Hog Lighting Deck for Pushing to Arena 6 and 7!

Because some of my friends can’t make it to Arena 6 after several months playing Clash Royale, today I am going to share with you this very funny, versatile and easy to use Arena 5 deck! This deck was shared by Muffinman and victoriee from Clan The Family. He used this deck to push from Arena 5 to Arena 9 in just a few weeks and with level 6 Hog Rider. Since this is a very easy-to-use deck, I strongly believe you guys can get to at least 2500+ trophies If you pay enough attention!


Hog Lighting Deck for Arena 5

Our Deck contains these cards:
Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale LightningClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Goblin
Clash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Zap

Note: I will try to keep this guide simple because it is mainly posted for Arena 5 players. If you are at higher Arena and want to give it a try, feel free to comment!

Hog Rider is obviously the main damage dealer of this deck. You can couple he with either Goblins or Spear Goblins to bypass the defensive building in the center.

Baby Dragon is great at killing swarms and taking a bit damage. You will want to use him on defense most of the time!

Goblins and Spear Goblins: One of the cheapest solutions to defend against single targeting units. Also, one of the best uses of them is helping the Hog Rider bypass buildings as stated above.

Barbarians are just so nice on defense. They can easily kill the Hog Rider before it can even touch your Tower. They are also great at dealing with Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A,… By dropping them right on top of the Wizard, you can also easily take it down too. Although they can solo kill a Tower, I usually use them on defense only due to their very slow movement speed.

Minion Horde (you can replace this card with Minion): Great on defense against any single target unit. They will help you shred big things quickly to start launching a counter push right after that.

Zap is a must in almost any Hog Rider deck as it can remove all distractions quickly as well as give your Hog Rider 1 more hit. Zap is also great at reset Inferno Tower’s damage and stop the enemy troops in some special situations. If your opponent uses Minion Horde, Zap them right on the bridge and your Tower can snipe every single one down easily.

Lightning is the finisher in this deck. Use it wisely to finish off your opponent’s key cards (Musketeers, Witch, …) and also deal some additional damage to the Tower. This card is your MVP while dealing with Spawner Decks and Siege Decks! Truly this is a surprising card because not many decks are using it at the moment.

General Gameplan

This deck is very versatile so you can either play reactively or play aggressively.


I usually play aggressively while using this deck. Simply, just keep sending in combo after combo!

Baby Dragon and Goblins Combo

This is one of my favorite opening pushes while using this deck. Just place the Baby Dragon right on the bridge and drop the Spear Goblins right after him. The Baby Dragon will soak damage and protect Goblins behind while they are sending lots of damage. The best counter to this combo is the Valkyrie as she can remove Goblins in just 1 swing and take damage from the Baby Dragon. Often, my opponent will be forced to use a defensive building at starting, If he don’t want to take the damage.

Hog Rider + Spear Goblin Combo

This is called a pig push and you should take a look at this guide for more details. This push will help your Hog avoid buildings and go straight towards Tower and do some great damage quickly. Hog Rider + Goblins is another great combo you will also want to use.

Baby Dragon + Hog Rider + Zap

Maybe you don’t believe but I sometimes can take out a Tower with this combo at the beginning. Drop the Baby Dragon right at the bridge then place the Hog Rider slightly behind him to make sure he will not get hit. Hover the Zap near the Tower and release your finger anytime to remove the annoying defensive troops.

If you defend with the Baby Dragon, you can easily combine it with the second combo above.

Some effective split pushes

Please note that these pushes are very risky! I only recommend using them when you can’t take out the opponent’s Tower with the combos above!

  • Minion Horde + Hog Rider/Baby Dragon: Place the Minion Horde behind your King’s Tower and they will be split into 2 groups. One Minions are about to cross the river, drop your Hog Rider right in front of them. Normally I place the Hog Rider down on the side which has 2 Minions to make the most of both. Inexperienced players will use Arrows on the other side and Hog + 2 Minions can do loads of damage.
  • Barbarians + Hog Rider/Goblins/Spear Goblins: Drop your Barbarians behind your King’s Tower to split them up them! Drop your Hog Rider right behind Barbarians to push them


What do you think about this deck? Please comment guys!

  • Mayonnaise

    For my lower account what defensive building could I put and a good replacement for zap, in arena 4

    • Sara SaOud


      • Mayonnaise

        But instead of what

        • Sara SaOud


          • Mayonnaise

            What about threats like minion horde

          • Sara SaOud

            Use baby dragon

    • MrPokeKid1

      replace zap for arrows if you dont have zap, the arrows are more dmg but no freeze eff, use a cannon for a building if you have it, if not than use inferno, bomb tower, or tesla. (and in that specific order if you have them, for ex. if you dont have cannon try inferno, if not that than bomb tower, and if not that than tesla.)

  • Edward Smith

    I have been using this deck for weeks, I’m using Minions instead of the Hoard and Fire Spirits instead of the Staby Golbins. In the original post it said you could use Fire Spirits instead of any of the Goblins.

    • Luis Plaza

      how is the deck?

      • Edward Smith

        Really good, I call it the Dragon Rider Deck. It always gets me to the top 5 in tournaments. Lightning is so unexpected and can get a lot of really good elixir trades like Witch, Elixir Collector, and the Arena Tower. I recommend using it in tournaments so you can master it first.

        • Will Potter

          Thanks for sharing this Edward 😀

    • Will Potter

      Cool. How are you doing with it buddy?

      • Edward Smith

        Great I’m currently sitting at 2500-2700 before I found this deck I was at 2200-2400

        • Will Potter

          Nice one!

  • Adam

    Can’t wait to get into Arena 7!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck Adam!

  • John

    Just lost 3 games in a row with this deck. It’s impossible to defend any attacks.

    • Edward Smith

      How are you using it. I use Baby Dragon to tank while Barbarians get rid everything. Or use Spear Goblins to pull the Valkyrie while the Barbarians get rid of the Hog Rider. It’s a very versatile deck. And I only have trouble with some Lava Hound deck for some reason.

      • John

        Thanks buddy. I followed the guide from above but found the hog barely got to the towers. I just couldn’t seem to defend against anything. Maybe I need to level up a few things first.

        • Edward Smith

          Yes, 8.5,6,2.5 is recommended for the deck.

    • Will Potter

      Can you show me an example?

      • John

        Barbarians are tough to stop

        • Will Potter

          Use Spear Goblins/Goblins or both to lure them to the middle. Otherwise you can use Baby Dragon or Minion Horde.

  • Adam

    I dropped a ton of trophies with this deck 🙁

    • Edward Smith

      Yes it takes a while to master, if you want go to the original Reddit post where they go more in depth just google “muffinman deck reddit” in that post it tells you how to counter common attacks.

    • Will Potter

      What is your major problem while using it mate?

  • herro

    I would replace baby drag for valk or dark prince. And also replace goblins for minions. (Arrows for zap since Princess is very annoying)

    • Edward Smith

      If you do that replace the Staby Goblins with Fire Spirits for splash support and Minion Hoard with Minions. But this would just make it like any other Hog deck.

  • cristopher guerrero

    Add a defensive building, depending on what you are facing. Many giants= inferno
    Spawners= Bomb Tower.
    Also consider the replacements mentioned below. Always find ways to stop pushes, giants with support can be stopped with a valk. Giant with cannon and regular goblins.(:

  • John

    I’ve gone from the brink of Arena 6 to Arena 4 using this deck. How do you stop Barbarians? There’s just not enough defence!!!!

    • Edward Smith

      Fire Spirits Zap if they are the same level.

      • John

        Thanks for helping me out Edward. I appreciate it, the problem is Fire Spirits aren’t in the deck above.

        • Brian


        • Adam

          If you are facing the Barbs a lot then replace stabby goblins with Fire Spirits.

    • Will Potter

      Use Spear Goblins + Goblins to lure then to the middle. Otherwise you can use either Baby Dragon or Minion Horde. Good luck!

  • Edward Smith

    For everyone struggling with this deck:


    A. Royal giant / giant / hog rider

    – Barbarians. Take some tower damage and then either counter push with the barbs or send a combo down the other lane.

    – When they have support like a wizard behind, use baby dragon first to tank.

    – If they have more than one supporting unit like wizard + bomber or princess + ice wizard, LIGHTNING!

    B. lavahound and balloon

    – let the lavahound attack tower. Minion horde the balloon. If they get arrowed and balloon is alive use spear goblins and zap.

    – For lava pups, use baby dragon or hog rider to distract.

    C. sparky

    – barbarians or goblins surround. zap for safety if needed.

    D. giant / balloon

    – Barbarians for giant. Minion horde on top of balloon.

    – The next time they will probably prefire arrows. Use baby dragon and spear goblins after the arrow.

    – Counter attack.

    E. princess

    – Let her cross bridge and use spear goblins.

    – goblins at bridge when she is almost there.

    F. mini pekka / fire spirits

    – Baby dragon to tank and then goblin/spear goblins.

    G. miner and support

    – Barbarians on miner.

    – Or Baby dragon on support and goblins on miner.

    H. Pekka / golem

    – Minion horde. If they have support put baby dragon up to tank first.

    I. double prince

    – Zap and minion horde.

    – If wizard or princess is behind, baby dragon to tank first.

    J. spawners

    – Baby dragon in the lane with the spawners starting from the back, push the other lane.

    – Lightning the spawner building if they place a squishy in range or another building.

    • Will Potter

      Aw you are awesome! Thank you a lot Edward!

      • Edward Smith

        No problem Will. 🙂 Happy to help.

  • Brian

    the deck is kinda like ash hog lighting http://clashroyalearena.com/deck-building/push-to-arena-7 first deck

  • Adam

    Some effective spit pushes? I think you meant split.

    • Will Potter

      Oh yes my bad xD

  • Av3njR

    This deck is pretty good in arena 6

    • Will Potter

      Thanks a lot mate! Hope you can push to Arena 7 soon with it!

  • Rowan Adams Waters

    Wow! This battle deck is so cool! Thanks for posting it. I like the baby dragon, it’s a good card. Right now I’m in the 1700 trophy range as a level 8. Is that good?

    • Will Potter

      Yea that’s decent at this time. Hope you can get to Arena 7 soon man!

  • Awhri

    Man thank you so much . After using it a lot ( atleast 50-60 games ) you master it fastly . And im arena 7 now!! I won against sparkys and etc !!
    This deck is just awesome!

    • Will Potter

      I am so glad to hear this my friend! Thanks for sharing this and I hope you can push to Arena 8 soon with it!

  • Mikesaber

    What is the minimum level of all these cards?

    • Will Potter

      What is your Arena now mate?

  • Devil

    will it work in the current meta?

  • Chris Brehl

    Will it work now that the skeleton army is buffed