Legendary Airfecta Deck for Arena 9+ (With Bats)

With the recent Bats challenge, we were given the opportunity to get these flying Skeletons. Not a whole lot you have, but for those who successfully beat the challenge, check out this new deck with Bats!

night witch lavaloon

Ultimate Air Deck

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale BalloonClash Royale Bats
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale fireball


  • Offensive fast paced deck.
  • Not very expensive at 3.9 average.
  • Easy to overwhelm your opponent.

  • Uses the new card, Bats.
  • No Zap or Lightning.
  • Requires some experience with Lavaloon

Card Breakdown

Lava Hound– Your primary win condition, always place this guy in either far back corner on your side of the arena.

The same applies for a counterpush, always on the corners, like a pigpush but with a Lava Hound for counterpushes.

If they have Inferno Tower, it’s all good, the Pups can tank for the rest of the push, never underestimate Lava Pups.

Balloon– Secondary win condition, place behind Lava Hound at the bridge.

I’ve won a couple of games by just counterpushing with Balloon and leftover troops, a lone Balloon can finish the job.

Night Witch– One of the two ground troops in your deck, use to support and to kill supports.

She is still very powerful after her nerf, and you should not underestimate her.

Her Bats stack quickly, so your opponent will probably use Zap, Arrows, or Electro Wizard to get rid of them, this is good news, now you can freely spam Bats and Goblin Gang!

batsBats– your cycle card, use to kill Bowler, mini pekka, knight, etc. Works wonders on graveyard, they can even counter Electro Wizard and aren’t that bad against Elite Barbarians!

Pair them with the Night Witch and your opponent will have to do something about them.

I like to think of these guys as a mini Mega Minion, keep that in mind and use them as such.

Goblin Gang – But what if they Zap my Bats? These guys are the answer.

They are still very versatile after their nerf! use them to kill tanks, send them behind a push to overwhelm your opponent.

The nerf did make them lose some air capabilities, but as the deck is mostly air, you should be fine against similar decks.

Mega Minion– One of my favorite cards, he has been a beast since release.

He is your go-to support for your Lavaloon push, cheap, efficient, and is only hard countered by cupcakes, what more could you you want?

Fireball– use it to kill pesky supports, Electro Wizard, musket, Night Witch.

Rarely used to finish games, but that 229 tower damage can come in clutch.

Arrows– What kind of Lavaloon deck doesn’t use Lightning? This one.

Use them for Goblin Barrel, to finish off supports hit by Fireball, use it where you would use The Log basically. And with such a huge range, you don’t need precise aiming.

General gameplan

Early game (3:00-2:00)

There are two ways of executing a Lava Hound push at this stage

  1. You support with troops (Mega Minion)
  2. You support with spells (usually Arrows) and don’t overcommit.

Unless you start out with both Lava Hound and Balloon in your hand or with either one as the next one in rotation, don’t make a push, split Goblin Gang, or prepare a defense with Night Witch or Mega Minion on the same lane your opponent is pushing.

If they rush with Hog or Ebarbs, you defend. Use Goblin Gang for both, wait for the response, if none, save up and Lavaloon, if they Zap or Log, use Bats.

Mid game (2:00-1:00)


Quickly go over what happened in the last minute, and ask yourself what counters they had, what cards you’ve seen, how much damage you’ve dealt.

Send another Lavaloon and unless you’re a tower ahead or going for the three crown.

Don’t overcommit.

Defend but don’t spend too much, this is an offensive deck, trade a tower or some damage if you have to.

Late game (1:00-overtime)

Try to immediately Lavaloon!

You should have done at least one by now, the more the better as you can adapt towards your opponents play style.

You should focus more on attacking if you’re a tower down or going for the three crown.

Don’t worry about defending, pressure your opponent with a massive push, this is usually the push that decides the game, give it all you’ve got.

You’ll rarely, if ever, even reach overtime with this deck.

Card Replacements

I know a lot of you aren’t going to have the Bats or the Night Witch, but lucky for you, you can do something about it!

Night Witch: Witch or Baby Dragon.

Bats: Minions or maybe Dart Goblin.


I’ll be placing these from hardest to easiest, based on experience


This matchup is hard for many reasons, Hog cycle is a pain because they cycle faster than you, but ExNado is even worse for many reasons.

  1. ExNado can shut you down and prevent the Balloon from touching the tower.
  2. You don’t have a reliable way to get rid of the Executioner being played defensively.
  3. Executioner counters the Night Witch, Bats, and Goblin Gang with ease.

There is hope however, and it lies in you taking a tower quickly, then you either push for the three crown or defend like your life depends on it, but Hog is pretty easy to defend anyway. This is rather easy to do as Executioner is easy to bait out, just push the other lane and he is screwed.

Golem– I love Golem, but he really can be annoying. Night Witch Golem with pump is your worst nightmare.

Push the same lane as the Golem, Night Witch+Bats will get rid of it fast.

Try and counterpush, if not, wait till 1:00 and overwhelm your opponent.

Don’t forget to Fireball the pumps!

Other Lava Hound decks– this inculdes Lavaloon, Lavaminer, Balloon freeze.

This one is a 50/50 if you play against a Lavaloon, usually it’s a race for the three crown, this deck can overwhelm your opponent quickly, so spam everything you’ve got.

The other variants of Lava Hound are easy to deal with, defend then counterpush, they won’t know what hit them.

Spell bait– HogLog, Rocket Knight, and all of those decks are a pain with only two spells and even trades.

Not only that but Inferno Tower is hard with no Lightning, but again, just wait till 1:00 and overwhelm, see the pattern?

Three Musketeer- Rather easy, defend with Bats and Goblin Gang, Fireball pumps and arrow where you can get positive elixir trades. Overwhelm and Fireball the Musketeers if the try to stop you.

Royal Giant/Elite Barbs- Too easy. These decks are perfect examples of one-trick ponies, Bats and Night Witch for RG and Goblin Gang then Bats if necessary for Elite Barbs, and if they rush you, well, Lavaloon is not a deck you can rush, and many of us find that out the hard way.

Graveyard- Easiest by far, even with Poison. Giant Graveyard is too easy, Night Witch on the giant and Goblin Gang on the yard. Bats where necessary.

With Poison, you trade towers, and Graveyard loses power after taking a tower, whereas Lavaloon does not.


Thanks for the read! This is my first guide 😀

Never play while mad and don’t overcommit, use everything in this guide and watch your replays to see what you did right or wrong! Remember that this deck is for challenges, but don’t be afraid to try it out on ladder! Let me know how that works out.

Good luck to everyone on the Bats challenge!