Hog Rider Mirror Super Crazy Troll Deck

Hey guys it’s Ash and today I am going to share with you a super fun Hog Rider Mirror Troll Deck that got me lots of trophies in Legendary Arena!


Hog Rider Mirror Super Crazy Troll Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale mirrorClash Royale Goblin
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale CannonClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Minions


Average Elixir Cost: 2.7

The Elixir Cost of this deck is extremely low, 2.7 Elixir! That was insane! You can very quickly cycle back to your Hog Rider. You can absolutely send out 2 Hog Riders in just 1 push and you will be able to have 2 or even more Elixir Collector drilling at the same time. This is definitely a super crazy fun deck. Although this deck is quite risky, you can easily cycle through all your cards and use multiple troops to defend!

General Gameplan:

  • At the beginning, place either Cannon or Elixir Collector down. If you don’t have either, attack with your Hog Rider + Goblins/Minions + Zap combo once you hit 10 Elixir.
  • Play defensively first with your cheap troops, keep placing down Elixir Collector or even 2 Elixir Collector at a time If you have Mirror and an Elixir advantage.
  • Double Hog Rider is the most powerful combo in this deck. As they can deal tons of damage, sometimes it’s better to play offensively to force your player.


  • Hog Rider decks: Use Cannon to separate Hog Rider from supporting troops behind and deal with both by using your cheap troops.
  • Royal Giant decks: Use Cannon reactively to make sure it can hit the Royal Giant. Use other troops to deal with supporting troops nearby and the Royal Giant. Skeletons + Minions + Goblins can deal loads of damage withing seconds and take down the Royal Giant very quickly. If your opponent plays Wizard, you will need to wait until that Wizard has crossed the river and immediately place your Skeletons/Goblins right on top of him. Read this guide for more details!
  • Sparky: You can easily deal with Sparky because we have lots of cheap troops here. If your opponent place his Sparky down, push with Hog Rider + Goblins or Skeletons on the other lane in order to for him to defend then defend with small troops. As Sparky deal splash damage, you will want to surround it with your troops by placing your troops right on top of it. Also, use your Zap wisely on the Sparky and it will need to charge for another 5 seconds again!
    If your opponent doesn’t want to defend, that will be an easy Tower!
  • Sparky + Giant is also a pretty popular combo lately. You can deal with this combo by using Cannon to separate them, drop your Minions and Goblins/Skeletons right on top of the Sparky. Sparky is the top priority as it can easily 2 hit your Tower. It’s better to deal with Giant later, after taking out Sparky.

Because of the low-cost cards, you will need to practice a lot If you want to master it. It is recommended to test this deck with your Clan friends before using it in real battles. Thank you so much and good luck my friends!

  • BolzaW

    Actually, it’s rather than a 3.2 élixir cost deck. As u have to include the mirror cost which is either 5 or 6 (hog ridder or elixir pump). But it is fun in fact 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Yea this is very true. Just didn’t think about this while writing the guide! Thank you so much man!

  • AstroPolarBear

    Hey will!
    I have a hog deck that i have been using when i was in 1980 trophy range, And got me up to almost 2300! I put a picture of the deck here, It helps to deal with Royal Giant, as they became a bit famous now. Also it deals well with Hog Decks, and Three Musketeer ones ( i managed to 2 crown those a lot of times). I had a feeling to post a guide about it, So i searched the hog decks here to make sure that i am not copying anyone else. I’d like to know if you want me to make a guide about it? Thanks!

  • Binhow

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    • Yo Nik

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      let me check that site out

      • Yo Nik

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      • Will Potter

        Don’t share fake gem link again or I will ban you. Thanks!

        • Robert Y.

          Did you mean to reply to the original comment instead of Yo Nik’s?

          • Will Potter

            Yo Nik shared a fake gem-giveaway page yesterday. I removed it! xD

        • Yo Nik

          it was saying that share it and get GEMS so i did it but SORRY


          • Will Potter

            Don’t trust that website!

          • Yo Nik

            I was not I was just trying but OK I m sorry bro

  • Will Potter

    Thank you so much for sharing this man!

  • TicTac

    What if the enemy has bomb tower, or uses wizard/dragon?

    • TiRNO

      that’s why i changed a bit the deck :
      -I put barbarians instead of minions and a fireball instead of skeletons, it’s cost now is 3.3, still very low and it works fine in arena 5-6 and also 7 if you can use it well

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for sharing this mate! Nice!

  • Giovanni

    Is it worth spending 6k to buy 2 mirrors to make the deck? I’m at 1800 trophies thanks

    • Will Potter

      You can’t use Mirror in many decks, truly, it’s better to save your Gold for other ones! If you really want to try this deck, it’s up to you!

  • Jimmy Lcw

    Hi! What if I meet lava hound+balloon combo with this deck? I’m always out of way to counter this… Any suggestions?

    • Will Potter

      Try to lure them with Cannon + Elixir Collector and then use Minions to take the Balloon down. That’s our best choice while using this deck mate!

  • Griff

    a very effective variation of this deck is inferno for cannon and fireball for skellies. you’re welcome.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this Griff!

  • Rowan Adams Waters

    This deck is cool! What if you got a really great starting hand and you played one hog rider in the right lane, and mirrored the hog rider in the left lane! That would just be crazy.

    • Will Potter


    • Bruce

      then both of them go for a sudden cannon/bomb tower in the middle…

  • Mutated Moldy Man

    Never mind now I’m losing like crazy with this decl but I’m sure I’m making a mistake

  • Will Potter

    Yes of course you can use Fire Spirits instead of Skeletons buddy! Good luck!