Best LavaLoon Deck for Arena 7+

Hello everyone, I’m ReaperofSouls, but everyone just calls me Reap! Today, I am going to show you the best LavaLoon Deck in Clash Royale which get me to 3600 trophies at level 9. My card levels are very low: 8/7/3/1.

LavaLoon Deck

Best LavaLoon Deck

Lavaloon. Wow? This guy is really making a deck guide on Lavaloon? Why yes, this guy is making a deck and it’s a good one. So you better listen up!

Lavaloon is a very strong archetype, and has grown popular after the death damage buff of the Balloon. I have an interesting deck that works well in the current meta, and helped me get to 3600 as a level 9 with 8/3/7/1 cards!

I’m sorry if I forgot to mention this, but I’m a no-matter-what-donor.

Anyways, this deck is a beast! It has gotten less powerful with the addition of the Executioner and Dart Goblin, as well as the buff to the Wizard, but I think that this deck still remains a viable choice.

The play style that I use is kind of a control. This deck really matches up with that style of play, and lets you easily switch from control into huge pushes.

One big minus is that this deck is the AEC: it is 4.1! Ewwww… But it’s luckily not that big of a problem, and the control aspect of this deck makes it less noticeable.

The Cards

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale MinerClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Balloon
Clash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Inferno Tower

Here I’ll be talking about the cards used in this deck, which ones are substitutable, and which cards should be rotated with the common meta cards.

Lava Hound – This is the core of the deck, and unfortunately not replaceable. He can be used in many pushes with this deck, but you want to play control for a little bit to make sure that you have a large enough elixir advantage to play him safely. Nothing is worse than having to stop Elites+Zap when all you have is 3 elixir to work with.

Balloon – The main damage dealer of this deck, it has the highest DPS of any card in the game, is a flyer, and only goes after buildings. This guy is really useful, for baiting air D, and even on defense in a pinch (keyword: PINCH).

Mega Minion – They keep nerfing this guy, but he won’t have any of it! He works great behind your Hound to provide some backup against their air defenses, or can be used on defense for his massive damage.

Miner – This annoying lord of chip is what can really make this deck work as a control. You can play Miner chip if you need to take down a low tower, or you can use him to tank for the pups when the hound pops. Lastly, and most importantly, he can be used to kill ground air targets. He can actually mess up Muskie, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Executioner, Archers, and Spear Goblins. On top of that, he also can chip while working with the hound! Possible subs: LightningIce Golem.

Arrows – I’ll admit, this was a hard choice for me: Arrows, Zap, or Fireball? Zap can reset infernos, buying time for your Balloon to get in a killing shot. But, unlike the other two, Zap can’t kill Minions or Minion Horde. Arrows can kill Minions and Minion Horde, has a large enough area to possible catch a princess, and can now kill a Goblin Barrel. Fireball has a large tower damage stat, meaning that it is great at finishing off a long game. It also messes up: Wizard, Muskie, Ice Wizard, and Archers. All in all, I chose Arrows because the protection against Minions, Minion Horde, and Goblin Barrel was too attractive. This is definitely one of the more personal choice slots in this deck.

Skeleton Army – I love this card. While everyone using a deck weak to this card has a Zap ready to play, he can still do some damage before Zapped, or at least stop a charge. Also, against a RG deck they have to choose: Zap the Skarmy or Inferno Tower?

Inferno Tower – Well, I just gave it away in the Scarmy section: this deck has Inferno Tower! I also love this card because: it deals with Giant, Hog, Golem, Lavahound, RG, Hog Valk, and many other wacky combinations!


Valkyrie –  This is definitely a meta swap card, I use it to stop: Prince, Elites (a hard counter now), Mini PEKKA, and large swarms. It can even stop a supported tank push! In more tank-heavy metas use Mini-P.

The Pushes

This deck has a lot of possible pushes, and most of the are useful.

The scout: This is a push that I use early in the game to test out what air defenses my opponent has. I usually send in a Balloon, because that almost always requires some form of air D. Most players will not play a building for fear of Giant or Hog attacks.

The overwhelm: This is your big daddy push, with the Lava Hound, Balloon, Mega Minion, and Miner on the air defenders. This is the scary push that should get you a tower if you are doing everything else right,.

The bait: This is important: if the opponent has one crazy strong Lava Hound counter (like Inferno), you may want to bait it with a Balloon, if you know that is their only good counter. Once the Inferno Tower is gone, you can safely start a Lava Hound push. Just make sure to watch out for quick cycle decks, and play your hound before the Inferno is gone, just to make sure that you have the least time wasted with the Inferno off the field.

The chip: Just a basic Miner chip push, used to make your opponent take the first move, chip while waiting for Double Elixir time, or just finish off a tower.

The counter push: This usually uses a Valk and Mega Minion, maybe with Miner support to make your opponent spend even more elixir.

The Meta

The current meta cards are: Elite Barbs, Graveyard, RG, Giant push, and Hog. Those cards will change over time, so skip this section if it looks outdated.

Elites: Elites are easy to stop with this deck, you have Valk, Mega, and Skarmy. This should be a breeze.

Graveyard: A bit problematic for you, you need to rely on Valk and Skarmy to finish the job for you. Just make sure to keep applying pressure and keeping you cycle moving.

Royal Giant: The much hated card, he does a pretty good job of messing this deck up. The only counters you have are: Inferno Tower, Mega Minion, and Skarmy. Most RG players have multiple spells, so I’m going to count Skarmy out of the equation for now. Mega Minion defenitly does a good job of preventing a lot of damage, but you definitely feel some chip. Inferno Tower is your best option, but you need to place it right, and keep it safe.

Giant: This is pretty easy, the same as RG.

Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is pretty easy to deal with, you do have a building to pull it. Just watch out for Pig Pushes and other annoying supported Hog pushes.

Conclusion and Review

Conclusion: This is a very good deck, and it is very hard to stop if played right. Just remember to balance all aspects of this deck and do some chip!

Review: Watch the placement of Inferno Tower, watch out for cycle decks, play Miner to kill opposing ground based air defenders, and most importantly: have fun!

This is Reaper out,

Hope you enjoy!