Remarkable Lumberloon Deck for Arena 8+

Nice to meet ya. The name’s SurprizMadaFaqua, from G.O.D. Sounds familiar? That’s where your old friend SCorpScilla is.

Today I’ll be introducing you a LumberLoon deck inspired by SCorpSCilla. He’s still playing, but I’m taking over writing guides, sometimes collaborating with SCorpSCilla himself. :D.

I have played against this deck and SCorpSCilla excells in taking my towers, sometimes three. I have used this deck in challenges and ladder. It works extremely well!

Best Lumberloon Deck for Arena 8+

Clash Royale LumberjackClash Royale BalloonClash Royale ZapClash Royale Furnace
Clash Royale MinionsClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Guards

Many air unitsUses underrated cards (might be underleveled)
Uses underrated cardsTough against three muskies and tornado
Devestating if not dealt with for one secondRequires Lumberjack
Relatively cheap
Solid Offense
Excells in challenges

Cards Breakdown

Balloon- The main win condition of this deck. Flies, drops a big bomb, devastating if not dealt with properly, not a tank, yadayadayada. A good synergy with Lumberjack. The Balloon actually has more health than Lumberjack, but for damage reasons, it is best if you place Lumberjack first.

Surprisingly, a Balloon on defense is pretty good as the death damage kills Minion Horde, Archers, and other weak troops.

Lumberjack- Now we’re talking! One of the most underrated cards in the game (next to Guards, Bomber(Tower), and Barb Hut), it has an insane DPS with insane speed and insane hit speed, 0.7 secs!) It will be the second win condition, the main tank killer, assassin, and the main card to use for all things. Obviously one of the best cards in the game, am I right? (cricket sounds).

With the newest update, Lumberjack is seeing some gameplay and is certainly able to deal more damage. Even a low health Lumberjack can run to the Tower and get one or two hits off, which is 200-400 damage! The only way to deal with a Lumberjack is to make sure it dies completely.

Zap- Can be replaced Log. Zap fits as well some reasons. Ice Spirit+Zap can take care of Minion Horde, Zap can reach skeleton Army more faster than Log, and Zap can reset charges.

For some other things however, Log is much more better. Log can completely deal with Goblin Barrel and Princess without much trouble, it has knockback and a little tiny stun, and it has more damage. Plus prediction Log is such a beautiful sight. It’s up to you.

Also, if you don’t have Log, this doesn’t apply for you.

Furnace- Pretty strong card and one of the most level dependent cards in the game. Tournament standards, Furnace lets loose two Fires Spirits and one of them can get to the Tower with that 100+ damage. Add that up and that’s about 600 damage in total just from the single Furnace!

Pretty annoying to deal with and Fire Spirits just behind the Balloon rush can be devastating if it kills the Minion Horde. Also Furnace is a building, so ya- Giants get wrecked!

Mega Minion– Not much to say here. Secondary tank killer and primary defense against Lavaloon. Just remember he is a solid defense and a rare offense.

Minions- More offensive, offers more DPS than Mega Minion in total, but are more weaker and vulnerable to Arrows/Poison. Lumberminions or Miniloon are some small pushes to go with.

They are a substitute for Mega Minion if it is not in cycle. Like the Mega Minion, they are good for killing semi-tanky ground units (Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Knight, all that good stuff). Just remember if using this deck on ladder, be sure to watch out for extremely overleveled Zap that can kill these Minions. Also that Minions are solid offense and a rare defense.

Ice Spirit– Not much to say. Freezes 1.5 seconds, trails along pretty good, and can tank one Executioner shot. Plus a sacrifice in defending Sparky. Ice Spirit is pretty good overall and synergies with Lumberjack and Balloon for a single push.


Guards- Another underrated card that is really great! With shields able to survive Zap, and their DPS similar to the old Skellies, these Guards are the tanks for heavy hitters such as Sparky, Mama/Mini P.E.K.K.A, Elite Barbs, Musketeer even- so many other things.

Guards+Ice Spirit can counter even more things, specifically Three muskies than could land you a positive 4 Elixir trade. Guards are basically a spread out tank with shields and the ability to counter many cards well.

General Gameplay

For starting hand, getting Furnace on the map is one priority. If that is not possible, place Ice Spirit. If that is not possible, go YOLO with Minions+Balloon or Lumberjack+Minions. Go for quick rushes with those things, and play defensive with the other cards. Always look for openings to attack. Outcycling or catching your opponent with low Elixir is basically GG.

Double Elixir is crazy. Mega Minion in the back just for safety, then just before the Furnace spits out the fire twins, quick drop Balloon, Lumberjack, and Ice Spirit right behind the Lumberjack. The Lumberjack will run in front and the three spirits will tag along. Try to squeeze in Minions. Lumberjack will kill main anti-air DPS units such as Wizard or Musketeer, Ice Spirit to take out swarm units, Fire Spirits the same, and Minions for the clean up. Zap ready for skeleton Army, ect.

In one situation against a Electro-Wiz deck, they placed the Electro Wizard to stun and stop the Lumberjack and Balloon, and although it delays it, the Ice Spirit behind the Lumberjack jumped and froze the Electro Wiz, enough time for the Lumberjack to finish him in seconds. Then they did Minion Horde, but my Fire Spirits took that out. By the time he had enough Elixir to get another counter, it was far too late.


Lavaloon- Mega Minion, Minions, and Ice Spirit to first take out all the support troops, then let them kill the Lavahound. Use Lumberjacks or Guards to take out ground support units.

Royal Giant– Furnace to tank, Lumberjack main DPS, and Mega Minion or Guards to finish it up

Giant/Golem– Use Lumberjack as tank killer, then basically every other troops to kill the backup support

Hog Rider– Use Log and Lumberjack to kill it, then turn it into a counter push with Balloon and Ice Spirit. For Trifecta, use Minions to kill Valkrie/Ice Golem and Hog Rider and Lumberjack for Musketeer, or vice versa. It takes insane placement to kill the Musketeer while not drawing in the Valkyrie.

Three Musketeers– Use Lumberjack for one Musketeer first then the tank. Use Guards Ice Spirit to take out the other two. Then place Balloon for that Lumberjack. A bit difficult to manage but managable.

Exe-nado– Kill yourself. Or at least make a draw. In reality try to out-cycle their Tornado or it will be almost impossible for it to reach the Tower.

X-Bow/Mortar– Use Lumberjack for Sacrifice and Mega Minion for stuff.

Elite Barbs– Guards and Ice Spirits or Minions.

Graveyard- Minions are the true counter, but if you don’t have it or they get countered, put Guards for the Graveyard. Against Graveyard, I guess you can say that they are life-Guards (cymbal crash).

Interview with SCorpSCilla

Q: So what is your favorite card in the game SCorp?

A: It would be either Log (obviously) or Lumberjack. Log has the ability to be the true counter against Princess and Goblin Barrel, does significant damage, and its knockback can help you out of a jam. Lumberjack however has insane DPS and speed, catching the opponent off guard and many times clutching a few hits. Now many will argue with me, but in my opinion, Lumberjack is definitely worth his 4 elixir, if not more. That’s not including that rage he drops. Since I have a level 2 Lumberjack (I’m free to play, okay?), its rage lasts 8 seconds and it does 220 damage each hit. The only thing I would ask of the Lumberjack is to stop triggering my OCD with its tournament standards health (990).

Q: How do you make this deck?

A: Well I was expirementing this deck one day in a classic challenge, burnt out from the frustration of not able to stay in Hog Mountain with my old SparkJack deck (see here) and I told myself, “You know what? Scew it. Ima go doing something awesome with my Lumberjack.” And you know what, I did. I faced 4600 trophy players in my challenge and beat all (well most) of them. It was in that moment when I realized I had made something revolutionary.

Q: What would be the most common mistake that player would make with this deck?

A: I have made this mistake numerous times with this deck, and is both overcommiting and not commiting at all. I don’t know when to push and when not to push. I see a Golem and I think Oh boi if I send this, he’ll have to defend it and he doesn’t have the elixir too! But then he doesn’t even care and sends more troops and now I have a Golem and a Lumberjack and I have only 5 elixir to defend.

Welp, there you have it. My first guide on CRA. Following the footsteps of SCorpSCilla. I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this crazy challenge deck, and I hope to see ya guys later!