Easy-to-use Lava Hound Miner Deck for Arena 6+

What is up? It’s F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X again finally coming back with a deck focused on using the value of Legendary Cards. This deck is a spin off of my Lava Hound Deck for Arena 4 through 7! now with the miner to spice things up in a really good way. Be sure to also check out my completely free to play(no legendaries) GiWiVa deck for Arenas 5 through 8. And don’t worry I’ll be testing new fresh ideas with all the other legendaries to hopefully bring new exciting duels to your Clash Royale experience!

Lava Hound Miner Deck

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Lava Hound Miner Deck for Arena 6+

Lava Hound– So far the legendary I have had the most ease pushing with. As you should know the hound is a flying giant, in that it tanks but deals small damage until it pops and the pups come out to play. Offensively the goal of this card is to get the tower locked on so it can tank for the cards behind it and then do damage once it bursts, simple as that. Be sure to place it in a corner as far left or right as possible for the best chance of it not getting pulled by defensive buildings.

On defense there is one little use of this card. If an air targeting troops is coming into your half do not be afraid to place the hound to distract it right before the troop locks onto your tower, now your tower can deal with that while the hound absorbs damage, synergy at its finest!

Miner – Oh boy, I’ve been having a hay day with this guy he is so useful. Surely you all know that this card can be placed anywhere in the arena avoiding detection until he surfaces. He has four uses for me in this deck.

The first use, the one I hardly use, is that of a counter to the Elixir Pump. You can throw him out to deal damage to Elixir Pumps to gain an elixir advantage although be careful he is not hard to counter with Skeletons or Goblins.

Second, with good placement so he locks onto the tower when placed and not drawn by your opponents cards he can work great at getting you little chip damage or those last few hundred hit points you need to win in over time. He won’t take a tower down right away but his little amounts here and there especially for last second victories has proven invaluable for me.

Third, as a mini tank he can absorb a fair amount of damage from a tower so other cards can put in real damage. That being said it is very useful to throw him out just before the pups come out so a tower targets him instead of the pups so they can really do damage. Not to mention his chip damage comes into play here and a tower can melt before your eyes.

Lastly, with my first Lava Hound deck I had no great way to deal with wizards because on defense he countered all the main offense cards in this deck…enter the mighty miner! If your opponent places a Wizard, Archers, or Musketeer to counter your Hound, the Miner is your best friend because he can be sent out to counter them effectively, leaving him alive to tank for the Pups.

Minion Horde – First of the Arrow baits. The Horde is 6 Minions to do twice the work as the regular version. When paired behind the Hound these guys work best. Don’t feel upset if they get Arrowed because now the Pups are more or less safe. I try to not show this card before I show the Minions.

On defense these guys shred away at anything, I love seeing Giant Sparky decks now because I am mostly confident that the Horde will rip it all up. I don’t have them as a go to defense but when they are needed they will get the job done as long as you don’t leave them open to spells or the Wizard.

Minions – The less effective but cheaper original! Minions do everything the horde does just not as fast! They still work great behind the Hound and still do well enough on defense because of the high damage output. I try to either send these guys out alone or paired with Goblins to attempt to draw out Arrows/Zap so I can surprise my opponent with the horde and let the pups safely attack the tower.


Goblins – Love these little critters, I did use to run with the Spear version because they target air but I decided I already have both Minions so the stronger normal goblins work better in this deck. I mostly use them as a cheap defense card against tanks or single targeting cards like mini Pekka but if I need a push I’ll send them behind the hound paired with the minions.

Valkyrie – Used for defense 90% of the time!!! Great card and incredibly versatile. I love it on defense because it has fair health, fair damage, AND splash damage. Works wonders against all sorts of cards…just try her.

Canon – My favorite defensive card because it is cheap and offers high valued elixir trades. Save it to draw out tanks or the Hog. Placement is everything and it can help eliminate a hog or a giant and gain you a positive elixir trade.

Arrows – My go to spell. We know what arrows do so I won’t tell you, rather, I’ll explain why I prefer them in this deck. Arrows take out Minions and Princess. That’s why. Those are three cards that pose a threat to this deck that zap just won’t finish off.

General Gameplan

On offense the goal is to get a strong high Elixir push going, high risk high reward. At 10 elixir place the Hound in a corner far left or far right. Build up elixir as it moozies along and deal with anything your opponent throws that demands action from you right then. Once the tower locks onto your Hound send out the minions alone or paired with Goblins. Hopefully your opponent let’s the Minions/Goblins put in damage or he uses a spell on them and the pups put in work. Don’t forget the Miner as a tank for the pups but I don’t prefer to use him right away, test the water out and decide if it would be effective to use him as such. Keep the Horde in your back Pocket. If your opponent does waste Arrows or Fireball or Poison on the Minions or Pups wait for the next push to draw it out again and let the Horde loose.

Opponents Defense

Troops – To your best judgement either let the Minions behind deal with any resistance or snipe it out with the Miner.

Witch – Maybe the biggest annoyance. Sorta like the Wizard but now you can not snipe it with the Miner cuz the skeletons will kill him. Try to snipe it out with minions when they won’t get hit by the splash damage.

Buildings – Simple. Hopefully your placement of the Hound means she won’t get drawn by any defensive buildings, regardless if she does simply snipe them out with Minions or Horde.

Inferno Tower (and/or) poison- Snipe the tower out with minions before it can lock onto the hound. Often I run into Poison protection it from my Minions leaving me utterly defenseless. The goal here is to cycle in the double Elixir. I know it sounds crazy to cycle with a hound but the other cards are cheap so once two elixir hits just keep pushing until you can slip the hound behind the Inferno Poison combo.

Your Defense

Valk/Canon/Arrows/Goblins, simple enough. Save the canon to trade with building targeting troops like giant or hog. The Valk is great at defending against what is put behind that card like Wizards, Musketeers, or Mini P.E.K.K.A. If these cards are going alone at your tower(without a tank) use the Goblins to defend for a positive Elixir trade. 1v1 on your half Goblins will take down almost anything besides air troops for a positive elixir trade. Don’t forget arrows to take out masses on defense or aid your own push to take out princess or minions.

Wrap up

Thanks for reading about this deck. I’ve put in a lot of time with this one so I know it works but that is just the point. Don’t expect to be golden right away, you have to learn this deck and the strategies it uses as with all my decks or any bodies. Please I’d love to hear what you think about this deck. Did it work for you? Did it not? What changes did you make? And why? If you want to talk to me in-game find me in my clan SBSP! Good luck and Push hard!

  • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

    I’m still new to legendary cards, having recently gotten into A9 as a f2p player. Thus far I’ve decided the miner is, for how I play, the best and I obviously love the hound too. I’ve been experimenting with all the others, except the new inferno dragon. Without giving too much away(cuz once i have it down ill write a guide for it) I may have stumbled upon a fun, not as effective, miner+princess+barrel deck but I can’t seem to make use of the ice wiz, log, and lumberjack plus it’s hard to make an original sparky deck. I’d love any suggestions on decks these cards work in? I’ll test any decks yiu guys suggest and if I find them to work I’ll post them here and mention whoever gave me the idea!

    • Leinadium

      Hello FOX, I’m F2P too in arena 9, and I really love to play with original decks. I’m already decides that I will never use any Giant, Royal Giant or Hog ever. And now I am trying some alternatives decks. I’m really loving the Golem, and I have a good deck that is rocking out, it is Golem + Ice Wizard + Guards + Zap + Musketter + Mini Pekka + Inferno Tower + ROCKET… and I Dont use the golem just as a last second Card, but a support for my push (I killed a mini pekka, ice wizard and a group of barbarians with a single Rocket)… if you want try it out

    • Leinadium

      And I have a Golem Arrow bait in my secundary account. It is Golem + PRINCESS + Guards + Goblin Barrel + Minion Horde + Musketter + Mini Pekka + Zap

      Its so funny to use the Goblin Barrel after he uses the arrows or zap in my Horde… try it out

      And lastly, if you want to use Lumberjack and Log, put a golem inside lol, but remember that only the log as a spell doesnt work, try zap, my favorite spell (lv11 already)

  • Lwin Myat

    Hi Will, can i get in app-purchase like gems in clash royale with itunes gift card? I dont want to use my money from credit card.

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course. No problem at all man!

  • Omega

    Hmmmm………It Seems That One Weakness To Your Deck Is Arrow But Now People Rock Zap Or Fireball So This Deck Is Rather Good Expect That I Can’t Use It

    • UrEz

      Can You Not Type Like This Thank You It Makes Me Cringe

      • yw zhen

        LOL. Agreed.

      • Omega

        Ur Comment Make Me Cringe At U So If Your Comment Is Not Productive Then….U Know Unless U Can’t Read Between The Line And I Have To Spell It Out

    • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

      As I said this deck has three arrow baits, don’t let them take out two at once and you should be good.

  • GamerDaily

    Guys, I just found a glitch at the game…
    I was just requesting a friendly battle as my clanmate post his chat 😀 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb689c242ee914e1b20a058fa69c3f03ccc222c540116a6c252c647e070b217e.png

    • Will Potter

      hahaha nice found!

      • GamerDaily

        hahaha… thx dude!

  • Kinda OT, but i wonder how do you take screenshots in-game like that? I mean with that resolution?

    • Will Potter

      Use iPad Air 2 buddy! xD

      • Ishmam

        That’s what I have! 😀

  • Aidan McFarland

    Dude, use Zap instead of Arrows. 2 words: Inferno Tower.

    • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

      Na man like I said you need arrows to take out princess and minions whereas you should be able to take out their inferno tower or cycle your deck so he can’t play it on defense against the hound

      • Aidan McFarland

        If you are in arena 6 or lower you don’t have to worry about Princess, and if you Zap + Minions you can take out a minion horde behind a tank.

        • Asdfire

          It says this deck is for 6+

        • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

          Will chooses the name of the deck based on what is the lowest arena you can obtain the cards in…atleast that’s how I take it…I’ve only used this in arena 9 where there most definitely are princess, zap is a good spell but it doesn’t make the cut for this deck. If you think it works better you try it then post your own idea and explain why in your guide but the way I use my deck requireso arrows.

  • Robmob3000

    Can I use goblin barrel instead of miner and golem instead of lava hound?

    • Will Potter

      Yea you could try to do that xD

    • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

      I have not tried this combo you are suggesting…it might work BUT you won’t win in the same manner of this deck. The barrel is not up to par as the miner because it won’t be able to tank and it won’t be able to take out wizards or archers or musketeers. Also, the Golem may seem the same but it really isn’t, the only similarity is they are tanks but the Golem is only a tank whereas the hound converts into a minion horde. So give it a tryear, it might work but don’t expect it to play as this deck would

  • Adelani Turner

    Well I just got the hound…….
    Can this work in legendary arena?

    • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

      I will not lie, I have found most success at tournament standard because I have taken 1st in tournaments and won 12 in the challenges with this deck BUT it also is my most successful deck for Arena 9 so far

      • Will Potter

        Lava Hound is rocking!!

        • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

          Got the inferno crayon and wow does airfecta kill right now!

          • Will Potter

            Haha that’s awesome buddy! I’m having lots of fun with them!

    • Virgiro

      the lavahound is what got me into legendary arena just go to ashes vid of predicting he used it there and i used it and got 12-0 in classic challenge

  • bud is wizer

    Anybody got a good golem deck without legendaries. I am at 2300 looking to push some trophies

    • Leinadium

      Mini Pekka
      Bowler (Dark prince works too)
      Mini Pekka
      (Any AOE Card, I use Ice Wizard)

      • bud is wizer

        How much trophies do you have?

        • Leinadium

          Now I am in 3270 with a Golem + Rocket deck that doesnt seem to get posted on this site, even thought I posted it twice…

          • bud is wizer

            Good luck, hope it gets posted!

  • nathan

    Hey Will,

    I am a relatively F2P player having only spent $9.99 on the Arena 8 pack with astonishing luck: I have gotten the miner and two princesses, all from crown chests. I recently got into Arena 9 with a under leveled hog rocket deck by m4son(unfortunately I couldnt fit the miner in) I saw on this site, and bought sparky with the coins I got from the pack! I have enough coins to buy the ice wiz and make this deck, can you see any big weaknesses:

    Giant( lvl 6 )
    Sparky( lvl 1 )
    Inferno Tower( lvl 6 )
    Mini Pekka( lvl 6 )
    Princess( lvl 2 )
    Miner( lvl 1 )
    Ice Wiz( lvl 1 )
    Zap( lvl 10 )

    • yw zhen

      That’s underlevel? Oops. That means I’m way behind. I run a deck with 4 rares, mostly level 5, some level 6s, and 4 commons, mostly level 8, some almost there. Well, that’s some assurance I guess. LOL. I’m in the middle of Frozen Peak right now with a 3 crowning deck, because I don’t like the cheesy one crowners. Trying to keep the risk and action up. Good luck though. Oh, and you’re pretty lucky with those legendaries. XD I’m F2P and I own one, Sparky, and the Sparky deck wreaks absolute havoc. I swapped it out for something more simple though.

      • 210577

        I’m quite sure you can call 8.5/6/3 (my stats) underlevelled at 2500 trophies if you don’t have any legendaries. I’m also quite sure that you can’t call 1/1/1/*1* underlevelled at any trophy region. XD

    • Leinadium

      I had a deck like This (except I use Golem), and a weakness is the Minion Horde and Barbarians. When he plays the Horde, you have to use zap + ice wizard, or use Princess… but the major priority is the barbarians. Be careful. Mini Pekka + zap + ice wizard is your best option (and sparky, that I didnt have)

      Oh, and be careful with zap + mini pekka in your sparky. You Dont have any cycle card to protect… be careful about that

    • Will Potter

      Your biggest weakness is the Sparky, I think. High risk but high reward.

  • Jerry Xu

    Hi, does anyone have a good F2P arena 6 deck? I don’t have the Golem or the Poison, so I can’t make one of those popular decks. Then someone suggests “How about Hog Freeze!?” “What about that Rage deck?!” Oops… I don’t have any freaking epic spells except Goblin Barrel. So can anyone help me out? Thanks! (I am at about 1750 trophies, a new level 7, with level 6/7 commons, level 4 rares [level 5 valk], level 1/2 epics)

    • lamepotato

      don’t use epics and (i know it’s obvious but…) use a hog deck!

    • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

      At the top of this guide, check out my GiWiVa deck, it doesn’t use epics do you should have all the cards for it!

    • 210577

      I’m working on submitting a deck I use in 8. Don’t worry, though; you’ve got everything here.

      Deck is: Giant, Mini PEKKA, Wizard, Cannon, Inferno, Collector, Bomber, Zap

    • Will Potter

      Hmm I think you should give this deck a try: http://clashroyalearena.com/deck-building/trifecta-remake

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t have the miner, I suggest using the goblin barrel. I’m using another (supposed to be) hound-miner deck, but I haven’t the miner. Now i switched him for the goblin barrel and that can fill in the usage of the miner the most. If you drop the goblin barrel right when the tower is hitting the lavahound, they have to counter the goblin barrel, but then they don’t have a counter for your pups anymore. Also they can get the last couple hp of a tower like the miner can.
    If you don’t have the hound, try another deck, because the hound is the main card of this deck

    • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

      This sounds pretty accurate, obviously the barrel isn’t as good as the miner but it could be a substitute

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share mate. I really appreciate it!

  • Press Battle

    2 legendaries. Some people are so unlucky they can’t even get one legendary. -_-

    • Francuac

      Congraths! Im f2p with 3 legendaries amd the miner lvl 2

      • Press Battle

        wow you are so cool kappa

      • Boyten

        I have the lava hound, Log, and i hope to get another legendary. I found a super magical chest. I am a free to play.

  • Vinay Kumar M

    Hi, I’m f2p with 5 legendaries.. Here’s my deck..Lava hound, Inferno dragon, Ice wizard, Miner, Log, Minions, Guards & Poison spell. Thing is they all synergize well. Lava hound + poison + Miner is a pretty good combo.


  • DaSlime

    Aw, man! I would love to use this deck but i have not a single legendary at 2256 trophys and im a level 8. is that normal? also i am looking for a clan.

    • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

      I didn’t get one til 2900 trophies and lvl 10! So don’t worry and yes you can always join SBSP

    • Will Potter

      That’s pretty normal mate. No worries. Hope you can get into Arena 8 soon!

      • João Pedro Grauncke

        Normal? Hmm. I have miner and lava hound and im lv 7, i thought having two legendarys by this was normal

  • Rick R

    I’m debating about using poison in place of arrows. Yea, it’s not as good for a quick kill of the princess or minion horde… but it’s extra versatility on both offense and defense I think makes up for the lack of the quick kill for an extra elixir penalty. Many times opponent troops are locked in on your hound and having a poison there is really nice … often severely weakening both a witch and/or wiz that come out to defend. Also finding the poison really helps vs hut spammers, and even against opponent’s inferno tower. Thoughts?

    • Will Potter

      I can’t say much about this but imo the Poison is definitely better than the Arrows, at least in the current meta game.

  • Martin Hamza
    • Will Potter

      Looks pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing it man! xD

  • Red Flame

    lava hounds a boy btw just sayin

    and i dont got the miner :_(

    But I’ve got this awesome deck that you guys need to try, it was made by ash and it is freaking good, I’ve pushed to Arena 9 as a lvl 7 like this, and I’m F2P hope you like it

    Lava Hound
    Elixr Collecter (You need to change your playing style a little bit coz of the new update)
    Ice Spirit (If you dont have it use fire spirits instead)
    Mega Minion