Hog Rider Zap Bait Deck for Pushing to Legendary Arena

Hello, this is Sal, and this will be my first guide ever made.

I’m going to talk about my own ladder deck which i used to climb nearly 900 trophies from the bottom of Hog Mountain, to the current Legendary Arena. This deck is an odd mix between a Hognado and a Log/Zap bait.

hog bait deck

Hog Rider Zap Bait Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale ZapClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Musketeer

Card Breakdown

Hog Rider: First up is the win condition. This card is the central point to this deck, and the main damage dealer. All other cards are, and will be, used in combination with this card.

I would suggest a level 8 Hog, as over leveling is a problem everywhere in the ladder. And it never hurts to have a higher level Hog.

Zap: This card has declined in usage after it was nerfed. However, i still think this is one of the more useful spells in the game.

In this deck, it is most commonly used with your lone Hog Rider. Place your Hog at the bridge, and prepare to Zap that Skeleton Army, or Goblin Gang, along with the Tower.

This card should preferably be over leveled to around level 11 or 12, as most Goblin barrels are either level 5 or 6, leaving the Goblins as level 10 or 11. As Zap cannot one shot Goblins at an equal level, a higher level Zap is useful, but not necessary.

Princess: Always use this immediately at the bridge for chip damage. Depending on how fast your opponent deals with the Princess, it can deal 140-280 damage to the Tower (at tournament standard, or level 1).

This card is used at the bridge to bait The Log from the opponent, which opens up the chance to punish your opponent heavily.

Leveling up the Princess is always beneficial, since a maxed Zap can kill a level 1 Princess.

Skeleton Army: Your tank-killer. As simple as that.

Either use Skeleton Army to take down high-health, pinpoint-damage troops (such as Prince, Knight, Mini P.E.K.K.A, etc.) or use it to deal heavy damage to tanks and/or win conditions (such as Giants, RG’s and Hogs).

This card can also be used to keep support troops (Musketeer, Wizard) from chipping your Tower, and kill off over leveled Goblin barrels when your Zap has been used with your Hog.

Skeleton Army can also be used to take out other Skeleton Army’s, and Goblin Gangs when in dire need. Use Skeleton Army to deal with Ebarbs easily.

An easy way to avoid predictive logs is to place Skeleton Army in the center, away from your towers. This is meant to be bait, as you have another tank-killer that i will talk about next.

Goblin Gang: This is your other tank-killer.

When countering E-Barbs, I prefer placing Goblin Gang first (to bait Zap) then place my Skeleton Army (because they just wasted the cheap, instant spell).

This card can easily be combined with a Hog once you have baited Log and/or Zap using Skeleton Army and/or Princess.

This card can also be placed by itself, at the bridge, in order to bait a Log or Zap. It can also deal with a lone Goblin Barrel, and allow you to counter-push with a Hog Rider in front of the Gang.

This should preferably be level 9 to 10 depending on whether you want the stabby-Goblins to survive a Zap or not.

Goblin Barrel: Here is the reason for why you bait the Zap and Log.

After baiting Zap/Log (through defense or through placing Princess at the bridge), use the Barrel with your Hog Rider for a massive punishing move.

Having the Zap ready will benefit you greatly in the long run, almost guaranteeing that you take the Tower. That is, if they defend with a Skeleton Army.

This can also be used alone. However, I advise that you keep this card hidden until they have neither their Zap, nor Log in cycle, and only use it in conjunction with Hog Rider.

Tornado: This card will be your saving grace (or your downfall) in double-Elixir time.

When used properly, this card allows you to cycle back to your tank killers, making it easy to deal with massive pushes. Especially easy when they have used up a lot of Elixir, have used both Zap and Log, and now have nothing to take out your tank-killers that cycled in faster than expected.

Tornado can be used also be used in place of a Zap. Place this on top of a lone Skeleton Army, or Goblin Gang, and feel satisfied as they all disappear. Or, use this to bring a Hog Rider (or Miner in certain cases) right up next to your king Tower in order to activate it.

This card should generally be equal level with the Goblin barrels at your level. This is to more easily facilitate the killing of over leveled Goblin gangs. (Tournament standard Tornado kills tournament standard Goblins, so this is actually a bit stronger than Zap in terms of damage.)

This is also your replacement for buildings, as they are none in this deck.

Musketeer: Originally, this spot was a Fireball (and i guess you could replace it with a Fireball if you start running into lots of Barbarians), but Musketeer really adds the heavily needed high damage to this deck.

This can be used to take out tanks, so don’t be worried if your Skeleton Army AND your Goblin Gang both die quickly. Plop down your Musketeer, and perhaps Tornado the troops away from your Tower.

The Musketeer should generally be at equal level with your Hog Rider (and with the fireballs in your trophy range, so that they will not be one-shot by a Fireball).

Main Pushes

Hog with Musketeer (and Zap): Mostly started by placing Musketeer behind king Tower and letting it walk almost to the bridge before placing a Hog in front. Zap facilitates easier pushes, but is not always required. You can also place both the bridge in response to your opponent placing a Golem.

Hog with Goblin Gang (and Zap): Simple. You have drawn The Log/Zap bait. Now you rush the Tower. This is just in case you’re not certain whether they still have a splash damage spell that can take care of Goblin Barrel. Once again, Zap helps.

Hog. (and Zap): This is more of a one time thing. Do this near the beginning to get a feel of what your opponent will do. If your opponent uses an Inferno Tower, don’t Zap. That’s a waste. Skeleton Army? Zap.


Hog and Barrel: Your main punishment push. Execute this only once you are certain that the Zap and/or Log are out of cycle.

Chip Damage: Princess at bridge, Princess at bridge, Princess at bridge. This is your chip damage. You can win battles solely through chipping with a Princess

Hard Counters

Elite Barbarians: Everyone has seen this card, lots of people hate it, nearly everyone has used it, and yet, it still manages to be a difficult card to deal with at times.

When dealing with common E-Barb pushes, you first have to consider what cards are in your hand.

When rushed with E-Barbs and Fire Spirits, either Tornado or Zap the entire group (to kill the spirits) then place your Goblin Gang, with your Skeleton Army ready in case your Goblin Gang is zapped.

With E-Barbs and a Wiz, place your Skeleton Army on the Wizard, and Tornado and Zap the whole thing if your Skeleton Army is zapped.

Musketeer can also be useful in drawing the E-Barbs attention (Hog as well) but you never want the E-Barbs to kill your Musketeer off. That leaves you with no possible counter-push.

Hog Rider:

A lone Hog Rider? Tornado it into your king Tower. It will get off only 1 (maybe 2 if its overleveled) swipes before dying. This leaves your opponent enraged, and you laughing. At least most of the time.

If you get Fire Spirits behind the Hog, then counter in the same manner as E-Barbs.

If a Musketeer or Wizard, Tornado Hog with support troops to the center, and take it all out with a Skeleton Army.

If they add in an Ice Spirit, then do the same (Tornado, Skeleton Army) with only a Zap in between (to kill Ice Spirit off).

If it’s a Hog with an Executioner, place Musketeer to draw Executioner’s attack, and use either tank-killer cards to deal with Hog.

Most of the time, Tornado + Skeleton Army/Goblin Gang/Musketeer will be your go to counters.

Giant: Got a Giant with a support troop? Place a Skeleton Army (for Wizard/Musketeer) or a Goblin Gang (for Witch) to deal with support, and then use Musketeer and left over mob troops to deal with Giant.

It’ll still leave you with 500-1000 damage done on your Tower in most cases, but this is normal. It should be avoided, but it’s normal.

In the case of a lone Bomber, use Tornado and Zap on all the troops to kill it off, then use Musketeer or a tank-killing mob troop.

If it’s a Bomber + another support troop: Tornado, Zap, use the Skeleton Army/Goblin Gang (depends on the support troop left over) and use Musketeer. Easy.

Royal Giants: Or how I like to name them, Royal Piss-offs.

Basically use your mob troops and Musketeer directly on Royal Giant in order to kill it as quickly as possible. Never double up on Goblin Gang and Skeleton Army together. It gives the opponent a very easy, very cheap Log/Zap placement and you’re left without any tank-killers.

Usually place a Skeleton Army/Goblin Gang with a Musketeer. Wait for them to deal with the mob troops, then place your next mob troop card.

Use Tornado as a cycle card to draw the Royal Giant back, and away from your Tower. This is to minimize damage done to your Tower.

Valkyries: This is not a win condition, however it is a threat to this deck.

A lone Valkyrie can be either drawn to the center by a Musketeer, or pulled to center by a Tornado (so that both towers lock onto it). This will result in a dead Valk.

In the case of you not having a Tornado/Musketeer, just place Skeleton Army/Goblin Gang in the middle to draw the Valk as usual. You will be left with a couple hits from the Valk, but this is preferable to the regular amount of damage it can deal.

If it is combined with another win condition, do your best to deal with the Valk first. For example, if with a Hog, Tornado to center, use Princess to chip all of it, and place a Musketeer on the opposite side in order to draw Valk.

The Valkyrie will cause some headaches, but is mostly not used often in current gameplay.

Barbarians: Oh, I hate these.

You send out your Hog combo, and your Hog gets no shots (maybe 1 if you’re lucky) off on the Tower.

Mostly you have to take these out with a Musketeer, Princess, or Skeleton Army. Tornado these if you are stuck in a predicament.

Try to out cycle your opponents Barbarians the best you can in order to use your Hog.

P.E.K.K.A: I prefer to treat this as a Giant.

If placed in the back, don’t really worry too much. Don’t entirely forget about it, but there’s no need to freak out.

Most of the time you’ll get an Executioner or Wizard with the P.E.K.K.A. Wizard is killed with a Skeleton Army, just like Giant pushes, and Executioner is basically draw its fire with Musketeer, and place Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang on the opposite side of Executioner’s attack direction.

Golem: Rush the other side as quickly as possible. No wait necessary, just rush. Then defend that lone Golem with any tank-killer. Same strategy for Lava Hound pushes.

Extra: You won’t see Three Muskets very much, but just know that a Princess, Tornado, Zap and maybe a Skeleton Army, all together easily deals with them.

Final Information

Inferno Towers and Bomb Towers are tricky, but out cycling the latter is simple in some cases, and the former is Zap-able when you combine other troops with your Hog in a mass push. Princess can also sometimes be used to clear out these 2 if they remain with lots of health after being placed.

Tornado-ing a Hound right before it dies guarantees the pups death, and keeps all troops from dealing damage to your Tower (i.e. Balloon, Mega Minion, etc.)