Lumberjack Giant Deck

Hello guys today I am going to give you a pretty funny deck of Giant and Lumberjack. This deck was shared by KairosTime and It got him some great results in bug Tournaments. Feel free to check out his Youtube Channel at here for more impressive decks!

lumberjack giant deck

Lumberjack Giant Deck

Clash Royale LumberjackClash Royale GiantClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Musketeer
Clash Royale GuardsClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale ZapClash Royale elixir collector

Card Breakdown

Lumberjack is now one of the best cards in Clash Royale. It just offers too much with its price. He now can easily solo 1 vs 1 with most 4 Elixir troops. He is also perfect at dealing with small troops like Miner or even some tankier ones like Giant. When you defend with Lumberjack and you have enough Elixir to spare, attempt to couple him with Musketeer and Ice Spirit to deal some great damage before the x2 Elixir time. His attack speed and movement speed now is incredibly fast, your opponents need to think quickly If they want to deal with him probably. Playing with Lumberjack is extremely funny :D.

Giant: Simply one of the best tankers in Clash Royale at the moment. I don’t recommend playing him before the x2 Elixir while playing this deck, unless you have either 2 Elixir Collectors up or 5+ Elixir advantage. Place him at the back for each push including him so you can easily build up a large push later, of course unless you have some survived defenders. Sometimes, you can use Giant on defense to soak damage but I rarely have to do this. Sometimes when my Tower is pretty already weakened, I consider sacrificing my Tower to save more than 5 Elixir to wreak my opponent’s Tower later in the x2 Elixir time. This is a bit risk so I don’t recommend doing it anyway unless you know what you are doing.

Poison can be used defensively before the x2 Elixir time! The Poison is one of the best cards at dealing with Giant Poison. Since this deck doesn’t have many great splash damaging cards, this is a great card to deal with small troops on your opponent’s side during your push. If I face any player using Elixir Collector, I usually use Poison on their Pumps If I can hurt any additional troop/building. Although this is an equal trade, it helps you to cycle back to your Elixir Collector faster.

Musketeer: Super versatile card which can easily help you in almost any situation. She can deal tons of damage while being raged. Before the x2 Elixir time, try to do some mini pushes with her and others to cycle back to the Elixir Collector. Lumberjack + Musketeer + Ice Spirit is my favorite mini push. This combo can easily take out a Tower If your opponent doesn’t know how to deal with it properly.

Guards are one of the most popular cards at the moment. They are excellent at dealing with Mini P.E.K.K.A, Miner, Lumberjack… Miner’s spawn time now is 1s so you will likely not face any problem when dealing with him. Use them defensively in the first 2 minutes. During the x2 Elixir time, you can place them right at the bridge to protect your Giant from Inferno Towers and Mini P.E.K.K.A. If your Musketeer is about raged, don’t hesitate to protect her with Guards. Fun fact: Guards can easily attack Valkyrie If she is locking on another target.


Ice Spirit is another excellent card of the current meta. It offers too much with its price. This mini beast is the key of the mini push Lumberjack + Musketeer + Ice Spirit. After defending with Lumberjack and Musketeers, simply drop the Ice Spirit to strengthen the push. My opponents usually try to counter this push with either Valkyrie or Mini P.E.K.K.A. If you drop Ice Spirit the right before your opponents drop the defensive card, Musketeer and Lumberjack can easily deal with it regardless. If you are new to Ice Spirit, try to place it down 1 second later when your push is about to cross the bridge. Overall Ice Spirit is a must for all pushes in this deck!

Zap: Although the Zap got nerfed but IMO it is pretty balanced now and I have nothing to complain about that. Use Zap to either cycle through your deck, to deal with small units or to reset Sparky, Inferno Tower, Prince, Royal Giant…

Elixir Pump: Your entire goal while playing this deck should be to place as many Elixir Collectors down as possible. Protect it with Guards or whatever you have If your opponent try to destroy it with Miner or Goblin Barrel. Take a look at this guide to see the best Elixir Collector placements!


Hog Cycle Decks: Dealing with Hog Cycle Decks is not hard at all, especially after the Zap nerf. Use Zap on supporting troops and take out Hog Rider with either Guards or Lumberjack. Then, counterpush ưith Lumberjack + Musketeer + Ice Spirit combo. You will take some damage for sure but you will have a strong counterpush.

Hog Trifecta Decks: Use your Poison wisely and you can easily deal with Hog Trifecta. If your opponent drop the Musketeer next to his Elixir Collector, I would recommend you Poison them! If he doesn’t, use Poison to defend beside your Musketeer, Lumberjack, Guards and Ice Spirit. It’s okay to take some damage before the x2 Elixir time, you will wreak him in the x2 Elixir time!
If you want to give Hog Trifecta a try, please take a look at this guide!

Giant Poison Deck: Once again, Poison is another key card that helps you deal with this deadly combo. Use Poison to clear all support troops behind and use Musketeer + Lumberjack to take out the Giant quickly. Don’t hesitate to use Ice Spirit and Zap on opponent support troops! If your opponent uses Mini P.E.K.K.A, get your Guards ready! Drop them at the top of your side to avoid Poison. That’s great If you are the last one to drop the Giant during the x2 Elixir time since you can easily strengthen your push. Due to the avg Elixir cost, you can easily snowball and wreak your opponent.

Giant Bowler: This is probably the toughest one. Drop your Musketeer on one side and Lumberjack on the other side to deal with the Bowler first. Don’t drop them right in front of your Tower otherwise you will be defeated.

Okay guys thank you a lot for reading this pretty long guide! Hopefully you have found this Lumberjack deck helpful. Good luck! See you in the Arena!

  • Zigge

    Lumberjack is definitely one of the best cards after the recent balance changes, now he has 285 DPS instead of 236. A Hog Rider Lumberjack user almost defeated me an hour ago.

    • Will Potter

      Totally agree with you! He is rocking at the moment!

  • Daniel Gao

    this deck is pretty good! If you don”t want to use this specific deck, then try giant balloon, or giant hog

    • Will Potter


  • Ishmam

    Will. In the matchups section u said take out hog rider with HOG RIDER or Lumberjack.

    U meant musketeer?

    Man I wish I had a lumberjack….he’s overbuffed……


      no he meant hog rider. it will jump off its hog and start hitting the other hog rider.
      Also I’m super glad I have lumberjack
      and he meant guards I think

      • Will Potter

        Yea that was Guards 😀

      • Xx bismuth xX

        Haha lol

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot man! My bad 😀


    IMO lumberjack + pekka + dark prince is best combo. this is my deck:
    dark prince
    minion horde
    elixir collector

    • Will Potter

      I will give it a try. Thanks man!

  • Ryan Wong

    Which card do you guys think is better, Lumberjack or Mini-Pekka? Personally I like Mini Pekka more because it is very easy to level up while most free-to-play players never got past level 1 on the lumberjack.

    • Will Potter

      It depends on your deck. That’s all I can say buddy 😀

    • Xx bismuth xX

      Lumberjack as people worry more about my mini Pekka than the lumberjack due to the fact that he has rage and mini Pekka does heavier damage but this is good for me as a lumberjack user because I can exploit this and take a tower down with lumberjack+5/4elixir distraction on other lane like prince you have to choose which tower you will save and thinking to late looses you both towers

  • XXX

    Above you typed bug Tournaments

    • Will Potter

      My bad. Thank you very much buddy!

  • 42Ducklover

    Could A Miner be added to this deck?

    • Will Potter

      The Miner wouldn’t fit this deck. It’s better to use Miner decks posted on this blog buddy!

      • 42Ducklover

        Do you have any decks with Miner and lumberjack?

        • Will Potter

          Basically you can replace Mini P.E.K.K.A with Miner in so many decks. You can find lots of Miner decks on CRA my friend xD