Remarkable Lumberloon Beatdown Deck for Arena 8+

Hi! This is DabMaster2 with a surprisingly powerful new deck for people who like using the Lumberjack. This is my go-to deck for pushing trophies.

Currently, the Lumberjack isn’t getting much use in the current meta due to the Elite Barbarians being so OP, but when the Lumberjack is paired with the Balloon, the Lumberjack and his Rage spell can obliterate towers in seconds and your opponent will have been sending many WOW emotes or maybe Raged quit (pun intended XD).

So, without further ado, here is my deck guide!

Lumberjack Balloon Deck

Clash Royale LumberjackClash Royale BalloonClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale fireball

LumberLoon Deck

Catches opponents off guardUses a legendary card
Good at making comebacksWeak to decks with multiple buildings
Cards synergize extremely wellA bit weak to Lavaloon


  • Fireball – Freeze
  • Lumberjack – Mini P.E.K.K.A (not recommended)
  • Archers – Dart Goblin (very much recommended)
  • Mega Minion – Minions
  • Tombstone – Cannon

Cards Breakdown

Balloon – The main tower killer in this deck.

The Balloon has had an extreme rise in popularity since the balance updates which more than doubled the Balloon’s death damage allowing it to kill Minions and Archers.

While using the Balloon it’s important to know your opponent’s counters. When you know your opponent has used their main counter to your Balloon, go for a Balloon rush.

Pair Archers an Zap with Balloon to take down Minion Horde or pair the Balloon with mega Minion to counter the enemy mega Minion.

When going for a Balloon push always deploy the Balloon all the way at the edge of the map in order for it to bypass buildings in the center of the enemy area.

Read more about the Balloon here

Lumberjack – The second tower killer of this deck. He is a very underrated card but he is still very powerful. His offensive capabilities are just amazing!

The Rage he drops is just so devastating when the Balloon is in it. Once a Raged Balloon is on the tower, that mean bye-bye to that tower.

A cool trick I learned to with him is when you pair him with a Balloon, if the opponent counters the Lumberjack, the Balloon will be Raged and do massive damage but if the opponent counters the Balloon, then the Lumberjack will shred the tower.

The Lumberjacks capabilities don’t end in offense though. On defense, he can shred tanks like the Royal Giant, Giant, and the Golem.

Archers – These ladies are popular these days due to their ability to survive, Log , Arrows, and Zap.

They are valuable to counter graveyard which is also very popular.

Splitting Archers is a good starting more allowing you to attack or defend from either side.

They are good Balloon support and good air defense against other Balloons and Lava Hounds.

I recommend switching them out for Dart Goblin due to his fast attack speed and his long range allowing him to snipe pesky buildings which distract the Balloon.

Ice Golem – He provides tons of value for only 2 elixir.

This mini-tank will sponge up damage from your Balloon allowing it to get to the tower.

If your opponent counter with Minions, Zap and this death damage can take them out keeping your Balloon alive.

On defense he is great for kiting enemy units like the Elite Barbarians and great for distracting enemy troops while your other troops help out. Read more Ice Golem strategy here

Mega Minion – Also known as the Meta Minion, this guy provides crazy value for only 3 elixir.

He can survive Fireball and Poison making him very durable.

He shreds through Elite Barbarians, Lava Hounds, Balloons, and other mega Minions that are attacking your Balloon.


When on defense, the mega Minion can also turn into a powerful counter push.

Tombstone – This building is very useful and cheap.

The Tombstone alone can counter Elite Barbarians, but watch out for Zap!

The Skeletons it spawns can counter the furnace fire spirits, defend against enemy ground attacks, and can help in attack too since Skeletons to crazy damage to towers when left unchecked.

The only weakness of this cards is the Log and the Bowler which can destroy a half health Tombstone and kill the Skeleton.

Zap – The card should be self explanatory. The stun effect resets Inferno Tower, sparky, and inferno dragon, and is great for clearing swarms.

You can also use this card to help a low health Balloon get a hit on the enemy tower and land that one critical hit.

Fireball – This card works really well with the Balloon.

It kill Archers, Minion Horde, and not to mention its knock back effect can knock back an enemy mega Minion from your Balloon allowing your Balloon to reach the tower.

If you can managed to predict a fireball on your enemy’s Minions Horde then that tower is done. Read more fireball strategy here

General Gameplan

This deck has two different play styles. One style is to play control style. Wait for your opponent to make the first attack then counter push with your Balloon. Start the match with Archers or Tombstone. The second play style is aggressive beatdown. With this play style, you make the first move with Balloon rushes. I personally like to play both styles. In the beginning of the match I play control then in double elixir I play aggressive beatdown making powerful Lumberjack Balloon pushes. Try not to over commit on offense because your opponent can easily counterattack with Elite Barbarians and your tower is done. Try to figure out when your opponent has over committed on offense or defense then punish him with a Balloon or Lumberjack rush.

Starting Plays:

  • Tombstone and/or Archers split in back – Do this to play passively and wait for opponent to make the first move
  • Ice Golem + Balloon – Do this when playing aggressive beatdown style to scout what counters your enemy has for the Balloon
  • Lumberjack + Balloon – You may think this is a risky play costing 9 elixir, but almost every time, your opponent will have to counter with their own 9 elixir or more and the Balloon’s death damage can deal with surviving Archers or Minions
  • Ice Golem in the back – Another passive play; this can also set up for a Balloons + Ice Golem + Lumberjack rush

Main Combos:

  • Basic Push – Ice Golem + Balloon
  • Mini Push – Lumberjack + Ice Golem + Archers/Mega Minion
  • Strong Push – Ice Golem + Balloon + Archers/ Mega Minion
  • Blitz Rush – Ice Golem + Balloon + Lumberjack
  • Mini Blitz Rush – Balloon + Lumberjack
  • ULTIMATE PUSH OF CERTAIN DEATH – Ice Golem + Balloon + Lumberjack + Archers + Mega Minions + —- Your opponent’s tower is basically dead now…

Note: All of these pushes can also use a support spell – fireball or Zap

Balloon Counters:

These are the cards that counter the Balloon and what you have to protect the Balloon from.

Minion Horde: The arch nemesis of the Balloon. The Ice Golem death nova and Zap spell can take them out like nothing but is hard to do. On offense, if your Ice Golem can’t damage them with his frost nova, Archers and Zap can pick them out of the sky one by one and your Balloon should be able to make it to the tower as long as the Ice Golem is still tanking for it. An advanced strategy is to predict fireball on the Minions which will almost always guarantee a hit on the tower.

Inferno Tower: Another really dangerous counter to the Balloon. This is where the Lumberjack really comes in handy. As long as the Ice Golem is tanking for the Lumberjack and Ice Golem, the Lumberjack should be able to shred the Inferno Tower. Have a Zap ready at all times against skarmy on your Lumberjack. If the Lumberjack dies, that’s fine. His Rage will give the Balloon a chance to take down the inferno. Also prepare a Zap against the Inferno Tower if your opponent isn’t using a skarmy or a bait deck

Electro Wizard: Though still new, this card can kill Balloons easily with his high damage and his stun capability denying your Balloon from getting to the tower. But I got one word for you – Fireball. As long as your opponent is not using three musketeers then you are safe to use the fireball. Note: If the fireball is too low level it may not kill the electro wizard

Mega Minion: He should be easy to counter. Your own mega Minion or Archers can take him down easily.

Musketeer: Fireball and Zap should take care of it easily. She is not much of a threat because most of the time the Ice Golem will be tanking for the Balloon denying any damage to the Balloon.

Archers/Minions: Fireball…DUH

Dart Goblin: This pesky little guy can be annoying against the Balloon because of his long range and decent DPS. Fireball should be enough to take him down.

A Few Tips

If you are giving up on your old deck and want to switch to this deck, remember, you must practice first. This deck may take some getting used to but practice with friends and clan members to help you practice with this deck. Once you’ve mastered it, I can guarantee it will provide amazing success.

When doing a Lumberloon rush you either place your Lumberjack in front of the Ice Golem if you want a quick Rage but I like to place his behind the Ice Golem to provide much more better ground support.

If you prefer the freeze version of this deck, feel free to substitute in freeze for fireball. I personally don’t prefer it because it weakens this deck’s ability to counter hordes such as barbarians.

Remember my 3 Don’ts of Clash Royale! Don’t over commit, don’t waste elixir, and don’t get upset. If you follow these 3 Don’ts, it is one more step in making you a better clash royale player.


This is a fun deck to play. I recommend trying it out if you have the Lumberjack. Once you have mastered this deck you will have many people sending wow emotes and Rage quitting!

That’s it for now. I hope you have a Clashtastic day!!!!!