Legendary Airfecta Deck

Hello everyone, I’m ReaperofSouls! This is my second guide here on CRA about my Legendary Arena Air Deck.

My specialty is the Lava Hound, and you can find my other guide here. I eventually ended up evolving that deck into this one, however they perform very differently.

This new deck helped me push up into the 3900 range, although unfortunately I ended leveling up to level 10!

One interesting thing is that I have made a little game in this guide: I’ve dropped several references to Overwatch, a game that I play, in this guide. Whoever first says the number of times I reference, and what I mean in the Inferno Dragon section, will have a mention in my next guide. Just note that any reference to tanks and DPS doesn’t count!

Anyways, here is the guide!

The New Airfecta

I know that for a while, Airfecta was a big thing but it’s died down since than. Here is a deck that I think could bring it back to life, and have a big presence at the top.

One thing is that I’ve always had a thing for slow decks, and this one stays with that trend weighing in at a 4.0 AEC.

This deck also has a surprisingly strong defense, but unfortunately its chip is weak.

The last thing that I will mention before I begin is that this deck SUCKS against spell bait. So, if the current meta is dominated by that archetype, then keep this deck in your back pocket until its good again. Kind of like our goal ol’ flying healer.

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Arrows
Clash Royale LightningClash Royale BomberClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Tombstone

The Cards

This is the part where I talk a little bit about the cards, possible substitutes, and meta swaps.

Lava Hound – I guess the title kind of gave this pick away, but he is your flying tank who can split into your death ball. He is a great anchor tank, except he doesn’t have a 2000 health shield. One thing to keep in mind is to find out what they’re playing, and make sure that it’s safe to play him (by either creating a huge elixir advantage or making sure their wincon is off cycle). Nothing is worse than stopping enraged Elite Barbs with Zap support with only three or four elixir.

Inferno Dragon – This tank buster can play defense for you, or go on offense to shred your enemies defenses and destroy their towers. He is very handy, although easy to distract. Also fast units will cause problems for him (by breaking his beam and causing him to chase until he catches the units). You just don’t have to worry about your damage making his lasers stronger.

Mega Minion – This guy gets nerf after nerf, but he’s still good! Throw him behind your tank to provide some extra damage, or use him on defense to make use of his massive DPS.

Lightning – This is a key card in every Lava Hound deck, and the big reason that the old deck had to evolve (if you guys show interest, I can share how exactly this deck evolved). This spell can be used to take out Inferno Towers, destroy glass cannons such as: Muskie, Ice Wiz, E-Wiz, Wiz, 3Ms, and Executioner. In a pinch, it can be used on defense, or to destroy pumps.

Arrows – I’ll admit, this was a hard choice for me: Arrows, Zap, or Fireball? Zap can reset infernos, buying time for your Balloon to get in a killing shot. But, unlike the other two, Zap can’t kill Minions or Minion Horde. Arrows can kill Minions and Minion Horde, has a large enough area to possible catch a princess, and can now kill a Goblin Barrel. Fireball has a large tower damage stat, meaning that it is great at finishing off a long game. It also messes up: Wizard, Muskie, Ice Wizard, and Archers. All in all, I chose Arrows because the protection against Minions, Minion Horde, and Goblin Barrel was too attractive. Also with the rise of spell bait, you want spells with a larger area to catch more in. This is definitely one of the more personal choice slots in this deck.


Skeleton Army – Subs: anything that can shred, such as: Mini-P, Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Witch (sometimes), Night Witch??? (she looks so amazing, I can’t wait to play her!) –  I know he sees little use at the top, but I still think he’s awesome. Most decks that are weak to him pack a Zap, but he can still stop a charge and do plenty of damage before that Zap drops. If they don’t have a Zap, then you have plenty of time before their Arrows, Fireball, or Log get to Lary and his buddies.

Bomber – Subs: A straight up meta swap card, he works well right now . If need be, switch him to whatever. Valk works well sometimes, or if you have no need of this extra slot you can always go Miner –  I know, I know: a weird pick. I was working on something with enough splash to kill Graveyards, enough damage to tank bust, and enough of both to kill Elite Barbs. Just drop a Smarmy or Tombstone (spoiler alert!) in front and let your Bomber to work. He also works well below the Hound to dish out some DPS, and stop distraction units.

Tombstone – Subs: Any defensive build, although I find that Tombstone provides the most value. However, Canon is an executable swap – Every decks needs a building, and this fulfills that duty. His skeletons distract for you, and allow space for your DPS to shred on defense. Also, the skeletons can cause havoc on the ground under a Hound push. He keeps creating value after death, kind of like Torb.

The Pushes

The Poke – This is just chip damage that requires them to expend elixir to deal with. It’s either a lone Mega Minion or Bomber. Just be sure that none of these are key parts of your defense. And, for now, there are no healer to prevent chip

The Ground Denial – This makes me think of Junkrat every time I hear it, but it works. It looks like a Bomber on the ground with Lava Hound and a Mega Minion or Inferno Dragon as  back up. This is deadly if you know that your opponent’s plan is to drop small troops to distract/kite your support. This work quite well, and the Bomber’s shockingly high DPS is a great help in a Hound deck.

The Overwhelm – Just throw everything you have being a hound, just keep enough elixir open for a Lightning or Arrows. Generally looks like Hound, Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, Bomber, and random skeletons. This is your big push, and should only be attempted in double elixir when you have an elixir advantage.

The Counterpush – This deck isn’t great at counterpushing, however you can drop a Hound in front of surviving DPS from tank busting.

A quick note is that you should always be trying to do some kind of push. This provides free chip, and keeps your opponent’s attention split between supporting their push and stopping yours.

The Meta

Here I plan to go over common meta decks and talk about this deck works against them.

Giant – This guy isn’t too hard to deal with, use Inferno Dragon to melt him, Tombstone to pull him if necessary, and Skarmy and Mega Minion to deal with the support.

Royal Giant – Use your Skarmy, Bomber, and Mega Minion for DPS, his Zap will most likely be gone from defensive use on your Inferno Dragon. If you need to avoid chip, use a Tombstone to soak up damage.

Spell Bait – As I mentioned in the introduction, this can be a hard one. You have a slow cycle, one area spell, and you 100% need to Arrow Minion Horde to allow for any offensive damage. Just be smart with your Arrows, and use Skarmy for Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Minion, ect.

Hog Rider –Another area where your slow cycle hurts you, just keep a Tombstone up to kill him. If its off cycle, use Bomber, Skarmy, Mega Minion, whatever.

Graveyard –With Skarmy and Bomber you should be fine, make sure to kill whatever tank quickly so that you have your tower helping out too.

Elite Barbs – This deck works great at countering Elites, you have Skarmy and Tombstone to distract for your DPS, such as Bomber, to kill them.

Anyways, thank you all for reading my guide! I hope you learned something, caught a few Overwatch references, and cracked a smile or too.

Hope you enjoy!

Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any advice. Also, please help us test this deck out to improve CRA a lot more better!