LavaLoon Deck That Got Me To Arena 8

I had been stuck around 2000 trophies for a week or so, when I got my first legendary card in a free chest. Most of the other Lava Hound decks out there I looked up included at least one other Legendary (usually Princess or Ice Wiz), so I set about finding one of my own that would work with only the Lava Hound. This deck is great for those who like to get their crown chest filled quickly as you will get a lot of three crowns if played properly.

LavaLoon Deck

LavaLoon Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale BalloonClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Goblin
Clash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale CannonClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Arrows

Cards Breakdown

Lava Hound – This is the card the deck is centered around. The hound will tank an insane amount of damage, and that’s pretty much it’s only purpose. You get a nice bonus when the Lava Hound pops and the pups come out, but if you don’t back it up it won’t do much damage.

Balloon – This is your win condition. Balloon does more damage per second than any other troop in the game besides sparky. When your Balloon reaches the tower, the enemy is going to be panicking.

Minions – The minion is very versatile and can be used on offense or defense if needed. Amazing counter to ground troops, can chip a tower, and do huge damage behind a tank.

Goblins – These do crazy damage for their elixir cost. Use these to help take down tanks, hogs, or distracted troops.

Valkyrie – An all purpose destruction tool. Use it to stop barbarians. Drop it behind a Royal Giant or Giant push to take out the squishy units like Wizards. Use it to clean up big pushes of small units like Gobs and Fire Spirits. It is a surprisingly good elixir trade for the common Hog + Gob rush. Another great thing about Valk is that the Valk usually defends and then requires a response from the other player or she will get significant chip damage on their tower if ignored.

Cannon – The cannon is just a great 3 elixer way to stop hogs, soak up some damage from Royal Giants, drag troops (like Balloons) to the kill zone, or any other number of things. Use it to supplement your defense to stop a big push or distract dangerous units.

Elixir Collector – The genius of the collector is two fold. It’s the perfect play to start the game if the meter goes to 10 and no-one does anything. It forces the enemy to push first at a disadvantage. It also sets you up to do monster pushes with your Lava Hound later. Always play the collector at 10 elixer unless you are under pressure from the enemy or in the middle of a big push of your own.

Arrows – You are going to see minion hordes and princesses. This is the card you use to take them out quickly. It’s also handy for clearing out groups of spear gobs behind the tower if they are taking down your air troops.


General Strategy

In an ideal match, you will lead by playing elixir collector and play some defense until you have two collectors down. Try to play defense as sparingly as possible to build up an elixir advantage even if you take some damage on your towers. Once you have at least one collector down and you are back at max start your push (unless your opponent is in the middle of their push). Drop your Lava Hound in the back corner and let it travel up the field while your elixir fills back up. This is a critical point in the match as you will want to play your cards very carefully based on what they do. If they push the other lane, use as few defensive cards as possible to repel the attack. It’s OK if you take some damage here as you will be able to punish them shortly.


More likely they will drop anti air troops as far back as possible to defend against your push. In many cases they will drop a building to draw your Lava Hound into the kill zone. Wait until the defenses lock onto the Lava Hound and then start dropping your other troops to destroy their defenses for elixir advantages. If they drop cannon in the middle, snipe it with the minions. If a musketeer or wizard is under the Lava Hound blasting at it, drop the goblins to rush in and take them out while they are distracted and shooting the Lava Hound. If they play minion horde drop arrows. Those are great trades so do them if you get the opportunity. If none of those easy trades are available, drop the bomb and play the balloon a little after the Lava Hound has crossed the river. Make sure you have arrows hovering if they have minions or horde, because they will come out and you can make an easy trade. This is a VERY hard push to defend against and will most likely take the tower. There will likely be a bunch of troops firing at the Lava Hound as the Balloon drops bombs on the tower, so feel free to drop troops if the Lava Hound still has life to clean them up and keep the push building. I have often carried this single push through to three crown the opponent. If the push looks like it’s dying down, don’t waste more elixer and save it for the next push.

That is basically it. Don’t try to do goofy small pushes and save your elixir for the lava hound beatdown.

How to Play Specific Common Decks

Hog Cycle – This one is the easiest to beat. Defend the hog+gobs+zap with your Valk. Your tower will take a little damage (200-500), but you will have a big elixir advantage and be ready for your push. Chip decks tend to get steamrolled by this deck, especially if they don’t respect your push and keep trying to counter push with little cycle pushes.

Royale Giant – This is a tough deck for me to counter with this deck. Best case scenario is that they drop the RG, I drop cannon to distract at the right point where RG shoots the cannon while getting hit by the tower and then I drop gobs on him. This will destroy the RG without taking any damage. Unfortunately this rarely happens. Most of the time there will be some splash unit with the RG, so I’ll have to play valk on his side to hit him and the splash unit at the same time, and then play the gobs once the splash unit is dead. This almost always results in some damage on the tower. I’m usually 50/50 against Royale Giant decks.

Hut Decks – Almost a guaranteed win. When you see a hut go down, just start pushing the other lane with the Lava Hound. They usually won’t have enough elixir to defend well, especially if they played a Barbarian Hut. Best case scenario they panic and start dropping huts near your Lava Hound on your push. I have literally had a Balloon destroy 3 buildings in one push against a hut player. If things get crazy in the hut lane during your push, just drop the valk to push it back.

Three Musketeer Decks – There isn’t much you can do against this deck. Try to play for a draw. The 3M will just toast your Lava Hound and your Balloon.

Giant Balloon – A tough one. Use cannon to draw them to the middle kill zone. Take the Balloon out with minions.

Outside of that, the hard decks tend to be the ones with a lot of air defenses. Inferno tower and Ice Wiz are total pain in the asses. If you play someone with an Ice Wiz, Musketeer, and Inferno Tower… Good luck. This may sound daunting, but a lot of decks are really easy to beat as well. I pushed to legendary with my commons at either 8 or 9, Valk at 7, Balloon at 3, Collector at 6, and my Lava Hound at 1. I’m pretty sure you could take this deck to 3300 if you took the time to level your commons to level 10, rares to 7-8, and your Balloon to 4. At this point, I beat other players with similar level cards more often than not, but lose to players with cards a level higher than mine more often than not.

Well, I hope this was helpful and is useful to some players who are looking for a deck for their Lava Hound. I have had a great time reading everyone else’s decks and am happy to have something to contribute back.

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  • Deon S.

    Easily countered with a well timed inferno+musketeer. Arrows will take care of the pups.

    • Deon S.

      But thats just my counter, not many infernos in royal-legendary

      • Ishmam

        I use inferno in arena 8

    • Will Potter

      Yes, that’s right! But please just don’t overthinking. Everything has its own counter!

  • CRwithzws

    counter it with chain pull either the hound or balloon away (I carry 2 buildings mortar and cannon) then deal with troops left. Arrow the pups when nesscery. And then when I pull the hound onto my mortar the mortar will deal damage to opposite tower (a lot of damage can be delt due to your enemy just waste all their elixir on a super push). This will always win against those decks. Sometime pulling the balloon away also works.

    • Will Potter

      Actually not many people uses more than 1 buildings out there. This is not a very OP combo and can be countered with building + troops.

  • Teddy Ttd

    I use hog cycle (mostly used cannon as defense but I use inferno), and this deck is easy to counter because of my inferno. My win and lose with lavaloon is probably 50/50, the main problem is the balloon, when lava hound destroyed, it would become pups, and the pups blocked my inferno to burn the balloon, but yeah, I also have some anti-air troops. Usually I defeated when my inferno and my anti-air troops were out of rotation. Or bad starting hand. When it happened, boom with the balloon, i’m finished. What can I do… Urgh…….

    • Will Potter

      We have to deal with this. There is nothing to do, right?

  • jchen5012

    This is why i use inferno tower

    • Will Potter

      Sadly they are going to nerf the Inferno Tower 🙁

      • jchen5012

        🙁 inferno twer is mah favorite card eva
        also, yo havent replied to my deck suggestio

  • Ryan Wong

    Great deck, but balloon is not the highest damaging single unit. mini PEKKA and PEKKA both do more damage. And in terms of most damage per card, it would probably be barbarians, minion horde, or skeleton army. All three cards (on its own) can do more than twice as much damage per second as the balloon!

    • Adam

      In total it basically goes Skeleton Army by FAR (however sometimes not all of the skeletons can get to the target because there are so many), Minion Horde, Barbarians/3 Musketeers (they have like 11 DPS difference). The Pekka deals about 100 DPS below Barbs and 3 Musketeers.

    • Will Potter

      Yea my bad. Sparky is probably the highest one!

  • Gary Sloan

    nothing but a cheese deck, wont get you anywhere near as far as you say it will

  • Adam

    Lvl 2 Lava Hound and lvl 3 Balloon? Seems odd…

    • Will Potter

      Not really. Some players are just super lucky! They got 2 Lava Hounds as free-to-play players :(.

      • Adam

        Awwww lucky xD.

        • Hermione Potter

          Yes, I agree. I got a Free Golem yesterday from a free chest!

    • Rayan Farhan

      I also have two lava hounds but i m not willing to upgrade him

  • pasha

    just went on a 9 win streak with this.

    • Will Potter

      Nice! Thank you a lot for sharing this buddy! I really appreciate it!

      • pasha

        in legend now with this deck, and then i got a lvl 2 lava hound!! super lucky, but also lava hound is one of the worst legendaries. hmm…

        • Hermione Potter

          Better than sparky. My oppenent used Sparkyloon and I won him/her 3-0 with no Legendarys at Arena 6. Unlocked Mirror today and I got a Golem from a Free chest yesterday and the hound also beats the log.

  • Will Potter

    Thank you very much Bilbao! I hope you will give it a try in the future!

  • John Cheek

    Just got the hound really want to try this out!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with it mate!

  • dotslasher

    I just received my 2nd lavahound. pfft out of all the legendaries I’m getting 2..
    I know I can’t complain, there are a lot of players without even a single 1.
    But the hound is one of the most one-sided cards in the game.

    You need to build your entire deck around it in order for it to be successful.
    And even then you’re not guaranteed to win the match.

    Whenever I put down my Hound I get rushed like crazy in the other lane.
    Making me use my troops on defense while watching the hound slowly creep up to the other side doing no dmg at all.

    I’m seeing way too many decks carrying Wizards (both), Princess, Arrows, Fireball, Inferno Tower etc.

    So basically you’re putting all your eggs in 1 basket by hoping for a successful lavahound/balloon push.

    I’ve tried numerous LH decks, and some were successful because the opponent didn’t have enough air defenses or wasn’t prepared. But now everyone knows how to counter it.

    To make this card really good (as a legendary is supposed to be), they need to drop the cost to 6. The damage and speed is fine.
    In the current game you’re always at a disadvantage when putting down this card.

    And yes: every deck/card can be countered, but for a legendary this card is too expensive and one dimensional.

    You need:
    The pump for the high elixir cost of the Hound.
    Air troop counter (arrows/fireball/wizard)
    Your hound (obviously)
    Support cards (at least 2 low cost troops to keep the elixir cost within reason).
    A defensive building for the RG/Hog Rider because your defense is weak.
    A defensive card for those big pushes preferably able to counter wizards, witches, musketeers -> valk is the only great option here. Mini Pekka works too but is a little squishy and gets distracted easily.

    See what I’m getting at?
    Plus: I love ZAP but I have no room for it in this deck, unless you swap out the cannon but then your defenses suffer. So facing a RG+Sparky deck you’re basically screwed and you better hope for the best.
    -> RG+Sparky+Wizard -> drop either goblins to discharge Sparky and then drop Valk, or drop Valk and drop goblins on the other side. hoping the Wizard doesn’t headshot the weakened valk and then turns around for the gobs/minions.
    All the while the RG is munching on your tower like a madman.

    So yeah, Royal GG is cancer and the Hound is too onesided.
    I’m going to give this Deck a go again tonight.

    PS I’m around 2600. (was at +-2820).

    • Nate

      I’m in legendary and I usually beat the rg sparky decks
      It’s actually easy(I do have ice wizard tho) but all u have to do is take some damage to ur twr, drop wizard at a reasonable spot where it can target both rg and sparky, and zap it at the right time and then drop mini pekka. I don’t use a single defensive building which usually slows down other troops(like I said I have an ice wizard for that) anyways gl on ur deck.

      • dotslasher

        I’ve used the following deck: Hound, Baby Dragon, Barbs, Zap, Minions, Canon, Collector & Poison and went on a 7 winning streak. @2765 now.

  • JMD1

    Thats ultra OP deck! I recommend it on 100%! Easy 3 crown push, easy Giant-Witch-Hog counter, everything you may want is at this deck! Thanks to the author of this topic! 100% possitive feedback!

    • Will Potter

      Cool. Thank you a lot for sharing this buddy! I really appreciate it 😀

    • Rayan Farhan

      I will give it a try!:-)

  • Sean mills

    Lvl 2 hound lvl 4 loon and its 14 and 2 ATM

  • Fahim

    Best one bro just replace the cannon with inferno tower and goblins with zap.almost in legendary arena

    • Will Potter

      Good one! Glad to hear that buddy! 😀

  • Bhaala Natarajen

    Can i use this deck in arena 6

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course, why not!

      • Hermione Potter

        Good for you! I have no Legendary card and no Balloon and I am in Arena 6 and I use a none-legendary deck to beat a person who uses Balloon and Lava Hound. I won 2-1

  • Keita Tsuji

    Lava hound

  • Keita Tsuji

    Is it op?

    • Will Potter

      What? This is a great deck!

  • Kx

    I received lava hound when I was in arena 4 but didn’t know how to use it. This deck brought me from Arena 4 to Arena 7 in a week. However now am stuck around 2000+ trophies as everyone is level 9/10 and I’m level 7 lolol

    • Kx

      Main problem rn is facing sparky players, dropping minions on sparky gets wrecked by arrows and sparky pretty much one shots everything I have. Just the other day I was 2-0 up on another guy before he dropped a sparky on me and won the match.

      What’s the counter against sparky? Counter push can’t work as sparky pushes faster than Lavaloon, valk gets one shot, minions/goblins get arrowed, etc.

    • Will Potter

      Keep practicing and you can make it to Arena 8 buddy! Good luck further!

  • Hermione Potter


    • General Draza


  • General Draza

    I need more tips on using this deck

    • Will Potter

      Just keep practiicing my friend 😀

  • Red Flame

    use the zap instea of arrows, valk for the princess

  • Red Flame

    and the minion horde