Aggressive Hog Triple Spells Deck – Get to Legendary Arena!

Hey guys! Zigge here with the new Hog Triple Spells Deck for you!

I’ve been slacking a bit with my guides but I’m back! Today we’re gonna take a look at a very aggressive Hog Triple Spells deck for Arena 8. You need a Princess if you wanna get the full aggressiveness but she can be substituted with a Mega Minion. Let’s get into the deck!

Hog Triple Spells Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale fireballClash Royale ZapClash Royale Lightning
Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Tombstone

Aggressive Hog Triple Spells Deck

Very aggressiveWeak to Lava Hound
Cheap and fastWeak to Golem
Great synergyWeak to Bowler

Card Breakdown

Hog Rider – The main win condition. I don’t know why, but for some reason, this guy works very well with most, if not all of the spells. In this deck, we have Lightning, Fireball and Zap to compliment him. We also have Ice Spirit and Goblins which works well with him.

If you have a Tombstone in the lane that you’re attacking, the Skeletons with stack up and deal lots of damage on their tower.

As you might have noticed by now, this deck is built around 2 things; Aggressiveness, and your Hog Rider (Every card in this deck works well or decent with him).

Hog Rider can not be replaced due to his fast movement speed and high DPS.

Lightning – Lightning Spell is the best counter to the ever so popular Inferno Tower and Mega Minion. Use Lightning only in 2x Elixir offensively because of its high cost. Lightning is also one of your defensive cards so only use it on offense when you know you’re gonna get a positive Elixir trade or a lot of damage on their tower.

Lightning can not be replaced due to its ability to stun and do high damage.

Ice Spirit – Ice Spirit is one of the best cards in the game because of her cheap cost and freeze effect. She can be utilized on both defense and offense.

With a Zap, she can take out Minions which can be very useful if you do the Hog Rider + Ice Spirit push.

Ice Spirit can not be replaced due to her unique ability to freeze a unit/building for 1.5 s. Also, she doesn’t die to Zap.

Tombstone – Tombstone is a must in this deck because it’s an investment building and can therefore be placed down at any point in the game, and be kinda ”saved” for later use as it will stay on the map for the next 40 s. With triple spells, you can’t use a building if its not a spawner because those are investment buildings.

Fireball – Fireball is one of the best spells in the game. Use it mostly on defense but a prediction Fireball followed by a Zap can save the day if his counter to your Hog Rider is Barbarians. Fireball + Zap is a very strong spell combo against Three Musketeers.

This card can be replaced with Poison.

Princess – Princess is a very good card because of her long range. She is weak and dies to Arrows or The Log so be careful with where you place her. Place her in the opposite lane that you’re attacking to add some double lane pressure.

Princess can be replaced with Mega Minion if you don’t have her.


Goblins – Goblins are very important in this deck. If they waste their Zap or The Log on your Tombstone, you’ll have your Goblins + Hog Rider to punish them. They are very good against Mini P.E.K.K.A and Prince.

Goblins can’t really be replaced due to their fast movement speed and high DPS.

Zap – Zap is one of the best cards etc. etc. Use it against Goblins or Skarmy trying to kill your Hog Rider. Also very good on defense against a Goblin Barrel or Minion Horde.

Zap can be replaced with The Log if you’d want to.

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General Gameplan

Play very aggressively. Don’t let your opponent build up a big push and don’t be afraid to use your spells offensively. Hog + Ice Spirit + is your main push.

The thing is, with this deck, that it’s not the worst thing in the world if your opponent has the Elixir lead! You read that right. It doesn’t matter if you are +5 or -5 Elixir when attacking. If your opponent has the Elixir lead, you’ll just make that back with your Spells! Place your Tombstone as soon as you have it to invest Elixir. Princess is the back is also a good alternative.

One important thing to remember, there are no bad hands with this deck! You can literally have any combination of cards in your hand and you will always have a card that is not particularly ”bad” to play, given that you have the Princess.

Hog combinations? What cards do I combo?

Well, Hog + Ice Spirit is the main push, as mentioned. When you do this, you wanna have all of your spells available because if you’re ready with the right spell, your Hog is gonna be unstoppable.

For example, Lightning takes out glass cannons or Inferno Tower, Fireball + Zap takes out Barbarians or Three Musketeers, Zap + Ice Spirit takes out Minions or Skarmy.

How the heck do I defend?

Yeah, the defensive part. This deck is somewhat weak to air, given that you have the Princess, so Mega Minion is strongly recommended if you face a lot of Lava Hound. With this deck, you just go all in if they put a big tank in the back. Try to stop their push when it comes, or, give up a tower and go for the other one.

Against Cannon, Lightning or Fireball?

Depends on their placement. If you know they place their Cannon close to their tower, do a low-risk low-reward Fireball to take it out (You won’t lose much if you miss). If you know they place their Cannon a bit further away, do the high-risk high-reward Lightning (only recommended in 2x Elixir).

  • How to counter other decks
  • Royal Giant – Be as aggressive as you can. Tombstone + Lighting/Fireball do defend their RG + Mega Minion/Minions.
  • Giant Bowler – Lightning + Tombstone against their push. Be aggressive.
  • Lava Hound – Be super super extremely aggressive and try to trade towers.
  • Golem – Same as above
  • Miner – Be relaxed and play chip against them. Go for a big push in 2x Elixir.
  • Hog Rider – Same as above.
  • Three Musketeers – Easy matchup. Lightning to kill their two, then Fireball + Zap their single + Barbarians push in the other lane.

Offensive Combos

  1. Hog Rider + Ice Spirit + Zap – Good against Minion Horde or Skarmy.
  2. Hog Rider + Ice Spirit + Zap + Fireball – Good against Cannon or Barbarians.
  3. Hog Rider + Ice Spirit + Lightning – Good against Inferno/Bomb Tower or glass cannons.

Defensive Combos

  1. Tombstone + Lightning – Standard defense against Giant pushes.
  2. Princess + Zap – Good against Miner + Minion Horde.
  3. Tombstone + Fireball/Lightning – Good against RG + Mega Minion/Minions,
  4. Goblins + Ice Spirit – Good against a lone Giant.

Guys, that’s it for my Hog Triple Spells Deck. Hope you have a good day, comment if you need any help or advice and peace out!