Hog Log/Spell Bait Deck

Hello CRA, this is Michael writing my first ever deck guide. In this guide, I will be introducing a really powerful deck in the current meta. I mainly use this deck in challenges, due to my 8/6/3/1 cards. Despite low card levels, I still managed to get 12-1 in a few classic challenges. Here is the guide!

Hog Log/Spell Bait Deck

Hog Log/Spell Bait Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Poison
Clash Royale The LongClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Inferno Tower

This deck is cheap, with an average elixir cost of 3.4, so most of the time you can outcycle your opponents. With precise timing and plays, this deck can completely shut down popular win conditions such as Giant, Hog, Elite Barbarians, XBow, and more. LavaLoon and other combos can be taken down easily, too.

Cards Breakdown!

Skeleton Army: Spell baiter, the counter to Elite Barbs. If your opponent decides to ignore the skeletons, it would deal massive damage.

Log: The best legendary, can deal chip damage to enemy towers, best known for its pushback effect. Use this card to defend against princesses, skeleton army, goblin gang, other swarm units, etc. Can be replaced with Zap/Arrows (not recommended, no pushback ability).

Princess: Spell baiter, huge range, can deal chip damage to enemy towers. Use this to counterpush paired together with a Hog. Can also be used to pressure your opponent. Use this to defend against Minion Hordes, Skeleton Armies, etc.

Poison: Great card, great offensive ability. Paired together with a goblin barrel, or a hog, could instantly shut down skeleton armies in a tick and other swarm troops. Can be replaced with Fireball if most of your opponents use Three Muskets.

Goblin Barrel: Massive damage if ignored. Use this card to bait their spells. My preferred starting card to ‘test’ the opponent. Use this to also destroy elixir collectors. In some situations, you might use this card defensively to kill supporting troops on your lane.

Hog Rider: Main win condition, great value for only 4 elixir. Not much to explain about this card.

Inferno Tower: Defensive building, used to shut down tanks and win conditions, such as Royal Giants, Giants, Hog Riders, etc. Can be replaced with other buildings but not recommended.

Goblin Gang: Read more about the Goblin Gang at here.

General Gameplan

Start with a Princess down the back, or Goblin Barrel on the opponent’s tower.

If you do not have this two cards on your starting hand, try to wait for the opponent’s play and counter it.

If the opponent rushes with Elite Barbs, use Skeleton Army. If the opponent starts with a heavy tank, you might want to rush the other lane with Goblin Barrel+Hog, remember not to spend too much elixir for support.

Counter their cards with Goblin Gang, Inferno Tower, Princess, Log or Skeleton Army depending on their play.


If they place a Giant or a land unit and you do not have the Inferno, use the Skeleton Army, if it’s logged or zapped, use the Goblin Gang and counterpush.

I usually like to put the Princess down the back when I have 10 elixir, if the opponent does not put anything.

Try not to Poison the Elixir Pump if your opponent plays it, as they might use a Three Musketeers Deck.

Before 2x elixir time, try to maintain positive elixir trades, slight push by using Princess, Goblin Barrel or Hog Riders. Keep defending and pressuring the opponent (don’t overcommit!). Keep this in mind: Defend, Counterpush, Repeat.

2x elixir time, this is where your big pushes come in. Princess at the back, defend the opponent’s push, Hog Rider+Barrel. You might also use Barrel+Poison to crush Skeleton Armies. Lots of push combos that you could do. Be a little aggresive.

Matchups (from Easiest to Toughest)

Giant/Royal Giant/Golem/PEKKA Decks: Defend with the Inferno Tower once the tank reaches the bridge. You may use skeleton army, and if they zap/log the skarmy, you may want to use your Goblin Gang. Counterpush with leftover troops/pressure the other lane.

Elite Barbarians/Miner Cycle Decks: Skeleton army. Use the Goblin Gang and/or Log if needed.

Hog Cycle Decks: Same like the Elite Barbs/Miner Cycle Decks, but this time you might use the Inferno Tower for the hog. Keep in mind of your opponent’s elixir and do not overcommit as they might rush you.

Graveyard Decks: Use your Princess to defend against the Graveyard. You might also use the Poison (not recommended), Skeleton Army, or Goblin Gang.

Lava Hound Decks: Pressure the other lane, then use the Inferno Tower once the hound reaches the bridge. Kill supporting troops by using Poison (not recommended, last choice), Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang. Princess on the back if needed.

Miner ThreeMusketeers: Your toughest matchup. Use the poison+log for the ThreeMuskets, Skarmy or Goblin Gang for the Miner. If they pump, rush with a Hog. You might want to switch Poison for Fireball if you see lots of this decks. Play carefully against Miner3Muskets.


This is it for my guide, and I really hope that you guys enjoyed the guide! and…

This is my first Clash Royale Guide, I’m sorry if there is any lack of important information or if it isn’t as good as others.

Please practice with your clanmates before going to a battle, because practice makes perfect!

Thanks for spending so much time reading my guide, I greatly appreciate it.

Remember to never overcommit, try not to let your elixir leak, and clash on guys!