Hog Rider Rocket Deck for Arena 6 and 7

Hello, Unlucky Guy (In game TackTickz) here! I want to share this deck that helped me get to Royal Arena (2000+ trophies). Ever wanted a good Hog deck that can pretty much counter anything? Well this deck must be for you! Fit with only 1 Epic (from Bone Pit), 3 Rares, and 4 Commons this deck is very easy to create. Through out 25 total games, I had 19 wins, 3 loses (so sad), and 3 draws. That is a pretty good win:loss ratio.

Hog Rider Rocket Deck

Hog Rider Rocket Deck for Arena 6 and 7

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale RocketClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire Spirits
Clash Royale GoblinClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Giant Skeleton


Zap (Ideal Level- 6+): Zap is definitely one of my favorite damage spells in the game so far. Many people would swap this card out for arrows due to arrows having the ability to one shot minions and having a bigger tile radius. Doing it in this deck would just be plain wrong, because arrows are only a defensive card, but zap is both a defensive and offensive card. Having the ability to stun towers and enemies for 1 second gives this card a more versatile look compared to arrows. Also, the stun actually changes aggro of the enemy which can be very useful against royal giant decks.

Fire Spirits: AKA Fire Midgets (Ideal level- 6+): When fire spirits were first released to the game, I was happy. They brought new ways to counter cards at a cheap and effective way. I use them to counter high elixir group cards such as barbs and minions. These cards work well with hog rider due to their speed and ability to lay waste to barb and minion counters.

Goblins (Ideal level- 6+): Goblins were one of my favorite common cards due to their DPS. For a cost of 2 elixir, these guys provide a big role of defense and offense to this deck. They can counter single target troops such as the P.E.K.K.A. and prince with ease providing you a great elixir advantage of 2 or more. Paired up with hog, these green baddies can dish out tons of damage to a tower. If this combo is left unchecked by your opponent, you can destroy that tower and damage the main tower quite a bit. This card also is a very good distraction.


Spear Goblins (Ideal level- 6+): My most favorite common of card out of all. Coming in with an elixir cost of only 2, this card provides a great use as a counter or a push. Having the ability of being a range ground and air troop, they can provide great counters. Having the ability to support most offensive cards, they can provide great pushes.

Hog Rider (Ideal level- 4+): My favorite pushing card. He can only attack buildings, which allows him to not be as distracted as our giant skeleton. At a cost of 4 elixir, he is one of the cheapest pushing cards in the game. He can move at a very fast rate allowing him to get to the tower and deal damage before the opponent can even counter it. Paired up with other cards that can absorb damage, deal damage, and kill counter cards, this card can be very deadly. One of the best combos in the game with hog rider is hog rider, goblins, and zap. This combo alone can destroy a tower (if left unchecked) and deal damage to the center tower.

Rocket: This card is just an overpowered spell in my opinion. You can win a game just by cycling through cards and spamming rocket on a crown tower. Rocket can be used to take out dangerous low health troops such as sparky and 3 musketeers. Whenever using rocket on a tower, make sure the opponent just wasted a lot of elixir on a push so that they can’t take advantage of the fact you just wasted 6 elixir. The only time you can use rocket when the opponent hadn’t wasted a lot of elixir, is if their is a elixir collector near a tower or if to finish off a crown tower in overtime.

Inferno Tower (Ideal Level- 4+): I’ve noticed with a lot of hog decks, is that they are very hard to win against giant heavy hit point troop rushes with area damage cards. The inferno can change this. Most hog decks would include a cannon instead due to cheap elixir cost, but cannon can’t deal with golem. Inferno can wreck heavy hit point troops with ease. Never place down the inferno in the middle without the opponent’s heavy hit point troop nearby. Placing the inferno before any chance the heavy hit point troop is near can allow the opponent enough time to counter it.

Giant Skeleton (Ideal leave- 2+): My favorite epic so far. Many players underestimate this card due to its low damage. The giant skeleton wasn’t made for being like a P.E.K.K.A., but to being  like a huge fire spirit. This card has quite a bit of hp, which can help tank some troops. What really matters about the giant skeleton is his huge bomb. The bomb counters very big rushes such as barbs and wizard. The bomb can also be used for offense, but it won’t be as effective as its role in defense. This card is also a very good gateway entry. When I say gateway entry, it means open an area to attack. The giant skeleton kills barbs and a minion horde that is used to counter a big rush. A hog then enters the opening free of counter card and attacks the crown tower.

General Gameplan

  • Early Game to Mid-game: In early game don’t begin any good pushes with giant skeleton, but instead defend. If your opponent chooses not to attack first, but plops down a high elixir building, use rocket on the crown tower. If your opponent doesn’t use any high elixir building of any kind, push with your hog and goblins.
  • Late Game to Overtime: This is when things get heated up. Double elixir begins here so you can start doing the giant skeleton and hog push. Use giant skeleton to create a gate entry way that clears our counter cards. Then use hog to exploit this gate entry way and attack the tower.

Ok, that’s all I want to share with you about this deck. Hope this deck helps you push to higher arenas and more!

  • Osko

    gonna be trying this one out, Thanx!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with it man!

  • Jack Wong

    Somehow I don’t like the rocket at the higher arena…

  • Lone Wolf

    Yeah i dont want to try it as there are too many expensive cards.. good deck tho!

    • 19Samuel Levin

      stop lying.. you know that its not a good deck so stop telling people that it is. youll just make them lose trophies dumbass

      • Adam

        Why is it bad? Because of the Rocket again?

  • Vluonx

    Seeing a hog rider push a giant skeleton to my crown tower makes me wanna cri. 🙁 Good deck!

    • Will Potter

      xD Thank you a lot man

  • Pencil

    Amazing deck, I might try it out
    Will, mind looking at this deck?


    • 19Samuel Levin

      dont try out this deck. it sucks ass. and use a fireball instead of the rocket if you do chooce to use this deck

      • Adam

        Rocket is better at hut decks, it can rev ck the whole barb RG push, it can fully kill 3 Musketeers, and if they place a witch or musketeer or something behind their tower they will be killed by it.

        • Will Potter

          This is so true xD

    • Will Potter

      Thank you man! I will take a look and post it If it’s good enough xD

  • 19Samuel Levin

    this deck sucks

    • Adam

      And how many games have you played with it? 3?

    • Will Potter

      Can you tell me why?

  • 19Samuel Levin

    first off the rocket?? really?? like who needs that card in a deck and people start getting annoyed when you used the rocket just on the tower

    • Adam

      Get used to it. If you want to win you HAVE to stick with the current meta, even if it seems OP. I didn’t see people in Legendary Arena not using the RG because they thought it was too OP.

  • Jayce429

    I think this deck has a few weaknesses, or it might just be my capabilities. It really seemed to have a hard time against valkeries and teslas. Both of these really gave me trouble. You might want to add a gameplay video and more advice on usage.

    • Aidan McFarland

      Maybe for Valks, you can use inferno tower.

  • Aidan McFarland

    I’m in arena 4-5. Could this deck (using the recommended levels) get me to arena 6?

    • Will Potter

      Yes, for sure, just give it a try man!

  • Vasu

    hi just found this deck. it is good i haven’t played with it yet but yeah this deck is usefull in lower arenas like at arena 6 or arena 7 starting (2000-2300) after this u will be facing high level cards or strong decks with strong legendary cards so dont use this deck after 2300 if u want to u can but only the experianced player can play with this deck who is playing from about 1 month and pushing continuesly. IGNORE IF ANY SPELLING MISTAKES OR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much!

    • Uno Wongspatt Pasadhika

      Hi vasu this is Uno remember me?