Legendary Arena Air Deck

Hello guys, today I am going to introduce to you this new stunning air deck, which has been helping me got loads of trophies in Legendary Arena (Arena 8). This is a Free-To-Play deck with easy-to-get cards. It is also pretty easy to use so I am pretty sure that you will get lots of trophies with it!


Legendary Arena Air Deck

Shared by Japesg.

Our Cards

When the author of this deck reached Legendary Arena, his card levels are 3/6/9 but I strongly believe you can do the same thing with weaker cards! Arrows level 9 is very important, you will try to upgrade it asap because there are loads of high level cards in Arena 8 that can’t be killed by Arrows level 8!

Balloon is the main card of this deck and obviously this deck is built around Balloon. Balloon will be devastating If it can get to a Tower! Most players will try to counter Balloon with defensive buildings but I always like attacking from the other side, where they don’t place tanks or defensive buildings. You will never want to send Balloon alone! You should play it with something which can tank for it. You will also always want to play your Balloon right on the edge to force your opponents to play their defensive buildings closer to the road!

Baby Dragon is also very important! I usually use Baby Dragon to protect Balloon and to soak damage. At the beginning, when your opponent waste more than 5 Elixir on anything, you can send Balloon + Baby Dragon combo on the other wise, you will definitely deal loads of damage to opponent’s Tower. I always try to use Dragon to tank for Balloon most of the time but when my opponent doesn’t have enough Elixir to defend, I would love to use Baby Dragon to push the Balloon faster! You can replace the Baby Dragon with Valkyrie If your Baby Dragon is low level!


Arrows is necessary for Minions and Princess at Arena 8. There are loads of high level Minions and Princess here so you will want to level it up as soon as possible. Many players will counter your DragLoon push with Minion Horde and you should always have it ready. Try to predict and play pre-Arrows! I try to play this in every game and got loads of wins with it. This will also teach you how to deal with Minions when you miss your Arrows (LOL).

Skeletons is definitely one of the most underrated cards in Clash Royale. They are extremely versatile as you can use them in a lot of situations. Sometimes, I push with Baby Dragon + Skeletons and they can do hundreds damage. They easily distract Princes, P.E.K.K.As, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Giant Skeleton,.. When you don’t have many Elixir, you can use them to deal with Hog Rider. I also love using them to deal with Wizard and Witch. In addition, when a lone Minion Horde coming, you can place Skeletons in the middle, near the Rider, your Skeletons will push the Minions to the other side and allow your both Towers to shoot them down. They are also can be used to deal with Inferno Tower!

Minion Horde is mostly used for defense but they are great for offense too, as long as your opponent is out of Arrows.

Fireball is obviously one of the most useful cards in Clash Royale. There are tons of uses of this card you can use. To read more about them, please take a look at this in-depth guide!

Barbarians is another versatile card I usually use! Barbarians can be effectively used to stop Hog Rider pushes, Royal Giant pushes and loads of other ones~!

Inferno Tower is your defensive building in this deck. I chose using it because I usually face Giants, Royal Giants, P.E.K.K.As and Golems here. Inferno Tower is also great against Hog Rider and Balloon. Try to play it outside of your Tower so your opponent can’t Freeze them both!

General Gameplay

  • Try to play defensively! Don’t start first! Depending on how much Elixir your opponent uses, you can use your Balloon + Dragon combo and maybe even Skeletons.
  • If you face a heavy defense deck, try to split push with Skeletons and Dragon on 1 side and Barbarians on the other side. After that, drop your Balloon on whichever side and make it to the Tower.
  • Don’t commit too much! Always have something to defend! If it’s very hard to push, just play defensively to create a counter push or at least get the draw.

This is a great deck overall! Hopefully you have enjoyed the guide and get lots of trophies with it. Don’t hesitate to ask any question and please share this with your friends If you want to support us. You rock!