) which is one of the highest in the game. 600 hundred u mean


      There’s no difference. It depends on the author.

  • Gamewarrior

    honestly, take the miner out an dput the giant in. BOOM a giant ballon freeze deck in case u dont have miner

  • CaptainSingh

    I just made it to legendary arena with this deck:
    ice wiz
    ice spirit
    Can anyone tell me if its good?
    BTW i am a lvl 9 with 800 xp left till lvl 10

    • Gamewarrior

      trifecta deck doesn’t look bad

      • CaptainSingh

        Its not a trifecta. I call it the TreyFecta (trifecta plus 2 legendaries)

        • Gamewarrior

          oh… close enough… i misspelled

          • CaptainSingh

            I will probably send a review of it soon after the tornado comes out

          • Gamewarrior

            nice… u sound like a experinced player

          • CaptainSingh

            thx but i really have only been playing for less than 4 months

          • Gamewarrior

            wow I had been playing for 5 and only in frozen peak of course, I was a complete noob till arena 6

        • Gamewarrior

          me nut gud at spelting XD

          • CaptainSingh


    • DaSlime

      Inferno Tower or Dragon? 🙂

      • CaptainSingh

        Inferno tower. BTW I finally got a lvl 2 miner

  • KekTheTurtle

    ˆ ¬ˆ˚´ †¨®†¬´ß!
    ∂ø ¥ø¨ ¬ˆ˚´ †¨®†¬´ß? ˜
    ø˙ ¥´å˙ ˜ˆç´ ∂´ç˚…
    ¥ø¨ ß˙ø¨¬∂ ∑å†ç˙ ¥ø¨® ∫åç˚…..
    ∫´ çå®´ƒ¨¬….


  • Mixalis

    Nice deck Ziggy.

    You should play some battles against mario’s giant-loon deck.

    Would be interesting to see how that goes. But ur deck seems to be able to utilise different pushes, not just rely on ballon if its getting shut down which is a plus

    AEL, Systems Down!

    • Zigge

      Thanks. Unfortunately, Mario has quit.

  • JohnCena Rules

    Why does every single miner deck have princess with it! I don’t have princess

  • JohnCena Rules

    I used this deck to get from 2250-2350 to arena 8 2800+ trophies:
    Ice Spirit
    Dark Prince
    Mini PEKKA
    Hope this helped for lower arena 8 players with miner but no princess!

    BTW, I am a lv 9 with 3000 xp. Make sure your card levels are pretty decent.

  • Firebreeze13

    what do we do if we dont have a princess? will archers work?

    • DaSlime

      Or Wiz/Ice Wiz

      • Firebreeze13

        and if i dont have an ice wiz either?:(

        • DaSlime

          OR, as i said, WIZ!

      • Firebreeze13

        nvm i got an ice wizard 4 days ago

  • Xx bismuth xX

    Just got miner(I also have princess and inferno drag)

  • KekTheTurtle

    great deck even if i dont have miner lol oh yeah and i have a lava hound a princess and a inferno dragon


    lol just got the princess from a crown chest, I can finally use the actual deck

  • the pro

    This deck got me to arena 9…

    Fire spirits (lvl. 8)
    Mirror (lvl. 5)
    Ice Wizard (lvl. 1)
    Zap (lvl. 10)
    Miner (lvl. 1)
    Minion Horde (lvl. 9)
    Baby Dragon (lvl. 3)
    Three Musketeers (lvl. 5)


    If you don’t have ice wiz, miner, or neither then you can replace

    Miner: Ice golem or Knight, so you at least have a tanky card
    Ice wizard: Ice golem, freeze, wizard, or bomber, so you can have an area damage dealer.