Hog Rider + Goblin Barrel? Why not!

Hi guys, I am KekTheTurtle and I am going to share a new Arena 5 deck with you guys that worked unusually well for me – I call it the Hog Barrel. This deck is mainly a chip/quick three crown deck, really depending in how you use the cards and what level they are.

hog goblin barrel deck

Hog Goblin Barrel Deck

Cards Breakdown

Zap: One of the handiest cards in the deck, Zap is great for squeezing in one last hit from your troop using the one second stun. Also deals with squishy troops and hordes (Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, etc.) very well. Can reset Sparky, Inferno Tower, Royal Giant, and more.

Goblin Barrel: One of the star cards in this deck, the main push supporter. Use to finish off a tower or troop. Also great for damaging a tower of troop in the start of the match. A likely counter is arrows or zap so try baiting them to use it first. A level three Barrel works the best but a lvl 1 will be fine too. Use Zap to squeeze in more damage and stun troops trying to take it out. Works great with Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and Hog Rider.

Fireball: Your most powerful spell in this deck. Use it do deal with Barbs, Witches, weak troops, the GiantWizard/Witch combo, and more, and if your desperate, small troops, such and the Goblin Barrel, or Skeleton Army.  Anyway the best use of the Fireball is usually taking out Towers. Please take a look at this page to see all of the great uses of the Fireball!

Mini P.E.K.K.A.: One of your backup kill cards, for only 4 elixir, she is an absolute destruction machine! If you don’t have your Hog, couple her with Fire Spirits or Goblin Barrel for an easy or severely damaged tower! Mini P.E.K.K.A and Fire Spirits is a stunning combo since the Fire Spirits take out any troop the Mini P.E.K.K.A might struggle with. (E.g. Skeletons, Minion Horde, etc.) Any of these pushes are great for defense as well. Take a look at this page to see more uses of the Mini P.E.K.K.A!

Fire Spirits: At 2 elixir, level 5 Fire Spirits can easily take out level 8 Goblins. And since they deal area damage AND attack air as well, they are more ideal for this deck than Goblins. Like Goblins, they are deadly with Hog Rider for the ideal Pig Push, or Mini P.E.K.K.A, as said or even the Musketeer. Take a look at here to see the best uses of the Fire Spirits!

Tesla: Even though the main purpose of this card is to lure “building targeting” troops, this building can take out other popular troops, like Prince, Witch, Wizard, Musketeer, and Mini P.E.K.K.A. This card is actually better than it looks, at level 7, it take take out a full health Lava Hound and kill the Pups too.

Musketeer: Your main air defensive unit. But does a lot more damage than anyone can think. A Musketeer with just a quarter of her health left can execute up to 400 hit points and a tower. Can take out Minions, Minion Horde, Baby Dragon, and a lot of splanks like the Valkyrie.

Hog Rider: Your main damage dealer and heart of the entire deck. Make an ideal combo with almost all the other cards in the deck. He runs a lot faster than the Giant and can get more damage dealt as well. As he is a bit of an overused card, he is still one of the best cards out there. But NEVER use a Hog defensively unless when you are desperate to lure troops away from your tower.


There are a lot off people in lower arena, so I will show you the cards you can swap if you are in arena 3 or under. NOTE: I will not list all cards, since some are obtained in arena 3 and under and most people have them.

  • Zap = Arrows: This is not recommended, because this deck relies on the stun. However, arrows have a wider radius, and deals more damage, so it’s okay to try.
  • Fire Spirits = Goblins: Though the Spirits are more convenient to use, goblins are good as well and will provide good damage to a tower at a decent level.
  • Hidden Tesla = Cannon or Tombstone:  Swapping is actually not a bad idea, due the low cost. I would replace with cannon than Tombstone, though, due to their health and damage differences.
  • Musketeer = Baby Dragon:  This is optional, since Baby Dragon is tankier, deals arena damage and flies. However, Musketeer deals more damage.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A = Valkyrie: Another optional swap, since Valkyrie is stronger and deals area damage, it might be a good time to use her every once in a while.

General Gameplan

Even though this game plan sounds incredibly simple, please give it a try. If you like, you can go F2P as well, but it’s not recommended.

Start with a light push to see what your opponent has. (E.g. Hog + Fire Spirits.) If he beats you to it, then gently pressure the other side and defend your side. Try using a goblin barrel on a tower to see if he has any spells that will affect the game.

How you damage the tower depends on what your opponent puts down. If your opponent has a cheap deck, or puts little cards down, use a light push do deal chip damage, or demolish/severely damage the whole tower, which is likely. If the opponent your opponent uses a expensive deck, use the main push. ( Hog + Goblin Barrel + Fire Spirits)

The safest way to win is to deal chip damage, but a high risk, high pay is to go full out on the pushes.

If you are losing, DO NOT attempt to win. Try and land a draw to lose minimum trophies.

Main Pushes

Here are the main pushes, but feel free to be creative and make your own.

  • Hog Rider + Fire Spirits + Goblin Barrel: The main push of this deck, can easily take down a tower. the Hog tanks for all the other troops, and the other chip the tower away till the Hog finishes it off.
  • Musketeer + Mini P.E.K.K.A: The Musketeer takes care of air while the Mini P.E.K.K.A deals with ground. Simple.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A + Fire Spirits:  A clever push since they can’t swarm the Pekka now, which is his weakness. They cannot even Minion Horde the push will the Fire Spirits are gone. And even then, the tower is almost destroyed.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A + Goblin Barrel:  An unusual push, though can be easily countered, the Goblin Barrel can do incredible chip damage for as long as the Pekka stays alive.


Spawner Decks:  If the opponent places a Barb or Goblin Hut, but the Tesla on that side to defend the tower and spam troops on the other side IMMEDIATELY. That was they will have to spend more elixir to defend, giving you and elixir advantage. A Tombstone or Furnace should be fine, however, since they die one shot from the arrows. Just place a light push on the other side. Then it should be pretty easy from then on.

Giant + Witch/Wizard/Bomber: Place Tesla in the center so both towers can target the giant. Then place the Mini P.E.K.K.A behind the push so he can deal with the others, then, once they are dead, he will take out the giant if he survives. REMEMBER THIS: Many people think Witch counters the P.E.K.K.A due top the skeletons, but if you place the Pekka behind the witch, it can kill the Witch first, the deal with the Skeletons. In most cases, he will survive to take out the giant as well. In case you can’t do that, place a Tesla, and Fireball + Zap the push.

Giant + Balloon:  To deal with this mess, use the following push: Place a Tesla where they will notice it, then place a Mini P.E.K.K.A to deal with the Giant, and a Musketeer for the balloon. Once it’s finished, add some more troops for a counter push.

Thank you guys so much to taking a look at my deck! If you have a question, please let me know in the comments.

  • Agnik Banerjee

    How much trophies did this deck push you to?

    • KekTheTurtle

      this deck got me to arena 6- long enough for my backup account for a level 5 pump.

    • Will Potter

      I tested it in Arena 9 and it is working well. Anyway I recommend using it under Arena 7!

  • Damien Kim

    Can this deck work in Arena 7?

    • Adam


    • Will Potter

      Yes, just give it a try man!

  • CardCounterer

    This deck is useless, Most decks these days have two spells and you don’t have any card which can bait out spells like minion horde or skeleton army. I pushed my friend from 1100 to 1700 in the same day with the deck below and it is supposed to work in arena 7 and 8, too

    • Adam

      ? Not every deck that has to Goblin Barrel is a spell bait deck. It’s an all around good card due to the 3 elixir buff.

      • KekTheTurtle

        yes, i did not mention this, but fire spirits are to bait out the arrows and zap.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this mate!

  • Terry Bert

    Actually I have a better deck that feature goblin barrel,
    Goblin Barrel
    Fire Spirits
    And Sparky (You can use inferno, then switch out cannon for something else, If someone zaps my goblin barrel, This punishes them)

    • Adam

      These decks are completely different. They share the Goblin Barrel and Musketeer which are both sort of unusual cards but this is a Giant Sparky deck. You can’t just take 2 different types of decks and say one is better than the other (usually).

    • KekTheTurtle

      this is an arena 5 deck.

  • Terry Bert

    And this deck isn’t even that good like the goblin barrel is the only thing they need a spell for

    • Terry Bert

      You need baits

      • Will Potter

        This deck is mainly for Arena 5. Also, opponent will need to choose between Zapping Fire Spirits and Zapping Goblin Barrel

        • -anime4theiwn-

          still there are decks with 2 dmg spells (e.g. my own deck now uses both arrows and zap granted im arena 9 but the cards i use in my deck are also avalible at 5) also baiting decks (ik this isnt really one) strike me as bad decks as i havent lost once to one of those (or atleast i dont recall it) if i lose its usally against hog-zap/freeze or most commonly the miner (whos way to op),i know thats not the topic so ill get back to my point which is that if the opponent has a defensive building+2 dmg spells you automaticlly cant win with this deck

          • -anime4theiwn-

            Btw i know this is the wrong place to post this but does someone else think they should remove emicons in clash royale, i just saw the voting poll and it reminded me of this, those things dont help anyone and esp. if youre on a lose streak and someone laughs it makes you rage

          • MLGMLGMLG

            they should just remove the laughing one

          • Adelani Turner

            that’s my favourite.

          • Adam

            Thanks and oops are toxic. Otherwise they’re fine.

          • Terry Bert

            Mate, Forget it, Do you want to tell me you’ve never told someone thanks after winning, I faced a level 10 with level 12 commons when I was still, At 2500 trophies, I said thanks cos he’s obviously the worst player ever, The emicons adds to the game and makes you know ur not facing a bot

          • Will Potter

            They should allows us to disable them 😀

        • Abed Daouk

          Hey will I know an Arabic youtuber who reached arena 9 in less than 2 hours 1000 trophies push and he only lost once, here’s his deck and the video name

          • Abed Daouk
          • Will Potter

            Wow. What a player!

  • Trafalgar Law

    royal giant, spear goblin, babarians, princess, zap, ice wizard, miner,minions is it good?

  • Tahkuri

    Why not! Arena 5, thats why not.

    • KekTheTurtle

      Are you having trouble with the deck?

  • Adam

    Add a Thanks and Oops and they’re all fine to the emoticon poll and remove the Thumbs Up and Angry because no one hates those. Personally I’m fine with all the emoticons so I might as well not vote.

  • Adexay

    I always start of a battle with a ”Good Luck!” and a ”Crying Face” if they’re higher level than me xD I always say ”Good Game!” and If they played well, I hit them with a ”Well Played!”. Love when my opponent know he’s screwed and he use the ”Crying Face” and the ”Angry Face” <3 The most annoying and hated is without a doubt the ''Thumbs Up''.

    • Terry Bert

      When a higher level shows me ”thumbs up” in the beginning of the game, I’ll definately say thanks if I win cos he’s an idiot

    • Will Potter

      I usually start the battle with the crying face too because it is kinda fun 😀

    • Will Potter

      Only at the beginning of course 😀

  • Majin Shinsa

    Here is my current deck:
    Goblin Barrel
    Mini PIKKA

    It is based off your deck using princess, where you are able to make constant mini pushes, sometimes on both lanes.

    Sparky can be replaced with any card you want (I have used poison, Royal Giant, rocket, hog rider) depending on how you play. I went from a wicked bad losing streak (2100 – 1400) and I am now in Frozen.

  • GamerDaily

    Now… is there a gooood sparky miner deck 😛

    • Will Potter

      It’s hard to couple Sparky with Miner but I think I will give it a try 😀

      • GamerDaily

        I have a good Miner + Sparky deck now… not that bad but very weak to lava hound decks 🙁

  • KekTheTurtle

    To all the people who said this deck is useless:
    I’m sorry I didn’t mention this, but fire spirits are to bait out the zap and/or arrows. If the enemy arrows or zaps the goblin barrel, just add more troops. I don’t see why some people cannot see that.

  • Darren Yao

    We are going to organize a 250k gems trounament ,feel free to visit this page for Clash !

    Clash royale!!!!


  • Mayonnaise

    Better deck,
    Hog rider
    Goblin barrel
    Minion horde
    Skeleton army
    Fire spirits

    I am in arena 7!!! Do not believe me, go to fries with that,mayonnaise and check my deck:) p.s join my clan

    • KekTheTurtle

      This deck is for arena 5. If you want a mod of this deck for arena 7, go ahead.

  • Mutated Moldy Man

    I kinda changed this deck and then made a slightly different one which works wonders.
    Hog rider
    Goblin barrel
    Mini pekka
    Fire spirits
    Minion horde

  • Anonymous

    It’s a very good deck, because not many people use it, so people don’t know how to counter it. I only recommand to change the tesla for the tombstone. This card is a very good defense and your opponent does have three things to zap/arrow (tombstone, fire spirit, goblin barrel). Because of its cheap cost you can keep pressuring your foe and quickly do hundreds of damage.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great advice man!