Hog Knight Cycle – Excellent Variation of the 2.6 Hog Deck

Hey guys it’s me Zigge again and today I’m gonna show you my own variation of the 2.6 Hog Cycle deck. This is my current ladder deck and the deck I reached 4500 Trophies using, with only card levels of 11/7. Let’s get right into it!

Disclaimer: I can’t say that I own this deck but I created it with no inspiration from anyone else and I didn’t copy the deck.

Hog Knight Cycle

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale KnightClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale ArchersClash Royale CannonClash Royale fireball

Hog Knight Cycle Deck

Card Breakdown

First off we have the heart of the deck, Hog Rider. He’s the main win condition but it’s enough! With his high damage he can easily smash down a tower if your opponent doesn’t counter him properly. Support him with Ice Spirit or Skeletons to maximize the value you can get out of him. If your opponent plays an expensive troop in the back, in the lane that you attack,rush the other lane with Hog Skeletons. This push has a higher threat factor because of the high DPS of Skeletons, especially when tanked for.


Second, the Fireball, your second win condition. In x2 Elixir, when you barely can get through with your Hog, just skip the Hog and go full Fireball cycle. If your opponent’s has high HP in x2 Elixir, try a Hog with a prediction Fireball Zap combo sent in after. If your opponent’s counter is Minion Horde or Barbarians, this push can easily take down a tower with over 1000 health.

Ice Spirit
Third is Ice Spirit, the ultimate support card. It can take out a Mega Minion or Minions all by itself and reset charge attacks like Prince or Sparky. It also resets troops’ target. For example if a Royal Giant has locked onto your tower, you can play a Cannon and an Ice Spirit to reset the Royal Giant so it locks onto the Cannon.


Our fourth card in the Cannon. It’s best defense against Hog Riders and Giants. It can completely stop almost any building targeting troop in the game for just 3 Elixir! Positive Elixir trade! Works very well with Ice Golem as it can distract whatever troops you opponent has.


Next up is Knight. He is my melee attacker of choice. With enough hitpoints to survive a Sparky blast but also with high damage to kill her, he is the best card for dealing with enemy support cards right now (I’m sure Bandit will be better, and you can replace Knight with Bandit if you read this in the future). He has more health than the Ice Golem and can therefore tank a bit batter for your Hog Rider, when counterattacking. When playing this deck, never use the Hog Knight combo offensively unless your opponent plays an expensive troop in the back (6+ Elixir) or an Elixir pump and you don’t have your Fireball (or if your opponent runs a bait deck or 3M).


Archers are you only air defense and yeah, this deck is weak to air decks. Keeping the pressure u is key when playing vs. air and remember, don’t give up when you see that Balloon, you can do it! To your advantage is also that air decks aren’t that common and that’s why I created this deck the way it is. Without more talking about air decks, let’s get into real Archer strategy.

In the start I like to split my Archers to so I can attack or defend any lane I want. I know some famous streamers have different opinions on this, but in this meta where Fireball, Poison and The Log are everywhere, splitting them just sets your opponent up for too much value. Archers are a great counter to most cards because of their high damage and range. They work very well with Knight because of his high hitpoints.


Skeletons have always been one of my favorite, if not my favorite card. They can easily distract a Mini P.E.K.K.A long enough for the tower to kill him or kite any air unit. With the recent True Blue & True Red fix, you don’t need the Skeletons to pig push anymore! This makes the Skeletons a little less useful, but it doesn’t prevent me from using them!


And our last card is Zap. Many people might be wondering why I use Zap, and it’s mainly because I don’t see any reason to use The Log. This is purely a ladder deck, you can’t use it for Challenges so my Zap is (most of the time) higher level than my opponent’s Goblin Barrel. The second reason is because this deck is so weak to air that having an air targeting spell almost is necessary. I guess most of you know how to use Zap so I’m not gonna explain any further in how to use it, but rather when to use it.


Zapping an Inferno Tower is almost never a good idea when using a Hog deck, especially if you’re underlevelled, like me, and your Hog takes several more swings to take down an Inferno Tower. Only use it if you have a huge Elixir lead and a Knight with high health tanking for your Hog Rider, and if the Inferno Tower is placed poorly so that your Hog and Knight can reach it fast.


Hog Rider – No replacements for the win condition.

Fireball & Zap – Can replace with Lightning & Arrows or Poison & The Log.

Ice Spirit – Can replace with Fire Spirits to add more splash damage if you decide to use Lightning & Arrows instead of Fireball & Zap.

Cannon – Can replace with Tesla to better defend against air.

Knight – Bandit if you’re from the future.

Archers – You can use Musketeer or Mega Minion instead.

Skeletons – Goblins will do their job for 1 more Elixir.

Note: The main reason I use this deck is because it consists mostly of commons and uses only two rares. This helps a lot when trophy pushing. Replacing any cards may disable this ability.

General Gameplan

This is an aggressive Hog Cycle deck and when I play Hog I always have the same mindset: ”I always spend my Elixir, I’m always behind in Elixir, but I never get to pay it back.”

And it’s what has been working for me, and it’s part of the reason why you only use the Hog Fireball combo in x2 Elixir. It’s because your opponent doesn’t have time to build up such a big push he can take down your tower in time. But if he does, you try to counter it at all cost and just kill time by sending lone Hogs in the other lane.

As an experienced Hog player I can tell you that this strategy works around 95% of the time. I’ve probably played over 500 matches with this deck so I know it inside out and what to do in every situation. Don’t expect yourself to know the deck at your first try, but after a few battles you get to know the deck a little bit better and so on. That’s how it works with every deck.

Countering other Win Conditions

What cards you use to counter;

Golem – Cannon to pull, Knight and Archers against their support cards. Add an Ice Spirit in if needed.

Giant – Same as above.

Royal Giant – Cannon to distract, Knight to chip away and an Ice Spirit if needed. Add a couple of Archers you they have Minions behind.

Hog Rider – Cannon to pull, Knight against whatever they have behind.

Lava Hound – Cannon to distract, Archers to chip. Don’t forget to apply pressure in the other lane.

Before you go an use this deck, remember that it has several weaknesses and it isn’t ”the best deck”, just a deck that I happened to use and that works for me.

Thanks for reading this guide and hope you can take away something from it even if you don’t use this deck or a Hog deck at all. Peace out!