Lumberjack Giant Deck

Hey guys, I’m here today with a Giant Lumberjack Control Deck, a very strong and fun to use deck, which counters loads of popular decks at the moment.

Lumberjack Giant Deck

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Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale ZapClash Royale Archers

Lumberjack Giant Deck for Arena 8+

The main purpose of this deck is to play defense and to develop several mini-pushes in the first 2 minutes.

In 2x Elixir and overtime, I can usually build up 2-3 big pushed consisting of a few Barbarians, Archers, Ice Spirit, Giant, and of course, Lumberjack in the front. In normal matches I let around 1000 damage to my tower, so if you can build up consistent offense, you will likely win. Also, it counters nearly every type of deck there is.

Cards Breakdown

Giant – Obviously the main tank in this deck and a win condition.

This deck is build around defense, so drop a Giant in front of the surviving troops to provide and insane meat shield. You can also drop a Giant in the back to build up a push, but I strongly recommend doing this only in 2x Elixir or when you have a 3+ Elixir advantage.

No substitutions

Lumberjack – The second win condition.

I know Lumberjack is not used a lot in higher Arenas, but it is extremely undervalued.

When I got this card, I was extremely bummed out, as it is my only legendary, but I quickly realized its insane offensive capabilities.

  • Can be dropped along with an Ice Spirit as the first play of the game to catch your opponent off guard.
  • In a push, you can drop the Lumberjack in the front or back of the push, depending on whether you want the 200 damage per hit or rage.

After using this deck a little, I found a cool trick to do after you take a tower: Drop a Giant in the crease that opened up when you took the tower and drop a Lumberjack in the land. If they counter the Giant, the Lumberjack will do insane damage to the tower. If they counter the Lumberjack, the Giant will be raged and do 1000+ damage.

Can be substituted with Mini P.E.K.K.A or rage, depending on which you like more, but is strongly discouraged.

Ice Spirit – One of the most used cards a few months ago, the Ice Spirit usage has gone down but is still an awesome card.

Has great offensive and defensive capabilities for only 1 Elixir.

On defensive, drop Barbarians and then freeze the support troops after they target the Barbarians to give you an extra 1.5 seconds to deal with the push. I also use it against Sparky to draw the fire. If the Ice Spirit cannot freeze the Sparky, it still gives you an extra 5 seconds to deal with the push.

On offense, it gives counters Inferno and gets your troops an extra hit or two, which can make all the difference, as this deck is solely defensive. Try to drop it into any push, big or small.

Can be substituted with Skeleton Army to provide extra defense, but is easily countered and alters the pushes of the deck too much.

Inferno Tower–  I know this deck has a lot of tank shredders, but Inferno saves the day in so many occasions.

Almost every deck consists of some kind of tank, so the Inferno is a must. It also counters Golem, Lava Hound, and Giant decks like mine easily, giving you a large Elixir advantage for instant offense.

While you will not use this card a single time in some battles, which is rare but can happen, it will also save you in so many others.

Can be substituted with Tesla or Goblin Hut, as this deck does not have too much air support. However, Inferno is a must against Lava Hound. You can also use Inferno drag for some more offensive capabilities, but I think every deck needs a building.

Barbarians – Kind of fell of the radar with the insane rise of Elite Barbarians, but still, in my mind, the best push-stopper in the business.

You can drop these guys on almost any push, on the tank or support troops, without having to work about too much tower damage.

At least 2 usually survive for a counter push, so if you have enough Elixir to drop a Giant and Ice Spirit along with the Barbarians, go for it.

Can be substituted with Guards or Skeleton Army for less defense but lower Elixir.

Archers – I’ve been using them for a long time, but their usage rate increased with the rise of The Log.

I use them nearly every time my opponent makes a push and for every push or counter push I make.


It is extremely important that they survive The Log, because after you are done defending, you can drop a Giant in front of them for a mini push capable of taking a tower and nearly half of the kind tower.

Can be substituted with Spear Goblins, but Archers are strongly recommended for hitpoints.

Zap – What deck is complete without Zap.

This card is used in nearly everyone’s deck for its insane value.

Try to save it for offense to reset the Inferno, kill Skeletons, Spear Goblins, and Goblins, and allow Archers to 1 shot minions. However, it can also be used on defense to kill weakened troops and give half a second to let the Inferno and other defensive troops get cooking.

No substitutions.

Fireball – Also making a rise, the Fireball great card to have in a deck lacking splash troops.

It kills or nearly kills Barbarians, Wizard, Witch, musketeer, electro Wizard, and everything underneath and can be used for an insane Elixir advantage. I tried using Poison, but this deck needs to quick damage to take out any push or defensive cards.

Read more about Fireball at here.

How to counter popular decks


The usage rate of Sparky has plummeted, but when it was high, I made this deck to counter it.

  • For those who are a little less experiences, use a Zap and either Barbarians or Lumberjack to take out the Sparky and then the support cards and tank.
  • For those who are experienced when playing Sparky, surround the Sparky with Barbarians or even Archers to take at least 2 shots from the Sparky.

You can also use Ice Spirit to freeze or draw the shot of the Sparky and use the Lumberjack or Barbarians to quickly take it out.

Lava Hound

Inferno is your best friend against Lava Hound. Make sure to only use when the Lava Hound crosses the river.

Use Archers and/or Fireball to take out support troops and Giant to soak up any hitpoints as a last resort.

Elite Barbarians

You see these guys at least 2 out of every 5 battles right now.

I know this deck is meant for defense and 2 or 3 Giant pushes, but when playing Elite Barbarians, it’s all about exploiting Elixir advantages and counter pushing.

Use Barbarians (with Archers if you need to) to counter the Elite Barbarians and drop a Lumberjack and/or Giant in front to get some ship damage and raging the other troops.

Because Elite Barbarians counter the Giant easily and they don’t go down to Fireball, you won’t be using it much other than for counter pushes or after right after he drops Elite Barbarians.

Giant and Golem

Once again, Inferno is your best friend here.

Use Giant or Barbarians to soak up or destroy the support troops while the Inferno shreds through the Giant in a matter of seconds.

  • If you dropped a Giant, use Archers with Fireball if you need to take out the support troops and start a counter push.
  • If you used bards, drop a Lumberjack if at least 2 are left with almost full health.

Hog cycle

This is when Inferno is not as important and you will probably drop it once or twice as a last resort. However, use Barbarians and Ice Spirit to counter their push.

Which you will take one or two hits every push, you can make consistent counter pushes that will eventually take down their tower

I hope you guys like this deck. I know it can be a bit boring to be in a stalemate for half of the battle, but this deck will frustrate your opponent so much with its insane defense.

For anyone who is having trouble getting into legendary arena, give this deck a shot.